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Kenmore Refrigerator Repair Reviews Near You

Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
Prompt, took 5 minutes to evaluate problem. Told me it was the ice maker. Had the part at the ready, replaced in 15 minutes. Quick, efficient and quality repair. I highly recommend these guys fellow Angie's List members. Ice started coming out 1 hour later, 24 hours later, full box of ice, nice! Great Job! Ice Bought that $55.00 cuopon for $20.00. Well worth it!
- David M....
Service Master
Lucky arrived when he said he would and fixed the problem within 45 minutes. This after another vendor claimed that the refrigerator could not be fixed. He cleaned up promptly
- Peter D....
American Residential Appliances Heating & Cooling
Our icemaker died in our Kenmore fridge. I went to Angie's List and got a $129 special with Ben. Ben came right over to fix it, arrived punctually, and instantly knew what the problem was - our ice maker needed to be replaced because some tiny plastic piece had broken. He gave us the option of buying a new piece for $110 or replacing the whole thing for about $150 - this was the equipment price and she showed it to me on the Sears Website. I looked at the part online myself and found it for $60 and asked Ben why there was a difference in price. He told me he couldn't vouch for the quality of products on the internet (fair enough). I asked him if he was installing a Sears ice maker and he said it was not. I never really felt like I knew what I was paying for - why show me the Sears website price if I'm not buying a Sears product? This line of reasoning didn't work, and I paid him the Sears price since I'd agreed to the replacement in the first place. Maybe I got cheated, and maybe I didn't. The whole thing simply felt off, so I'll look elsewhere the next time I have an appliance repair.
- Mark W....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
I purchased an Angie's List "Big Deal" - $49.00 for $100.00 toward appliance repair. The door seal on my refrigerator's freezer door was gapping and cold air was escaping, wasting energy. Samy showed up as scheduled to assess the problem and then again to replace the seal about a week later. He explained it may take up to two weeks to "set" and correct the gapping issue. Two weeks passed and the gapping was still present. I called the office and requested a follow up service call. I established a day and time with John in the office and subsequently took the morning off from work. Approximately 30 minutes past the time I had been given, I received an apologetic call from John stating Samy would not be able to make it after all. I was unhappy since I had specificaly taken off work to be home but we rescheduled.Samy did show up for the next appointment and seemed to be stumped by the fact the new seal was gapping. In the end, his "fix" was to fold up some small pieces of paper towel and stuff it into the inside curve of the freezer seal! I was more than a little surprised that he considered this an acceptable repair. After several voice messages back and forth with John, we finally spoke today. He told me that a new freezer door seal will not necessarily fit perfectly like when the appliance came out of the box. I let him know that the problem I had prior to paying DAR to replace the seal still exists today. Nothing has changed except I paid DAR $179.00 and I can still feel cold air blowing out of my freezer when the fan is running and emanating out otherwise. He again said the seal would not necessarily fit perfectly. My point to John was and is that if that is the case and they knew that, why didn't they say that up front? I obviously would not have had a new seal installed if it was not going to remedy the problem. I am extremely dissatisfied and stumped; unsure if DAR just does not feel like making a fourth trip to my house to make this right, or if they were dishonest up front.This is the first negative experience I have had with an Angie's List company and I truly dislike having to write this negative review but feel it is my responsibility to share this experience with other members. I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with the "service" I received from Discount Appliances Repair, will never use them again and caution others to be wary.
- Tammy S....
Vienna Appliance
Overall, this was a very positive experience. The office person who handled the call was pleasant and professional and was able to make an appointment for the next morning. The repair person, Al, was on time and a pleasure to deal with. Although the part ordinarily would have had to been ordered, leaving us with a non-functioning refrigerator over the weekend, he recalled that there was a fan motor on another repair person's truck and tracked him down to find it.
- John H....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
I was very pleased that I was able to get a same day appointment and that the technician had the necessary parts on hand. Factoring in the Angie's List coupon I purchawed, I paid about $220 for the repair. Not sure if this is high or low, since I did not get any other estimates. However, I was very pleased with the service, and the fridge seems to be its old self again.
- Timothy W....
A Weinstein Inc
We discovered the problem on Friday evening, when someone went to get ice cream and found only liquid soup. I called Mr. Weinstein Saturday morning; he arrived within 2 hours. He explained he did not do warranty work on Sears appliances, but that he would check out the fridge and try to figure out what was wrong. He thought it might be a start-up relay switch problem, and tried two universal switches he had with him (both have worked in the past with other Kenmore refrigerators). Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem. However, he gave me great advice on how to handle the request for service from Sears. He was honest, responsive, and seemed truly upset that he couldn't fix the problem.
- Kathleen S....
