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Reviews of Fumigation Near You

PestNow LLC
Scheduling was easy and convenient. Everyone I spoke with was courteous, well informed, and sharp minded. Exterminator was punctual and service was effective.
- Walewska W....
I had a hornet's next in my attic, not only did he offer to come out next day, he fixed the issue within an hour. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The price was less than his estimate and it came with a 6 month guarantee!
- Elizabeth M....
PestNow LLC
The company was responsive and committed to getting rid of the roaches. The came back on regular basis as per the deal. I did find the bed bug expensive only because I was not used to the cost. It seems however most company have such prices so I went along with PestNow. As of yet the pests have not returned but we have also had a cold winter. Will keep you posted,
- Richard G....
Very well. Contractor appeared at the time promised. Assessed the severity of the problem, described the nature of the infestation and best ways to control it Then proceeded to spray strategic areas. No contract required, but will follow up within thirty days for possible second treatment. Contractor was very knowledgeable. So far treatment has been effective.
- Luis A....
Terminix - Largo -Termite & Pest Control
They only fumigated the outside but we still have bugs inside. They never have people to send when I could be home.
- Ana A....
Environmental Pest Control
Serviceman was very professional and explained everything in detail. Searched for evidence of termites. Searched for all carpenter bee homes (porch was becoming riddled.) Sprayed all bee holes. Have had no more problems with carpenter bees (treatment over a month ago.) Very reasonably priced.
- Tania L....
Environmental Pest Control
Actually, I found out about Environmental Termite & Pest Control Services on Angie's List. They have been coming the last couple months to fumigate my house. They have anticipated my needs and exceeded my expectations.
- Kevin B....
Formerly Connor's an Ehrlich Company
I had 2 pieces of furniture that had pests gathered from living overseas that needed fumigation. I called & originally had to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the weather to warm up. Waited, called again, made an apt., and brought the pieces to their office where they have a fumigation chamber on site. A few days later I returned and picked up the furniture. So far so good, no signs of pests, just have to wait and see really to be sure. But I have to say, they are courteous, they know everything about pests, & kinds. Which was why I called them a week or so later after finding bugs in our home. They came out that time free of charge. Took away samples of the bugs to see what they were, & called me the next day with the results at no cost to me. Also, gave me estimates and two possible solutions I could choose from. I will be calling them to follow through in a few weeks, once some construction is done. Even the lovely lady on the phone was helpful and calming as I freaked out about the bugs.
- Carol L....
Affordable Pest LLC
There was an issue because they told us that our pets needed to be out of the home for 4 hours. Well we found out the next day that they did not need be out of the home for that long, so we will be calling them soon to have the home fumigated. They are very personable and easy to work with.
- Cynthia A....
They came out and fumigated. He did a terrific job. The work was excellent; we had concerns initially which he allayed right from the outset (as we had dogs and we were concerned about the exposure). He did all the treatment and came back as promised to check the progress of it; he had left moth traps as well which he came back to check. He was very nice, professional, and he did a good job. I would highly recommend Envirotreat.
- Deborah B....
American Pest
The technician came on time, careful to put on shoe protectors so as not to damage my hardwood floors. Confirmed that it probably was drywood termites, and said they weren't able to address the situation. Recommended I speak to their resident etymologist the following day. I did so, and he said he agreed with the technician, recommended I try to get the piece to another exterminator with a fumigation chamber. Only downgrade was for the $95 charge to tell me what I basically already knew.
- Edward L....
Lloyd Pest Control
- Claudia D....
MTB Pest Control
I paid an additional charge for their service which is 50% than what they asked for. They didn't get rid of any of the squirrels. They went out when they did it and the one that was trapped inside was still in there when they left. Everytime I tell the exterminator to call me back, he wouldn't and I'd have to call him back every time. They're nice guys but I wouldn't go with them anymore.
- Mohsen M....
Triangle Home Services Inc
Richard was very friendly and accommodating. I showed him the area of my concern (an area I had seen mice burrowing down into the rear of my house, right where the furnace was on the inside of the basement0. This spot has always been an issue with evidence of mice sitting inside on the recessed area next to the furnace and dropping acorn bits and other bits of debris down onto the basement floor below (not a lot--just a little). Previously I had been told by other exterminating companies that I would have to call a different type of company to physically block mouse entrances to the the house--which I believed that Triangle would do. Richard looked outside and saw no definite entrance point, plus he mentioned that the recessed area involved was very large and hidden and would be very difficult to gain access to (major ductwork would have to be moved, e.g.) Richard then mentioned that mice do not generally nest in basements, anyway, but much prefer attics. He got on a ladder and with a flashlight looked around the interior of the attic, where he said he saw evidence of mouse burrows. He suggested a full treatment (fumigation?) of the attic and removal and replacement of the attic insulation. He mentioned the importance of the full treatment because of the diseases mice harbor and the damage they do by chewing on electrical cables and such. Since I was not ready to make such a large financial investment at this time and because the evidence of mice seems sort of minimal, I decided against the treatment he suggested, although I'm sure it is the correct way to proceed and may be the action I end up taking one of these days. Overall, I was pleased with the service, but am now finally convinced that doing what I wanted done (a physical blocking of what I thought was a point of entry) is not a viable possibility.
- Jacqueline M....
