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AROCON Roofing & Construction
We appreciate the thorough inspection that Zachary and Andrew conducted, including inspection of the attic. From the many photos they took of the roof, we can see that they did several maintenance repairs, including caulking, re-nailing, etc. They discussed with us the condition of our roof, explained what they found and the maintenance/repairs they had performed. They also discussed with us new roof options when it is time to replace the roof. We found both Zachary and Andrew to be personable and professional, and we look forward to seeing them again when we have additional roofing needs. Susie Setser
- Susie S....
Pond Roofing Co Inc
Pond Roofing was fast and friendly tearing off the old roof, repairing what was necessary and installing the new roof. They even came back an installed a new cupola that we bought for the roof of the garage.
- Douglas M....
Pond Roofing Co Inc
Pond Roofing did some minor roof repairs for us. We also used Pond Roofing for a full roof replacement. They are responsive, courteous, and reasonably priced. We will definitely use them again.
- Sarah C....
Home Tech
HomeTech handled an insurance claim for my roof, fence, gutters and interior wall. They were extremely professional and each and everything needed was done. They also had to remove some solar panels from my roof in order to replace the roof. HomeTech went above and beyond my expectations, even negotiating other costs with the insurance company (something I would probably not have been able to de effectively). The insurance only approved the 20-year roof, but HomeTech installed a 50-year roof with no additional cost to me. My roof is beautiful. Look no further than HomeTech.
- Tonnie B....
Exterior Medics
The roof inspector arrived on time. He inspected the roof and took pictures of the roof to share with me.
- Ganesh T....
Pond Roofing Co Inc
We had a leak in our roof. Pond Roofing came to do an estimate. They did an excellent job replacing our roof.
- Patricia M....
Scope Restoration, Inc
Scope restoration replaced our roof after some storms came through. The were quick and courteous. Our roof looks great.
- Daniel W....
R M Banning Roofing
Banning was great ! I used them 3 1/2 years earlier for minor roof repair as I was not ready to replace the entire roof. The Banning lead, Daniel, came to my home, thoroughly reviewed and discussed and confirmed the proposed project. He was patient in describing the options and materials, components of the roof replacement. Also, he described how the crew would proceed to do the work. Also, he answered my many questions on roof manufacturers, roofing types and roofing longevity. I would definitely recommend them. A PLUS was BANNING had a roofing replacement cancelation, contacting me and starting a week ahead of schedule ! I was SO PLEASED.
- Steven C....
MacKay Home Improvements
I was satisfied with the roofing and Mr McKay was professional and the roof was completed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him if you are considering having your roof replaced or repaired.
- Della M....
Shiner Roofing Siding & Windows
Once again Shiner Roofing delivered quality and professionalism. Having worked with Shiner on four repair jobs on our roof since 2008, I marvel that the experience always surpasses my expectations. Their service is top notch with frequent and clear communication, an emphasis on quality workmanship, consistent punctuality, and a forthright approach to business. In all these years they have never tried to upsell a repair into a new roof. They will be my first choice as I consider roof replacement on my now almost 20 year-old roof -- Shiner delivers quality and professionalism that somehow makes dealing with roof repairs a pleasant experience.
- Jeanie T....
AROCON Roofing & Construction
Jesse Brossoit was extremely diligent and professional. He took photos of the roof and explained me the repairs he made and which were the problems with my roof. It was a great service and I will use Aracon for future roof work.
- Jose G....
Atlas Roofing Co
Atlas Roofing is completely first class and I cannot recommend them any more highly. They just replaced my roof and gutters and the entire experience was outstanding from beginning to end. Ed, the owner, is extremely attentive to detail and made sure all of my concerns were addressed. Atlas Roofing is absolutely tops!
- Gerald V....
R M Banning Roofing
We recently had our leaking roof and old gutter system replaced with a new upgraded roof and larger gutter system from R.M. Banning Company. For the roof, the workmanship was excellent, and the materials were high quality with an extensive guarantee. When installing the roof, they accidentally punched through the garage roof drywall. They immediately fixed the mistake at no additional cost. Overall, we had an extremely positive experience with R.M. Banning.
- Don G....
Pond Roofing Co Inc
very well. Their estimate was less than 3 others. They inspected the roof and said our roof all in all was in good shape. They did not try to sell us a new roof.
- Nina Y....
American Home Contractors Inc
Gutter that had fallen off the roof was put back on. Upon inspection of my roof I will have to have my roof replaced. I am letting American Home Contractors replace my roof when they in the next 2-3 weeks.
- Sondra C....
American Home Contractors Inc
We've had a roof tune-up and inspection before, knowing our roof is getting older, but AHC was very thorough. They provided a detailed report, photos, and a no pressure assessment on the roof, attic, and siding.
- Frank I....
After the Derecho storm in July, I called several roofing companies for an estimate to repair my roof after a huge tree branch fell on it and punctured the roof. John P****** from Springfield Roofing called back that day and scheduled an inspection the next day. They showed up as scheduled, inspected my roof, gave me a good estimate after discussing various options, removed the branches, cut them up, placed them at the curb and temporarily patched my roof. Later returned and repaired the trusses and repaired the roof as good as new in one day. Great job,
- David A....
Ashburn Roofing LLC
Ashburn roofing provided great service. Roof replacement was completed within 6 hours and the cleaning after it was flawless. Danny is very helpful and he was there for whole time during roof replacement
- Sameer D....
St Joseph's Roofing Inc
I want to complement St. Joseph Roofing (SJR) on the excellent job replacing my homes roof, gutters, and repaired siding. I initially selected SJR over the other companies who estimated the job due to the detailed easy to understand estimate. Besides replacing the roof and gutters SJR also repaired damage raccoons done to the siding under the roof eves. Now you can’t tell where raccoons broke into the attic and garage. SJR did an excellent job and I highly recommend them.
- Luke P....
Valley Ridge Restoration
Valley Ridge was dogged in working through the roofing replacement with my insurance provider based on hail damage from several years ago. After a year of VR working directly with my insurance company, VR received approval for the full roof replacement covered by insurance. Upon receipt of insurance approval, VR was very quick to install the new roof. I highly recommend Valley Ridge for roof replacement, even if you don't involve your insurance company, based on their responsiveness and quality of workmanship.
- Richard N....

