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Reviews of Dishwasher Repair Companies Near You

All American Appliance Service Inc
Needed repair on a Whirlpool dishwasher. Repairman was punctual and efficient and gave helpful tips on dishwasher care.
- Carol W....
Bettar Appliance
I called this company because my dishwasher was not working properly. The dishwasher would start but would not clean the dishes. The repairman did an assessment and told me that there appeared to be nothing wrong with the dishwasher. He said that the cleanser fully dissolved when he ran the dishwasher. I told him that when we run the dishwasher the all-in one detergent does not dissolve and can be found at the bottom of the dishwasher, pretty much intact. He suggested that I run it with a vinegar rinse or buy a jet cleaning solution and run the dishwasher, because the pipes could be clogged. He also suggested that I switch from the all-in-one pellets to a powder. I did all of these things and the dishwasher is still not working. I took time off from work and spent $99.00 and I have called another company to fix the dishwasher.
- Tanya L....
AJ Appliance Repair, LLC
I had some pretty crazy issues with an older dishwasher. The guys from AJ came out on time, were very professional, and fixed my dishwasher perfectly! I would recommend them to anyone.
- Alex T....
GE Appliance Repair
Our dishwasher was leaking. They scheduled an appointment. They showed up. The dishwasher was not repairable so I have got to get it replaced.
- Michael S....
Apple Appliance Repair - Fairfax
Provider replaced spring in dishwasher door so it stays propped open (does not fall to the floor). He cleaned old gunk from the inside of the dishwasher, and gave me a cleaner solution so that the dishwasher would work better to wash and dry dishes and glassware cleanly. My only complaint is that the dishwasher door spring seems too tight now; door does not open flat.
- Nina S....
Appliance Geek Inc
Best experience I've EVER had with an appliance repairman!!! I noticed that the dishes on the top rack weren't getting clean, so I came to Angie's List to find recommendations. After reading the great reviews for Appliance Geek, I called at around 11 AM on October 7, and I was told that the technician could be there at noon. After looking at our 11 year old dishwasher, he told me that the motor would need to be replaced, among other things, and asked if I'd heard whistling sounds (I had, but had no idea that anything was wrong). He said the he could repair it, but recommended that I put the nearly $500 in repair costs towards a new dishwasher instead. That tells me that he's honest - I've found that not many repairmen will recommend taking a $59 service call over a $500 repair. I thanked him and he left. I went out that evening to buy a new dishwasher at Home Depot, and was going to have them haul the old dishwasher away ($25) and install the new one ($159). But then the sales clerk start asking me what kind of pipes/hoses I had, was it hardwired, etc. She was very clear that if there was a certain type of hose, they would not install it once they arrived, and I would need to call someone else. On top of that, I would have to pull the old dishwasher out myself and have it sitting out for them when they arrived with the new one. I quickly called Appliance Geek, and he told me to let him know when it was delivered, to leave the old one in place (we can haul it to the county dump ourselves), and he would pull the old one out and install the new one for $145. He was incredible - on time for both appointments, friendly, trustworthy, and reasonably priced. I'll never have an appliance installed by anyone else again!
- Brenda T....
All American Appliance Service Inc
Very well. The technician fixed the washing machine, but gave a quote for the dishwasher that made it more economical to buy a new dishwasher. He was quite knowledgeable and helpful about many of our appliances. Very reasonable charge.
- Thomas U....
Peaco Appliance Service
Pius, arrived at the stated time. Completely checked the dishwasher components, conducted tests and the dishwasher is now in good working order. Very nice knowledgeable, great to work with. Given his information a number of friends.
- Elizabeth M....
All American Appliance Service Inc
My Kitchen-aid dishwasher leaked. The technician diagnosed the problem as a failed pump motor. There was also a problem with the computer control board (unrelated to the failed pump motor). The technician provided me with an estimate to fix the problem. Unfortunately the cost was close to what a new dishwasher would cost. I elected to not repair and purchase a new dishwasher. The technician provided advise on what to look for in a new dishwasher - the model I have is prone to such leaks - he suggested another model. I checked consumer reports and ended up purchasing a BOSCH.
- Lynn B....
Expert Appliance Services
My dishwasher was not cleaning the upper rack well at all. We were washing the top rack stuff by hand after the dishwasher cycle every day. Pankaj diagnosed this to be an effect of the weak motor performance. He replaced the entire unit with the new original whirlpool motor. Dishes are clean as ever, just like the first day of my dishwasher. I am glad I called him. Saved me 350 bucks which I would have paid to get a new dishwasher.
- Rohit S....
Loayes Painting
Benigno did a great job. He came and gave an initial estimate within a couple of days after we called him - then we changed what we wanted to do and he updated the estimate accordingly. He cut out some of our old kitchen cabinets to fit the dishwasher. Then he did all the electrical and plumbing work as well as the carpentry required and painted all new wood to match the kitchen. We are very happy with the installation it allowed us to make an old kitchen livable for some years until we can remodel it.
- Johanna B....
All American Appliance Service Inc
This is the third time I have used this company and as usual they did excellent work. I had bought a new dishwasher believing I had also purchased the installation of said appliance. This was not the case. The dishwasher was delivered and wasn't even removed from the box. I called the store and asked how long would it take to get someone to install the dishwasher. I was told that a person could install it within four to five days. This was not acceptable. I called All American Appliance that Saturday and was told someone could install it Monday morning. I was thrilled. The installation was more involved than I thought. The dishwasher had to be hardwired. The work took a while, but the repairman was patient and very professional. He did an excellent job. He also removed the old dishwasher and the packaging from the new one.
- Catherine W....
Service Master
He concluded that the board in the door of the dishwasher was defective. After a week, he called to inform me that he could not find the needed part. I decided that now was the time to get a new dishwasher and told him to quit looking for someone with the right part.
- Jaydee H....
Wooten Appliance
The issues we had called Mr. Wooten about were the fact that our garbage disposal was broken and our dishwasher wouldn't drain properly. He recommended we start by replacing the garbage disposal, since that was probably our dishwasher wasn't draining. He was very polite and professional and we're thankful to have a working garbage disposal and a usable dishwasher again.
- Vy T....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
The Big Deal with this company, Discount Appliances Repair, (703) 593-8500 was scheduled 1 week after I bought the coupon to repair my dishwasher. The repairman was quite knowledgeable and fixed a connector hose problem with my dishwasher. He was to return the following week with a part that I needed to repair the dishwasher. The repairman did not show up, as there was a mis-communication from the repairman to the scheduler. I waited another week and the repairman did show up with the part on time. Upon further examination of the dishwasher, he showed me where the problem was and recommended that a purchase a new dishwasher instead of just installing a new part. I gave this company a high rating, as they did not overcharge me for their time, and the repairman gave me honest advice instead of charging me for the part, which ,over time would not repair the dishwasher.
- Roberta G....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
We needed service on a dishwasher, refrigerator and the range. They said they didn't service five star ranges so I am still looking for someone who can. I fixed the dishwasher myself.
- Alex G....
DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
Dishwasher Bosch is not draining. I called DMV and they gave me the next appointment. The technician also 30 minutes before the appointment, which was very convenient. He diagnosed the dishwasher, and said that the drain pump is broken. He gave me a reasonable estimate and said he had the part on him, so he replaced it on the same day. My dishwasher is as brand as new!
- Kabir P....
Wooten Appliance
Excellent service starting with first phone call with stephanie, office manager, to arange for appointment. Courteous, helpful, very pleasant. Neal, the technician, arrived as scheduled, and proceeded to take apart dishwasher to get to motor. Determined the problem and fixed dishwasher quickly. He was quick, gave sound advice on questions i had regarding dishwashers.
- Charlene S....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
Dishwasher was leaking and the technician was able to identify and repair the problem very quickly.
- Terri G....
Luxman Appliance Repair Co Inc
My dishwasher broke and flooded my house. Tim was able to work me into his schedule at the end of the same day I called. He replaced the stuck valve and took the dishwasher through an entire cycle with me so I would feel comfortable using the dishwasher again and not have to worry about another flood!
- Allison L....

