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Reviews of Nearby Soundproofing Companies

Timur Construction Inc
Timur is super responsive and quickly provided us an estimate for soundproofing drywall in our townhome. His estimate was very reasonable and his team was professional and efficient. The project turned out great and he completed it early and on-budget. Highly recommend!
- Edward S....
Timur Construction Inc
Timur was fantastic! He was able to provide a quick, thorough, and reasonable estimate via email of the work we needed done (soundproofing a shared living room wall). He quickly scheduled to have the work completed and then was very responsive as the 3-day project was completed. He and his crew were on-time, reliable, and professional. It could not have been easier working with him! The work was flawless and painless. I cannot recommend him highly enough for any soundproofing, drywall, and painting needs you might have.
- Kelly E....
Windows on Washington
I think they did really well. They were really responsive when we communicated with them via email.
- Michael A....
Our experience with Devere was very split -- some aspects were excellent and some were terrible. To begin, we wanted something that not many providers will do, which is blown-cellulose in our interior walls and ceilings for the purposes of soundproofing. It is something that we knew well would only help somewhat with our interior noise problems, but we wanted it anyway. We were relieved to find Devere after really struggling to find a provider. And the pricing wasn't horrific, exactly, because there aren't a lot of good alternatives out there. But there is quite a lot of overhead built in. Nonetheless, Devere has a very turn-key operation, and we appreciate that. We scheduled them and moved their date twice because of business trips that popped up, etc. They were very friendly and accommodating about that with us. On the day of the work, they showed up on time, came in with a big crew, and went through the work with impressive speed and coordination. EXCEPT that they immediately made a very serious error on the 2nd hole that they drilled: Having noted where our main electric line was located, they drilled beside it and promptly tore through our upstairs neighbor's main power line. (We are a row house broken into 2 condos.) This was a VERY BAD mistake, but it was a mistake and mistakes happen -- especially in construction. We weren't mad that it happened -- we were mostly concerned with the response to it. Right away, the crew called me in to see what had happened. That was good, since our neighbors also were pounding on the door at the same time to tell us all of the power in their condo had just gone out. But when I asked the crew whether they had an electrician that they could call, they just shrugged and didn't know what to do. So I started calling electricians at the same time that my husband was also trying to get ahold of the main office at Devere. Because it was a Saturday, Devere's office line went to a call center, and that person relayed the message to an on-call manager with Devere. We had to do that twice, because we didn't hear anything back for 3 HOURS. Which was really not good. Not only did our neighbors not sign up for this mess, but all of their heat is electric, in addition to the refrigerator, obviously, and everything else. So they were completely disrupted by this. Our only saving grace was that they were about to head out of town for the weekend, so that lessened how much it actively impacted them. Once we got in contact with the on-call manager, they said they would hire an electrician and send that person out. Here's where the problem primarily becomes with the people that they hired to fix the problem. The electrician was later than he said he would be -- it was now late afternoon -- and once he arrived, he simply said "oh god, this isn't good" and "I'll have to go to the store tomorrow to get some things and work on this then." I don't know why he couldn't go to the store then and work on it right away, but we weren't given any say in the matter. It wasn't until the next day, Sunday, when Devere sent out a project manager to our house to look at the damage. He was great and attentive and assured us that he would take care of the situation. But the electricians were sort of doing their own thing on their own schedule. Our neighbor's power got fixed by the end of that day, but the electricians had to cut big holes in the walls of our condo and our neighbor's condo. Then there was a dispute between the electrician and Devere over who was responsible for the drywall repair -- believe it or not, they both wanted to do it. The electrician had a drywall guy who came that night, but he did a really terrible job, including damaging one of our baseboards and another wall, etc. I complained to Devere about the quality of the work, and they promised to have the drywall guy return on Monday evening to fix his work. I wanted Devere's painter to come that same night, because by this point, our neighbors had had their home ripped apart for 3 days already. Monday night, Devere's painter showed up but the drywall guy did not. So Devere's painter did some of the drywall repair but not all of it, because he wasn't getting paid for it / wasn't supposed to have to do it / whatever. Tuesday night, I checked on how the paint was looking in my neighbor's condo after drying. Unfortunately, the painter had gotten some on the baseboard and, as Devere warned us, you could tell that an area of the wall had been repainted that didn't perfectly match the rest of the wall. Devere had told us upfront that that could happen and they would repaint our neighbor's full wall if they wanted them to. But our neighbors just were afraid that things would get worse rather than better if we kept going, so they decided to just live with an imperfect wall. As for us, we just never insisted on our baseboards being repaired, and we retouched up our own trim ourselves. There is a point at which you just cut your losses. In terms of the insulation work, I appreciated that they were so efficient about that and that they did a fairly decent job of cleaning up after themselves when they left. But there were some things that were not communicated to us -- like the fact that they use styrofoam plugs for the holes instead of drywall plugs. The styrofoam plugs are really difficult to hide well afterwards. We had intended to spackle and paint ourselves afterwards and spent literally 30-40 hours just trying to get the styrofoam plugs to sit properly (some were too far in and some were too far out) and then seal them and compound over them in a way that actually hide the styrofoam texture and the edges of the holes, and then sanding and sanding and sanding. We finally hired professionals to do painting after we had resigned ourselves to always being able to see the outlines of holes in the walls of our 1-year old home. But the painter we have working on the house now thinks he can hide them better, so he's repairing all of them all over again. All 200+ holes. But both he and other contractors that we've had work on the house have warned us that these styofoam plugs will crack in the coming years and look terrible. No one at Devere told us this. And they left us with some really wonky holes to deal with. My takeaway is this: They're very good at what they do, and when they screwed up, they did try genuinely and with concern to fix it. But for how serious of a mistake this was, they showed up late and with an unreliable electrician / drywall repair person who then became our problem and our neighbor's in addition to theirs. I expect that Devere lost all of their profit on our project and overpaid the electrician, but their desire to fix their mistakes didn't match with their capacity to do so. Our neighbors were without power for 2 days, with a hole in their wall for 3, and ended up with an imperfect wall in the end. We didn't lose power, but we certainly incurred wall damage. And more than that, we lost 4-5 days just trying to schedule and reschedule electricians and drywall guys and painters and generally crisis control. Still, I would hire Devere again *if* I was in need of exactly their core service and nothing else, knowing in advance about the styrofoam plugs... AND I was highly confident that I could watch to ensure no mistakes were made... AND they had the cheapest price by far available. :-P They do their core work well. There must be a way to cover the styrofoam properly. But you don't want to end up in an atypical situation with them.
