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Ben's Junk Removal
Very helpful and very professional, I have had a couple services done in the past and they’re always super speedy and for a great price!The owner is super personable and friendly!
- Ryleigh A....
Hard Tymes Bulk Trash Removal & Moving Service
Very responsive, efficient and professional. They also gave good pricing. I would definitely hire them again.
- F Y....
Professional Appliance Repair
I was very pleased again by David’s work. He was timely and professional. I had an insinkerator that was not working. He assessed that it was the motor. He recommended that it be replaced since cost of motor is comparable to cost of new disposal.
- Diana K....
ElJay Services LLC
I used El Jay to move my family from a townhouse to a SFH and loved their work! Super fast, efficient and polite. I then referred them to my job and we use them all the time for hauling, trash removal and more. They are amazing! Nice young men who work HARD. Super professional and their services are affordable. I HIGHY RECOMMEND them to anyone seeking services. 10/10!
- Lauren P....
Republic Services
Very professional, they work with you in regards to scheduling and pricing. and they will take care of the trash disposal. they discuss every detail from delivery to pick up.
- Cynthia W....
Waste Management
- Dottie B....
American Disposal Services
Lousy customer service, they just don't care, many missed pickups for no reason, called them several times and speaking with several representatives, customer service simply don't care... you will regret signing up with them.......
- Joe A....
Reliable Hauling & General Services
We were moving into our new home and the old owner thought the local garbage company would pick up a driveway full of boxes and garbage. We needed the stuff hauled away in order for our moving vans to access the driveway. Kyle was very responsive. He came out within a day and removed every last piece. Was a pleasure to work with.
- Fred D....
AAA Recycling & Trash Removal
The performance of this company, now Republic services has steadily deteriorated. They sloppy, they fail to address problems when told about them, and promised services may or may not be performed.
- Brian G....
American Disposal Services
We switched to ADS in January of 2010 when our old company stopped servicing our area. For the first 4-5 months the service was fine. No problems and a reasonable price. However, starting in May, garbage and recycling collection have both been spotty. Garbage was supposed to be picked up 2 times a week. However, ADS only showed up about half the time on the Friday pick up, and also missed our Tuesday pick up a few times. There were a couple occasions when we went over a week without garbage collection. The weekly recycling pick up was missed a few times as well. On the positive side, every time I called in to report the problem, the customer service representative was very friendly and responsive. However, nothing would really change in the pick-up problems. After 3 months of this, I canceled our service with ADS. I would not recommend them.
- Kara H....
We've used them for 17 years. They are low priced and used to have good service. Although I don't think I've ever been able to speak to someone unless I run out to the garbage truck as it comes by. The past few years has seen their service deteriorate. They now put all our recycling into the garbage truck. This has been going on for over six months. We take our recycling to the county ourselves now. They said it was because of a broken garbage truck but after so long, I can only assume that they don't have enough trucks to do recycling. The owner of the company is very rude. They miss pick ups completely from time to time and one time and I called to complain. When they came by, I was outside. He told me that they missed my garbage because I didn't get it out early enough. I told him (truthfully) that I had put it out the night before. He called me a liar. He is not the type of guy who deserves anybody's business. Unfortunately, for those who are not in HOAs and not with Fairfax County's service, there is very little choice with garbage pick up.
- Lina C....
AAA Recycling & Trash Removal
AAA used to be the only service in the neighborhood until last fall when American started servicing houses on the street. AAA immediately started trying to renegotiate contracts. A salesman contacted me with a contract at $96/quarter to match American versus approximately $179 per quarter that AAA charged previously. Additionally, he offered a new recycling bin on wheels to replace the small, broken ones I had which apparently should have been offered to me long before. It was delivered promptly. They also indicated that if I chose to terminate my contract there would be a $45 clean out fee for my 15-year old garbage bin that had never been upgraded! I returned the contract to AAA. They had no record of it and billed me in December 2012 for the higher price. When I sent them a PDF they indicated that it was too late to adjust the bill and that if I did not pay I would be turned over to a collection agency. I paid the bill and immediately confirmed that I was due a credit on the bill and confirmed by $96 per quarter rate with no add-ons for other charges. I received my March bill to find an approximately $30 additional charge for "environmental" or some such charge. Once again, I called them and spoke to two different people in the accounting office, pointed them to the contract. This time they were able to adjust the bill and I paid only the amount that should have been due, including the credit from the prior bill. Only the second person was pleasant and took care of the problem. My issue is not with the line workers who pick up the trash and recycling. I have never had an issue with them. It is the management and billing that created my annoyance with the company. That is why I have not cancelled the contract.
- Susanne H....
