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Reviews Near You of Metal Roof Installation

Shiner Exteriors
We asked Shiner to install metal roofing on the hip roof and front porch of our colonial-style house to contrast with the shingles on the main roof. Shiner's workmanship was absolutely superb. The low height of the hip roof and the intersecting rooflines between the roof and the porch required a fairly intricate installation that is very easy to see from ground level. The result is beautiful. Expertly laid out and finished seams give a very dramatic look to the new roof. Other aspects of the job were similarly professional. Shiner responded to our initial inquiry immediately and sent out an estimator a day or two later. There was a substantial delay before the work could start, but that was to be expected given our extremely rainy summer which must have severely disrupted their production schedule. We were away when the work was done. When we returned, our front yard was spotless--Shiner left the house and landscape perfectly clean. We have used Shiner on other jobs. We will continue to use them.
- Mary S....
NVB Contracting LLC
Excellent workmanship; on schedule. Best contractor who has ever worked for us in over forty years! Received many laudatory comments on workmanship by friends and neighbor
- Guillermo G....
American Home Contractors Inc
Jonathan and Howard were very professional and clearly explained there work. They also made recommendations for improvements and continued maintenance.
- Stephen B....
John Darvish Construction Co Inc
I was so VERY happy with this roofing experience. I did not have to worry about a thing! John Darvish Roofing was recommended by two contractor friends so I gave them a call. I received a free estimate and after comparing the price and company reputation with two other contractors, also recommended. I chose them for reputation and best price. I spoke with Melissa in the office about flashing and the installation of ice and water guard to prevent ice damming. I learned a lot! The roofing supplier showed up the afternoon before the scheduled work and delivered the materials to the rooftop. They were professional and considerate of my yard and driveway. Early the next morning the roofing crew arrived smiles and good mornings with them. The first thing they did was cover my bushes and shrubs with light tarps to protect them. They had tall ladders and seemed to be following safe procedures as they worked. The old roof was removed and disposed of by the contractor. A few pieces of plywood needed replacing as they were soft from a previous leak. The crew chief showed me the area that needed repair. The office called to get my authorization for replacement and gave me a reasonable price per sheet of plywood. I knew ahead of time that I might need some plywood replaced so this was not a surprise. Honestly, I could not see much from the ground but once the plywood was replaced and the old plywood brought down from the roof, I could see the damage and need for replacement. The new roof was installed and before it got dark, the roof crew was busy cleaning up and getting ready to end the day. They used large magnets to pick up nails in the grass. The next day a metal installer arrived as scheduled to put a metal roof on a bay window and also a small area of the roof that showed mold damage as it stayed damp and shady at all times. With the new metal roof in that area we have had no molding problems. Several neighbors admired the new roof as well as the clean up job and ended up using the same contractor for their new roofs.
- Mary J....
Keith Roofing
Impressive work ethic - on-time, efficient & thorough. I appreciated the before & after photos so I could see the improvement. (Also helpful if/when selling my house).
- Michael H....
Enhanced Roofing & Remodeling
Superb performance; workers were professional and highly skilled. Work was performed flawlessly, and professionally. I would definately hire Enhanced Roofing & Remodeling again!
- David M....
Rescue Roofing & Home Services
Quick response. Highly professional. Cleaned up all work areas. No more trouble with leaks or squirrels. I would use this company again.
- Beth J....
Cedar Shakes & Shingles Inc
Cedar Shake and Shingles was the only company that offered to repair my shake roof. And a repair is whole lot less than a new one. Their approach was pretty novel, consisting of metal shims inserted under the failing shakes. Although the repair is obviously temporary, we are hoping it lasts a few more years so that the roof can age evenly and be replaced when the rest catches up. Anyway, the company was always prompt, courteous and professional. And the results are excellent: no leaks during or after the recent heavy rains. Thanks a bunch Cedar Shakea and Shinges !
- Ted M....
Landmark Design & Construction
They were very professional, with the owner Carlos on site every day making sure everything was going well. His wife Margaret handled the scheduling and contracts, and was very well organized. Everything was finished in 3 days and they stayed as long as was necessary to make sure everything was done correctly. They were also very flexible in terms of using materials we already had, or purchasing new materials as necessary. Carlos even went to Home Depot after working one day in order to get a lock keyed to our existing locks (and didn't charge extra for it!). All in all I would highly recommend Landmark Design and Construction. I've dealt with a lot of contractors for small to medium sized projects, and this was by far my best experience.
- Daniel A....
