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Professional Appliance Repair
David was great. I had trouble with a dryer and when he called me, he was able to schedule for next day service. He was on time, was able to triage the problem, had the parts, and the price for service was reasonable. Not only did he repair the appliance but he made sure he worked. He tested the appliance and through this issue was able to discover an even bigger problem that I did not know. My dryer vent was blocked due to a construction issue. David provided some recommendations and I am in the process of getting that resolved with my contractor. Thank you David and I will be sure to refer you to others.
- Diana K....
Expert Appliance Services
Dryer was not heating so I looked these guys up on Angie's list. It was a holiday weekend so I fully expected to have to wait for a few days but no - they came out on Memorial day and charged no extra fees for it being a holiday! He even showed up 15 minutes early! When does that happen? He Fixed the problem and I had a dryer again. A few days later I seemed to be having more problems with the dryer and called them up again, these guys were back at my house with hours and had it fixed right up. Amazing!
- David A....
Expert Appliance Services
The technician arrived in the pre-arranged time window. Knowing the nature of the problem ahead of time (dryer wouldn't heat up, so clothes weren't drying), he came equipped with the likely part. He confirmed the problem, replaced the part, and was out the door in about 15 minutes. He was courteous, efficient, and professional. Clothes are drying!
- Jeannette M....
Wooten Appliance
Excellent professional service technician. Rapidly diagnosed the problem and offered an estimate to repair as well as measures to be taken to ensure that it did not occur again.
- Tom H....
American Appliance Repair Inc.
The problem with my Kenmore dryer was diagnosed very quickly and the repair was made. Service was professional, thorough, and timely. I will add American Appliance Services to my speed dial for future appliance repair work.
- Ken K....
Mr. Kenney is extremely pleasant, punctual, and skilled, and his fees are very reasonable. He is available by phone, and occasionally gives telephone advice that renders a service visit unnecessary. He has done repairs on our microwave, stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.
- Sarah H....
Expert Appliance Services
Our dryer stopped working in the evening and we called Expert Appliance Servcies around 8 PM. We got a call back that evening and got an appointment for the next day. They told us the repair man would arrive between 2-4. Sunny arrived a few minutes before 2 and replaced the motor in our Kenmore dryer in less than an hour. He was prompt, courteous and completed the necessary repairs. I was most impressed by his punctuality. I didn't have to wait hours for him to arrive. I would definitely use this company again.
- Miklos K....
Alco Appliance Inc
First, I was very happy to find a company that would come to Northeast DC! I went online to Alco's website and sent a repair request via the internet. I received a call the next day and was able to set an appointment for that week. What was even more amazing was that they had evening hours! I received a call the evening of the service to give a time that the technician would be here and he came at that time. He knew what the problem was immediately (I had given the model and serial number in the email) and repaired it in minutes. He then went on to tell me a little about the dryer that I owned and cleaned out a internal lint trap. He cleaned up the area and then we settled the bill.
- Peggy H....
American Residential Appliances Heating & Cooling
Called him 6pm Friday night. He answered right away, and scheduled the job for the following day. Arrived promptly, and completed repairs quickly. Coupon from Angie's List covered the labor, and part was at cost as per
- Eric B....
They came and said that our dryer needed to be lubricated. They took it apart and lubricated some of the internal parts, then reassembled it. They told us to call if there were other problems. We called them a few weeks later because the dryer was making the same noise. They took the back off the machine and lubricated and tighted some things. Then, they said it should be fine. In a day or two the same noise returned, and we called them back several times and they have never returned her calls.
- Peter L....
My dryer stopped turning/rotating and I was able to identify that the belt needed replaced in order to fix the machine. I contacted M and M who were able to send workmen out that week to look at the dryer. I set an appointment for a Thursday, and they provided me a 4-5 hour window. They called the morning of the estimate to narrow a time and arrived promptly at 9am. The technician spent a few minutes looking at the dryer, confirmed it was in need of a new belt and said they would order the part which would be a special order due to the age of my dryer and an estimate of the labor cost to replace; he also gave me a $100 bill for coming out for the estimate. I contacted the office and explained that information on Angie's List said they did free estimates, he cleared the charge up immediately and I even received a call later to make sure I knew the charge had been removed and I wanted to proceed with the repair. They called once the part came in and were able to schedule an appointment the next day. The repair was done quickly and efficiently.
