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SeptiClean Inc
Mike came. He knew his stuff. He repaired the pump float quickly. And he charged less than the other guys who came and said they were too busy to fix the problem.
- Christopher C....
Stewarts Septic Service, LLC
Had to wait all day since my emergency followed a 3 day weekend. Technicians arrived and quickly diagnosed and fixed issue. They were courteous and professional, despite having worked a long day themselves. I have scheduled regular maintenance work with them for next month.
- Anne R....
Able Sewer & Drain Cleaning
They're a good company. I had a drain problem. Mr. Garcia was very helpful. I wasn't in town. I called and he came to my rental property. It was a type of problem he doesn't fix. He referred me to someone else. He didn't charge me. He told me what the problem was. He was very punctual and easy to work with. The over the phone interaction was very positive. I will call them again when I need my septic tank drained. I was very lucky to find him.
- Kim D....
We noticed a leak in our septic field while mowing, and called Triple R out to assess the problem as they had installed the original system in 1978. It took two trips to diagnose the problem, then they let me know what they thought was wrong, explaining in detail to me and also calling my husband on the phone. This was in 100 deg. days and they worked very hard to ascertain the problem, give us an estimate and then fix the problem. They also took care of the necessary permits and inspections with Prince William County.We were very happy with their performance, quality of work and professionalism and would definitely use them again.
- Patricia E....
They fixed a leak in my septic system by replacing the pipe with a rubber fitting.The repair failed when the rubber piece broke the same month that they fixed it. They would not return my phone calls or come back out to fix the problem. Since I was unable to get them to respond to my numerous emails and phone calls I called another company to fix their failure. The new company came out right away and charged my one tenth of what Earnshaw originally charged. I will never use Earnshaw again and do not recommend them.
- Roxsanne L....
Stewarts Septic Service, LLC
It took a few phone calls to finally settle on a date to have the work done. We had to coordinate having the new tank lid dropped off on the same day I was having the tank pumped as there were two different crews involved. The first crew arrived at the time promised, carefully transported the new concrete lid into the back yard, removed the old lid and replaced it with the new one. I then mentioned a problem I was having with the control box staying closed, and they fixed it for me. The pump truck arrived a short time later. The technician was very professional. After cleaning the septic[ tank and removing his equipment, he put all the mulch which was surrounding the septic tank back into place. He also fixed a problem with the mechanism that turns the septic field. This was the first time that I was present while the tank was being cleaned, so I had several questions, and he answered them all. My neighbor had recommended Stewart's Septic Service to me, and I would definitely recommend them to others.
- Dianna D....
Ashley's did an outstanding job in repairing my septic issue. On Sunday afternoon all of a sudden my system stopped working. I called them and described the problem. In order to save money I asked them if they could come the next day and they said yes. Sure enough the next day Orion, one of the septic specialists, arrived, analyzed the problem and fixed it in a jiffy. It turned out to be a blocked sewer line which he easily fixed but when the toilets won't flush it is a crisis no matter how big or small the issue. Ashley's pumps my system and I don't let anyone else touch it. They are top flite in my book.
- Mark T....
T.E. Crummitt Jr. Septic Service
Tom came out to look at the job and gave an estimate. We called him back the next day to set up a time. He arrived on time and with all of the equipment and materials needed to complete the job. He finished the job quickly and for the agreed price.
- Susan M....
Stewarts Septic Service, LLC
Went better than expected. The distribution box was missing a flow adjuster which was creating a large wet area in the back yard. They fixed that and now the system works as designed and the back yard is dry again.
- Raymond T....
I contacted Loudoun Septic after another maintenance guy noticed a small backup in the basement bathtub. They agreed to come out, pump the tank and look for any problems. We had lived in the house for about 3 years, had a brand new build and were due for a pumping. They came out, pumped the tanks, snaked the lines and discovered that the filter pipe was not connected to the other tank. This was done by another provider when the home was built 3 years ago. Jesse was able to get several people out to help them that day. They pumped out the tank, cleaned and repaired the filter and attached the pipe to the second tank. This was all done while I was on a rare business trip and my wife was managing two sick children. I can't thank them enough for their promptness, professionalism and competence in fixing a situation before it got really bad. I will definitely use them again and will recommend them to all my neighbors. I couldn't have hoped for a better group of people to help with a bad situation.
- Chris M....
Poseidon Plumbing & Home Services
Repair was done well and Poseidon was very professional. Very good communication from the technician Jeff and the team was always on time. Repair was fairly urgent and they made the effort to accommodate us quickly. Definitely recommend.
- Amanda H....
My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical
Arrived on time, excellent performance and profession, however prices are VERY high and because of the required service charge in order to get an estimate for the repairs, there is little choice once they are here to not accept the service or throw away $80. $550 with a discount for less than 1 hour of work to fix both problems seems very high, even if the work is performed well. The estimate I received for additional work is also high as I have had the opportunity to compare it with others since the service visit so likely will not use this provider again.
- Judith I....
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
I paid $879.50 to have this company repair my grinder and rejection pump. They refused to repair it stating these repairs are not included in the warranty agreement. I paid $50 extra to add my septic system to the list of repairs under the warranty. They have my money and will not do the repairs. I would my money refunded to me.
- Lucas G....
I was directed to Triple R Construction as a reliable company to trouble shoot my septic system do the repair. They were here within 2 hours, traced and repaired my problem which was nothing like the magnitude expressed by the previous repair person. The work was done quickly, completely, and, what was most impressive was how their Mr. Burns took the time to explain and demonstrate every step that he went through to do the repair. He was truly knowledgeable, thorough, and genuinely interested in what he was doing. I am completely satisfied with Triple R, would use them again, and highly recommend them to anyone having need for repairs to their septic system. If they did any other type of home repairs, I would probably use them for that too since a company with their customer service philosophy is hard to find and worth keeping.
- Brad W....
A-1 Trenchless Services LLC
Jerry dug up and replaced the damaged sewer line in our front yard. The price was good compared to other quotes. We also hired them to come back and clean the interior of the remaining portion of the old iron sewer pipe. He and his team returned again afterwards to flush the debris from the cleaning process. He was very pleasant to work with, and we are happy with the results.
- Michael H....
Michael & Son Svc Inc
My entire house was having some plumbing issues. They were able to fix the problems. I will use them again in the future.
- Terrie F....
Corey's Septic Service
It was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, repaired on time, and everything went very smoothly.
- Bonnie T....
A & A Septic Repair Service, LLC
Rick treated my home like it was his personal home. He was professional, responsive, and completed the repair faster than I thought he could. I highly recommend him
- Garry S....
Stewarts Septic Service, LLC
I'd definitely recommend Stewart's Septic Service to anyone needing repairs as well as basic pump out services.
- Closson V....
A & A Septic Repair Service, LLC
Rick replaced our septic pumps and redid our holding tank 3 years ago. One of our pumps stopped working recently so we called Rick and he came out the next day. After concluding the pump was bad, he apologized and explained that the pumps are supposed to last up to 15 years. He came back today with a new pump but first spent over an hour cleaning out the motor on the existing pump in the hopes he could fix it. He was able to get the existing pump running again. Rick is one of the most honest, decent people I have ever met. He and his assistant are polite, neat and they left the property without a trace of evidence that they were there.
- Rita S....

