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My Guys Moving & Storage
It snowed heavythat day, with fed. gov closed. They came on time and kept both houses clean and all of our stuff dry. They were great.
- Shelby M....
Artisan Movers
My family has used Artisan Movers multiple times, so they came highly recommended. I can now see why that’s the case- they are super reliable, extremely careful, fast and efficient workers. They worked hard and were very nice throughout a long day moving in extreme heat and humidity. Really the best experience I've ever had hiring. Don't hesitate to hire them.
- Tim L....
Zippy Shell Storage and Moving
We had a great experience with Zippy Shell. I contacted 6 moving/storage companies and they were the most reasonably priced, responsive and were flexible to my needs. The movers were professional, quick and paid attention to detail with much of our fragile furniture and boxes.
- Jessica C....
Metropolitan Moving & Storage
This is my second move with this company. So professional. Very friendly staff. Very honest and reliable. I truly recommend!
- Izim T....
Bargain Movers
Moved from a 4th floor apartment to a townhouse. The movers worked extremely quickly even though their were 4 floors of stairs. It was pretty amazing how hard and fast they worked considering the stairs. They were very polite, professional, and took directions from us without any complaints. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends.
- Shannon B....
Two Marines Moving
I hired movers in the past and they took too long and charged way too much. Two marines and a truck were great. They called to let me know they were on their way, showed up on time, and were very efficient. I'd use them again in the future.
- Lindsay S....
American Van Lines
This company provided the lowest- quality movers that one could imagine: lazy, slow, clumsy, rude, and aloof. Some of my most expensive stuff was damaged, and I could get no one on the phone to reconcile the issues afterwards. As a consumer, this is one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with.
- Jon M....
Campbell Moving & Storage Inc
I went with this mover based on all the great reviews on Angies List, however, I did not have a good experience. The estimator that came to my home was wonderful and really seemed to know his stuff. I felt confident in his estimate as he assured me they almost always come in under estimate, that it is more of a worst case scenario number. He also confidently addressed my biggest concern, our trampoline. He told me that it would fit on the truck without a doubt and if for some reason they couldn't get it on with our belongings they would come back for it the next day and all I would have to pay is gas cost for that. I had another company come out for an estimate that told me there was no way the trampoline would fit and if someone told me otherwise they were lying. I called the estimator back and told him this, he chuckled and assured me he had been doing this for so long he was sure there would be no problem. It was a huge problem. It didn't fit. They had to call in another guy to deal with this issue. We were charged for this additional man. He began trying to disassemble this thing and rods were cracking as he went, the base was banged with pieces of wood to get it was a total mess. This was a really nice trampoline, only a year old, over a thousand dollar investment, we used it for health/therapeutic reasons for my children in addition to was their prized possession. They got it apart enough to get on the truck and took it to our new home. There they tried to reassemble it. Such a mess! The extra guy we were paying for could not get it together at all. One of the movers we were paying by the hour stopped unloading and messed around with the d*** thing for well over an hour. In the end over a year later it is still in our yard half assembled and useless. I went back and forth with phone calls to Campbell for months to have it repaired to no avail and eventually gave up. So disappointed. Our total charges were just shy of 300 dollars over the initial estimate which is nuts because we lost a mover to trampoline duty, had to pay extra for the guy to come destroy our trampoline, and the house we moved into was going to be renovated so everything was moved into the garage and basement....there was no taking anything upstairs or reassembling any furniture! They also put a sizable hole in our upstairs hallway. I understand these things happen i just wished they had brought it to our attention so i could have patched it for the new owner without having to get a frantic call about it from the realtor. I am not the type to complain, I always give the benefit of the doubt, but I had a terrible move with this company and Angies List sends me emails every week asking for my there it is.
- Christina M....
Great Job Moving and Storage
It was within the price. The movers were wonderful. There were three movers. They worked the three hours. Very straight forward, no glitches. The movers said they love the company they worked for.
- David M....
Here & Now Movers
I moved from a 2 bed/2 bath apartment in Wheaton, MD to a 2 bed/2 bath apartment Centreville, VA on November 1st. I hired Here & Now Movers and paid my deposit on October 26th. I chose them out of other moving companies because of their proximity to my old apartment, Maya was very responsive, they were available less than a week in advance, and they were the cheapest. Terrible decision, never choose the cheapest of anything, it is NOT worth it. On October 25th, I emailed Maya (along with many other moving companies) asking for a quote. Maya asked "what is the size of [my] move (how many bedrooms)?" I responded with an estimate stating, "I am moving from a two bedroom/two bath apartment to a two bedroom/two bath apartment. One bed Queen sized bed, one couch with an ottoman, two recliners, one wardrobe, three tvs and about 15 or so boxes." Maya responded, "If these are the only items to be moved, we can schedule a 2-man crew at $109/hour." She additionally noted the prices and told me that they were available on November 1st. I responded, "I forgot to include that there will also be a bar table with 4 bar chairs, a floor lamp, and a few cubed shelves." - this was not meant to be an inventory list, but to give her an idea of what I was moving. I had not finished packing yet and I detrimentally relied on her to let me know what type of crew was needed. I originally planned to hire a 3- or 4-man crew until she stated that a 2-man crew would suffice. On the day of the move, Alex and Vlad arrived. Alex was nice, very talkative. Vlad was very quick and proficient disassembling and reassembling furniture. We had a few difficulties with the old apartment as the elevator was inoperable. However, this delay should not have turned a 5/6 hour move into an 11 hour move. Around 8pm, Maya called