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I was quoted for smoke remediation services. I discussed the process with the estimator and the steps that we need to take to clean the space. the workers were punctual and professional. Unfortunately, when the final bill arrived it was $1500 more than we agreed to and their explanation was that they left some services off the quote that they performed. This should have been explained before the started the new services. It is completely unacceptable to charge this much extra money without first consulting with the homeowner
- Jessica L....
Water Damage America
I was cooking and forgot to take the food out of the oven. And the whole house got affected by the smoke. Then we called WaterDamageAmerica and the estimator came over and assisted the situation and they contacted the insurance company and followed up with them and they fixed everything themselves. They done a great job, very happy and satisfied to work with them.
- Tania R....
First Priority Cleaning & Restoration LLC
We had a small fire in the basement of our home and while this did not cause any fire damage, there was a lingering smell of smoke. The estimator came out the day we called (Friday) and was able to set up an appointment to do the work Monday. We had the smoke smell removed by using the ozone machine and air scrubber for 10 hours. The next day we also had the carpets shampooed. Our basement is back to new and smells better than when we moved in thanks to the deodorizing carpet treatment. Another company suggested the ozone treatment and cleaning crew without carpet shampooing for more than double the price that we paid through First Priority. We didn't even get that estimate until Monday, after we had already started work with First Priority. We are completely satisfied that we were able to find First Priority through Angie's list as it saved us money and gave us a better result!
- Krystina H....
Comprehensive Renovation LLC
Would definitely recommend Andy and DJ for services. From start to finish, these guys were great. Very personable, knowledgable and respectful. They showed up when they said they would, did the work perfectly and finished in a timely manner. You won't regret hiring these guys.
- Amanda V....
Insurance Repair Specialists, Inc.
Started off like Gangbusters then fell off the map. Repeatedly tried contacting the project manager with no luck. They performed some changes I had made since we were down to studs anyway. They're prices were kinda high, and constantly bothered me for payent while the work was not completed, or was unacceptable. Do not use these people for any work you want done. My fire was in November and I just gave up and paid them off so I would never have to speak with them again. Most of the guy's doing the work are OK, but management says they don't provide supervision on a daily basis. Seeing they weren't here a lot of the time, I guess that's true. I'm done with it! Don't let this happen to you!
- Richard K....
KJS Complete Cleaning Services Inc
They came out to give an estimate within 1 day and performed the requested service that same week. Most importantly, the smoke smell was finally gone!
- Louisa P....
They recommended the most economical treatment as the place to start. They gave me a money-back guarantee if I was not fully satisfied. It was great. I would highly recommend this group and the treatment for any kind of smoke remediation work.
- Nancy D....
First Priority Cleaning & Restoration LLC
It's hard to find people who are really knowledgeable and trustworthy regarding cigarette smoke smell, so I cannot recommend David at Priority First enough.
- Bernard S....
Diversified Property Svc Inc
The DPS staff was very efficient and skilled. Mike Muller oversaw our project. He is very concerned and conscientious about doing a good job. He saw to it that everything in the home was restored to our satisfaction. Initially they removed all the grout in the tile on the floor on the main level and replaced it. We discovered that the tiles had sucked in the smoke and were permanently stained so they replaced all the tile to our satisfaction. We were able to upgrade a few things in the remodel for a little bump up in money. This flexibility made us very happy and even more satisfied with the situation. We were able to make lemonade out of lemons so to speak, having had the fire. Mike was able to ensure that our windows were replaced to match the existing ones even though the manufacturer had gone out of business. This was no small feat to accomplish and it made a big difference to us seeing his concern to ensure that we were happy. He worked really hard to get windows made to match what we had in the house. Overall the work was well done. As always there was a and quot;punch listand quot; but everything was completed to our satisfaction. The attention to detail that DPS provides is far better than other contractors we have used in the past and we recommend no others to anyone other than DPS. If you want the work done right, fast, and efficiently to your satisfaction, choose DPS to do the job.
- Judilynn N....
Water Damage Repair
Talked with Rani and he said he didn't think I needed their services due to the short time the smoke had been in the house. Very admirable to have an honest business!! Would definitely use him if I have the need.
