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Celebrity Cleaning and Organizing Services
I could not have asked for a better outcome!! My home was "magazine-ready" after the visit. Everything was done with such care, professionalism and swiftness!
- Andrea B....
Basic Organization LLC
That is owned by Janet Schiesl. She is very professional. She has been working with me on our whole house. She is timely. She works really hard. She has great suggestions for both item and document storage and organization. She is very nonjudgmental which I think is huge with somebody for organization and storage. Her goal is to make sure that your stuff fits in your goals for your life. If in fact you have stuff and you have too many things for how you want to live, she will work with you to get a level of things and organization of things that suits your lifestyle. She has contacts within the community for donations, for other resources and other people to come in. She helps me at Christmas to put up Christmas decorations. It is now done in 4 hours versus 4 days. She comes with another person. And it is all put away in bins in about 4 hours too. She is very impressive. It is an hourly charge. Tomorrow she is coming in to help me with a special project. It is particulary helpful because I busted a disc in my back and I can still do a lot of work but my back starts hurting sooner. She is so helpful.
- Kathryn G....
The owner is excellent. Her employees are welcome in the house. They help organize all over the home.
- Dh B....
I jumped through all their hoops—filled out detailed questionnaire, emailed pics of my house, etc., told them my availability for a call “tonight or tomorrow”—and then crickets. I emailed them again after a week to ask them to at least let me know if they’re overbooked and I should look elsewhere, but I still haven’t heard a peep. It’s been just about 2 months now. I feel like an organizing service should be more on top of things than this.
- Rebecca B....
Wickedly Organized
The basement, garage and small bedroom in my home was cleared of clutter and organized. The entire project was done in four days.
- Lawanda M....
Basic Organization LLC
Amazing. I was left with neat, orderly and labeled closets and shelves. Items were arranged in ways I never would have thought of so I could use the space to maximum advantage. I have used them before when I needed my house packed up to be moved. And then unpacked and put away in record time. I continue to get excellent service from each and every person in Basic Organizations.
- Evelyn T....
I really liked working with Marcie and would highly recommend her. She came over at 1 pm on a Sunday, which worked very well with my schedule. Without judgment, she walked through my whole condo (closets, under the kitchen sink, laundry room, home office nook). She asked a number of questions about my living style, and made suggestions based on my answers. She was very funny, jovial, and patient. After three hours, she left and explained she would send me a follow-up email with her suggestions. A few days later, I received an extremely detailed email explaining how we could organize every inch of our house. The email also included product suggestions, which proved to be very helpful. Over the past several weeks, I have implemented about 80% of her suggestions and my house if far more organized. I am sure I'll use her again in the future.
- Rachel M....
Sage Organizing Co., LLC
Candi, the owner of Sage Organizing, was a pleasure to work with. We had not previously worked with an organizer but needed to do so in order to empty out a family house before putting it on the market. This was extra-complicated because there was no local family living in the area and the process of clearing out a house has emotional weight as well. Candi handled the large job with grace, dedication, common sense, and diligence. She was appropriately communicative (and highly organized) regarding a task that to us seemed overwhelming and extremely complex, navigating the situation with seeming ease, confidence, and resourcefulness. She respected our needs/wishes, was careful, and provided us with straightforward and clear recommendations when appropriate. Sage came in-on time and on-budget. Prices were in-line to other organizing companies we had contacted for this job. We barely knew the world of organizing existed, but our family is very pleased by this experience. Based on our experience, we would recommend Candi/Sage Organizing to others and certainly for families who need to organize clearing out a house.
- Adina B....
Leave it to Lara!
Lara is amazing. She has such a way about her. She is extremely patient which was important when dealing with my wife and I. She was referred to us by a friend who raved so much about her, we flew her to our home in New York from Georgia. Her skills have changed our lives and there are no words that can express our gratitude. We have just moved and plan on flying Lara out again to get the new home set up.
- Elisha K....
Zen Home Organizing
The ladies from Zen Home Organizing did a fantastic job determining which elements of our house would most benefit from organizing. As a pretty big family with lots of moving pieces, we were in dire need of coming up with systems to make household functions go more smoothly (laundry shuffling, having constant Amazon returns to-do, overflowing of kitchen gadgets). They’ve helped me implement these systems, and I’m confident they’re changes we can keep up long-term!
- Justine S....
Empowering You Organizing
Thanks to Annie my move was a very pleasant experience. She mapped all my furniture to the rooms in the new house as well as organize my closet. She is reliable, friendly and very passionate about organizing. I am highly recommending her to anyone needing any level of help to get started or getting the work done.
- Bigue L....
Organize Me!
Organized the master closet, kitchen, upstairs den, and home office. My house looks wonderful!
- Cynthia K....
AMN Organization
AMN Organization did a fantastic job redesigning, organizing, and decorating my home office. Alison was so easy to work with and took care of everything, all while keeping my ideas/wants in mind. What I liked best is the furniture layout and decor for the home office was something I would have never come up with on my own, but Alison had a vision from day one for what my space could be and she executed it perfectly. I actually like working in my home office now! It’s cozy, organized, functional, and so pretty!
- Kristin L....
Consider It Done Professional Organizing
