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Sears Stores
I purchased a new dishwasher from Sears and they came out to my house and installed it. I chose Sears because I always buy my appliances from Sears. The salesman suggested the dishwasher that would be best for my needs. I set up a date to get the dishwasher installed and they removed the old dishwasher and was in and out of my house within 1 hour and a half.
- Donald K....
I was remodeling my kitchen and purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher from Lowes. The pedestal for the dishwasher was constructed and dishwasher unpacked and installed, I removed the materials packed inside the dishwasher. I noticed the top rack was off its track and hanging down. There was no way for me to fix this problem. I phoned Lowes, they suggested I phone Frigidaire which I did. Frigidaire gave me several repair companies to contact. Carmichaels Appliance Repair said they could come out the next day to look at the problem so I made an appointment. The repair person arrived right on schedule, located and fixed the problem right away. He was very instructive, showed me the features on my new dishwasher and how to use them. He was very polite and helpful. I would highly recommend this company.
- Phyllis J....
Appliance Doctor
Great. Tom came super quick and worked just as quickly to clean out the sump pump and get it running again. Simple repair, but glad I didn't need to buy parts. I found Tom to be extremely professional, and totally fair - no hint that he was going to try to charge us for more than what we needed, which is always appreciated.
- Bryan C....
The tech showed when they said he would. That was good, and he knew what he was talking about technically. I just grew very tired of his bitter attitude and constant griping about everything, not just the way the dishwasher was installed, but how kids behave, how he hates corporations, blah blah blah. He ordered a part, he came back a few days later to install it (griping the entire time). Once he was almost finished, when he was tightening the water line, a fitting broke. He couldn't fix it and told me to call a plumber. I later fixed it myself, but wouldn't you think an appliance guy would have some water line materials to use? When he left, no thank you, plus the area was left dirty. He just accepted the check, hopped in his junky vehicle and that was it.
- Jeff L....
AMS Appliance Inc
I called about my dishwasher not working, left a message, and Todd called back within the hour. He walked me through a diagnostic test, and was able to reset my dishwasher without even coming over, and of course, without charge. (Two other companies were going to charge $119 for a service call, or $79--the latter didn't show up at all.) Todd's approach was awesome and much appreciated, and I will definitely be calling him in the future for appliance repair.
- Brenda T....
Seiter Services LLC
Seiter Services did a Great Job. Bill was our Technician and we recommend you ask for him when you call in for Service. He came on the day and time scheduled with us and figured out what was wrong within 30 minutes. He then ordered the part and returned on the day and time scheduled. Very Professional.
- Burce C....
Appliance Doctor
Very friendly and polite, got right to work and identified the problem immediately. Didn't mind my pets being around. Discussed with me the options (repair or replace) and told me about the warranty and what to do if I had problems with the new part. I'd definitely call them again next time I have a problem with a large appliance.
- Guy F....
Alstate Appliance Repair LLC
The technician diagnosed the problem and fixed it within fifteen minutes. The cost was less than half of what Sears was going to charge.
- Jill D....
Appliance Doctor
Could not tell exactly what was wrong. Thought that the water arm was splashing against the door and bent it a bit.
- Richard M....
Logan Master Appliance
I think they are a little high in price but they do good work. We keep calling them because we know they will do what they are suppose to do.
- Thurman S....
Alstate Appliance Repair LLC
I was not 100% happy with the diagnosis by the technician that visited during the initial service call. When the owner learned of my displeasure he contacted me personally and scheduled a second service call to confirm the accuracy of the original diagnosis. Overall, I was delighted with the service.
- Joel D....
Appliance Doctor
Called on Monday and left message to call back regarding dishwasher; the return call was not until Tuesday. This was the only negative in the entire experience. Arranged for the inspection/repair on the following day. The technician called before arriving and arrived promptly after the call. The inspection and repair was quick and professional. A hose was clogged and was cleaned out. He provided helpful hints on keeping the unit in good running condition. Very pleased with the experience and will use the service again.
- David D....
Logan Master Appliance
- Carole F....
Appliance Doctor
The repairman was very quick, efficient and knowledgeable. He recommended that he do the easy, cheap fixes first, see if those worked, and if not, then go to the more expensive options. I appreciated his honesty. I also appreciated the fact that he explained everything to me in detail and told me how to better maintain the appliances. Everything is working well now. I highly recommend this company.
- Nancy G....
A To Z Appliance Service
Avoid this company at all costs. First we didn’t choose them as they were sent out by our home warranty company to replace our dishwasher. Second they show up without their own supplies they actually asked to use our bath towels for clean up and both are very rude, this includes the owner, they didn’t introduce themselves didn’t explain how long it would take., etc. At this point my wife calls the office and the owner and tech start talking about her behind her back. After the phone call they walked out the door without saying a word, leaving not only trash on my floor but a pool of water on our kitchen laminate floor
- Alberto R....
Logan Master Appliance
The installation turned out very well. The guy was very knowledgeable and clean. He answered questions. I was very satisfied with that. He only came out for an hour. He is their main installer, and he has been working with them for years. He had the right equipment to get the dishwasher in the house without messing anything up on the floor. I have a tile floor, so we laid down cardboard to make a track for the wheels. I do have an issue with the control panel on the dishwasher. It doesn't make the dishwasher inoperable, but some lights don't light up. I haven't called them about the issue yet. They were very responsive with the installation. They were able to get it installed the next day.
- Nedra &....
Logan Master Appliance
After all of this, I just ended up replacing the whole thing. It was just easier that way. Anyhow, Logan did a good job and I have no complaints. I really do not have much to say about the company. They are nice and they are fair. They charged one flat service fee of $75 and that is it. I guess I have no problems recommending them.
- Garry A....
Logan Master Appliance
I called for a repair for a leaky dishwasher that was approximately 7 years old. The repairman told me my tub was bad and it would cost more to replace than to purchase new. I immediately went shopping for a new dishwasher and discovered tubs are generally under a 15-25 year warranty. I called the manufacturer and gave them the model number and they stated it was definitely under warranty. Logan just didn't want to do the warranty work, they wanted me to go buy a new dishwasher and pay the overpriced service call fee. I needed an authorized repairman to do the work since it was under warranty so I had Logan do the work. They did an OK job but were not happy that I caught them being so dishonest. My advice: stay away from their repair dept or retail operation.
- Kerry H....
Alstate Appliance Repair LLC
We purchased a prepaid "fix all broken applianced deal" on Angie's List. We had to purchase the parts but the fee took care of their time on two visits. The gentlemen who evaluated the appliances was thorough and even gave some suggestions for the dishwasher to help it clean better. The parts were ordered and they arrived in a few days and they came back out and installed. I would definitely use again - informed, polite and honest - all the things you look for in appliance repair.
- Mark H....
Mr. Appliance of West Central Ohio
Overall, I was very pleased. On Monday the company confirmed my appointment via e mail and the technician sent a text message to my phone indicating he would be here very soon. He arrived within 15 minutes. Communication was excellent. He diagnosed the problem quickly, provided me an estimate and I authorized the work. The part was not available and had to be ordered and the technician thought it would be Friday before he could return with the part to complete the repair. He stated someone would call to set up the next appointment. Unfortunately, I never received any call on Thursday; but Friday morning, I checked my e mail and was surprised to see an appointment was scheduled between 7:30-9:30. I had a Dr appointment and my wife was just getting ready for a 10:00 appointment herself. I called Dr Appliance to voice my concern about making an appointment without first calling me. Obviously, something slipped through the crack. Notwithstanding the inconvenience, had it not been for a relatively straightforward repair, we would have had to re-schedule. Having said all this I would still call upon Mr Appliance in the future. Why? The technician was very prompt, courteous and professional. Before he entered the house, he put on shoe protectors to keep everything clean. He did a good job at the repair and gave us helpful hints to improve our dishwasher performance.
- Nicholas Z....

