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Reviews of Local Inground Pool Repair Companies

Anthony & Sylvan Pools
Our project manager Mitchell Krammer saves our pool project. His professionalism was exceptional and he ensured that all projects were completed. He went above and beyond to ensure that the job was done correctly.
- Daniel M....
Anthony & Sylvan Pools
Excellent. Rep Jeremy was outstanding and provided a lot of support. Very satisfied with follow-up services.
- Mike C....
Anthony & Sylvan Pools
The process was wonderful...anytime we had a question our project manager and salesman where there to help. I would hire them again and have recommended them to my friends and family.
- M M....
Catalina Pool Builders
Beware!!! Beware!!!! Worst experience in my life. We signed the contract November of 2020 and Its October of 2021 and still not finished. You go with Catalina Pool Builders to build your pool YOU BETTER HAVE an attorney on retainer. This is not just my experience but please do your research and read others reviews on different platforms of disappointment on google/yelp/ BBB,ANGI.COM, etc. Catalina Pool builders will take your money, tear up your yard for excavation at site, leave material in your front lawn for the illusion your future pool will began the beginning stages then they will no longer get back in contact with you. No one from Catalina Pool Builders will return and phone call, text or emails. We are so angry and upset they I am at a lost of words. I have had building materials in my front yard for several months now and the grass and weeds are taller then me. we are now beginning to get fined by the HOA. I notified Stacey and Crystal and again no response. The orange safety tarp has falling down and is unsafe around the site. Again Stacey and Crystal were notified through text & email and never responded to anything. We have made so many notifications to Catalina Pools and nothing is being done or returned via calls/text/emails. And if you call the office and want to speak with upper management they tell you they don’t have none. THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH A COMPANY IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We could have spent our $50k on other things. Kids dreams were killed by Catalina Pools. I mean and standby by everything I say. I have lot more I could say but apparently we were the fools. Let’s see if they respond or rectify this disaster.
- Fred B....
Anthony & Sylvan Pools
Their planning, project management, and construction were very well planned out. They built the pool extremely well and there were no hidden fees. They were also very professional, courteous, and handled any problems expeditiously. My family and I are very happy and would recommend them to anyone.
- Kawailehua C....
American Craftsmen Pool & Spa Inc
Their price was better than the other firms who provided quotes, their service was quick and I am pleased with the quality of their work. The last time I had the liner replaced, there were wrinkles in the liner, but American Craftsmen managed to install the new liner with no wrinkles. I would recommend this firm for this kind of work.
- William T....
Angle3 Design/ Build Construction LLC
RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! This company has failed to meet the terms of our contract to complete my pool project. The company is 3 weeks past contract completion with nearly half of punch out items complete. Workers have caused damage and refuse to take initiative. Pool fencing is not installed, pool basketball hoop, pool house is 30% complete, as well as landscaping. Electrical work is being constantly done incorrect and remains non working. Concrete is incomplete. The manager refuses to communicate professionally hanging up on me when I voice my concerns. I asked for her to refund me for work not complete and damages done by her workers and revoke the contract so that I can hire another contractor but she refused. Contractually work was to commence Mon-Fri from 8am-4pm that has never happened from the start till date workers show up 2-3 times a week from 2-5or6pm and leave with no work progress. Ric continues to make reference two change orders that require more money that I NEVER signed for she has been completely and paid (keep in mind) out of my good faith that she was near completion. That was the biggest mistake of my life it has been a nightmare with no end to the tunnel. I should have known based on the price I was quoted... Over promised and failed to deliver within the contract date and claims she's not in breach.. Save yourselves the headache. Communication is bizarre and not worth my time..
- Allishia H....