Consumer Construction Inc
I discovered a water spot on our family room ceiling, last week but had no idea where the source of the leak was, so I called Consumer Construction for an evaluation and estimate. They were very prompt in getting back to me and were courteous enough to call to postpone the appointment when the weather interfered. The evaluation and estimate were very precise and included pictures of the work that needed to be done. In fact, if I hadn't needed a lot of roof shingles that they didn't have on the truck, they were prepared to do the repairs that day. They came back today, did the work, were very efficient and thoroughly cleaned up afterward. They repaired siding boards that had loosened so well that I can't even tell where the problem was now. They also secured a wire that was hanging over one of the gutters. I think it came loose from a satellite dish that we never use. I would definitely call Consumer Construction again.
- Judith F....
Katchmark Construction Inc
Katchmark did an excellent job. Worked with sales manager, David Hill. The job was done in conjunction with a replacement of the roof-mounted AC unit (done by another vendor). Katchmark coordinated with the AC vendor so that both jobs were completed in 3 days, as promised. During roof replacement, we could not be home. The on-site coordinate kept us informed on the status of all phases as the job progressed. They did a good job of cleanup before leaving.
- Maury E....
Katchmark Construction Inc
First and foremost, the sales rep arrived at my door better prepared than anyone I have ever had come and make a bid for work on my home. He not only had a scale drawing of my home, but a Google map photo of it. He was able to talk dimensions with me from the get go. After we had spoken about options and my desire to have a metal roof installed he was able to go out to his vehicle and come back in five minutes with a detailed, typed, contract proposal. It was great to have that in hand as I considered other bids. It did, however, lead to a couple problems because changes we discussed verbally did not get entered except in handwriting and those did not get to the workcrew. None were price factors nor quality issues and it actually caused Katchmark's crew more work, but it did raise a flag in that I realized later I should have gone over the revisions with the company rep who followed up with me before they came on the job - and then with the crew chief (a guy who really knew his stuff - he keep a sizable crew working efficiently for a week). As far as the work crew and workmanship, I could not be happier. They showed up early and worked throughout the day. Everything specified was done. They had to do a lot of cutting of materials and needed to fabricate a ridge vent, all done with perfection as far as I can tell (I have been up on my roof looking for issues and have found none and there were zero leaks during recent heavy downpours). Katchmark says that their crews are their employees, not people they pick up to do jobs - and it shows in the quality of their work. As for the problems. The biggest issue was that the contract called for a new attic fan. I told the sales rep a new one was not needed - the existing one was less than five years old. In addition, there were a number of old vent pipes on the roof, none of them in use after a remodel some 20 years ago. After a conversation as to whether an attic fan was even needed with a metal roof and ridge vent we agreed that they would just take it out along with the vent pipes. None of that got passed on to the work crew. They cut roof sheets around the vents and sealed around them. They cut a larger hole in my roof for the new fan (that was the biggest problem as the attic is a storage area and there is debris over all the items stored there - mainly boxes so nothing was damaged - just messy). And they did not fully install the fan they put in place. I realized they did not have the revised information too late - the work was all but done. I spoke to Katchmark later and they sent their own tech out to fully re-install the fan, no problem. Overall I have to say that Katchmark was pretty impressive to work with, despite the communication snafu. They know their business, hire quality people, and follow though and follow-up (the latter being just as important). I paid a little more to get that quality and am glad I did.
- Robert K....
Endreola Sheetmetal, LLC
Dale worked the job like the pro he is, a human machine, he methodically took care of all steps of the job with the skill of a master craftsman. There is no better in the business. I was very,very satisfied with him and crew. Dale does not cut corners, he is a super hardworking contractor taking the time to do the job perfect the first time out.
- Michael M....
Exterior Medics
This is the second of 3 projects that Exterior Medics is doing for me. The first was chimney repair, antenna removal and installing chimney caps. I have already completed that review. This 2nd project was to remove the old roof on the house, which was over 20 years old and had some storm damage, and replace the roof. I reported in the first review on 18 January 2014, that the company representative, Mason Arthur, gave me detailed briefings with photographs of what he found on my old roof, and about the 6 tab, Timberline shingle that the company recommends. I was comfortable, and very satisfied after his briefing. The roofing team did the work on the roof on 27 January 2014. When the old shingles were removed they found that there were 120 linear feet of rotted wood, some near the storm damage and some at the back of the center chimney and on the back porch area. They replaced the rotted wood with new planks. Mason Arthur showed me photos where the damaged wood was replaced. Mason Arthur said that the crew paid extra attention to those areas when they installed the leak barriers on the deck prior to installing the shingles. On the edges of the roof they installed metal strips along the lip edges so that moisture coming off the roof and onto the gutters could not get underneath the shingles and cause rot. They installed new flashing around the chimneys and new vent covers, as well as their Cobra Attic Ventilation ridge cap and ridge cap shingles, which gives better attic ventilation. It was a very cold, windy day, and there were several inches of snow on the ground. The roofing team was there all day despite the cold weather. The foreman, Cesar Gonzalez, had a crew of 6 or 7 men. From my observation, they worked as a team and were efficient, knowledgeable and skilled. Cesar Gonzalez and his crew members were polite and courteous to me as I walked around the house and watched them finish their work. They had put down tarps on my porch to collect scraps and debris, and they did a good job cleaning up the yard. The new roof looks great, and I'm relieved to have that worry off my mind. I highly commend Cesar Gonzalez and his well trained and skilled team for doing a great job in very cold weather conditions. I highly recommend Exterior Medics. They employ skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable, attentive staff, use quality products, and believe in and practice great customer service.