me to ask how things were going, but before I responded, she noted that my "inventory list" was wrong and this should have been a 3-man job. I also noticed this was around the time that Alex and Vlad began to move a little quicker. I don't understand why the movers could not ascertain that this was a job for a 3-man crew when they arrived at 11am. Or if they did, why was this not communicated to me? Had it been communicated, I could have changed courses or move more things myself. Actually, Alex was telling me how organized everything was and telling me the opposite of what Maya was telling me on the phone at 8 pm. Second, I don't understand the reason for that call at 8pm. At this point, the movers were already here and wrapping up. I don't understand why she would call me as it truly just irritated me. At the end of the move, we spoke with Maya and she kept cutting me off. She was not nice and not accommodating or understanding at all. She did not offer any discount or even own up to her mistake. She kept citing to my old apartment being the cause for the delay (which is true, but ONLY in part), and also noting that I provided an inventory list that was inaccurate. As aforementioned, I did not provide an inventory list. I provided a general list of what the movers would be moving. Other moving companies were so much more professional and provided an actual inventory list for me to fill out if I were to hire them. She said that I said that I was moving from and to a two-bedroom apartment but provided inventory for a one bedroom apartment. Our second bedroom is an entertainment room and has the two recliner couches and if there was any confusion on her end, why did she not ask me additional questions as she is the professional in this situation? I completely and utterly regret hiring this moving company and I suggest you do not do so. It is not worth it. Try MAT Movers or Global Moving Systems - unfortunately, they were not available on November 1st, they booked up quickly and that was my mistake for waiting so long to finalize the moving company. There were also chips in my bedroom furniture and the cubes that are small but definitely worth mentioning so you do not hire them.
- Jennifer F....
Great Job Moving and Storage
I was told that the movers would show up between 0800 and 1000 and the guys showed up at 0900. I had a about 13 pieces of furniture to move (no boxes) and the movers went over the allotted time. While they charged in 30 minute increments for the overtime, I was surprised that such a small amount of stuff took so long to pack and move.
- Ashley L....
Movers USA Inc
The movers were on time. There was a discrepancy between estimate and amount movers saw.we worked though that packing team was professional and worked hard.
- Adam B....
Randall Moving & Storage
Randall Movers were punctual in responses; the movers were wonderful, polite, and hard-working; and the final cost matched the estimate within $20.
- Cari M....
YAK Movers
It went great, my movers really are professional an moved quickly in a timely manner. Completely satisfied and will be using them again. Mike was great , an the movers had good positive energy very respectful guys.
- Dominique B....
Metropolitan Moving & Storage
Estimate was accurate and fair. Movers were on time and took good care of our things. It was raining and they took care to protect floors and furniture. Some lack of communication between office and movers but it was resolved positively.
- Matthew B....
Motivational Movers
I purchased a big deal coupon for this company. It was okay. It wasn't bad but not exceptional. It ended up being a few hundred dollars more because it took longer than expected. I think some of that was okay but it took considerably longer than I expected. They were all very nice. They were on time but it was slow.
- Robert M....
Green Line Moving & Storage
I hired Green Line Moving for my move from Arlington, VA to Raleigh, NC. On the morning of my move they called to say they needed to postpone because of "weather." It was a beautiful day. I explained to them that no where in the contract did it state that they could cancel because of weather, and it did not say anything about this on the website. They then agreed to still pick up my stuff that day. After arriving 3 hours late for the move, the movers loaded everything into the truck. This was Sunday My husband had explained to them before hiring them that we needed the stuff delivered to North Carolina no later than the next Friday, and they told us this was possible. We proceeded to call them every day for the next week for an update on when things would be delivered, and were continually told they did not know and that they did not think we could have our things delivered by Friday, even though that is what we had been promised. Finally, they agreed to deliver our things that Saturday. Instead of professional movers, they hired 2 men off of Craigslist to assist with the move. They were supposed to put together all of our furniture, but since the movers were 3 hours late again, and we did not feel comfortable having random men from Craigslist in our home, we simply asked them to unload everything into our garage. After moving everything ourselves into the house, we noticed that 2 trunks were missing. We have now been trying for over a month to have the trunks delivered, and nothing has happened. We keep getting a responses like "my boss is out of town" and "we don't move much in September." It was Green Line's fault that the trunks did not make in the initial move and yet they have done nothing to remedy this. I have never experienced such unprofessional movers in my life, and would strongly recommend not going with Green Line Moving. It has been a nightmare.
- Anna K....
Bargain Movers
Bargain Movers arrived promptly and provided excellent and careful service moving furniture including glass tabletops and mirrors without breakage or damage. The two movers carried everything up STAIRS to a fourth floor apartment without complaint. In comparison, we received delivery of a large sofa from a local furniture store and the movers complained and tried to get out of carrying the sofa up the stairs to the fourth floor apartment. Bargain Movers is an excellent company with courteous, efficient movers and employees.
- S. D....
Motivational Movers
My experience with them was very good. They were very nice and they did the good job. The only thing was that we actually packed ourselves, so the price was a little off, but they were good, so we let it off. They finished faster because we had done all the packing ahead. They were very polite, careful and helpful. The price was good, but it was actually a little misunderstanding about what we actually needed.
- Dennis C....
7 Movers
Professional and efficient movers. Everything went as planned. Movers were quick, yet careful as well. I would hire them again.
- Chad H....

