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Efficient and friendly. Worked with us to meet our deadlines and did not overcharge us for his work.
- Laleh J....
Zign Consulting
Sitra came out to measure and turned around the 4 drawings for my deck permit in 7 days. She spoke with my deck installer to answer his questions. I would highly recommend Zign Consulting.
- Alison C....
Mosaic Design & Build
I searched several companies prior to choosing Mosaic Design & Build. I had several quotes, and it was between this company and another company. In the end, I chose Mosaic DB. Mosaic Design & Build is a verified license company and partners, Joseph and Dennis, presented his company in a professional, experienced, reliable manner. Thanks Mosaic and team!
- Jason E....
Another Angle Design Services
We loved working with Sandhya. She had some excellent ideas that we hadn’t thought of. She also listened really well to our wants and needs, even if they were not the norm. Overall, it was a great experience and we would definitely work with her again.
- Joanna R....
Professional Building & Renovations, LLC
I am a big fan of working with them. They do home remodeling and design, you name it. They are licensed and insured. They have good craftsmanship. I have worked with them on multiple occasion. The estimates are free of charge. Price is very fair.
- Frank E....
He has worked in this area for at least 35 years and just knows the history and topography. He understand and knows all the county rules and regulations off the top of his head so there is no delay that part of the job. He is easy to talk to and gets this done in a timely manner. He has a broad knowledge of style and design that helped with my job. I continue to work with him through small jobs around my home.
- Henry H....
Urbane Architects
Ece was great! She was very professional, and we received our quote promptly. We did decide to go with another contractor due to cost, but my experience was Ece was wonderful.
- Marialice A....
She has her own company, and doesn't work for somebody else. She has done the most wonderful designs for my house going back 20 years. We have done 3 renovations for her for additions and they have all been great. I recommended her to friends and neighbors and they have been very satisfied. She is personal, she will give you suggestions and then work with what you want to do. She helps solve all kinds of interesting construction problems in older homes. She is great. She helps find you the contractor, you don't have to use them, you can use who you want. She is always able to find the right people for the job.
- David O....
Red House Architects
Excellent architecture design. Multiple other professionals have commented on attention to detail and quality of architecture and design
- Jacob P....
Thomas French Architect PC
I knew him professionally before I used him personally. He has attention to detail, he is organized, he is proficient, he meets deadlines, and he is exceedingly willing and helpful when working with clients. He is the principal at the firm but there are three other architects there and they are a reflection of the owner. I have recommended them to friends and coworkers any time someone asks for an architect.
- John B....
Kramer Architects
Mark is a very talented architect. He was very profession throughout the project. His vision and creativity are impressive, as is his professionalism.
- Scott F....
- Cheryl R....
It didn't go well. Sent Clint a list of all the things we wanted him to incorporate into our drawing as someone else had already designed the screened in porch (4 season room), such as curved stairs, bar top, small deck for grill. The only thing we needed help with was where to place the stairs and how to curve them. We sent drawings and internet photos on curved stair ideas. Instead the stairs in the final drawing looked almost identical to the original drawing that the first contractor drew (i.e. straight/then flared not curved). He drew them again (curved as requested) but landed them in an existing flower bed which we didn't want to have to incur an additional cost to redo the hardscaping/landscaping to accommodate the landing (the landing only needed to be extended by a few feet (if that)). His drawing was also missing the door that leads inside the house, and he missed several other details that were requested multiple times via written emails. His contract is very vague about how many revisions he will do and what constitutes a revision. His ideas, which weren't what we asked for (i.e. straight stairs, flared stairs, deck cutouts, etc) , used up our 2 revisions and we were left with a design that we didn't like. He wanted to charge us an additional amount of money to make the simple changes we requested (for example, include the existing door that goes from the porch into the morning room). These are all CAD drawings nothing drawn by hand. We now have to provide the contractors with penciled markings on top of the drawings to depict what we had asked for. Very dissatisfied and wouldn't recommend him.
- Kelly N....
The Levine Group Architects + Builders Inc
We only used the architect and we were fairly satisfied. In the end we did not use them for the build because we thought they were costly. They took their time and seemed to know their stuff. In the end the cost estimate they gave us based on the design was relatively high compared to the others. They were creative, but not as creative as other. They were professional and courteous. It was really just the architect and the general contractor. I thought they were well versed in what they needed to know. They seemed very aware of what you would want architects to know and to be aware of.
- Dennis T....
Frank is a great guy and is wonderful. He is responsive and has great ideas. He listens very patiently to my perspective on the project. He has been doing work for me and is still doing work for me.