- Melinda W....
Roof Solutions Inc
Just moved into a row house in DC and discovered the roof needed repairs. Roof Solutions, and their representative Artem, were first class. They fixed the roof on a timely basis, they stuck to their original quoted price and did an outstanding job. They were very thorough in their explanations and patient with my not understanding roof terms. :) Hopefully I won't need any repairs in the near future but if I do I would call them back. Their responsiveness was amazing!! Thanks guys!! Mike
- Michael B....
Easy to schedule- Stephanie is the scheduler, friendly and easy to chat with, answered all of our questions. Extremely good customer service and follow up!
- Richard M....
Michael & Son Svc Inc
My first surprise was to see that they used subcontractors which wasn't my expectation, specially from a company like M&S. The guys were courteous and I was able to get the full story from them because I am a native spanish speaker :) In the same maner I was able to understand how much mark up price I was paying just for the M&S name... but at the time I trusted that was fine, I was paying a lot more because I knew they would take care of me if there were any issues and because of the warranty (I was naive and didn't do my research comes out that 1 year of warranty on roof workmanship is NOT the standard at all and thats what was on paper). The M&S project manager was in my house 2 times to check on the sub contractor's work, of which one was to make sure I gave him the last payment, he didn't check the progress of the work in detail, I had to do that my self as much as I could (got on the roof and everything) and with my limited knowledge of roofs, of course I must have missed something, or the subcontractor overlooked something important because this came up later. A year and 5 months later... the roof is leaking in the room that is destined for my newborn girl, and some of the issues that were supposed to be taken care of I reached out to them for help, explaining my situation (the baby was born a few days before I called) the sense of urgency was not taken seriously, I was told I was going to be called back a couple of times and never happend, instead they were very clear in letting me know that my warranty was for 1 year only on the labor/workmanship and that only the materials had 25 years of warranty which was from the manufacturer.. so even if the material was the problem (which rarely is) they would still come and charge me for any repairs, including charging me for the inspection and estimate, in other words like a completely new project. Meaning, it made no difference to them, the fact that their brand new roof replacement lasted me such a short time and is leaking (with no aparent damage from an external agent) is really unacceptable, I cannot come to terms with the fact that a company like M&S can take no responsibility saying its out of warranty on a roof job that is so recent. I started looking for a new roofing company and most of them actually give way longer workmanship warranties and have no subcontracting. (see more updates below) Conclusion, paying the extra for the "confidence" factor the M&S was supposed to bring me, was pointless... I could have gotten the same job done with the same (or better) quality for 3 times less. Right now I am looking for a new roofer to come fast and fix this for me that really cares about quality and who really takes their commitment to consumers seriously. UPDATE (9/27/2011): I have consulted with various other roofing contractors/companies, not only the warranty factor is agravating given the fact that the standard in the industry for a roof replacement is at the very least 3 years (I have quotes from companies that give 5 to 10 years as well) but they have very diligently pointed out to me how the ridge vent that was installed was the lowest quality (cheapest) but it was also not the proper one for my roof. On top of that it appears to be one of the origins of the leak. Additionally, the flashing they did in my chimney is inadequate and probably is leaking as well. Water sits in the edge of the chimney, back then they told me that was OK and that there wasn't much else to do, but it comes out that is NOT OK and actually they should've installed a "cricket" to deviate water from the chimney edge out, again they subcontractor took the quick way out and did not do this either. In summary: - a new leak due to improperly installed ridge vent - failure to replace all bad plywood pieces and in consequence not addressing all leaks and accelerating new shingles decay. - improper replacement of flashing in the chimney postponing the existing leak and the list goes on... UPDATE (9/28/2011): I contacted directly the owner of M&S to see if this issue was something out of the ordinary and seeking his help in resolving this issue. He has been extremely responsive, immediately after I sent the letter to him he replied and assured me they would take care of this. Today he called me personally this morning and again reassured me I would get what I paid for and fix this for us. I appreciate a lot that he is taking care of this and shows that he really cares about his customers. I'll update this post again with the outcome of this experience. UPDATE(8/15/2012): Winter has come and gone, spring and summer have come and almost gone... after my talk with the owner, he had the guy who was in char in my project back in 2010 take responsibility and fix the issues in the roof. They came, did some of the fixes the other roorfers had recommended (specifically and more importantly replacing the ridge vent with the adequate one. But they did not do anything about the bad plywood pieces or the flashing. Never the less, the leak has not come back. They told me to try it over the fall and winter and make sure it was gone. In deed it was fixed, and then I called them because they had committed to fix the ceiling dry wall that was affected by the bad job. The person in charge was no longer with the company, yet he was extremely decent and professional and came and had one of his guys (in his new company that he started) fix it for free. So in overall this was a positive experience, although next time I will probably go with contractors that are specialized in that particular job to avoid issues like the ones i had... I have updated some of the scores, but cannot in good conscious change the scores around price and quality.