Dishwasher Repair Near You

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For anyone who has to start hand washing, rinsing and drying dishes, a working dishwasher is a treasure. When yours acts up, act quickly to find local, reliable dishwasher repair. 

What are the most common issues leading to dishwasher repair?

Leaks are the #1 problem in failing dishwashers. Leaks can occur in the hoses routing water to and from the dishwasher. Generally the hoses themselves do not fail, but their connections do. Common: the rubber gasket inside the hose end. 

Rarely, a failed door gasket —the rubber seal around the door — will allow water to seep or spray out around the door, possibly ruining a kitchen floor. 

Other frequently encountered issues that probably justify a repair call: 

  • Dishes do not clean
  • Dishwasher does not fill with water
  • Dishwasher will not start
  • Dishwasher does not drain
  • Door latch fails
  • Unusual or new noises coming from dishwasher

If your dishwasher does not drain, check the filter to ensure it is not clogged with food debris or plastic. Almost all other operating problems encountered with dishwashers are beyond the typical homeowner's ability to repair.

What parts typically fail?

A dishwasher is a remarkably robust assembly of electrical and water-related parts.

SFGate pegs the average life span at 12 years, but some high-wear parts can fail far sooner. 

Important parts that fail and can be replaced efficiently:

  • Door latch or seal
  • Drain pump or fill valve
  • Pressure switch
  • Soap dispenser

Costs for these parts are also modest, with short repair times. 

How much should dishwasher repair near me cost?

The national average for dishwasher repair is $159, with companies charging between $75 and $150 per hour.

If you receive a repair estimate of around $500, consider getting a new dishwasher rather than spending money on repairing the old model. 

Angie's List recommends being as specific as possible when calling a repair service. Give the brand name and model number; identify symptoms but avoid diagnosing the repair needed. 

One the repair technician is on site, do not authorize repairs without an initial estimate. If the cost is too high, pay the time charge and decline the repair. 

You may seek three repair estimates, but the cost to the household in inconvenience (by delaying for the estimates) may not be worth the money saved. Use a local, reliable appliance repair service and ask to see the old parts the technician says were replaced.

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