Other Angie’s List customers cite problems and unsatisfactory performance and service with C&A replastering ability and service. Unfortunately, we also experienced this. -- Nowhere were we completely satisfied with C&A's work. -- Nowhere was C&A's work a complete success. -- At no time were we pleased with how C&A respected our feelings or schedules, or when they: --Delayed work on our pool so they could go on vacation --Delayed work on our pool so they could service other clients --Ignoring us after admitting their work wasn’t adequate --After months of discussion, saying "All it needed was a phone call." While John is the main technical person; it appears his wife either owns the business or controls the business decisions; hers was the last communication we received from C&A. She definitely wears the pants in their family. Here’s the story, and you can see responses from other people at Trouble Free (a great site for pool owners): [*** Link removed ***] We had contracted with C&A Pools in mid-April to replaster our pool. Without question, we accepted the fee they offered. They started April 26th with an estimated work time of about a week. This surprised us since we pointed out to C&A that there were about 20 areas with eggshell cracking and delaminating plaster. When they finally realized there was more plaster to remove than they initially thought, they emphatically said they’d have our pool open in time for Memorial Day. (At this point, readers should think, “uh-oh”) They finished the replastering in mid-May. In the process, their crews left plaster in numerous places on our patio, on our driveway, and a mound of plaster IN our lawn. We had to call them many times to remove the plaster, but removal efforts of their plaster subcontractor, were half-hearted, and not responsive. Throughout the work, we also had to put up with all of the crews arriving unannounced (and as late as 9pm), or not showing up when stated, and leaving gates to our rear yard/pool area open to wildlife. The replastered surface looked terrible. It had streaks and splotches everywhere, uneven color, lines, splash marks, and other irregularities not found in quality work, but indicative of improper finish technique. John, the main person of C&A, admitted the problem and tried an acid bath for two weeks. He used a non-circulatory method which, according to a company we hired later, is not the industry standard; the standard method is to use pumps to circulate the acid bath in the pool. After the treatment, the plaster looked about the same: terrible. John’s next solution was an acid wash. However, the sub-contracted company he used performed spot treatments and didn’t treat the entire pool surface; meanwhile, they provided NO protection for their workers who were handling the acid with their hands. Afterwards, the surface remained an embarrassment. At one point, we considered legal action, and researhed industry standards. Reading IAF 2005 Workmanship Guidelines and Practices for Residential Inground Swimming Pools and Spas, it is our opinion C&A workmanship did not meet performance standards for: -- Scaling/precipitation. “Plaster shall not be rough or discolored” We cite this because of excess calcium deposits caused scaling discoloration across the entire surface of our pool. -- Stains/discoloration in plaster. We cite this because of excess mottling, streaking, and discoloration across the entire surface of the pool, some cracking. John’s next recommendation to fix the problem was to add another layer of plaster, but after his main pool service season was over in October!! In other words, we and our guests would have to live with the embarrassment throughout the summer. According to another local professional, not only did he agree that the finish wasn’t correct, he also said adding a fourth layer of plaster very well could have adhesion problems. Furthermore, replastering just before winter might pose curing problems for the plaster. Since their work met neither industry standard nor our satisfaction, we asked for a partial refund of $3,200 of the $8,200 we paid. The only response we ever heard from C&A was that they’d have to check with Silva Pools (even though we hadn’t contracted with Silva Pools). They then STOPPED COMMUNICATING with us. Another Angie’s List customer put in question Johns knowledge. He does appear knowledgeable. Unfortunately, in our opinion, he and his wife don’t have the integrity to hire skilled subcontractors, nor the integrity to take responsibility for fixing shoddy performance. In summary: Meeting their stated deadline the pool would be ready by Memorial Day: F Replastering surface quality to meet customer expectation: F+ Replastering surface quality per industry standard: F+ Acid bath/wash: F Water line tile repair (lots of remnant plaster left on tile, recracking) C Respecting customer requests D- Repairing damage to customer property: D- Stress to customer F Overall performance F+
- A J....
