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Reviews of Septic Tank Repair Companies Near You

What really impressed me about Bowman was that right before his first visit, he called ahead to let me know that traffic was going to delay him. We've used him a lot in the last year. He's fixed standard leaks, part of our sprinkler system and basic repairs all over the house. He's even helped me with my do it yourself repairs. Though he's a little pricey, I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area. He is very courteous, goes above and beyond to help out and provides quality work.
- Mary E....
Hapchuk Inc
We have used them for cleaning before and they are excellent. Responsive, on time. We had a problem with the exit pipes for the septic (mowers had crushed them). We had had others out to "fix" and it was never fixed. We asked them to look at it and it was fixed for good.
- Sharon W....
Keith Miller Plumbing
He is excellent! Every other professional in the business quoted me/gave me alternatives that were absolutely beyond my needs. I was between a rock and a hard place. I would have had to pay thousands upon thousands more, maybe $30,000 to fix my problem. I heard about him and he fixed it for $6,400. That?s a big difference! He knows everything there is to know about septic tanks. You have septic problems, go to him! A+! He is "A" in everything!
- Barbara K....
Brian did a great job and identified a problem and tried to fix it but told us how to. I own a old home built in 1955 so the septic is brick is what he said. So after emptying the septic 500 gal tank he told me to flush the toilet 10 times. Nothing came into the septic so he said to rent a snake and that should fix it. I am hoping that will work but i also have a plumber ready to go.
- Edward C....
Economy Septic was quick to respond, even doing the job a day earlier than expected. They are professional, efficient & responsible. I have hired before for routine septic service & would definitely hire again.
- Jennifer S....
- Mark S....
This firm installed a new septic tank and valve on our property for on-lot sewage 3 years ago. Joe was very informative and professional and explained why the prior repair suggestions by another contractor would be ineffective and illegal. Would definitely use again.
- Daniel W....
Hapchuk Inc
I can't say enough good things about this company and Steve in particular. The price for the work and materials was more than fair.. Steve was great in explaining what they were doing and gave me excellent sugestions on how to maintain tank and drainage field I guarantee that any more work that may be needed will be done by this company. Oh by the way, did I mention that Steve was friendly, professional, and full of information.
- Sylvester B....
Hapchuk Inc
This is the second time we have called Hapchuk Sanitation. Both times, he came out the day that he was called. Ours was an emergency situation because it was ready to back into the house. He also recommended to us that we get our pump fixed; something he does not do. We really like his service - he is very thorough and does a great job. Very friendly man. We will use him in the future as the need arises. We were happy with his price as well.
- Tom P....
Portage Septic
She was a recepient of this year's "Friends of Public Health Award" that is given by the Portage County Combined General Health District. Lou and her husband are the owners of Portage Septic Tank. She is the guru of septic systems. They inspect as well as manufacture the evenflow and aeration systems that are recommended by the counties in Ohio. The systems they install are self-servicing where they are configured with alarms that indicate if there are any problems with the tank. The tank is equipped with UV light that kills the negative bacteria. If there is ever an issue with the system Lou will take care of every aspect of repair as stated by the maintenance agreement.
- Kim C....
Hapchuk Inc
It went great. We called at 7:15 this morning and they were here by 1pm. The driver called as he was on his way. When it was clear that just emptying the tank would not stop the water backing up in the basement, they called a 2nd truck in to flush the pipes. My husband had already tried snaking the pipes and that did not clear the clog -- but the flushing did. the 2nd truck arrived in 30 minutes and they were all done in 30 minutes & all plumbing was tested.
- Paula H....
*PUBLIC BEWARE* If you have A-Affordable do work at your home you need to tell them if you do not want to have your property damaged. At least this is what I was told after the fact by the owners & their son that worked on my job. As far as I am aware the work that I hired them to perform was done well. The problem is that their heavy equipment mangled my asphalt driveway to the point where I had to hire an asphalt contractor to make repairs. My driveway was cracked & patched before they came but it was for the most part level, smooth and not a tripping hazard. Since completing their work the asphalt is ripped up, a severe tripping hazard and can no longer be plowed. I asked A Affordable to split the cost of the repair with me. Despite admitting the asphalt was damaged by them they were unwilling to do anything for me. I was repeatedly told if I had just told them I did not want my driveway damaged this would not have happened.
- David M....
K & J Construction & Landscaping LLC
He did the driveway and when he got to the foundation I stopped him because he didn't do the work correctly. He wanted me to pay him out for the rest of the job before he finished the work. I stopped him because I didn't want to pay him more until he caught up with the work. He got angry with me and got in his truck and left. It is going to cost me a great deal of money to hire new contractors to come out and fix his mistakes and finish the job. The foundation was not built to code. He was going to dig 18 inches down but code is 36 inches for the frost line. He wanted to bill me more for digging deeper but he should've known about the code. He also gave me 5 courses of block when I paid for 6. In the foundation, there are supposed to be 4 beams and 4 piers. He put in 4 of each but then stated on the contract that he billed me for three and then added an extra one for another charge. These are his mistakes that he is trying to bill me more for them. I asked him for a price on 56 more feet of driveway. He did the work without my authorization and then billed me for it. He didn't even finish the driveway but charged me full price.
- Jeff K....