- Marie F....
Bettar Appliance
Excellent. In the same amount of time that I called three other companies (two never responded and the third couldn't come out for 5 days) Bettar answered my call, scheduled a person to come out, came out, gave me an estimate and fixed the problem! They were fantastic to deal with.
- Wanda D....
Service Master
I called on Saturday morning because my dryer wasn't heating up at all. They came out later on that afternoon and surveyed the dryer and determined that there was a bad safety fuse. They replaced it and all was restored. Timmy was very courteous and professional.
- Ari Z....
Service Master
Our Kenmore Dryer stopped working in that the heating element came on but the drum did not turn. The technician was able to come out the same day. He was able to diagnose the problem quickly and had the parts with him in his van. We have our dryer working again the day after it stopped working which makes us happy since we had a load of wet clothes that we could not dry until the unit was fixed.
- Geoffrey P....
Expert Appliance Services
We had an older dryer that came with the house when we bought it 2 years ago. When I called they told me they could have a technician out in 1 to 3 hours. 30 minutes later Sam called and said he was on his way. He arrived soon thereafter and was extremely polite and courteous. After inspecting the dryer he said it was most likely one of two issues, either thermostat or heating element. During the disassembly of the dryer he pointed out that it had never been serviced and began to uncake thick layers of lint and pulled out more than a few items that were making the loud grinding noises we frequently heard. He also pointed out the wheels that the drum sat on were so dirty they wouldn't spin freely. All told we got the heating element replaced and an excellent servicing performed on the dryer for the same price. All this in less than an hour! I would not hesitate to recommend Expert Appliance services for high quality service and repair. They rank at the top of my Angie's list and Sam is the best.
- Eric R....
Wooten Appliance
We contacted Wooten Appliance after having already received an estimate from the Sears repair people for our Kenmore Dryer. The repairman gave us some great additional information about our dryer which made the repair decision easier. He was prompt and thorough, even vacuuming out our dryer vent at no additional charge. The repair was completed on time and we saved over $150 from the estimate we got from Sears.
- Frank K....
WRM Appliance Service,Inc
When a service visit starts with "Well I am in the area heading to another appointment later this afternoon, I can stop by now and call it my lunch" you know you are getting GREAT customer services. Bill stopped by and quickly diagnosed the issue and with a part on his truck replaced it in mere minutes. That's the technical part of the review. The other non-technical part is even more important. Professional, personable, and just a nice guy, I would recommend Bill to any of my neighbors or friends WITHOUT reservation. Bill gets it. He works and treats you just like he wants to be treated as a customer. We are so psyched to have found him and his company now for all our appliance care! You will not regret calling him.
- Richard L....
Factor Appliance
The gentleman is very professional and knows what he is doing, got the job done pretty smooth, quick and neat.
- Xiaofang J....
Vienna Appliance
Terrific service. Not an easy job to work on because our washer and dryer are built in under a counter. Alan and J.D. arrived, and together worked to get the dryer out from under the counter in order to service it. Turned out it was the computer board. Alan called the office and ordered the part immediately (both he and J.D. were very sympathetic about my having been without a dryer for several days with laundry piling up!) and was able to confirm a delivery date. The replacement board came in a day early, so they called and made an earlier appointment to install it. Alan installed it. Courteous and knowledgeable. The dryer is working beautifully again!
- Kimberly L....
Superior Appliance Services LLC
Another bad experience in our service area with Sears prompted us to contact Superior Appliance Services Inc, after reading the glowing reviews on Angie's List. We were not disappointed! This company offers a military discount and services Bolling AFB. Ben, the Manager/Owner, was very courteous and responsive to our call and sent a technician within 2 hours to fix the dryer. The technician was very professional and quickly isolated the cause and repaired the dryer's inoperable heat. Superior Appliance Services, Inc. warranties their work and guarantees 100% satisfaction. Very reasonable -- highly recommend -- will definitely call them again. Thank you!
- Marianne W....

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