Do not use this company. While they were recommended to me by a colleague, I am basing this review on the appaling service and professionalism of the company and it's sales staff and general manager. I will be filing a lawsuit against them this week. A Browning salesman came to my house to begin the preliminary discussion of designing and installing an inground pool. I gave him a deposit as at the time I assumed we would be moving forward with construction. My wife and I met with the saleman and the manager/owner fo the company a couple of weeks later to discuss price. This meeting was at their Germantown location. Upon seeing the exorbitant price (at least 30% higher than any other comparable quote) I quickly downgraded the type of pool and options and asked them to show me less costly alternatives. The general manager quickly lost interest to the point where my wife asked if we were 'just hussled out' once we were back in the car. I asked the sales manager to provide me a quote with the less expensive alternatives. A meeting was scheduled at our house the following weekend for the salesman and general manager to review the site and discuss the less costly option. They never showed. Never called. I called them 2 hours after our scheduled time and the salemanager told me they got wrapped up with customers who were there to sign contracts. This red flag was the last one we needed. We were seriously considering investing a tremendous amount of money with this company but when they weren't professional enough to call saying they were not going to make our Saturday appointment we decided we just did not feel comfortable that they were going to be professional through the entire construction process. I told the saleman I expected my build deposit back minus a fair hourly rate for the time they spent putting the design together. It should be noted that no time was the deposit flagged as non-refundable and no paperwork reflected the deposit as non-refundable. This is the point where the salesman and the general manager stopped responding to email and voicemail. After weeks of calling and emailing I finally got the salesman on the phone; he tried to tell me he was planning to call but had been swamped. He was calling numerous times a week until I told him I wanted my deposit back - must have gotten crazy busy. The salesman told me he could not make a decision and would need to get ownership approval for a deposit refund as they never refund deposits. Keep in mind there is nothing in writing about non-refundable deposits. After another week of unanswered emails and voice mails the salesman told me that ownership and given him the authority to negotiate the refund with me. We agreed on an amount for their time and effort which is INCREDIBLY GENEROUS on my part based on the number of hours it takes to put a preliminary design together. That agreement was reached over a month ago. To date, I have not received the refund or plans as agreed. The salesman and general manger/owner (his last name is Browning) are not answering emails or phone calls. This is no way to condut business or function in a customer oriented business. I have been reasonable and more than generous but am just being ignored. A pool is a major investment. You want a company with integrity, honesty and reliability; this company has none of those qualities. I implore you to not use this company. You may read positive reviews and the company may reply to this posting with a different, skewed version but I tell you I wouldn't be sitting here typing this if all had gone well.
- Margaret A....
- Patricia C....
Stevenson Pools
- Jennifer D....
I was very happy with the salesman. He was very helpful and explained the pros and cons of the various pools to us. However, I was very displeased with the installation. They took three weeks to complete the job, they were sloppy and very uncommunicative. I have heard good things about their installation of inground pools, but I have spoken to others with above ground pools who had the same unpleasant experience as we did.
- Nancy O....
After checking into several pool companies we decided to use Cannonball Pools because they were a small company and they were local and seemed to have a lot of knowledge about pool installation. They were very prompt in returning our calls and had great answers to all of our questions. After several conversations both in person and on the phone we decided to sign a contract. One of the questions we had asked was if they had a contractors liceses - the answer was "YES". The day we signed the contract Travis - the salesman - came, had us sign the contract and give him $10,000.00. We were told the pool installation would begin within two weeks. After signing and handing over the check we asked if we could have their contractors license number. Travis said he didn't have that with him but would have Tyson send it right over through emal. This is where the trouble began. After several days without receiving the license number we began to call and ask for it - we kept getting the run around and excuses and finally Tyson just ignored our phone calls. We did some checking on our own by contacting the VA Contractors Board and found out that they did not have a license. We confronted them with this information. At first Tyson lied and then finally admitted