Septic System Repair Near You

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Septic systems are mostly reliable, performing their quiet work around the clock. Failure of a septic system is not only unpleasant, it is unhealthy and potentially dangerous. A homeowner can look for a few danger signals that septic system repair is needed. 

Common Septic System Repair Problems


A backup in a septic system occurs when a slow or clogged system forces sewer water (blackwater) back up through pipes into sinks, tubs and toilets. The blackwater is foul-smelling and unhealthy. 

A telltale warning sign of future backups is a gurgling sound in sinks or toilets. Angie's List provides some quick tips on simple maintenance you can do to keep your septic system clean, green and healthy. 


An errant toy flushed down a toilet by an experimenting toddler; feminine hygiene products, hair, kitchen scraps — all can cause clogs that prevent or slow wastewater from entering the septic system. 

More subtle trouble can go down the drain, too. Avoid trying to flush or pour any of these clog-inducers down your toilet or sinks:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Cotton
  • Diapers
  • Gauze
  • Cigarette butts 
  • Paint, varnish, or garage chemicals

Clogs can be sudden or build up over time. Unfortunately, many people never notice a kitchen clog progressively slowing down a kitchen drain, for example, until the sink just stops draining completely. 

Tree Roots

Leaky or sweating pipes will attract tree roots, which can grow and enter septic pipes. These roots follow the moisture, growing along the pipe until the fill or burst it further. Professional septic system repair involves using cutting blades on a rotating auger to clear the roots. 

Sometimes, septic system repair services can run a new, flexible pipe inside the existing pipe, ignoring damage and holes created by the tree roots. 

Damaged Lines

If you have dug around in your back yard and accidentally hit a pipe, you may be the cause of a damaged septic system line. Third party vendors — contractors installing a swing set, landscaping services digging flower beds, or television cable installers — may also inadvertently break your septic system's pipes. 

Many homeowners fail to realize leach field pipes extend far beyond the settling tank, so damage to pipes can happen many yards away from your home.

The only complete solution for this sort of damage is to dig out and replace the damaged pipes. 

Unpleasant Odors

Odors of raw sewage permeating your living space are clear signs of septic system problems. The pipes beneath your sink are designed to keep a little water in the P-trap, preventing sewer gases from entering. Similarly, your toilet has a reservoir of water in the bowl for the same reason. 

When sewer gases enter your home, your septic system has a clog preventing sewer gases from moving out to your settling tank or beyond, to your septic field. 


Many septic systems feature alarms, from blinking lights to noisy buzzers, to alert you that something is not right. If your septic system's alarms go off regularly or intermittently, you have a problem that needs quick action by professionals. 

Solutions to Septic System Problems

A fast solution to some septic system malfunctions is to have the settling tank pumped of waste. As Angie's List has recommended, getting the system cleaned every few years is a smart investment, saving expensive emergency service calls. 

A plumber equipped with a power auger can eliminate tree roots. When searching for a plumber or specialty service, verify some basics:

  • State license
  • Liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Familiarity with septic systems similar to yours
  • Testimonials or customer reviews 
  • A contracting company that uses its own crews, rather than day laborers

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