- Jared P....
We'd hired architects before and thought we did our homework, but after contracting with Arcadia, we grew increasingly dissatisfied. The house kept growing in size and cost despite our protests. No matter the budget, an architect should be able to realize your wishes in a practical, economical way, not to persuade the client to accept his plans because they work for him. We were told we could either accept the plans or go elsewhere, forfeiting all we'd paid and time lost. We did so because we otherwise would have had to live in a house we didn't want. Before hiring an architect, ask LOTS of questions and insist on doing things your way. You, not the architect, will pay for, and live in, the finished product. Try to avoid the typical contract in which the architect is paid a percentage of the final cost, which incentivizes the architect to increase costs rather than save the client money.
- Helene M....
The drawings are of good quality, however not of sufficient detail for a builder to work from, which would be my expectation. It took four months to finish the project, and several iterations were necessary as the architect deviated from the design I provided. It was a lot of work to communicate what I wanted, even with detailed drawings created in Visio. I believe it is hard for some architects to deviate from a standard suburban American floor layout. Also, the architect specified a flitch beam solution across a wide opening, and my builder would not use that solution, insisting that it was 1970 s technology. I really don t know who is right, or if it is a situation of not invented here . There were a couple other things the builder changed, in addition to going into more detail with the measurements. I was under the impression that architectural drawings should be used for building. But why is it that all builders insist on doing their own drawings? The whole purpose is to get a neutral third party involved so that drawings can be provided to builders for bids. It seems like an expensive exercise if the builders just turn around and create their own drawings. The design did not come with load calculations, which the permitting office required, further prolonging the effort by another three weeks while the architect obtained the calculations and stamp from a structural engineer. I would expect that professionals would know in advance what is required by the permitting office in their jurisdiction. The architect, however, did provide valuable information throughout the process, through in some extra detail on the drawings, and I do believe he tried to the best of his abilities to produce a first rate product. He cared, and I believe his intentions were good. One of the things I can not understand, however, is why final payment is required before the plans are approved by the permitting office. If the architect states that they can provide drawings capable of passing the county permit process, then one should not be required to supply the final payment until they are in fact permitted. That is my opinion, however business owners don t seem to agree.
- Robin D....
AHMANN LLC Architectural Services
Tom Ahmann was very professional. He gave a professional and impressive presentation from his portfolio. He displayed detailed knowledge of DC zoning, permitting and building code requirements. Offered interesting and useful comments on our ideas and new ideas of his own. He educated us about the design, permitting and construction process. Tom was readily available to meet with us, accommodated our schedule, followed up on a timely basis, and submitted his proposal quickly following the initial consultation. We noted the comment about higher pricing than other architects in another Angie's List entry. That was NOT our experience. When compared on an apples to apples basis, Tom's proposal was consistent with the other architects we considered. Ahmann's hourly rates were the same as competitors. Ahmann's scope of work included in base services was broader than competitors. When the scopes of work were made consistent, the projected cost for architectural services was about the same. We very seriously considered Ahmann Architects, but ultimately chose another architect-NOT on the basis of qualifications, but rather on the basis of taste. The other architect's qualifications were comparable(perhaps even slightly less)than Ahmann's, but the other architect's portfolio of work better mirrored our personal architectural tastes. We would strongly recommend considering Ahmann Architects for residential architectural work of the sort we are undertaking.
- Robert M....
They did some very nice designs, but Nawrocki really did not seem to grasp the essence of what we were looking for. They did quite a few detailed options, but did not make sure this was the direction we wanted to go. In the end it cost us more money for drawings that did not capture the essence we wanted and it was very frustrating. I felt like the drawings were done just to bring in money, not help with decisions. We decided to go with an architect that understood we were not looking for such a and quot;grandand quot; addition. The new architect also provided some basic drawings without all the needless detail you need when just trying to determine a layout of a bedroom suite. It was a costly mistake to learn this was not the architect for our house/needs. Also, while visiting our house to discuss options for the bedroom and an overall revamp of the house, for which they were paid, there were questions the architect could easily have answered had they simply climbed into the attick to answer, but did not. These architects would be better suited for million dollar homes, not the average home owner.
- Mr A....
- Betsy S....

