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Reviews of Sewer Main Repair In Your Area

A-1 Trenchless Services LLC
Jerry and his team were very professional and friendly. They explained the process of what they were doing and they charge very fair prices. 10/10 would recommend again!
- Jack S....
Kramer and Sons Plumbing Services Inc
The price for the sewer repair was very reasonable compared to the other estimates that we had gotten. They are extremely professional and they clean up the site really well. They are also extremely responsive in terms of emergencies and being there when they say they are going to be there.
- Kathleen T....
Stang Plumbing
We had a sewer back up. It was an emergency. We found Stang Plumbing through Angie's List. They had excellent recommendations. We called them, and they came over that same afternoon. Rob, the technician, found the problem, and fixed it. Very professional. We were very satisfied with his job.
- Gabriela G....
Kramer and Sons Plumbing Services Inc
I called Kramer and Sons Plumbing after getting two other quotes for the job. They came out and ran the camera on the sewer to check the problem, they told us the job needed was simple and affordable. (Not the same response we got from the other two companies who wanted to charge us between 3,000 - 5,000 for the same job) Previously I called Able Plumbing and they charged us $430 just to run the camera n give us an estimate. Kramer did this for free. The job was to cut, remove, dispose of approx 4-5 feet of sewer lateral from the front wall (outside). Installed new section with 4 inch 40 pressure rated PVC piping. The job was completed in a few hours. They left the job site clean. I would use this company again, the staff was very professional and friendly.
- Eva S....
Stang Plumbing
After reading all the good reviews on Stang Plumbing I was confident that they would be able to resolve my sewer line backup issue. Instead, my experience with Stang was very different. I cannot express how disappointed I am in the lack of quality of their service staff. After spending over $1,500.00 to have them repair a sewer backup in my home, they were unable to complete the repair. In addition, to having to find someone else to fix the sewer line backup, I had numerous other problems as a result of their work that I had to find someone else to correct. Including repairing walls that they cut out and repairing water pipes they shook loose from the vibrations of the drain snake they used. This was one of my worst experiences working with a plumbing company. They seemed more concern with wasting time running up an enormous bill than correcting my sewer problem.
- Denise W....
RL Voight and Son LLC
With A very clear monitor, showed me exactly how sewer line blockage occurred. Diagnosed problem and brought in workers to repair within four hour same day. Workers were quick, efficient and cleaned up very well. Company fixed problem for $1000 less than other estimate from other companies who wanted to do unnecessarily extensive repairs. Could not have been happier with work
- Bonnie L....
Syd's Plumbing & Repairs
The overall experience was excellent. They started at 7am and finished around 5ish. They left the front yard in good shape and repaired the pipes.
- Gina M....
Alpha Plumbing
Alpha Plumbing was prompt with regards to all the services performed. They explained everything they were doing, which was especially important to me, since I had do the job remotely, since this is an investment property and I was in the northeast on business at the time. They were also flexible regarding payment options and could take a credit card over the phone. I'm not sure whose fault it was exactly, but the only hiccup was when they accidentally cut the Verizon FIOS line for my tenant. Verizon fixed that the same day, and it wasn't a huge deal, though--and I don't know if Verizon didn't mark the line properly. I got a quote from another plumber, and their rates were a fair bit lower, so their prices seem competitive.
- Wayne H....
M E Flow Inc
The response was quick and professional. The service was good. The price is fair, but higher than others would have charged (especially during normal hours). What makes it worth it is that they have enough well trained staff to get there after hours.
- Craig R....
Long's Corporation
We needed short notice work done to remedy problems discovered in a home inspection. Sal, from Long's Corp, arrived approx. two hours after calling Long's. He replaced a sump pump, sewer line access cover, and a water value. A shower diverter value was not operating properly, but since it had a special finish, it needed ordering. Sal put in the order and scheduled a time the next day to return and install it. This he did. The price was good, and the work was done quickly, with no mess to clean up.
- Keenan F....
Woodbridge Plumbing Inc
Leroy asked whether the height of the clean-out needed to be adjusted to prevent future mishaps. He repaired the PVC pipe, lowered it so that the top of the pipe was below grade, replaced the pipe cap of PVC with cast iron, filled in the area excavated appropriately, checked to verify that I was satisfied with the job.
- Julie Y....
Len the Plumber, LLC.
Estimator was on time, professional, identified the problem quickly, reviewed the proposed work in detail. Due to their high cost estimate and 4 other locations identifying the break 3 to 4 feet from Lens location, I passed on Len.
- Wm P....