Alco Appliance Inc
I selected Arco via recommendations in Angie's list. I called on the weekend and left a message. They got back to me right away on Monday morning to get some details about the model number. Arco said on certain models numbers on this Kenmore, the manufacturer is LG, and Arco would not be able to repair it because of poor quality. Fortunately this wasn't -- it was built by Amana. Then, after confirming the problem, they set up a time convenient to me (5 pm on a weekday). I preferred later, but this was the latest available. They called to confirm that day and arrived promptly (actually about 10 minutes early), calling to let me know they were at my house. I was running a bit late, but the repair person said not to worry, he would wait. Once here, he quickly determined the problem (a thermostat on the auto defroster in the freezer). He took everything out of the freezer and showed me that there was also ice buildup. He then defrosted the ice build up, repaired the thermostat, and overall spent about an hour and a half. He returned everything to the freezer and cleaned up after. He was very professional, clean cut, friendly, etc. I asked if he minded if I listened to the news and he laughed saying it's my house. The refrigerator is working very well now.
- Robin H....
Service was carried out professionally. However, the labor charge of $200.00 for a 40 mn call represents an hourly labor fee of $300.00. The $112.57 charge for a thermostat with a street price of $35.00 represents a 220% markup, which qualifies as price gouging. My total cost for this repair is $70.00 less than the original cost of the appliance. When I attempted to contact Sears Customer Service for an explanation, I asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold for 10 minutes, then disconnected. On my second attempt, I was put on hold for 1 hour and 37 minutes, then disconnected again. On my third try, the supervisor attempted to justify the cost by saying that it included a 90-day warranty on parts and service. One would think a company pressured by poor performance would try to keep its customer base. Sears just lost another customer.
- Gerald R....
Sears Home Services Chesapeake Service Region
Poor experience and I will neither recommend nor use Sears Home Services again. On the initial visit, the repair technician said the frost developing in my freezer required the replacement of the entire drawer mechanism (it is a French door/freezer drawer on the bottom Kenmore Elite model). I agreed to the repair, he ordered the parts to be shipped to me, and - upon a return visit when the parts arrived - he replaced the freezer drawer frame. As I cleaned up after he left, and reloaded the freezer with food, I noticed random bits of broken plastic inside the freezer. He had banged around very loudly in getting the repair done and it had appeared to me that excessive force was being used in relation to the work. Within hours of his leaving, the "door open" alarm on the refrigerator began to alarm. I would go to the kitchen, open and close the refrigerator and freezer door, and get the alarm to stop. It would begin again randomly to alarm. I was awoken multiple times the first night (until I could dig out the refrigerator manual the next day and figure out how to deactivate it - this unfortunately also deactivates all the electronic indicators and lights on the refrigerator door display panel - so, although the beeping stops, I lose all this functionality). The freezer light also no longer worked unless I reached in the freezer and jiggled it. I called Sears immediately the next day under their "90 Day Service Guarantee" and they scheduled to come back out. The first day I stayed home waiting for the return visit of a repair tech, they didn't show up within the appointment window and I had to go to work. They never apologized when I called to complain, but merely scheduled yet another appointment for a tech to come. He came this time, looked at the issue with the freezer, saw the light wouldn't come on, listened to the door open alarm (which I reactivated for his listening pleasure) and said he would have to call his manager. After that, he told me that the door sensor was broken and they would repair it but I had to pay. I asked him if he really believed that the door sensor suddenly broke itself, the same day the Sears tech banged around in there for 2 hours and it was just a coincidence. What did their "90 Day Service Guarantee" mean? He said they only correct the exact same item. They are not responsible for other damage they do in the course of their work. Then he asked if I wanted his personal opinion. I said yes. He said he was sure the damage was done by the other repair tech, but he couldn't change the position of his company. Insult to injury update: On 8/26/13, I got a bill from Sears, charging me another $70 for the visit from the tech who told me it was Sears' fault but they wouldn't fix it. You cannot make this stuff up.
- Kristine S....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
Our Maytag dishwasher began leaking on Friday, but I didn't call until Saturday. I got an appointment for Monday afternoon that worked for me, requesting not only a dishwasher repair, but also an icemaker repair (on a Kenmore refrigerator) that we'd been putting off for years. The company called 10 minutes before arrival, just as they promised. Two people showed up and were done in about 40 minutes. They were delightful and courteous and very efficient. ((It would have been a perfect experience, but for that "pulling the refrigerator away from the wall" thing you have to do to get at the icemaker. Despite their assurances that "this is normal, ma'am," I am now resolved to pull it out far more regularly so I don't die of embarrassment in the future.))
- Christine C....
Alco Appliance Inc
As usual, I was very satisfied with the quality of service. For years I've been using Alco to keep my old appliances working. I've dealt with owner John and technician Herman; both are extremely honest, professional and full of good advice and recommendations. I've had at least three different repairs over the years to a sturdy old Kenmore dryer (circa 1977) I inherited that consisted of replacing the door latch and the heating element. Today the drum belt had to be replaced. After the repair John even looked into my complaint about my Kenmore refrigerator (yep, circa 1977) not freezing properly. He suspected the problem to be dust that collected on the coils which he vacuumed and assured me that should do the trick. The service is A+ and very cost effective. I have nothing but respect for these guys.
- Norman W....
