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Efficient Energy Solutions
Our house was drafty. We replaced all of the windows and thought that would help. It barely touched the problem. Our walls were full of the 30 year old insulation. The spray fills the wall cavity so much more thoroughly. Jonatan and his crew were so accommodating and the price was awesome. Strongly recommend!
- Eric B....
Maximo LLC
We had a wonderful experience with this company. We live in a 1920’s rowhouse in NW DC with a very drafty first floor. The crawlspace had old batts and we were looking for an upgrade with foam insulation. The team that completed our project was professional, timely, clean, and very wonderful to work with. They removed the old insulation and disposed of it prior to spraying the new insulation. It’s been about a week since the project is complete, with a very chilly and windy week in DC, and we could not be happier with the results! The draft is gone, the heat is running significantly less, the house is warm, and the temperature between the first and second floor has been regulated. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a warm and cozy house!
- Laura M....
Prudent Homes
Prudent homes (owned by David S.) did a great job removing and replacing all of the insulation in our house. He originally quoted removal and replacement with cellulose. My neighbor, whi recommended Prudent Homes, suggested that we look into the foam + cellulose. This was a bit more expensive, but it completely seals the attic with a thermal barrier. We chose the foam + cellulose and so far we are extremely happy with the even temperatures throughout the house. I was impressed with his knowledge and communication. He and his colleague did a very thorough job in the attic and cleaned everything up before they left. After he completed our house, I hired him to do my daughter's house. She had the same reaction that we did.... very professional, very thorough, fair pricing, and great customer service. I highly recommend Prudent Homes for insulation.
- Mike L....
Prudent Homes
Simple review, hire David, he knows his stuff. Of all the contractors we got quotes from, David had all the answers. The installation was quick and professional. And he was able to work through a couple tricky spots in my attic. I would hire him for other projects around the house but he only does insulation. Thanks David!
- Jennifer L....
USA Insulation
My house was freezing in the winter before I had my install with USA. Now my kids rooms are much warmer and we put all of the portable heaters in storage. Their guys were polite and didn't leave a mess behind. I recommend them whole heartily.
- Amy K....
Prudent Homes
David was great, super knowledgeable and patient in explaining things. My house was built in 1945 and had no insulation whatsoever so I decided to change that when remodeling the kitchen. The walls aren't even closed up yet and there is no heater installed in the room yet, but it already feels far warmer than it was before just from the heat from the next room. As I continue to renovate one section at a time I am absolutely going to be calling David and Prudent to insulate as each section gets done.
- Jason S....
Eko Smart Solutions
I used the messenger app to contact Eko and they responded quickly. They were able to setup a visit the next day and gave an estimate for the job. They then came on the 31st and removed the fiberglass insulation. I was surprised that they did not use a machine to spray foam like I was used to, rather spray foam kits. That was all fine and good being that this was a relatively small job until I discovered there where multiple places that were not foamed after work was "complete" and I could still see daylight. Shame on me for not thoroughly inspecting, but shame on them for not doing a complete job. During the job they broke my attic light and it was not repaired. Additionally there was some air sealing that I requested to be done which although was not ultimately added in the scope of work it was a verbal agreement it would be done, but was not completed fully. Multiple attempts were made to schedule a revisit to address the issues, with no resolution. I ended up hiring another company to do the air-sealing and they will ultimately finish the insulation job. Eko did not fully execute the work.
- George D....
Home Energy Medics
Attic foam is quite toxic, but they handled it professionally and did a thorough job, then Lauren tested everything.
- Karen W....
USA Insulation
They showed up even though it was raining, and did the attic and lower level spray foam insulation behind a bedroom and rec room. The next day they came out and did the insulation behind the siding which took all day to do. Cleaned up any left over residue from the foam, and patched the walls. The only thing is they might have severed the telephone wire upstairs from the foam that was done from the outside when they removed the siding to install. I have a technician coming out 12/16/2014 to see if that is what happend. Overall still please with the results.
- Joyce L....
They removed old batt insulation from stud portions of the wall and replaced it with closed cell spray foam insulation. They also installed spray foam in two cantilever portions of the house for both air sealing and improved comfort. In addition to the spray foam they also installed 2" foil faced insulation panels on the CMU portions of the basement walls. Careful meticulous work and I would happily recommend them to anyone who needs insulation work. Dave Hillery was our point of contact and worked with us on somewaht compllex scheduling
- Paul L....
USA Insulation
It was a good experience from start to finish - considering what I spent, my ROI on heating and cooling could come in 18 months or less. Great crew, clean and polite - theyw ere about 30 minutes late to start, so I gave them less than 5 on that, but otherwise, I liked how they answered my questions in simple terms and handled one small, unexpected problem without charging me extra, and actually finished before they said they would. Foam is a great way to efficiently and effectively insulate older homes - we're very pleased with the service and the company.
- David N....
Home Energy Medics
Incredibly well! Home Energy Services is a wonderful company and they provide outstanding service to their clients.
- Michael V....
It went fine and we passed the inspection. Their price was fine. They were fine in terms of their friendliness and professionalism.
- Kim C....
Atlas Home Energy Solutions LLC
Overall, went very well. Work was completed quickly and on schedule. Matt Sera was extremely responsive to my concerns about foam insulation off-gassing, and answered in great detail all of my many questions. The results of the new insulation made a big difference in comfort. The work was performed to specifications, but we had to go back and trim the foam in some places. (We had opted to install drywall over the foam instead of a sprayed-on fireproof barrier, and the foam had to be perfectly flat to the studs in order to do that.) Matt was very helpful afterwards in filling out forms that will give us a rebate from Potomas Edison on the cost of the insulation.
- Susan D....