Roofers Near You

If roofing work needs to be done, use these tips to closely monitor the cost and avoid going over budget:

1. Understand your nearby roofing services

Roofers carry out a wide variety of services, from repairing shingles to fully installing new roofs. Most roofers will charge according to the scope of work that needs to be done, as well as the type of roof, not by hour. Some common roof repairs include shingle replacement, repairing damaged nails and metal sheets, or flashing repairs (repairing a damaged waterproof barrier). At some point, replacing the entire roof will be necessary.

Contact at least three roofing companies near you for bids on your project. This will help you get familiar with your local roofers, their price points and other nuances in your area.

2. Understand the roofing costs and price factors near you

  • Replacing the roof of a standard-sized home (2,200-3,400 square feet) will cost between $2,000 to $6,000.
  • Asphalt shingles typically cost between $1.20 to $4 per square foot to install.
  • Roof tiles cost $8 to $15 per square foot.
  • Metal roofs cost more than most other roofing materials, with a standard 2,200 square foot home costing $5,000 to $20,000 for metal roof installation.
  • Labor costs for old roof removal can lie anywhere between $100 to $175 per square ($1- $1.75 per square foot). If the old roof has multiple layers that need to be removed, the cost will typically be higher.
  • The cost of roof installation largely depends on the square footage (commonly measured in squares) of the project. In addition, remember the old roof will also need to be removed.

3. How to find a great professional roofer near you

The success of a roofing project will depend on the roofer selected. This page has some of the best-reviewed roofing companies near you with free reviews and grades. Find and contact the best, or let us help you contact top pros. Be sure to follow these tips when you reach out:

  • Make sure to choose a certified and insured roofer for your project.
  • Ensure that the roofer is familiar with local building codes and permits.
  • Contact three roofing companies near you to gauge local price and other area factors.

All roofs require repair or replacement due to wear and tear. It helps to know how much roofers will cost, as well as the scope of services they provide. Roofs are one of the most important parts of the home - many don’t realize this until their roof becomes damaged.

Roofing resources for consumers

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Can metal roofing be installed over shingle roofing?

Yes, metal roofing can be installed over shingles and other types of roofs. There could be conflicts with your local building codes however - contact a pro roofer near you to help sort out the details.

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