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Septic systems are mostly reliable, performing their quiet work around the clock. Failure of a septic system is not only unpleasant, it is unhealthy and potentially dangerous. A homeowner can look for a few danger signals that septic system repair is needed. 

Common Septic System Repair Problems


A backup in a septic system occurs when a slow or clogged system forces sewer water (blackwater) back up through pipes into sinks, tubs and toilets. The blackwater is foul-smelling and unhealthy. 

A telltale warning sign of future backups is a gurgling sound in sinks or toilets. Angie's List provides some quick tips on simple maintenance you can do to keep your septic system clean, green and healthy. 


An errant toy flushed down a toilet by an experimenting toddler; feminine hygiene products, hair, kitchen scraps — all can cause clogs that prevent or slow wastewater from entering the septic system. 

More subtle trouble can go down the drain, too. Avoid trying to flush or pour any of these clog-inducers down your toilet or sinks:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Cotton
  • Diapers
  • Gauze
  • Cigarette butts 
  • Paint, varnish, or garage chemicals

Clogs can be sudden or build up over time. Unfortunately, many people never notice a kitchen clog progressively slowing down a kitchen drain, for example, until the sink just stops draining completely. 

Tree Roots

Leaky or sweating pipes will attract tree roots, which can grow and enter septic pipes. These roots follow the moisture, growing along the pipe until the fill or burst it further. Professional septic system repair involves using cutting blades on a rotating auger to clear the roots. 

Sometimes, septic system repair services can run a new, flexible pipe inside the existing pipe, ignoring damage and holes created by the tree roots. 

Damaged Lines

If you have dug around in your back yard and accidentally hit a pipe, you may be the cause of a damaged septic system line. Third party vendors — contractors installing a swing set, landscaping services digging flower beds, or television cable installers — may also inadvertently break your septic system's pipes. 

Many homeowners fail to realize leach field pipes extend far beyond the settling tank, so damage to pipes can happen many yards away from your home.

The only complete solution for this sort of damage is to dig out and replace the damaged pipes. 

Unpleasant Odors

Odors of raw sewage permeating your living space are clear signs of septic system problems. The pipes beneath your sink are designed to keep a little water in the P-trap, preventing sewer gases from entering. Similarly, your toilet has a reservoir of water in the bowl for the same reason. 

When sewer gases enter your home, your septic system has a clog preventing sewer gases from moving out to your settling tank or beyond, to your septic field. 


Many septic systems feature alarms, from blinking lights to noisy buzzers, to alert you that something is not right. If your septic system's alarms go off regularly or intermittently, you have a problem that needs quick action by professionals. 

Solutions to Septic System Problems

A fast solution to some septic system malfunctions is to have the settling tank pumped of waste. As Angie's List has recommended, getting the system cleaned every few years is a smart investment, saving expensive emergency service calls. 

A plumber equipped with a power auger can eliminate tree roots. When searching for a plumber or specialty service, verify some basics:

  • State license
  • Liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Familiarity with septic systems similar to yours
  • Testimonials or customer reviews 
  • A contracting company that uses its own crews, rather than day laborers

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