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Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Excellent overall. Joe is the best in the business. He came up with solutions and designs even better than the Architects! He really has eye for how things should be laid out and can come out with very creative designs and space saving solutions.


Recent Review: The project took about 3 months and the team was very easy to work with. We didn't have an architect and were adjusting things as we went along. They were very cool with that and offered suggestions that were helpful. The finished project came out really well. While I'm sure they would work fine under the guidance of an architect or designer, I can definitely recommend them to anyone who has a largish project and likes the flexibility of waiting to see how things look at each stage before finalizing the next steps.


Recent Review: Our experience was wonderful from meeting with their architect to finish stain on screen porch. Rick was able to guide us through use of important questions ie: What do you want to accomplish? New space or extension of existing area. How do envision finished product trim, color, lighting, flooring. Where to place furniture as to where electrical plugs, wall mount for panel tv should be located. Dave was on site daily making sure all the construction points to the job were on schedule and flowing smoothly. Every single employee was polite, hardworking, on-time and very talented. They all worked as a well tuned professional team. I felt comfortable leaving my home while they worked. By the time they were finished both my husband and I felt blessed to have met such a fine group of people. They did a fantastic job and we're pleased we hired them.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Short version: I've never worked with a contractor who is more flexible and willing to please than DMV, highly recommended. I found DMV through Angie's list, gave them a call, and arranged for them to come out to discuss my project. Cemmy arrived on time and we proceeded to go over all aspects of the project. Although clearly someone who is more on the sales side of things he took plentiful notes as well as measurements. He sent a first draft quote in about a week (right in line with what he said he'd do). I indicated that I was interested in moving forward so we scheduled a follow up visit where Cemmy brought Javier over as well to do a more thorough quote. Javier was extremely knowledgable in all aspects of renovation/construction and was able to quickly identify which areas would be tricky and how best to address them. As I had expected the revised quote was higher than the original due to Javier?s better understanding of exactly how much work would be involved and our mutual agreement that pulling all permits for this type of project would be the best option. We then met at their office to sign a contract and pick out various materials. Although the contract covered the big picture work there were still a number of smaller details to be worked out to which we agreed to both be reasonable about. Javier and Cemmy assured me that their main job was our satisfaction and we?d work out any details as they came up. Work started on time and we were introduced to Maynor who would be doing the bulk of day to day work. For the next 6 or so weeks we saw Maynor and friends from 8am to 6pm Monday through Saturday. Communication with Cemmy continued on picking out items and finalizing details, Javier stopped by a few times a week as needed to oversee work. Maynor did a great job doing the work with various specialists dropping by when needed for electricity and major plumbing. In my mind the one thing that separates a good contractor from a great one is how things are handled when issues and changes arise (and issues and changes will always arise). Here are few examples of things that came up along the way and how they were handled: - In picking out fixtures and such after the fact I chose a number of things that I knew clearly where more expensive than DNV could have reasonably had allowances for in their quote. In a some of those cases I even explicitly mentioned that if they needed me to cover the difference to let them know, but in each case they covered it entirely. - During removal of debris they accidentally broke the globe hanging over our stairwell. They contacted me immediately apologizing and asking for exact model number so they could replace it. They purchased replacement and handled installation. - One night a pipe that they had been working on earlier in the day sprung a small leak and was dripping on to the floor below. Javier had given me his cell number in case of any issues so I gave him a call. He answered his phone on the first call and asked if we needed to have someone sent out immediately (was about 8pm on a Saturday night at that point), I told him I had contained the leak and it could wait until morning. He had a team to fix the leak there 8am the next morning (Sunday). They also addressed the minor damage caused by the leak. - When working on the design of our closet to laundry room conversion Javier pointed out that the design as it stood would leave a good bit of space to the sides of the laundry machines hard to access. He suggested moving the double closet doors and installing a new third door next to them. I agreed it made much more sense. Javier went ahead and did it the way he suggested which included a good bit of work to move the door and purchasing a new door all at no additional cost. - In designing our bathroom vanity layout I failed to consider how the mirrors aligned with the cabinets and sinks below. Nothing had been installed yet but everything had been purchased. Cemmy agreed to change the cabinets for models that would allow everything to be better aligned at no additional cost. - During rough-in inspection the inspector wanted an engineering report done on some of the I-beams to verify the support added to them was sufficient. DMV covered the full cost of the engineering report. - When hanging the vanity mirrors it was clear that the dark color on the mirror frames I?d picked out was no where near the color of the wood on the cabinets (last time I ever pick a wood color from an online photo). Cemmy went ahead and returned the mirrors and after doing a considerable amount of research to find something that would fit into the space and match the color without any luck offered to build custom mirrors in exactly the size needed for our configuration. Looked perfect and again done at no additional cost. - The method of laying the small square tiles in our shower floor clearly showed that one of our walls wasn?t straight. In walking through with Javier I jokingly asked if he could do something about my house being crooked. He obviously couldn?t but he wasn?t satisfied with the manner in which the tile was laid, he said it could be done better to minimize the visual appearance of the crooked wall. He then had the team tear up the entire shower floor and redo it from scratch. It added a few days to the project but resulted in a much better looking finish, again at no additional cost. The two things to take away from all the experiences is DMV repeatedly did whatever needed to be done to make sure we were happy and they did it all at no additional cost. We did not have to spend a single penny over our original contracted price even though there were numerous changes done along the way. Overall the way DMV does business with Javier overseeing the job and doing high level design; Cemmy handling contracting, logistics, and ordering; Maynor handling day-to-day execution from demolition through finishing touches; and occasional specialists where needed is pretty much a perfect mix for home renovation work. It provides both consistency and oversight. And the fact that they do it at a reasonable price and then don?t nickel and dime you after the fact just makes it all the better. In the end the real question is if you?d hire someone again and for DMV I just did. Javier, Cemmy, and Maynor just started a new project on my house this week and I?m already thinking up projects for them to work on when this one is done.