Allison came to the house during construction to provide me with an estimate. She was very knowledgable, answered all my questions, and sold me that for my particular project spray foam was a good option. Our job was a mix of fiberglass batts in the walls and floor and spray foam in a cathedral ceiling. Even though the foam was a little more expensive it made a lot of sense to achieve the R values required by the building department. Allison ran a ResCheck and provided me with the.certification to show the inspector. The crew was very efficient and left the house remarkably clean given that it was very sloppy out on the day of the installation. I would highly recommend this company.
- Judy D....
We had a terrible experience with them. If I could give them lower than an F I'd give them lower than an F because they were trying to make our house energy efficient for the geothermal. So we did this closed cell foam insulation to make the house really tight. They spray a specific kind of foam and it takes like a week and a half and they spray it between all the joists before you put drywall up and after you've done your electrical. These guys did such a bad job that sprayed it too thick and in some places they didn't even spray at all, and they didn't use proper mixtures. The stuff is supposed to cure. You can't spray it too thick or it doesn't cure all the way, and then it starts emitting this obnoxious odor that smells like dead fish. They wouldn't do anything about it. Actually the did send a couple of guys for like two days. So we had to chip out all the old foam, which put us behind another month. My husband ended up doing the majority of the work with two day laborers that he hired, and chipped out all this foam. We're gonna have to take them to court for this. They are a hazard because if you spray this on too thick, actually you can cause a fire because the foam heats up as it's curing. So they did a terrible job and our stupid contractor paid them, so we're basically out at this point until we go to court, at least $10,000, and that's not including the extra dumpsters that we had filled with twenty-one bags of foam that my husband chipped out, and the $7,000-$8,000 that we paid for labor, and not even including my husband's time chipping all this foam out, and then the extra time the electrician and the plumber and the IT guy had to pay to make sure that none of the wires were damaged. I think there was a couple of wires that were damaged in the chipping. And just the delay - I had to have my stuff in storage even longer because we couldn't put drywall in and then we had to put new foam in which is another week and a half. They should be banned and I hope that the foam company does not sell any foam to them. We called the air quality people too, trying to figure out what to do and how to remedy this. The owner of the company didn't even want to take any responsibility for all this. So now we've gotten a lawyer. They were supposed to give us the specific information on the thickness of the foam and what name of the foam and they still have not done that. They didn't do the proper paper work that you're supposed to do with this kind of a job. Normally these jobs go fine, but they didn't know what they were doing. I grade them an F on everything. If I could give them lower than F, I would.
- Rufus B....
They had the best price and value for the money and there were 5 bids that I received for the exact same work. Scheduling was very flexible and they only need a few days of lead time, but I think I just caught them at a slow time. There were a couple miscommunications on the first day, but those were eventually ironed out and the work was done well. It was supposed to take 2 days and ended up taking 3. I don't think they realized just how big my house is (almost 4k sq. ft) until they started working. They spray foamed the entire house, roof to basement. Everything passed inspection and the house does feel better inside with more consistent temps. The house is 3 stories plus a basement so there's no way that the spray foam can make the entire house the exact same temp, but there aren't the dramatic changes in temps when you go from floor to floor that there was before. Overall, I would recommend Foam Insealators. Good work at a decent price.
- Edward A....
Prudent Homes
Courteous, respectful of my home. Worked hard for 2 solid days removing old insulation and then blowing the foam into the attic. No problems - very pleased and would recommend.
- Leila K....
Prudent Homes
The man who came out to give the estimate was on time, very professional, neat, courteous and informative. I was glad to hear that they could fit me in the next week. The man who came out to remove the insulation was nice and did a quick job of removing the old fiber glass insulation and he did a good job of cleaning up. The next step was to have the foam insulation sprayed. The "Estimator" told me that I would be able to put a floor down on top of the foam once it was in place. I had understood that the foam would be even and at the very least I could put the old floor boards down. I received a message a day or two before the Installer was scheduled to come out, saying he had a family emergency in NC so we rescheduled the visit for the day after. No problem. I understand that things come up. The Installer was very friendly and fast, but when I looked at my attic afterwards, it looked like someone had projectile vomited all over the attic (sorry for the gross description, but I can't think of any other way to describe it) The foam was over the joists by several inches in some spots, making it impossible for me to put the old boards back down. When I mentioned to the Installer that the Estimator said I'd be able to put a floor down after they were done, he said, "Oh, you can. You just need to buy some 2x4s and lay them over the joists and then lay the boards across the 2x4s." This was an expense and additional project I hadn't counted on. Once I brought this to the attention of the home office, they apologized and scheduled him to come back and shave down the foam so it was even. He was suppose to arrive at 8:00am on Monday. By around 11am he hadn't shown up so I called the office and they thought he was already there. When the Installer did show up later, he said he hadn't gotten the message that he was suppose to be at the job that early. He did shave down the foam and cleaned up pretty well. One should know though, that the foam gets into everything. It even permeated the ventilation fans in my bathrooms, knocking one of them down. Long story short, but when I tried to put the ventilation fan back in the ceiling, it broke so now I have to hire an electrician to come fix that! I also noticed that an outlet pipe in the attic for the ventilation fan was crushed. To be fair, the pipe was already bent before the installation, but now it's completely crushed. After having the workmen out 3 times, I was tired of spending time waiting for them so I decided to let this problem go and hope that it isn't a big problem when I go to sell the house.
- Beth M....
Prudent Homes
My attic insulation was a complete mess in the townhouse. Absolute Insulation Services came and gave me the right quote with the right professionalism and right attitude, so of course I went with their services. I'm glad I did, as they were able to accommodate me, with my tough schedule and did a wonderful job. I am very pleased with their services and would recommend them to anyone.
- Robert A....