- Julia H....
Basement Masters was wonderful to work with from the moment we began our process to the day it was completed. Pavel worked patiently with us to understand how we could make our budget work best for our needs. Before the project began, he provided a break down of individualized costs so that we could have a true understanding of where our money was going. Elena, our project manager, was incredibly responsive to any questions or concerns we had and went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy with the process throughout. The teams that came to our house to complete the work were respectful, polite and hardworking. To finish our entire basement, they predicted it would take 8 weeks and with one or two setbacks (one of the workers got sick and wasn't able to make it for a few days), they were fully finished in just over 9 weeks. After each step of the way, they also made an effort to find out what could make the process even more successful. They truly care about the experience of their customers. Overall, I was very pleased with the work Basement Masters provided and I would highly recommend their services.
- Emily M....
Michael Nash Design Build & Homes
Kitchen came out beautiful! New cabinets, expanded kitchen, new appliances, center island, hanging lights over island, heating flow under cabinets - outstanding!. As for washer dryer closet, it came out terrific, with space taken from existing library, in the corner, and unobtrusive, insulation added to soundproof it, closet door off hallway.
- Bruce K....
Quality Insulation
Dan Roberson was very involved with the project from day one. He came by for a free estimate on a Saturday and quoted what seemed to be a fair price. They were able to schedule the appointment for the following Wednesday. Prior to the appointment, I called Dan a couple times to discuss the soundproofing nature of the insulation and he was very prompt and professional in returning my calls, even dialing in his supplier to talk through some questions about the soundproofing qualities of the Owens Corning insulation that Dan planned to use. (The supplier promised to look into this issue and get back to us but we never heard back.) Dan and a team member showed up at exactly 7 am on the date of the appointment and began drilling holes in the basement ceiling. They also took pictures of the empty space and showed us the void between floors. They left around 9:30 and another team (led by Mike) showed up at about 1 pm with the blowing machine and insulation. They put insulation in the ceiling and also stuffed some batts insulation in the utility closet which I thought was one of the main sound corridors between the floors. The team worked hard and finished up around 8 pm or so. The insulation seems to have improved the warmth in the basement, and I imagine my utility bills will be lower as a result. For that, we're certainly grateful. However, it's difficult to say whether it improved the sound meaningfully. Footsteps seem to be more muffled, which is good, but voices can still be heard - quite clearly in some areas. After the company left, I spent a number of hours stuffing additional batts insulation into the HVAC closet and installing soundproofing panels on the door between the basement and the upper floor. Both of those efforts seemed to have just as much effect as the insulation installation. I suspect that there is only so much that regular blown insulation can do in terms of soundproofing. If you have a serious sound problem, I would suggest spending the money on ripping off the ceiling and installing soundproofing panels or other types of materials. My only other issue is that the company no longer will patch and paint the holes, as other commenters have suggested. They did plug the holes cleanly, and I mudded, sanded and painted everything over the next couple of days. So you'll need to be prepared to either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The bottom line is that I liked Dan and his crew a great deal. They worked hard, and we're happy insofar as the insulation helped with the temperature gradient. If we were to do it again, we probably wouldn't spend the same amount of money on the insulation to try to address the soundproofing.
- Sam L....
Quality Insulation
Dan and his team were very professional and pleasant. They promptly returned emails/calls, showed up on time, explained the straightforward pricing and process, and cleaned up after themselves. Great customer service and very easy to work with.
- Christopher H....
USA Insulation
I had a firm quote before the work was done, so no surprises. They showed up on time and left the place nearly spotless. The info they provided me before hand about how the noise reduction would work was exactly right. It's not a soundproofing measure, but the noise reduction for me was significant. Before I could hear normal talking from the downstairs unit, after only loud yelling and then it's well dampened. I'm very happy with the experience and the results.