that he didn't have on but was working on it. He said he had passed all of the tests and just needed to pay his fee and assured us he would do it that week. Another lie - never happened. We inquired about it several times, each time he said he was going to do it. At this point our check had already been cashed. We foolishly agree to continue working with them because I had called several references they had given me and everyone had wonderful things to say about their work. Time passed, weeks then a month - still no pool. Lots of calls and excuses were made during this time. We contacted Tyson's prior employement and were told that he did do good work but had issues with finishing a job and to make sure we did not pay him in full until the work was completed. Another red flag. The pool finally came the second week of October - arrived on a truck but Tyson had no way of getting it off the truck - never rented a crane! Several hours later they managed to pull it off and sat it in our front yard where it stayed for three days. He finally rented a crane and they moved it into the hole. The lies and excuses continued, I really don't have enough time to write everything down. Tyson usually showed up without the needed equipment and supplies and would leave for hours at a time to go get what he needed. Sometimes he would come back and work at night using the lights from his truck. Throughout this whole process on of our biggest concerns was with the concrete. We had been told that he had a highly experienced concrete man who did all of his jobs, we asked over a dozen times to have his number so we could discuss color and texture but as usual there were many excuses and we never got to talk with "Hector'. Finally in November we were ready to have the concrete poured and found out he didn't have anyone lined up to pour. He asked us and our landscaper for names! He finally found someone to do the job. We met with the concrete guy who turned out to be great, but he said he would never do another job for Tyson because he seemed so unorganized and rushed. He told the concrete guy to just pour whatever color he could get and not worry about what we wanted. Lucky for us he called to meet with us because he wanted to make us happy. As I said he did a great job. It took Tyson over a month to pay the concrete guy and as it turned out the check bounced and it is now January and we have been contacted by the concrete guy asking for help in getting Tyson to pay up. As usual he has a boat load of lies and excuses. Other issues - once the pool was filled with water Tyson failed to put up a temporary barrier - which is required by code, we had to ask him to come back. He finally put one up but it didn't go around the entire pool - he said he ran out of fencing, he never closed the pool - finally at the end of December we had to insist that he came to do that. It's January and we still do not have a final pool inspection nor do we have our pool cover or the cleaning supplies - hoses and such that were to be include in the pool package. We were never given direction on how to use the pump or anything else. I could go on and one but it just wears me out. Tyson never answers his phone and you cannot leave him a message because his inbox is always full and when you do actually get to talk with him it is nothing but lies. I cannot believe we ever got ourselves into this mess. My husband is a professional CPA who is usually very thorough with everything he does but in this case we made a bad judgment call and cannot believe we are in this situation. This has caused us much strett and heartache and we just want it to be over. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. And as an FYI - we found out they have used several different company names. So beware!
- Cathie K....
Anthony & Sylvan Pools
In 2019 we decided on buying an inground pool. Jeremy Siebert was our salesman but ended up also being our project manager as he was so responsive to any of our enquiries. Jeremy checked on our pool regularly, interacted with our county when they had queries, and hurried the sub contractors along. The pool was completed in time for a huge celebration that we had arranged. Anthony Sylvan were aware of the date, and Jeremy was the person who made it all happen on time. We are thrilled with our pool. It has provided endless fun luncheon, and get togethers. Our association with Anthony Sylvan has not ended. We signed up for the Winterization contract. They opened our pool on time and closed it up again for winter. We give them 5 stars!!!
- Peta C....
Watermark Swimming Pool Services Inc
The service went really well. The owner, Nick, came out personally to either do or oversee the work. He took a lot of time to examine the pool (a large, inground cement pool that came with the foreclosed house) and, most importantly, explained to us how everything worked, since we didn't know the first thing about how to care for the pool. In the process of testing the lines, we found that the old fiberglass sand filter had cracked and that the pump was dead. When the items came in the mail, Nick installed the filter and taught me enough to know how to install the pump myself. We plan to completely renovated the pool in the coming years and we will definitely use Nick and his services again in the future.
- Christopher A....