Air Express Appliances
Our sears Kenmore refrigerator started leaking two days ago. Since it's under warranty, we called Sears. They scheduled us for service on 9/12! We called them back and told them it was an emergency. We were told the tech would call us back. We are still waiting! I looked on Angie's List and called Air Express Appliance Repair Service yesterday. The scheduled us for service to day. Jay arrived on time. He was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly! He was very fast and efficient. We will onlu use this repair service from now on. Thank you Air Express for being there for us and responding so quickly to our S.O.S.
- Bettyann T....
Appliance Repair Leaders LLC
Went very well. Technician accomplished the work quickly and made sure everything worked before the left. I was extremely impressed with the responsiveness of this company. I called around 8:30am on New Year's Eve and they were in my house working the problem within an hour and a half.
- David D....
Apple Appliance Repair - Fairfax
Seven year old Kenmore refrigerator displayed "0 FF" , no cooling at all. 4/9-Repairman came the same day as we called, had "forgotten his tools at the last job"-borrowed a screwdriver. Visually inspected PCB, said we needed a replacement. They made no further contact, so we called 2 days later to ask about the repair status. We were told that they would now order the part since we wanted that. This step in the process was not made clear by the repairman, we assumed he would order the part. We made phone inquiries for updates, and were told the part was not available until perhaps...and the dates kept getting later and later. We could find the part on a number of online webpages, but Apple say that they could not guarantee 3rd-party parts. As the expected date for the delivery of the PCB was forecast into May, we finally called Sears who came on April 28. The problem: the refrigerator had gone into "DEMO MODE". Solution: pressing a couple of buttons on the LCD simultaneously with the freezer drawer being open. There was NO NEED for a replacement part or the weeks of running up and downstairs to the basement refrigerator (during one such trip, I turned my foot and fractured it-adding to the aggravation!!)
- Virginia L....
Sterling Appliance
Many years ago (17 years ago) we purchased our kitchen appliances from Sterling Appliances. I stubbornly insisted on buying everything Maytag, thinking it was a brand as reliable as its longtime reputation would have led you to believe. At that time Maytag was just beginning to go downhill. Our refrigerator was beautiful, with thoughtful touches, drawers, and space considerations. Unfortunately, this refrigerator turned out to be loud and temperamental. It would throw fits and have meltdowns on an ongoing basis. I would call Sterling Appliance, and they would send their repairman. Contrary to the well known Maytag T.V. commercials of that era, I was on a first name basis with the repairman. He kept that dang thing running for the full five year warranty that Sterling Appliances offered free of charge with the purchase of your appliances at that time. How many stores, then or now, offer a five year warranty independent of the manufacturer? And anyone who has ever dealt with home warranty programs so popular today knows what a pain in the neck it is to deal with those folks. They try to weasel out of their obligations every which way they can contrive. Not Sterling Appliance. I would call them, and they would efficiently and without a single grumble send the Maytag repair guy to my house. After five years, we replaced that #!& refrigerator with a generic Kenmore refrigerator, and that was the end of our ongoing contact with Sterling Appliance. Fast forward to today. We puchased a house that came with a fancy Jenn-Air range. I have had a couple of problems with the range that repair men just can't seem to figure out. I have dropped by Sterling Appliance in Leesburg to pick the owner's brain several times. He has generously shared his time and his knowledge in trying to help me figure out what part is the cause of the problem so that we can get it resolved. Thank you, sir! Much appreciated.
- Gertrud L....
Called SEARS repair to fix a Kenmore refrigerator that was not working. Repair window given was 1pm to 5pm. A call was recieved on the day of repair confirming that repair person would be out between 1 and 5; however, a second call came around 3pm saying there were delays and repair tech would be outside the window. When the repair tech arrived after 5pm, he did not introduce himself, walked in and proceeded to look at the appliance. The refrigerator was empty as it was not working - top freezer had items because it was working. He said in a rude commanding tone - the freeezer needs to be emptied. Not sure why he didn't just do it, but I emptied the freezer. He identified the issue - a faulty automatic defrost switch, printed up an estimate and asked me to sign, which I did. The part was $43. with labor at $197 - I asked how the labor charged was calculated (i.e. how much per half hour) and he said it's by the job. The "job" took less then 5 minutes to replace the part. At the end, he said I could pay my cash, check or credit card. I selected check and gave him a check with my name, phone number and home address imprinted. He said he would not take the check without my driver's license number on it. I do not have a driver's license. He said he would have to remove the part. I called SEARS customer service and was on hold for 25 minutes, when the repair tech annouced he could only wait another 4 minutes before leaving, and he would take the new part out. While I was on hold with the customer service, he had tried to contact a SEARS rep and could not. He stepped outside of my house and I locked the door because I felt threatened by his rude, hostile attitude. Finally, a customer rep answered. At this point, the repair tech was sitting in his car. The customer service tried to call the repair tech six times - four times he did not answer, then he hung up on her twice. She sent a message to his computer saying he was not allowed back on my property and she said a SEARS rep would call me to arrange for payment. Additionally, the customer service rep tried to call the repair tech's supervisor; however, she received a recording advising to call the number she was answering. Unbelievable experience. I explained to the repair tech and the customer service rep that I was a long time SEARS customer having purchased my stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave along with numerous other smaller items. Did not seem to matter.
- Susie G....

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