angi certified
Award 2020Super Service Award
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Recent Review: WOW !! is the word to say for Dulles Kitchen and Bath. Emre Kuzudisli as a project manager exceeded all the expectations. Emre was trustworthy, prompt, responsive, professional, humble, polite and never overlooked the work needed to be done on time. If you are looking for a DREAM kitchen and bath remodeling without any stress look no further, just call Dulles Kitchen and Bath, receive Quality services and let them do the EXCELLENT, AWESOME work for you. This team simply ROCKS !! I'm a working mom with two small kids and kitchen remodeling project thought became a nightmare, just a terrible idea since last two years. I dreaded the thought of even doing it. My wish of kitchen remodeling was put in abeyance by me with little hope. Two years ago, I was given multiple designs, estimates by best architects/ vendors but it always became a case that vendors never understood the real problem needed to be solved. Something was always missing. Casually, one night, I called Dulles Kitchen and Bath and the ball just rolled smoothly. In two days of our meeting, I knew this is the company, I am interested to do business with. Check [*** Link removed ***] and Angie's list. I have never seen a company with such gorgeous variety of designs, be it exquisite to small kitchens. The company understood all my pain-points and also kept my budget considerations in mind though it was not very cheap but worth the hassle-free project. Within 7-10 days of my initial discussion, my kitchen was already remodeled and I only saw my DREAM kitchen, so Gorgeous, so Beautiful that I couldn't have ever imagined myself. Emre and Scott helped me with complete creative design, material selection, material delivery. Emre Kuzudisli supervised and handled my work everyday professionally winning trust day by day. I ended up asking them to do my BATHROOM remodeling project too. They now have a customer for life. This is One Stop Place for a DREAM KITCHEN AND BATH. Believe me, you will be the next longing to right an honest FIVE STAR review about your experience because they truly earned it. I was just surprised how professionally the company handles the project and at the same time winning trust and respect. Emre handled all my open questions, concerns, open issues diligently, if any on time, winning trust each time. Overall experience was WOW !! WOW !! WOW !!. How nicely and professionally can any company do this with such ease. Way to go !! A BIG Shout to Emre Kuzudisli, Javier and Chris !!. You all really made this happen with excellent service at each and every phase of this project. Thank you Dulles Kitchen and Bath for your excellent services. This is a company who truly values their customer.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: . Our project was to add a 2-story addition to our home. An architect came on site to discuss the details of designing a large office area on the 1st floor and a sunroom on the 2nd leading out to an enclosed porch and then a deck. This involved installing huge picture windows, hard wood flooring, brick supporting columns, realignment of walls, and the innumerable details in pulling everything together. The workers were always polite and pleasant and cleaned up carefully after work each day. We watched as they gave us exactly what we had hoped for. From start to finish the work was first class.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Elite Contractors Services did not submit the most cost efficient proposal, but the fact that they had an architect in house as well as the positive personal connection we felt from our initial discussions made us decide to do the job with them. Ken was at our house almost every day to make sure things progressed as planned, but his whole crew was great. Everybody was very nice and considered and always concerned to make us as their customers happy. We are very happy with the final product, especially the open stair case design that makes for a much more appealing and inviting space both on the first and the second floor of our home. As with any project of this magnitude we did have a few issues that did not quite work out as we had hoped, but Ken always made sure that those were resolved to our satisfaction. Also, the few problems that arose after the renovation was completed were always addressed quickly and thoroughly without any further charges.