- Elizabeth P....
Loayes Painting
We were quite pleased with the job that Edwin and his team did in our basement room. Edwin proposed a new type of insulation which we liked (Roxul), and did us a favor by pointing out to a problem in the siding (it turned out that it was leaking). We asked him to wait until we replace the siding, and Edwin agreed (we wanted to test the siding before installing the walls). The recessed lights were installed well, the wall and ceiling surfaces were smooth and the painting job was excellent. The only suggestion that we could make for the future is to cover the work area a bit better-- it took some time to clean up the floor. But we were planning on replacing the carpet anyway, so it wasn't a problem for us. To summarize, we thought the work was very well done.
- Dmitriy K....
I had “communication challenges” similar to the previous reviewer. I needed some soundproofing work done in my condo, which is something that Residential Floors supposedly does. Sam came out to my place on a Saturday and seemed competent, eager, and interested in the job. He promised an estimate in the early part of the week. I hadn’t heard anything by Thursday so I called and left him a voicemail. That call wasn’t returned so I left him another voicemail on Friday. I finally heard from Sam on Saturday (7 days after his visit) and he promised me an estimate that night, or at the latest by the next day. I never received that estimate, and I never heard from him again.
- Brian S....
Home Energy Medics
I hired Home Energy Medics in May 2020 to provide a sound proofing solution for the ceiling of my master bedroom in my recently-purchased 2002 condo. After I moved in, unfortunately I realized that due to a lack of insulation between units, I could hear my neighbors above me in their master bedroom so distinctly that it was almost as if they were in my bedroom with me. Due to this situation, and as a light sleeper to begin with, I was unable to sleep soundly due to the acoustic noise (talking, TV) and impact noise (footsteps/clacking shoes on a hardwood floor, with wood joists and minimal insulation between my neighbor's sub floor and my ceiling). As mentioned by Ms. Lapp, based on my research, there are not many companies that provide comprehensive, professional soundproofing services to individual homeowners in the DMV area. Given the structural & technical elements of this work, in my view it is important to get the job done right. Home Energy Medics did the job very professionally and swiftly, though it is important to note that it was extremely expensive ($$$). Scott the owner is an excellent communicator, very smart, and enthusiastic about his work. The crew was very clean, kind and respectful. Now that the job is over, and I am waiting for the green glue to cure over the next 30-60 days, the acoustic noise is completely gone from my bedroom. I can still hear footsteps, though they are much less distinct, and I am able to sleep with a fan on. The footsteps now sound reassuringly "normal", as in, how I've heard them in other apartments and condos. My neighbors no longer sound as if they are in my bedroom. Hopefully the noise will continue to diminish as the green glue reaches its full potential. Thanks to Home Energy Medics for their work.
- Lisa D....
Pascale and her team were excellent. We first had an energy audit, which was very thorough and identified a number of air leaks and insulation deficiencies in our house. Pascale is very knowledgeable and used a blower door test and infrared camera to great effect to identify weak points. They also performed carbon monoxide tests which identified potential issues with our oven and boiler. After the audit we received a comprehensive report which gave us invaluable information going forward for keeping our house comfortable and reducing our energy bills. It was also particularly helpful to get an independent expert view on our heating and cooling systems -- we have an old boiler and water heater and are deciding when/how to replace them, and have heard different opinions from various contractors, but Pascale was able to give us an honest assessment taking into account the overall energy needs and talk through a few different options. We brought Pascale's team back to carry out some work on the house including sealing and insulating our attic (we used cellulose, which has lower environmental impact than fiberglass and also seems to help with soundproofing), sealing air leaks around the house, and insulating a vented skylight in our bathroom. We can already feel the difference in our overall comfort around the home and can tell the heating doesn't come on as often.
- Ian L....
Quality Insulation
I previously had used Dan's Quality Insulation in March to blow noise-reducing insulation into my bedroom ceiling, and I hired him again to put the insulation throughout the rest of my apartment. The insulation doesn't make my apartment soundproof, but it has made a huge difference with ambient noise, for which I owe Dan my sanity. Dan is incredibly professional and friendly, and his team worked later than expected, until 9pm, to get the job done so that they wouldn't have to come back the next day. They also were very careful in laying down drop cloths and in cleaning up after themselves when the job was done. My only complaint is that I left work early to be home by a 12:30pm appointment, and Dan called at 12:40 to let me know that they would be late an hour or so because they had been delayed to start the day; it would have been good to know about the delay at least 30-60 minutes ahead of time so that I could have stayed at work longer. Nevertheless, it was a very positive experience (again), and I highly recommend Dan and his team. Update: After this occasion, it sounded as though the insulation hadn't worked in spots. At no cost to me, Dan sent his guys out again, who spot-checked, found a few places where piping and air ducts had blocked the insulation, and filled in the gaps. Throughout, they were courteous, professional, and efficient. I wish everybody stood by their work as much as Dan and Quality Insulation!
- Robert K....

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