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Georgia is the 24th most populated state in the country.  The capital, Atlanta, which was establish in 1847, quickly rose up after the Civil War and is now home to almost half of million Americans.   The average sales price for homes in the Atlanta greater metropolitan area are just under $300,000.   According to Forbes, the unemployment rate is 5.1%, and cost of living is 0.6% above the national average, with 37% college attained.

Home owners in Georgia deal with a multitude of problems stemming from seasonal weather and natural disasters like hurricanes.  Being in the south, and along the coast, the region sees it fair share of heat, humidity, and tropical storms, all of which can cause issues with roofing, plumbing, heating and cooling, construction, pest control, and more.  Finding top rated service providers for these issues is why folks in Georgia have come to rely on us.  Searching and finding highly reputable and trustworthy professionals in Georgia has never been easier.  Start your project today by typing in a category along with your city of choice.

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