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Frosty's Heating & Cooling Inc
I had a question about my new Nest Thermostat and companies were going to charge me hundreds of dollars to come out to my house to address it. Larry called me and spent an hour with me on the phone working through the issues and there was no need to come out at all. He was so kind, generous, and knowledgeable. Would recommend Frosty's to anyone they are amazing.
- Neal K....
Mannix Heating & Cooling
In an attempt to swap out my old thermostat to a new thermostat (Nest), I blew the fuse inside the heat pump. Mannix came out the same day I called and within an hour fixed, the fuse and then installed the new Nest thermostat with no further issues. Excellent, professional work that was performed quickly.
- Louis H....
Zagros Heating & Air-Conditioning LLC
It went well. He was punctual and helpful. He did talk down about the nest, and I installed it originally myself. He kinda blamed nest but turned out it was the heat pump (reversing valve failed, shortly after it sprung a refrigerant leak). But seriously, very professional, very timely and friendly, good prices, prompt response on issues, just know that he doesn't like the nest lol! Ended up buying a variable speed heat pump (compressor, condenser fan and AHU all variable) that needs its own special thermostat anyway so I gave the nest to a friend.
- Alan L....
Dulles Plumbing Heating & Air
I spoke with John Murphy over the phone, and he bent over backwards to help my wife and I. The man could fix HVAC blindfolded if he needed to, which.. he basically did. I'll never use another HVAC company or fail to recommend Dulles Plumbing, Heating and Air when asked - simply the most incredible service I've ever experience. Bravo, Mr. Murphy - bravo.
- Ilya K....
Panda HVAC Inc
We had a phone call and he actually helped me figure out that I might need a plumber instead of HVAC repair. Mark was very courteous and so helpful! If we do end up needing to go back to him I will definitely call for them to make a visit.
- Mimi L....
Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning
Great. He was on-time worked quickly and explained everything he did. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and will likely move to Presidential for my maintenance contract as
- Sarah L....
F.H. Furr Plumbing Heating AC & Electrical
Service was fine. $276??? With a service contract? To replace an existing thermostat? I signed up for their annual contract after having them install my HVAC system through Costco. That was last year. Yesterday the system stopped working and they said it was the Nest thermostat. I figured fine, it's under warranty. The thermostat is. So I didn't pay anything for that. But then they charged $276 labor to replace the existing thermostat. That's ridiculous. And that's with having the service contract! I am dropping them after this service contract expires.
- Peter S....
Bethesda Systems
Bethesda Systems did a great job installing two Nest thermostats for me. When one of the two devices developed a problem with inaccurate and rapidly fluctuating temperature readings, Bethesda got to me the same day and replaced it. The only challenge I had was reaching Nest itself by phone to chat with them about the problem (before I called Bethesda Systems back about replacing it.) I guess Nest is way backed up with calls and it is apparently not unusual to wait 45 minutes or more for their phone support. But Bethesda Systems took care of me right away -- very good service.
- Thomas M....
Alltemp Air Inc
On time, within estimates. Returned once for an additional problem (bird nest in flue) at no charge.
- Thomas S....
John Nugent & Sons Inc
Showed up on time - was the only one of four estimators to put the little bootie things on his shoes when coming into my house. Price was in line with industry standards. Not bad at all, just got beat out by a better price/ equipment combo by another provider. Needs to make sure he keeps his information straight though... told me the Nest thermostat I wanted was being recalled when it was the Nest smoke alarm that actually had the recall on it.
- Fritz L....
Air One Tech LLC
Came on time, Installed system, installed nest thermostat Fan was noisy, came back and replaced
- M C....
ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing
From the first inquiry call I made and appointment made, to Service Mark arrival to do the work was top notch. Very polite, professional and punctual.
- Gale Y....
I had great communication with Mirko and he arrived when he said he would and did a great job checking out my system and installing and setting up my new Nest thermostat for a reasonable price. I would highly recommend PCK.
- Travon P....
F.H. Furr Plumbing Heating AC & Electrical
We called F.H. Fuhr to have someone come see if there was anything wrong with our heating system. Dean, from F.H. Fuhr arrived and was very pleasant,polite, and professional. In checking the wiring connected to the Nest device he found no issues as it was hooked up for a heatpump unit, but when he went to the basement to check the unit, he found that it was just a furnace. I was told by someone that we had heatpumps for units, so I connected and configured my Nest unit accordingly. Dean was able to make the correct wiring changes and configurations on the Nest for a furnace setup. The issue is now resolved, and we are very happy with the service that DEan provided.