During the job stage, John was responsive and helpful, visiting the pool often to understand the job. Once contracted with deposit and schedule set, delays and missed schedules started. Job was contracted March 14, 2008; expected completion from start 2-3 weeks with allowance for some bad weather. We were told to expect to open the pool by end of April. No problem. Workers showed up fairly quickly to start the repair, then disappeared. First, we were patient, then decided we better start pushing the schedule. With regular nagging, work was slowly getting done on the pool but delays moved the job into May with about 1/3 completed. May was rainy so there were delays due to weather, however, even on "non rain" days, the crew did not work on our pool. John offered various explanations. Weather, vehicle problems, needed to study the problem further, materials issue, whatever seemed appropriate to him. Finally, possibly as a result of my morning nag calls, the pool got plastered and opened mid June. Yeah! Caulking, Expansion Joints and Resurfacing was still needed but appeared to be 3 day job, barring weather issues. At this point, we were very frustrated having lost 5 weeks of the pool season and unsure how much longer Cand A would delay our renovation. The pool was open, but the deck, etc. still looked bad and around the pool was not caulked. We had been promptly paying invoices (approximately 17K to date), however at this point, we decided since it appeared to be only about 3 more working days to complete, we best hold back recent invoice payment and pay it when they showed up to complete the job. In hindsight, a penalty clause should have been included. Lesson learned! $5K was due, however we compromised and said we would only hold back $2500.00. Reasonable for a $27K job. We were concerned Cand A wouldn't finish the job if we gave them any more money. They were not returning phone calls or emails. Basically, they disappeared. We thought maybe they were having business issues and tried to be patient and sympathize. May was a rainy month and we figured they must be backlogged. A returned phone call and a commitment to complete the job was what we wanted. They chose to put a Mechanic's Lien on the house, rather than finish out the job and get final payment. Most likely, I'll just pay off whatever balance for work completed is. They hope to collect filing fees and interest, but a mechanic's lien decision was their choice. It wasn't necessary. Our payment history indicated we were good payers and they would not have to worry about collecting. Finish the job, get paid. Very simple to us. I have no interest in filing suit for "NonComplete", loss of work time or for stress caused to our lives unless they choose not to remove lien. I wish to move forward and forget this hoping repair doesn't need followup. I think it's important to alert others to our difficulties with Cand A so they don't have similar problems.
- Karen T....
We've had a great experience with Marlboro Pools. When we bought our house, we had no experience with a seasonal pool, and the previous owners only had a large tarp as a pool cover. When spring came and it was time to open the pool for the first time, it was a mess. We contacted Marlboro to come out and open it, and they opened it (without judgement of the pool's condition), gave us tips and pointers about the condition of the pump, liner, etc. Each year since, we've had a fantastic experience with them. The only issue I would note is that you have to call very far in advance to schedule the pool opening or closing (which is because of demand) and you don't get a set time for the day you're scheduled, which makes planning for that day hard. They will do the work on your pool without you there, though. I would highly suggest them to anyone with a pool in the area.
- Becki P....
Kirby Pools & Spas
They were referred to us by a friend. They started in November of 2008 but they didn?t finish until June of 2009. They installed every bell and whistle that we wanted to install on the pool; the pool has a heater, a salt cooling system, a swim jet and an automatic cover. I didn?t go with a concrete inground pool because it would have cost me $30000 more, and I probably wouldn?t have been able to get everything on it that I wanted. With the cement pool, you have to drain it and reseal it every few years, which you don?t have to with vinyl pools. Moreover, the vinyl liners are usually good for 25 years. They were very willing to figure out all the particulars of exactly what we wanted and they were good at working with us to figure out exactly how to structure the pool. We didn?t have any problems with the usage of the pool - it was pretty trouble-free for the whole season. They offered to come and shut the pool down and open it out as well but I got somebody that was local instead. I didn?t use them because they actually come from quite a distance, and I wasn?t ready to shut down the pool when they had come over to work on another project in the area. I would probably use them in the future, if necessary.
- Dale D....
Swimstyle Pool & Spa Inc
,The project actually went quite well, considering the conditions under which it was undertaken. Numerous springs in the area required Swimstyle to continuously pump ground water from beneath the deep end of the pool as they rebuilt it, no easy task, but they maintained the operation of the pump flawlessly to prevent the spring water pressure from damaging the grout base under the vinyl liner once the old pool water was drained. It was a relief when the new pool water was pumped into the pool to provide counter pressure against the ground water and no damage was done. The pool was originally built in 1971 with an almost s-curve, maybe better described as a corkscrew side - not straight at all, and when we asked Swimstyle if they could straighten that side out before pouring the new sidewalk and installing the liner, they said, "no problem". AND THEY DID IT. We were amazed. And it is straight still! So I strongly recommend Swimstyle, our experience with them was perfectly satisfactory.
- Thomas S....
Trying to learn how to maintain a pool when it's not functioning properly is quite a daunting task. It's so much easier maintaining a WORKING pool. Having this done was some of the best money we spent on the house since we bought it. It was expensive, but fairly priced given the scope of the work.
- Bill W....

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