Kramer and Sons Plumbing Services Inc
Home was built in 1941 and "remodeled" in 2003 by an incompetent builder that cut every corner imaginable (we knew when purchasing that corrections would be required). The single basement sump pump rarely came on and was inaccessible (boxed in and sealed with lots of caulk). Over the holidays (and heavy rains) with still no sump pump action (and an occasional basement odor), we decided to take a close look. What we found (again, no surprise) was a 1. a hole too narrow for the cheapo sump pump to function properly, 2. no pump basin, 3. a rotting composite wood frame, and 4. an open sewer pipe (i.e. the occasional odor). Kramer & Sons Plumbing was 1 of 4 Angie's List outfits we had provide estimates - their recommendations were the most clear and concise, providing a comfort level the others did not. Perhaps a tad higher in cost compared to a couple of the others, but, we believe that you get what you pay for. And we could not be more pleased with their work. They were punctual, courteous, explained every step to include meeting code requirments, and were always totally professional. They even ran a camera through the sewer pipe to ensure there were no residual issues that could result in furthur problems. We would not hesitate to use them again for any plumbing issue, one rarely sees this quality of service these days.
- Kim P....
ARS / Rescue Rooter Laurel
They have a number of branches. Their price was $3000 cheaper than others. We got a 20% lesser price on full sewer line repair with excavation. They excavated very carefully not to damage landscaping. They kept me informed of each step of work they did along the way. There were some things that happened during the excavation that they could not avoid, and they were pretty conscientious. Once they got down to the sewer line they kept us with sewer and water every night, which sometimes does not happen. They were conscientious with small kids. When they did the repair they pulled out the permits and all the licenses that were required and worked with the DC government really very well. They made sure that the repair that they did was done with the right speck as there was a good grade going through. You need a certain degree of drop from the house to main sewer so that it worked properly. They even repaired a piece that was underneath the pipe that was also in the wrong angle. They went above and beyond in finding and correcting everything with no extra cost. They supported the line appropriately. They back filled so that when it collapse there is no problem. They refilled the whole empty lines well. There were big pieces of rock and concrete that involves the filling. They put them on the side for disposal. They were excellent. They are the best of plumbers I have seen. I will recommend them to everybody.
- Eliza C....
The Plumbing Dr
Great. My main sewer line was clogged by roots. I asked three plumbers in evaluate the job and give me options and estimates. Two said I had a broken sewer line, which was in a difficult place to reach. The job was estimated to cost about $14,000 and they would need to destroy my front yard, basement floor and wall in the process. Costs for repairs for yard, wall, and floor were going to be in addition to sewer repair. The Plumbing Dr said the same thing but they added there was a chance a small root entered through a joint in the line without a break. One option they proposed was to thoroughly clean the line of roots (the first plumber was supposed to have done this but did not do a complete job) and then take a better look to see if the line was broken. If it was not, then the line could be treated with a root repellent once a year to keep roots out for a few hundred dollars. Plumbing Dr cautioned if there was a break in the line they'd need to take the more expensive approach other plumbers recommended. Plumbing Dr did remove the roots, found no break, and was able to fix the problem much cheaper than others. Then they cleaned the line, which I'm sure had never been done. I appreciate their help averting a disaster.
- Suzan C....
Stevens Co
I used Stevens Co for the first sewer backup I had - they were probably the 3rd company I called and the first that was able to confirm that someone would come out within 2 hours -- this was definitely after normal business hours on a Sunday evening. An answering service responded to my call and I got a call back from Stevens Co within about half an hour. An accurate estimate was given and they explained what the crew would do when they got to my house. The blockage was dealt with and the crew left by about 10PM - everything in my house was left in great condition. Unfortunately at the time the crew was unable to tell me what caused the blockage to occur. About 2 months later, the same thing happened on a Friday afternoon. I called Stevens right away and was told that they didn't have time on their calendar to come out for about 10 days. I said "even for an emergency? I would like to be able to flush my toilet / use my water before then." The person on the phone confirmed no one would be able to come out at all. I had to use another company to come out and unblock my line and that company is getting a job to fix the problem which will result in way more revenue than either of the first two jobs. I was happy with Stevens when they were able to come out but it seems like a company who wants to build any kind of ongoing relationship would respond better to someone who has already done business with them. Besides getting this sewer repaired I have a few other jobs that I'd eventually like done around the house, but I will not be turning to Stevens as my first choice given their lack of availability or even desire to try to squeeze me in to their schedule when I had an emergency.
- Bryan S....