Terri Fischer was the organizer. She's very patient with me. I have a lot of organization problems. She is very good at communication. She is very bright. I've been using her for a while and she has gotten used to some of my quirks. She has hard-wired some of the things we do together very frequently such as changing all the air filters in the house. I have respiratory problems so I have 3 different air filters besides the normal filters in the returns. Some of them are rather complicated. A couple of them take two people to do. It is very helpful to me that she does that. She helps me with some light typing. She helps with any crisis that I have going on around the house. She is very good at helping me with high priority things that need to be done now. She wraps presents and packages things that need to be shipped. She takes things to the post off and thrift stores. She helps with decorations at Christmas time. Her price is good.
- Sharon P....
The Transitional Organizer
I moved to Glenarden, Maryland in January 2017, contacted Raquel in March 2017, but did not move forward because my car, which I shipped from overseas, arrived in the US with mold. Raquel helped me find a company that could provide advice on how to move forward. Unfortunately, my car was totaled and due to unexpected expenses related to the car, I decided to organize my home on my own. Let me tell you that I looked at opened (but full) and unopened boxes for 2+ years because the thought of unpacking a 20+ year accumulation of belongings was so overwhelming and mentally exhausting. I reached out to Raquel again in March 2019. I wanted to clear out the boxes and really wanted my home to look nice and presentable, like a home should be. I also had family coming to visit in April 2019 and knew that I needed professional help because I truly didn’t know how to manage such a daunting task. After Raquel’s assessment of my needs, I signed up for the Full Service Platinum package for 4 days because I simply wanted to get it done. LISTEN! Raquel is a mastermind. She and her team transformed my 5-bedroom home in a matter of days and provided tips/techniques on how to maintain an organized home. Because of her services, I’m so happy, proud, and at ease to come into my organized home as I start my new life in the civilian sector (I retired from the military in May 2019). I really wish that I would have hired her two years ago because it truly is a great feeling to live in a clutter-free zone. During the process, she and her team found several camcorder tapes from 1999 in unopened boxes in the basement. I sent the camcorder tapes to a company, who converted the tapes to digital files. This meant so much to me, my family, and friends to see ourselves young again after 20 years. They were in tears. 🥰 None of this would have possible without the Transitional Organizer because my home would still be in disarray. Prior to Raquel’s assessment, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, but Raquel didn’t make me feel ashamed in anyway when it came to organizing my home. She was very patient and walked me through the process. Lastly, the Transitional Organizer donated items, provided a donation receipt, recycled boxes and boxes of items, and put trash items on the curb for me. In fact, I didn’t have to lift a finger all thanks to the Transitional Organizer. 😁 Thanks Raquel!
- Natasha H....
Excellent work ethic; realistic goals; very organized - loved working with So Unique Concierge. I had a big downsizing project - Got my place ready for sale and helped tremendously with getting organized for my move. Will refer as well as use her for future needs.
- Frances H....
It's a little expensive because they are doing things you could do yourself, or in my case, I was sick and I couldn't. Every person that came over was very professional and very helpful and I have recommended them to other people since. When they have someone that will not show, they bring a replacement and call you to let you know.
- Cindy H....
Evolution Services
Evolution services did great with the house cleaning and pantry organization, they were very helpful. We were moving and needed some help with the house cleaning specially and once we knew they had other services related with the organization, we didn’t hesitate to ask. They did a great job putting everything in order. Now We don’t have to deal with the messy pantry anymore. Would definitely recommend their services. Evelyn is also a very nice person.
- Alejandra V....
Wickedly Organized
Hire her! I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Brenda. She was extremely responsive in our initial communications, came to our house right on time, and was both pleasant and incredibly efficient. We accomplished in a day what I could not force myself to get around to for multiple years--her services were worth every penny. I especially appreciated the fact that she takes all donation items with her and makes sure they find good homes, so we didn't have to handle that ourselves. She was supportive at all times and delightfully non-judgmental about our clutter. :) I would absolutely hire her again and have recommended her enthusiastically to friends and family.
- David F....
Marcie is great -- she came in with enthusiasm and energy. Helped create a plan that my husband and I could live with, and gave us homework to follow up on after she left. She followed up by email and phone.
- Jennifer M....

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed with daily tasks? Do you have little time to keep everything organized? Professional home organizers can help you manage daily workloads with minimal stress.

Organizers help with many different activities, from organizing your calendar to preparing a shopping list. They also work on very flexible times and charges, allowing you to pick and choose the specific tasks you need assistance with.

What do home organizers do?

Professional home organizers help you manage important tasks in the home without pulling your hair out. They have experience in helping many different people keep their bills in order, schedule their calendar, and develop an overall strategy for remaining organized moving forward.

How much does a home organizer cost?

Many professionals charge between $55-$85 per hour for their services. This is typically for full-time work, as part-time professionals may charge as low as $15. You may also obtain a home organizer from a parent company. Many of these companies charge by the hour, and their rates vary between $50 to as high as $100 per hour. Home organizers can charge for their services on an hourly rate or according to the task being completed.

The nature of your project will also impact the hourly rate. For example, routine tasks such as de-cluttering your home may cost less than preparing a plan for paying your bills. Time consuming tasks such as cleaning and rearranging the home may cost between $100-$200, while hiring a financial planner for your home costs between $150-$300 per hour.

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