- Vince D....
Cascades Comfort Services
AC was not cooling like it should. He arrived right on time and found a mouse had chewed on the wires in the unit. He removed the nest, fixed the wires and also added freon since it was low. Was finished in an hour and the AC is working great now on this hot and humid day.
- Melani T....
This review echoes those of others who have recently worked with Mirko. He responded promptly to my voice mail message, quoted me a price for the work, including inspection of our HVAC system prior to installation of a Nest Thermostat that we had purchased. He came out several days later, did the work, explained things while he was installing and inspecting, and charged exactly what he'd quoted. A thoroughly competent and pleasant fellow, a pleasure to talk to. We'll use him again.
- Marc L....
Levanair Heating & Air Conditioning
Jorge is terrific. He is always responsive and does a great job. He has made several fantastic improvements related to my HVAC, such as installation of a Nest thermostat, which controls the humidifier that he installed. He also installed a UV light that ensures the guts of my HVAC don't grow mold. Very cool, and he did a great job.
- Kathy C....
F.H. Furr Plumbing Heating AC & Electrical
Posting a positive review about my experience with FH Furr and the technician who performed the work (Josh). Overall I am very satisfied with the quality and thoroughness of the services performed and completely satisfied with Josh's knowledge and professionalism. Service was an annual summertime inspection of my two systems. Josh performed the basic maintenance covered under the agreement and pointed out some maintenance issues (primarily associated with age and usage) that needed to be addressed as well in order for the systems to continue working as desired. Josh took pictures of the interior parts that needed additional service and showed them to me. He recommended what needed to be done and quoted me a price for the additional services in a **non** high pressure sales fashion - it was my choice to have the work performed or not. In the end, I did decide to have the additional work performed and am pleased that I did. Once he completed the work, he brought me the parts that were cleaned/serviced so that I had no doubt about what was done. He then took "after" pictures to include on my invoice and for historical purposes. Years ago, I did not have any maintenance agreement and when anything went wrong (as it did each summer and in the dead of winter!), I was stuck with calling any of a number of HVAC companies and hoping that they could send out a repairman in a reasonable time period. After experiencing that challenge multiple times, I longed to achieve some peace of mind and that's what I have with FH Furr. Admittedly the maintenance plan does cost a little more, however I can now budget that cost instead of being hit with untimely repair bills at inopportune times.
- Carl G....
Cool Breeze Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
I called in a last minute service request with Cool Breeze, on a Sunday, and they were amazingly able to fit me in. The service technician, Rene, was extremely thorough and knowledgable and walked me through everything he was doing. Turns out my Nest Thermostat was incorrectly sending a signal to turn the heat on instead of the AC. Rene removed my thermostat, worked his wiring magic and turned my AC unit on (temporarily) until I can replace the Nest thermostat. Whats even more amazing is that their prices are fair and completely reasonable. I highly recommend Cool Breeze and Rene for any HVAC work to be done.
- Robert W....
Mannix Heating & Cooling
Another superb job by Jerry Mannix and his entire team. I had recently decided to have my furnance replaced by Mannix Heating and Cooling, and had called the owner, Jerry Mannix, to let him know and schedule the install. The night before, my NEST thermostat has failed as we switched to cooling vice heating. I explained the issue to Jerry and he scheduled a technician to come out the next day to troubleshot. On Tuesday, the Mannix dispatcher (can't remember her name...starts with an A!!), called me to work the timeline, etc. She was the master juggler to put it mildly. She worked the timing to fit the tech's schedule as well and mine. Truly a pro who has the customer in mind. Ron was our tech. He showed up on time, examined the NEST, ran numerous tests on the wiring to the heat pump, etc...and in the end we put on a new thermostat and deemed the NEST was defective. During the set up, we discovered that the blower fan was defective. Not wanting to replace the entire unit, he worked closely with dispatch and within a few minutes a new one was on order and follow up appt was scheduled. The next day Ron showed up early, installed the fan, ran a bunch of tests and all went well. We had AC in the house all we well. Later that evening, the heat pump sounded like it was vibrating. I suspected the blower fan may have set up a harmonic in the heat pump assembly. We called the dispatcher, she scheduled a follow up, Ron came back out...and fixed the issue. I cannot say enough about Mannix. Jerry has a great team, they are all true professionals and have the customer in mind. This is how great businesses succeed. Mannix has it all covered, owner is fully engaged with the customer, office team and tech team carry out the game plan to perfection. Highly recommend you consider Mannix...they are great
- Jerry B....

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