Kramer and Sons Plumbing Services Inc
I have a Sewer Line Repair and Water Line Replacement Service Contract with HomeServe. After my water line was replaced under that contract in July 2019, there was some major settling in the yard, almost to the point where I thought there would be a sinkhole under the sidewalk. I called HomeServe (who also were great and responsive) who sent out Kramer & Sons to check the area, scope the sewer line to see if that was the issue, and to check to see if a water line leak was the cause. Holly at Kramer and Sons called me back and got things scheduled. She was efficient, knowledgeable, personable and funny! The good kind of funny. :-) She let me know what would happen and when. My scheduled window was 7:30-8:30am. Hurrah for small windows! At 7:28am I got an email letting me know that someone from Kramer & Sons was on their way. There was a live tracker that estimated their arrival time of 7:52am. The tracker seemed a bit off, looking like they were stuck in Springfield (there was bad traffic there), but they made it here by 8:02am. Juan and Reggie showed up and got right to work. After coordinating with HomeServe, they ran a video camera through the sewer line and found that it was not straight -- it had shifted up in one section by 1-2", causing a backup in the line. Additionally they found that the water line replacement backfill had not been done properly and was causing the depressions in my yard and sidewalk. Juan did a great job of walking me through all the issues and they are reporting their findings back to HomeServe. I was thrilled with the work they did and how they did it. Since this work was done under a service contract, I'm not sure how much it would have cost me out of pocket. But their communication and workmanship gave me a lot of trust in Kramer and Sons to the point where I'd call them again for an out-of-pocket job. Several reviews say that their pricing is high. While I can understand that, getting a job done right and well has a lot of value. There's not only the cost of the people who are doing the work, but their knowledge and know-how, the cost of gas and the truck, truck insurance, business and liability insurance, etc. This story sums up my thinking. In the early years of this century (1900s), Charles Steinmetz, a pioneering electrical engineer, was brought to GE's facilities in Schenectady, New York. GE had encountered a performance problem with one of their huge electrical generators and had been absolutely unable to correct it. Steinmetz, a genius in his understanding of electromagnetic phenomena, was brought in as a consultant -- not a very common occurrence in those days, as it would be now. Steinmetz also found the problem difficult to diagnose, but for some days he closeted himself with the generator, its engineering drawings, paper and pencil. At the end of this period, he emerged, confident that he knew how to correct the problem. After he departed, GE's engineers found a large "X" marked with chalk on the side of the generator casing. There also was a note instructing them to cut the casing open at that location and remove so many turns of wire from the stator. The generator would then function properly. And indeed it did. Steinmetz was asked what his fee would be. Having no idea in the world what was appropriate, he replied with the absolutely unheard of answer that his fee was $1000. Stunned, the GE bureaucracy then required him to submit a formally itemized invoice. They soon received it. It included two items: 1. Marking chalk "X" on side of generator: $1. 2. Knowing where to mark chalk "X": $999. Kramer and Sons knows a lot of things about plumbing. You don't. Pay them for their years of experience and good business practices. While it may feel like a lot, even if they fix your problem in 5 minutes, it would take you years to know what to do, what parts to get, and how to repair it properly and meet code, as well as thousands more for the insurance to cover you if you screw it up.
- Peter B....
4 Service Pros
Well, 4 Service Pros knocked it right out of the park again. We just can't say enough good things about these guys! We have a pretty gross drain fly problem that we couldn't diagnose. We had our lines scoped by 4 Service Pros back in February and that seemed to resolve the issue for a while. Unfortunately, when it started getting warm this year, those suckers were back with a vengeance (you'd think we robbed their national bank or beat up their national mascot the way they're tormenting us). We called 4SP back to have them come out, re-scope and re-flush the lines. Dave came in and had us walk him through our issues and took a look around. He then let us know that re-flushing the lines would be a waste of money at that point. He did a complete walkthrough of the house (inside and out) and told us what he thought the issue was (broken sewer line) and suggested a smoke test (much less expensive and invasive than the camera scoping). We did the smoke test and within about an hour, pinpointed some areas that warranted additional investigation. Dave ran the camera down the clean out that they'd installed back in February (have I mentioned how awesome these guys are? Because, DAAAAAAAANG!!! AWESOMESAUCE!!!) and found several cracks and a couple of holes in the pipes that were missed on the initial run-through. Now, I know you're immediately thinking 'why wasn't that caught the first time?' The first time these guys came out and scoped/cleaned the lines, they were just so darn full of nasties that it was hard to see anything before and after (we got to watch them run that camera through from start to finish each time). When we looked at the first set of videos and compared it to what we saw this time, it really was night and day. So, they ran the smoke test and found all the cracks and stuff then gave us our options. Worst case was that they'd have to replace 60 feet of sewer (inside and outside), tear up the main floor (concrete slab), break into the concrete walkway to get to the right bend and possibly dig into the side yard to get to the crack out there. The worst case scenario sucked. I hated the worst case scenario. We ended up not having to go that far. Dave, Rick and Francisco did an absolutely bang-up job with the work they ended up doing. They bent over backwards to ensure we got the best service with as little inconvenience as possible. Poor Dave helped me through my hysterics when our insurance company was less than helpful...