Recent Review: LOFFT designed and did the construction for a one-room brick addition for my mother's home. We were totally satisfied with all aspects of the work. The architect was excellent and worked closely with us to make sure that he designed it to satisfy us. He explained what our choices would mean and offered several suggestions that improved on our oriinal ideas. When one permit problem occurred, the architect quickly figure out how to resolve it. When construction began, the workers were very efficient and were also quite fastidious. They were closely supervised on a daily basis by the construction manager. From beginning to end, the work proceeded according to the schedule that the project manager had laid out at the beginning. The final result left us with a wonderful room that completely satisfied all of our needs. We would strongly recommend LOFFT to any other people considering construction projects for their homes.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: We popped the roof on our cape cod style home and added three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and renovated the kitchen. We interviewed about 6 contractors for the job and cost wise Moss landed somewhere in the middle. We were impressed by their honesty in where our money should be spent and their ability to negotiated with us to ensure we were able to achieve our dream home within our budget. Not to say that things don't go wrong during a renovation. If you're planning on a project and expect it always to run smoothly, you're kidding yourself. This project ran as smooth as the best of them! Moss's ability to resolve issues quickly and tackle things confirmed we made the correct choice in having them work on our project. The design team was wonderful to work with! Chris, our architect managed to get everything we wanted into our square footage. Molly our AMAZING interior designer is so much fun to work with and comes up with wonderful designs and solutions. The design is exactly our taste and we love it! The project team is also wonderful! John, our project manager pushed things along throughout the entire project, and got it done in record time - ahead of schedule and on budget. He is absolutely FANTASTIC to work with and is patient, kind and respected by his team. He can always find a solution to anything and everything that comes up! Dave, our program manager... also awesome. Always there when we needed him! Lio and Rob the handymen extraordinaire... I don't even think handymen is the right way to describe them. They truly are able to tackle anything with high quality finishes and attention to details. This team all be came part of our family during the process and we miss them already! Moss, if you're reading this, they all deserve BIG FAT RAISES AND BONUSES!!!


Recent Review: I highly recommend Havenport. Our architect, Michael Diggs, began working with us on our design in April. He went through more than 40 drawings before we finalized the plans. He carefully listened to what our needs were and included everything on our wish list. He came up with many creative solutions to problems that our house has always had, both in terms of use of space and traffic flow. We absolutely love the design of our "new" house, and Mike deserves the credit for his brilliant planning and insights. Because of the large scale demolition needed, we moved out of the house for about three and a half months during construction. Mike had promised us it would not be longer than that, and he was totally right. We were back in the house within a couple weeks of the school year starting, and lived here during the last few phases of construction (mostly finishing touches such as trim, tile, and the exterior work). During construction, Mike and Errol (our GC) sent updates daily, along with pictures. We always knew what was coming next in the plan, and what to expect as the weeks went by. There were surprises along the way (as there are in every large project), but Mike and Errol always had great solutions that minimized cost but also ensured safe construction. I always felt that they were designing and building a house that they would be very happy to live in themselves. More to the point, since I was living in the house during the last few weeks of construction, I had the opportunity to get to know many of the workers. Mike and Errol hire the nicest folks - everyone on the project was polite, considerate, hardworking, and just generally likable. It was a pleasure having them around, and I actually rather miss seeing them every day now that we are finished.

How much do architects near me cost?

Most architects charge an average of $5,100 to oversee a project. Depending on the scope of work and the responsibilities they will have to carry out, homeowners spend between $2,000 and $8,200.

Architects may charge by the hour or a fixed percentage of the total cost of the project. Hourly rates vary between $60 to $120, while percentage rates of the project vary between 5-20%.

Most of the work the architect carries out is drawing up designs, providing advice on building codes, and helping select contractors for the project. In some cases, architects charge by square footage. This cost is often between $0.75 to $3.50 per square foot of the area being designed.

Why should I hire an architect near me?

Hiring an architect can benefit you in multiple ways:

  • Architects can bring your specific design preferences to life.
  • They also provide critical advice regarding building regulations, contractors and modern design trends.
  • Architects can suggest innovative remodel or renovation plans.
  • Architects can play an important role if you’re planning a remodeling project, renovation. If you're building a new home, the services of an architect near you will be key.

There are several important questions you can ask an architect before you hire them. There are other factors to consider too before hiring an architect near you:

  • Contact three pros for a good average price.
  • Ask for a portfolio of their previous work.
  • Read online reviews, ratings and grades.
  • Request customer recommendations.
  • Use your judgment to determine if you can develop a positive working relationship.
  • Try to find architects who are approachable and open to communication.
  • It’s important to know what architect services involve as well as the associated cost.
  • Is your architect a member of The American Institute of Architects?
  • Using an architect to design a add-on to a historic building? Check's Architecture & Government page.

Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you to find the best professional for your upcoming project. If not, check out more resources:

Architect Hiring Guide for Consumers | Bureau of Labor Statistics Info on Architects - Wages, What They Do and Other Information