We have used McLean Trash Service for over 20 years for two different residences where we have lived. McLean Trash is by far cheaper than all the other companies, but, as they say, you get what you pay for. I have stuck by this small company in the past even though I know that they will miss pickups (but usually would take everything by the next scheduled service day, and never later than one week) and that they will not return phone calls. But, since they have not made a regularly scheduled pickup since December 17, 2020, and it is now January 8, 2021, meaning they have missed SIX trash day pickups and THREE recycling pickups, and trash and recycling are overflowing at my curb (it was just the holidays, when people have MORE trash and recycling than usual), I believe I am finally going to give up on saving money and find another company. I called in a complaint today to Fairfax County's permitted solid waste divisions, but not until I had called McLean Trash (knowing they wouldn't return my call). The answering machine for McLean trash says their truck has broken down and they are working to resume service as soon as possible. Not acceptable. I have met the owner before when he was picking up trash one day (he usually has employees do it), and, basically, I think it is time for him to shut down his business because he is not able to run it effectively anymore. I knew they were a small company, but now I have found out they only have ONE truck, and when it has broken down, they have no alternative. So, they are not providing the service they agreed to provide. Also, when I called Fairfax County to complain, the person I spoke to said that she had been taking calls only during someone else's lunch hour and that she had received three calls about McLean Trash during that 45 minutes or so.
- Jennifer R....
Titus Trash Service Inc
I love these folks. They do a great job with their trash service. The office folks are nice to deal with. My assistant and I both use them at our personal homes. I'm a REALTOR and refer them to my clients too.
- Todd S....
Junk In The Trunk LLC
The business owner and the two workmen promptly removed everything that I wanted removed -- old boards, garbage, buckets, etc. The price I paid was fair.
- Scott R....
AAA Recycling And Trash Removal Services
They are supposed to come twice per week for trash/garbage and once a week for recycling. Lately there have been two weeks where they did not come at all. Once I called three days in a row and was told each time that a truck would come right out to get the trash. Nobody ever came. One person I called agreed to give us a discount for one of the missed weeks. We were told to simply pay one week's worth less on the next quarterly bill. When we short-paid the next bill by $13.22 (one-week's worth), they stopped service because we short-paid! We called, and the person in billing denied our being given credit! She finally agreed to a partial credit, but would not allow service to continue until we paid them the lousy $3.66 difference. Even then, when we gave a credit card for payment, we had to wait until the following week for service to resume. So now we have have a total of three weeks in the last quarter when we did not get service.
- Vining S....
Republic Services Of Fairfax, Va
Pick up of my garbage was fine, but when we moved and tried to return the recycling can, they didn't show up the first time, then rescheduled without letting us know and then tried to charge us for the can. When we rescheduled to have it picked up again, they again rescheduled without letting us know so now we have to drive back out on Memorial day to put the can out so they can pick it up on Tuesday. Their customer service is like their business...garbage.
- Michael J....
American Disposal Svc
American Disposal Service gets our trash twice a week. I've never seen trash left behind. They have a large toter, I think it's like 60 gallons trash can they give you and you can mix all your recycling in it. They do cardboard plastic, all sorts of things. You don't have to separate paper form the plastic from the metal. I talked them down on the price. Their price has gone up and my neighbor had switched to a different trash company and it was significantly cheaper and they met me halfway. They were going to $17 a month.
- Elizabeth B....
Potomac Disposal Inc.
I have used Potomac Disposal for almost five years. They are always timely, and neat. I have had few interactions with the company, but they have always been responsive and professional.
- Jacqueline L....
American Disposal Services
Been using them for almost a year with no complaints. We generate a lot of recycling (mainly boxes from Amazon and elsewhere) and no matter how high the pile of flattened boxes or boxes within boxes - they pick it all up. I've never seen any trash left behind. (Recycling once a week, Garbage twice) I will comment that maybe 10% of the time the bin is left on the street, against the sidewalk, rather than on the sidewalk where it was placed. Since that tends to slow down the speeding traffic, I don't mind too much. The rate of $36 includes the $2 container insurance (which is another reason why i'm not worried about the bins left in the street). There is one other regional competitor in the area, but they are slightly more expensive. I did recently get a service increase notice for $2 /month more, but it's still cheaper so I'm not going to switch. I like that it's a month to month contract - so it's easy enough to stop service and switch providers. One other good reason I like this company is that they offer a standing refer-a-friend rebate. You refer someone who signs up and both of you get a free month (no limits on referrals). I used it when I first signed up, but good to know it's still available. It's kind of hard to mess up garbage collection, and for now - I'll continue service.
- Alexander K....

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