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We had just finished a major renovation of a 45-year-old home, including two new bathrooms and a new kitchen. Within a day of moving in, the entire sewage system began backing up. Attempts to root the main line failed, and the plumbers who tried said it felt like they were running into sand. Metro came out the next morning and had the same result. The technician then spent four hours digging up the line outside, only to find that it ended about twenty feet from the house. It appeared that someone had dug up the main sewer line and broken it during the construction of a new addition on the house. The problem was finding the other end of the sewer line, which apparently was at least 15 feet away and could have been in a large area. After nearly 5 hours of work, he offered to take his initial estimate for the work--about $150--which he had given long before we realized the extent of the work to be done. We insisted he charge his hourly rate instead. The technician came back the next day with TV equipment so he could trace the sewer line from the street, which is about 200 feet away. He finally found the other broken end and then dug it up so that he could connect the line. I have nothing but praise for this company and for the professionalism and persistence of their employees. I used them again for a minor problem and had the same experience.
- Gene G....
Eagerton Plumbing Co Inc
Exceeded expectations. This was a big job. I've used Eagerton in the past with happy results so when I needed this major repair done, they were my first choice, since I knew I could trust them. It's a messy job cutting up concrete foundation. For good measure, I got an estimate from one other local plumbing company. While professional, their guy told me I'd need to have a cleaning company in to clean the entire house ceilings to floor from the dust that would be created and that I'd be out of the house up to 2 weeks. And their estimate was 50% more! Eagerton sent out the boss who reassured me it wouldn't be that bad, barring unforeseen issues and he was correct. We were only out of the house for 1 night and that was by choice, not necessity. The repair was done in 3 days and they did an amazing job cleaning up after themselves. They were also meticulous in removing boards on my deck to access pipes. They didn't break a single board and put it back together. If you need slab work done, Eagerton is a great choice!
- Elisabeth M....

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