- Sharon B....
Serv Pro Of Rockville-Olney
Detailed all of my curtins, got rid of smoke, patched up some of the air conditioning vents. They did a wonderful job. Called me in Florida and let me know what exactly they had done and what the deductable was. Homeowners insurance covered.
- Mildred C....
ACE Multi-Cleaning & Restoration Services
I received outstanding service from ACE Multi-Cleaning & Restoration Service based in Temple Hills, MD! The CEO himself, Donald Lassiter, arrived ON TIME to inspect the fire, smoke and water damage to my home. Mr. Lassiter was extremely knowledgeable, reassuring and professional. His estimate was so reasonable, that I immediately contracted the company to repair/restore my home and belongings. The ACE technicians started work immediately and although there was a great deal of work, I was able to move back into my home right away. There was no trace of smoke or water in my furniture or carpets. There was also no remnant of smoke or water on my hardwood floors. The company gave me a fair price to service a few clothing and furniture items that I thought were ruined by the smoke. I WAS VERY PLEASED WITH ACE!!!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE COMPANY TO ANYONE IN NEED OF THEIR MANY CLEANING AND RESTORATION SERVICES!
- Stacie B....
Water Damage DMV
The deal did not cover what I needed. They just dry out the water damage. They make sure there is no mold. They were very responsive and professional. They even gave me referrals for contractors that do the kind of work I'm looking for.
- Maurice H....
It was crazy. My insurance covered it. They certainly have a good heart. They worked very hard. It took a lot longer than it needed to. I think in a large part because of the insurance company. They were trying to maintain a relationship with the insurance company and with us. They are sort of stuck in the middle. They want to be seen as a good provider really for the insurance company's level. They don't do extra work until the insurance company approves of it. When something was approved they got it done, but they really hedged their bets as to what they thought should be done. I think they were very conservative and were like, we should try this one and we should try that. As a result, they would try one thing and that would take a week and then another week to figure out and get approval to do the next thing. My only complaint is that aspect is that aspect of it. The actual work they did was very high quality. They were careful with my stuff. When they broke something they paid to replace it. They work hard and were honest about their work It's just that sort of knowing that the insurance company's preferences are probably going to come first most of the time.
- David K....
Omar's General Contracting
Omar's team completed the work quickly and did a great job of it. I have used them before for larger jobs and always been pleased with the results. I highly recommend their service if you are looking for a well qualified contractor with reasonable prices!
- Stacey M....
Handyman Connection of Silver Spring
It went very well. Oscar showed up on time and was very helpful. The work was done well. I will definitely use them again.
- Margaret R....
Water Damage DMV
Ari was just an awesome individual, he knew exactly what needed to be done and was extremely helpful. He explained what needed to be done in my home and even provided me with some information about how to keep my valuable items looking brand new, just like before the incident. Once we were all settled the team arrived, all of them were very nice and fast - yet thorough. For anyone looking for services in water or smoke damage, these guys are the way to go, highly recommended.
- Dean I....
ACE Multi-Cleaning & Restoration Services
I received outstanding service from ACE Multi-Cleaning & Restoration! A large section of my home was damaged by smoke and fire, and the water used to put out the fire caused considerable water damage. The CEO, Donald Lassiter, himself inspected the damage and provided a fair estimate, compared to other estimates I received. Mr. Lassiter was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reassuring. He immediately put his technicians to work and in my distress, his mannr gave me confidence. It did not take long before I was able to move back into my home with no traces of water or smoke damage to my carpets, flooring or furniture. The company even offered a fair price to service a few special furniture items that I thought were ruined by the smoke. I was very pleased with ACE, and would highly recommend the company to anyone in need of their many services!!!!
- Stacie B....
ServiClean Inc
Carlos Perez arrived promptly with two technicians to assess the actual damage. The persons setting up equipment and cleaning were very friendly and very professional.
- Rachel C....
SI Restoration
Overall, it was good experience and we were very satisfied with them. They did a good job and their price was reasonable.
- Ruth M....

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