Affordable Pest LLC
I tried some of the big companies and I was not satisfied because they didn’t call me back and they didn’t have a person answering the phone. Affordable Pest had somebody who talked to me and it is a small company. They had somebody out in person and I liked them. I still have problems with some of the pests but I have lot of animals so I can’t put the animals when I get the house fumigated. Then it was cold weather and there was no place to put the animals and they said they have to be away for at least five hours. Now I have to wait for it to become warmer but I have a contract with them for years. I wanted them to come in November but that was time when they said that I had to get my animals out for five hours. They first came in August and then they came once a month. The deal is I can call them anytime in the year and they charge $500 for a year. I would definitely call them again. They are very human, personable and they talk like they take all your concerns into consideration. They have only few people who work for them so I know who will come. I think they charge the same as others. One time the guy came very late and they called him and they called me immediately.
- Cynthia A....
Superior Bed Bug Solutions
My experience with SBBS was mixed. The majority of our interactions with the company were highly favorable and they have some friendly, professional team members. Upon doing comparison pricing, their fees for heat treatment seemed competitive and it is an effective approach. However, our first inspection negatively impacted our overall perspective of the company, which otherwise would likely have received an "A". We first contacted SBBS in November/December 2013. We had just moved into our new home. The first thing we did on moving into our older home is rip out all the carpet upstairs and refinish the hardwood floors beneath. We then moved our things in and started getting to know our new neighborhood. It wasn't long after moving in though (a few days/week) until I noticed that I had bug bites on my arms and legs. Given that it was winter and that I knew someone else who had dealt with a bed bug infestation a few years ago, my thoughts instantly went to bed bugs. My husband wasn't noticing any bites (And he never did; only later did I learn that some people don't react to the bites--mosquitos also don't bother him, jerk.), but I insisted on an inspection, hoping that, since we'd just moved our things in, we could address any potential problems before they got out of control. We called SBBS and an inspector came out with his dog a few days later. I explained all of the above to him and they proceeded to look over the house. The dog was obviously distracted and not focusing very well. However, it did signal twice. But the inspector dismissed these signals, saying the dog was "faking it." He said that he could tell when the dog was faking and just wanted treats. The inspector could not see visual evidence himself (I later learned this is not uncommon early in an infestation--and in my opinion now, not surprising given that our furniture hadn't been there long and we'd thoroughly cleaned the floors to refinish them) and ended up concluding we did not have bed bugs. He said he did see evidence of a prior infestation--old exoskeletons--but that there was no current infestation. He dismissed my concerns saying I must be being bit by "some other bug." And they left. So there I am, crazy lady, writing a check for a service I didn't need because I had some bug bites. But the bites didn't stop. They were never bad. But I'm outside a lot, so they must have been "some other bug." We have a dog. Maybe fleas? The dog wasn't itching. But we fumigated anyways. No luck. Then spring came and we went out of town for the weekend. And the first night after we came back, I woke up looking like some psycho seamstress had been using me as a pin cushion--big red welts all over my arms and legs. That morning, I went on a rampage. Flipped the mattresses over, took the dust ruffle off the bed, pored over every inch of the mattress. And finally found a bed bug in the plastic corner of our box spring. Against my better judgement, we brought SBBS back. Unlike the other companies we called, they did heat treatment (not chemicals--which my research showed was not as effective) and they didn't seem to mind that we'd fumigated somewhat recently. (Rather, they didn't ask.) They agreed. We definitely had bed bugs. A lot of them. It was so bad, they advised us to throw out our box springs as part of the treatment. SBBS arranged to come in the next week and do a heat treatment of the whole house. By getting the whole house treatment, they provided a guarantee that if we found a live bedbug in the following month, they would return and retreat for free. So, knowing how hard the little buggers are to see, post treatment, I bought these-- I'm glad I did. We caught a live bug within the month window. (However, I should note SBBS didn't recommend this step, which further lowers my estimation of them--yes, if they have to come back, it costs them money, but they should also help their customers as much as they can in addressing this problem for good.) The company stuck by it's commitment and came back and retreated the impacted areas. That was over two months ago and we are still happily bedbug free. (Total time for problem to be solved: Nov 2013-May 2014) So on the one hand, SBBS provided a solid service, stuck by their satisfaction guarantee, and cured our problem. They also have some really nice people working for them. On the other, their poorly performed first inspection and dismissive attitude at that inspection cost us months of living with a problem we didn't need to live with, increased the risk that we spread the problem to others unknowingly (friends stayed at our home in that time and we stayed at friends' homes), and cost us money in the form of new box springs (if we had caught the problem earlier, they likely would not have needed to be thrown away). Additionally, treating bed bugs is a labor intensive process involving a TON of laundry and cleaning. If they had caught it when we first moved in in November, this process would have been significantly easier for us--for instance we bought curtains and two couches in that time that wouldn't have had to be cleaned and treated if they had caught the problem earlier. Moreover, despite being in contact with the owner a couple of times in the process, he never once apologized for his team's error, offered a discount, or volunteered to refund for the cost of the initial inspection (the second inspection's fee was waived since we went with their company for treatment). I can understand that bed bugs are tricky--and I'm sure SBBS can argue that we actually got the infestation sometime between the first and second inspections, not that they came with the house. And they're right--I can't definitely prove my side of the story. However, I would recommend that they adjust their company policies regarding inspections--if a dog signals (even if "fake") or if they find exoskeletons but nothing live--they should recommend (preferably at no/minimal additional cost) that an inspector return within one month for a follow-up inspection to confirm the initial diagnosis. Doing so in my case would have saved me a lot of itching and would have saved them from getting this review.
- Jason F....

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