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The job was done totally professionally. We never had a moment of doubt in Robert's ability from the way he presented himself and got right to work. The wall was a bear to cut through and he never complained but just went it about his job in a professional manner. The contract was for cutting through only-- no work on removing the wall or carting away the concrete. He helped smash the wall down with a maul and cut through the rebar. A general contractor and his crew where there to remove the wall and frame it with support beams. Even the general contractor commented about the professional way the work was done and how hard Robert worked and helped to see that the wall came down safely. This was a cut through a poured concrete exterior wall eight inches thick with rebar inside. The cut was to accommodate a set of French doors.
- Sandra H....
Concrete Technology Services (CTS)
CTS is a concrete cutting service. They were hired to cut a window into a brick home and extend an existing window into a door. they provided an estimate over the phone but it was obvious that Clint had thought through the job - he recommended that we include a steel lintel over the window opening and described his reasoning. None of the other vendors made this recommendation until after i suggested it - they were just going to come in and start cutting. The crew showed up on time and had commercial equipment - they were versed in its operation and made the necessary cuts. each was precise and clean. They estimated $1200 for one crew for 8 hours (port to port) but insisted on a payment of $1400 saying that they had invested more than 8 hours once you factor in the trip back home. we settled at $1300. The only thing that i was skeptical of was in the charges for the steel. He originally verbally quoted me at $500 for a .5" x 8" 48" length; then the written quote proposed $200. I ordered from the steel yard for $60.
- John D....
They did a fantastic job. They did everything they said they would do and they did it on-time. They cleaned-up before they left too. Their price was very competitive.
- Richard C....
Service went very well. He did a great job! They also cut the concrete and install the drain pipe in
- Amelia M....
Go Contractors, LLC
Workmen were professional. The work was completed in a timely manner. Cleanup was very well done.
- Glenn L....
Honey Cove Landscaping & Tree Services
Everything went well they did cut trees down and grinded stumps and no mess. Will definitely use them again as we have more trees that need to be removed4000
- Mary L....
Perfect Pavements
The entire project was first cleared and leveled and the once the pathway was cut and the steps framed, re-bar and or wire reinforcing was laid and a poured concrete footing was made. After that Alfonso and his team meticulously cut and positioned each stone. Ably overseen and supplied by Jeremy the project went very smoothly and the finished product is breathtaking and without flaw.
- Rod P....
Custom Management Service
He had to cut out the damage and then rebuild it. It looks great and is better than the original. They are very reasonably priced for the amount of work entailed and the quality.
- David M....
Capital Masonry LLC
Two workman made a V-shaped cut along 20+ cracks in the 26-year-old concrete driveway, filled them in with waterproof cement, and then cleaned and re-grouted a 12-square foot patio and a brick retaining wall. Job too all day.
- Colin M....
Prochoice Exteriors LLC
Jose and his guys do amazing work. Down to the fine details of extricate cuts, they make sure the job is done right so they don’t have to come back to fix anything a second time. I highly recommend them!
- Barry T....
U.S Construction Group
Everything was outstanding. On time, exceptional quality, and very easy to work with. The quote was very competitive with others I had received, and there were no corners cut. Everything was completed exactly as promised, and they were very accommodating when it came to scheduling. I have every intention of using them any time I need a contractor.
- Kirk D....
PMC Construction
The job went very well. The measurements were accurate, so no adjustments needed to be made. The quality of the stone, the cutting and finishing of the stone, the installation, was all excellent. A+ The sink was a little tricky, but everything turned out great.
- Alex C....
Go Contractors, LLC
The workers did a very thorough job of cutting open and filling the cracks above and filling the areas below. After 2 weeks one of the repaired cracks did not seal properly, so the company returned and redid the job. It's been several weeks since the redo, and the cracks seemed to be completely sealed.
- Greg F....
Mike Fusco Builder
Mike is a knowledgeable builder who does excellent quality work. He doesn’t take short cuts and takes pride in his work. He had the experience and expertise to quickly resolve unforeseen problems that arose on the job. I had complete confidence in him and the job he did.
- Scott N....
Newborg Drainage & Landscaping Company
They did excellent work and I?ve had no problems. They were very clean and professional and the yard was very tidy when they were finished. They were careful to cut the sod and replace it on top when they were done. I was very pleased with their work. It was not inexpensive but it was worth it.
- Douglas A....
Concreto Plus Inc
Concreto Plus did an awesome job on a project that had been terribly begun and left incomplete by other contractors. They offered suggestions for leveraging existing work when possible, as well as the most efficient, least disruptive means to complete the job. I paid considerably more than I'd budgeted based on the previous contract, however, it was clear that the previous contractors were ill-equipped to complete the job, and likely to accurately estimate it, as well. Concreto Plus workers were punctual, polite, efficient, meticulous and marvelously skilled. I am absolutely thrilled with the finished project and highly recommend Concreto Plus!
- Lett P....
Creative Concrete Corp
The project went quite well. There was one major glitch. The workers cut one of the electrical lines under the deck and did not notify me when this happened. I had to discover it for myself and stop work until the electrical lines were repaired.
- Elaine F....
Apex Waterproofing
Lou came and gave us a quote. He was quick to point out the "best/long term" solution for the job. Crew did a good job on installation. There was an issue (cut our power line) but they resolved it quickly. We were happy with the final work and the price.
- Brad R....
The Sharper Cut Inc
Let's start out with Bill is a very patient guy. Once we got our amazing design from them, I had a series of medical issues which delayed us getting started by years. Once we were able to start, getting the HOA to approve the new arbor was a chore and a half. First we had to change the original design because the distance from the easement for it had changed. We had to redesign it to fit. Then it took forever for the building guy at the HOA to see the changes because he either lost the plans or was out of town/ country. This took months (about 5). Once we could get rolling Sharper Cut got the building permit and we were almost off. Right after miss utility came out to mark things, we got the snow storm. That added another 2 weeks. After that it went very smoothly. We were contacted by the foreman and verified everything. Sharper Cut took out the old arbor(which was about to fall down) and moved any of the bushes that needed to be moved because of the footers. At that point they moved the stones for the path to their new resting place. The actual builders of the arbor came out and installed the arbor. Sharper Cut did warn me that with the transplants, there was a good chance of those bushes dying but I wanted to move them anyway. The shrubs died, but at least they got a chance. There was never any clean up on our part required. They were here for about a half day each time and the ones putting in the arbor were here for approximately 3 hours. We still have the rest of the plan to do- like replacing the wood on the deck and and building the patio; not to mention all the plantings needed and the front yard redesign. We plan to use them for all of what we need to do. My husband and I were extremely happy with their work and recommend them to anyone.
- Chris H....
Bluestone Masonry
The work was perfect, especially the curved corners that were difficult to make. Mr. Ivanics was skilled, cooperative, responsible, and friendly. Couldn't have asked for a better contractor.
- Robert B....

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