- Hellmut A....
After having a very bad experience with another roofing contractor (NuLook Home Design), I was happy to talk with Lenny the owner of Dream Home about getting a quote for a new roof. I was looking for a lifetime warranty which is transferable to the next home owner as well as very good quality product which would stand up to any potential wind and weather problems which might occur in Alexandria. After experiencing Derechos and hurricanes over the last 10 years I wanted shingles which would stand up to high winds. Owens Corning has a new technology called Sure Nail which has a higher warranty against wind damage. Also with their upscale shingles if there is any problem with the original contractor - Owens stands behind their warranty. I liked that idea. I had already learned (unfortunately the hard way) that roofing contractors sometime give the home owner misleading information regarding the size of your roof (which is then used to give a price quote) and so I already knew the dimensions of my roof. Roofers multiple length by width to get square footage and then divide by 100 to get the number of "squares" which is what they use to determine price - while adding 10% for waste. My roof is 34 x 46 = 1564 sq. ft. plus 10% = 1720 or 17-18 squares. The first contractor I spoke with (Nu Look) told me my roof was 25 squares, another told me it was 22 squares, Lenny told me it was 18 squares so this was an easy method to determine who was the honest businessman. We then talked about various other products Owens offered and their warranties including a vented ridge vent for the roof peak and drip edge protection for around the edge of the roof. With these extra products I got the Platinum package from Owens and Dream Home. I also learned than many roofing contractors charge extra if there is more than one layer of shingles on the old roof which have to be removed (I had 2 layers and Nu Look salesman insisted there was only one - in order to charge me extra for the added cost of removal) but Lenny with Dream Home said he would not charge extra. Also, if after removing the old shingles some of the roof panel of plywood sheathing need to be replaced - this can add to the price of your new roof as well. Some contractors charge $75/ panel (NuLook) while others offer 4 free panels and then charge extra for any additional panels needed. In my case I needed quit a few because when a contractor installed my gutter guards he installed metal on to wood which meant it rotted the wood so the entire edge of the whole roof required new panels. Lenny said he'd not charge me the normal price of $75, but instead $50 for each panel because it was so unexpected that this needed to be done and he had not seen this problem when he first examined my roof. What a great guy! We signed the contract after some price negotiation and waited to schedule the roofing following the arrival of the materials. This wait took about 4-6 weeks and we then scheduled the roof replacement. New roof day came and the weather had been predicted to be good unfortunately after about 3-4 hours of work thunderstorms approached. The work crew covered my roof entirely with tarps and went off to lunch hoping to work after the storm had passed. They returned, but explained they would have to return the next day to finish the job due to the current wet conditions. The crew returned early the next morning and completed the roof installation. They used a magnet to try and find all the roofing nails - which got about 98% of them. They also tried their best to keep all the old shingles and bad plywood in their truck and they were about 99% successful. The following day the crew arrived to replace all my gutters with new gutters, leaf guards and down spouts and completed all their work in a couple of hours. During the 3 days of installation Lenny stopped by several times and spoke with me about any concerns I had and took care of any issues with the crew. The only issue I had with the crew was that I had told them at the start to keep the attic fan roof cap because it belonged to the new attic fan they were going to install. Unfortunately I was sick the first day and didn't make sure they remembered and the cap ended up in the bottom of their truck. They did find it when they emptied the truck and returned and installed it the 3 rd day. In the interim they put a tarp over the fan and told me if they could not locate it or it was too damaged they would replace it free of charge. If this is the only problem you have with your roofers - you are indeed lucky! I was very happy with the results and several neighbors have already said how great it looks.
- Kathlyn H....

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