Spray Foam Insulation Installers Near You

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Spray foam insulation can get into problem spots fiberglass or cellulose insulation cannot reach.

Some spray foams can be installed by homeowners; most extensive applications are done by professional services. 

Types of Spray Foam

According to the Spray Foam Coalition, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an expanding, sprayed-on plastic that hardens over time, providing a continuous, air-sealing barrier on walls and roofs. 

  • Closed-cell SPF earns an R-value (R for Resistance to heat transfer) of 6.5, compared to the same thickness of cellulose or fiberglass insulation (R 3.5 to 3.7). 
  • Most commercial applications of SPF use a two-component (“A” and “B”) chemical reaction. Stored, delivered and handled as liquids, the two parts are sprayed onto surfaces. They react on contact with one another, forming an instant, expanding foam insulation on everything they touch. Over time, the foam hardens to form a closed-cell air and heat barrier. 
  • A second type of SPF, moisture-cured foam, has only one component. This is what you will find in the hardware store for small jobs like closing up spaces around electrical outlets, windows, or door frames. This type of polyurethane expands on contact with humidity in the air, hardening in minutes. 

Do It Myself?

A difficult task, many homeowners are safe to tackle small jobs with moisture-cure foam. But be careful.

How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost? 

For little jobs, a single can may cost only $5 or so. The average cost of SPF application is $2,329.

The range, though, is wide: $1,265 to $3,630. For big jobs, enlist qualified professionals.

How Can I Find Insulation Services Near Me?

Use this List near you of insulation service to find the best local contractors and pros. If you are hunting for a competitive price, consider contacting at least three businesses for bids.