(sorry again about the water-works, Dave). The next step is for us to have Alvin and the remodeling crew coming in to put in new flooring in the area where Dave's team had to dig into the slab to get to the miserable sewer. We're also having them replace the carpet in the living room with flooring. Once Rick and Francisco finished the sewer repair, Dave asked if we would mind him taking a look at the HVAC lines because those blasted flies were still hemorrhaging out of the vents like it was their job. Sure enough, he found way too many breaks in the lines to be a coincidence. He also showed us where these suckers are nesting and coming in and out. I guess, when the HVAC lines were installed, the vendor decided that installing connectors was a job for chumps and figured 'it's under the slab--no one's gonna know!'. Guess what? We know now. Because the venting is under the slab though, we either have to dig up pretty much the entire first floor (those breaks are EVERYWHERE) or abandon the entire thing and re-route the venting through the ceiling (this option gets my vote because I don't want to go live in a hotel for another week). Unfortunately for us, 4SP doesn't do HVAC work yet (booooooooo!!!), but Dave was kind enough to give us a recommendation that we'll check out. We still need to find a couple more vendors so we can do our due diligence and comparison shop. So, we're taking recommendations if anyone has a good vendor they've worked with in the Manassas area! Seriously, if you have plumbing issues, 4 Service Pros should be one of your first calls. We haven't had a bad experience with them yet and we have absolutely no qualms with referring them to others. I don't have nearly enough thumbs to put up for this company!
- Todd B....
My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical
On Saturday 12/18/10 My Plumber came to my mother's house and snaked the sewer line from the toilet in her basement to the street. The technician determined that there was a blockage near the house foundation wall. He snaked the sewer line and opened it enough to allow my mother to use her toilet and shower on a limited basis until My Plumber could come back with a camera snake to determine exactly what was causing the problem in the sewer line. On 12/21/10 Joe Kielar from My Plumber came to my mother's house and used his camera snake to determine that there was a collapsed sewer line at the house foundation wall. Also, the sewer line from the toilet in the basement bathroom to the house foundation wall was pitched incorrectly. Joe appeared to be knowledgeable and explained what needed to be done to fix the problem. On 12/22/10 Robert Carter from My Plumber came with 2 helpers and began working to replace the sewer pipe from the toilet in the basement to the front yard. Both my mother and I questioned Robert Carter about the Fairfax County plumbing permit that was required and was included ($200 fee) in the written pricing quote. Robert assured us that since he was a master plumber and this was an emergency sewer line repair he could do the work and just send pictures of his work over to Fairfax County for approval to satisfy Fairfax County's plumbing inspection requirements. We believed what Robert said and the work was completed on 12/23/10 with the exception of reinstalling the toilet in the bathroom. In January 2011 my mother had her linoleum tile replaced in the bathroom, the carpeting cleaned, and reinstalled in the family room in the basement. On 2/10/11, Robert Carter came back and reinstalled my mother's toilet in the bathroom. Once the toilet was installed, it was obvious that Robert and his crew had made a mistake. The toilet tank is approx 8 1/2" from the wall with the water shut off valve. This is well beyond the normal standard toilet tank distance which is approximately 2" or less from the wall with the water shut off valve. After repeated calls to My Plumber, Robert Carter return to my mother's house in late February and said that it would cost an additional $2,340 to fix the problem and bring the toilet up to Fairfax County and Virginia plumbing code. Since my mom had spent so much money with My Plumber, they offered her a ?deal? and reduced the cost of the repair to an additional $1,900. On this visit, Robert admitted to my mother that the following errors may have occurred: 1) he may have installed the toilet flange incorrectly 2) his two helpers had done the pipe measurements and pipe fittings for the toilet and the sewer lines in the bathroom and they may have measured the piping incorrectly and did not follow the Fairfax County and the State of Virginia plumbing code. Also, Robert admitted to my mother that he did not check the pipe measurements and pipe fittings done by his 2 helpers in the bathroom. After doing some research, we determined that Robert Carter did not tell the truth and a Fairfax County permit was needed for this type of plumbing work and a Fairfax County plumbing inspector needed to inspect Robert Carter's work before closing in the new sewer line and toilet piping in concrete. My Plumber also never got a Fairfax County permit to do this work and they charged my mother $200 for this permit. After repeated calls to My Plumber, they are unwilling to fix their error which has caused the toilet tank to be 8 1/2" from the wall with the water shut off valve. My Plumber insists on trying to charge my mother an additional $1,900 to fix their mistake. My mother should not have to pay My Plumber any additional money to fix their mistake. My Plumber is a dishonest and unethical company that all consumers need to be aware of and avoid using.
- Pamela E....

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