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For anyone who has to start hand washing, rinsing and drying dishes, a working dishwasher is a treasure. When yours acts up, act quickly to find local, reliable dishwasher repair. 

What are the most common issues leading to dishwasher repair?

Leaks are the #1 problem in failing dishwashers. Leaks can occur in the hoses routing water to and from the dishwasher. Generally the hoses themselves do not fail, but their connections do. Common: the rubber gasket inside the hose end. 

Rarely, a failed door gasket —the rubber seal around the door — will allow water to seep or spray out around the door, possibly ruining a kitchen floor. 

Other frequently encountered issues that probably justify a repair call: 

  • Dishes do not clean
  • Dishwasher does not fill with water
  • Dishwasher will not start
  • Dishwasher does not drain
  • Door latch fails
  • Unusual or new noises coming from dishwasher

If your dishwasher does not drain, check the filter to ensure it is not clogged with food debris or plastic. Almost all other operating problems encountered with dishwashers are beyond the typical homeowner's ability to repair.

What parts typically fail?

A dishwasher is a remarkably robust assembly of electrical and water-related parts.

SFGate pegs the average life span at 12 years, but some high-wear parts can fail far sooner. 

Important parts that fail and can be replaced efficiently:

  • Door latch or seal
  • Drain pump or fill valve
  • Pressure switch
  • Soap dispenser

Costs for these parts are also modest, with short repair times. 

How much should dishwasher repair near me cost?

The national average for dishwasher repair is $159, with companies charging between $75 and $150 per hour.

If you receive a repair estimate of around $500, consider getting a new dishwasher rather than spending money on repairing the old model. 

Angie's List recommends being as specific as possible when calling a repair service. Give the brand name and model number; identify symptoms but avoid diagnosing the repair needed. 

One the repair technician is on site, do not authorize repairs without an initial estimate. If the cost is too high, pay the time charge and decline the repair. 

You may seek three repair estimates, but the cost to the household in inconvenience (by delaying for the estimates) may not be worth the money saved. Use a local, reliable appliance repair service and ask to see the old parts the technician says were replaced.

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