Moving Services Near You

Hiring a mover for a cross-town or cross-country move saves you a lot of time and, surprisingly, money in many cases. 

An Important Question To Ask Movers Near You:

Do you belong to The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA)?

The AMSA represents the best in American movers. Working against generations of shady operators, this group encourages educated homeowners to use high-quality, professional movers. Be sure to ask your moving company if they are included in this association.

You can hire movers to only move boxes and furniture, or you can hire moving services to pack every teacup and knick-knack in your home. Moving services offer a menu of options:

  • Buy boxes and packing materials from them and move yourself
  • Buy boxes and packing materials from them, box all your possessions, and let the moving service load and move all your belongings
  • Call them up, sit back, and have them do everything for you, from packing your belongings to labeling the boxes to moving you, unpacking everything, and putting away every last tablespoon
  • Request that your possessions be stored long- or short-term in safe, climate-controlled facilities
  • Have the moving service pack and prepare your furnishings to be shipped overseas for international moves

AMSA realizes just about anybody with a van can claim to be a mover. They caution consumers to only work with licensed, insured, certified professionals, and Angie's List agrees. Moving services can offer the best protection for your possessions during the move, including replacement costs for damage to electronics, artwork, furniture and more. 

How Much Do Moving Services Cost?

The national average cost is $970.

Angie's List and AMSA recommend getting written, signed estimates from at least three movers before choosing a moving service.

Don't Forget Weight and Other Factors

All moving estimates depend on weight, but more than weight affect a move. Stairs, overhanging trees, limited driveway access, or narrow hallways all affect the time and movement that drive up costs. 

Look for three types of estimates:

  • Binding — You pay the stated price, even if the shipment weighs more or less than the estimate
  • Non-binding — Pay no more than 110 percent of the estimate, even if costs exceed the estimate
  • Not-to-exceed — A final bill based on the lower of either a binding estimate or actual cost

Hiring Moving Services Near You

  • Go through a legitimate mover locating service that offers free reviews and grades, such as Angie's List.
  • Get three written estimates.
  • Never accept an over-the-phone estimate; legitimate movers require an in-home inspection to evaluate furniture weight and dimensions. 
  • Be flexible with moving-out and moving-in dates if possible.
  • If you tip the movers, tip each mover individually. 

National moving resources for consumers and businesses:

Protect Your Move - State-level resources for protecting your move from scams and scammers | Moving Resource Center - Angie's List resources on moving for consumers such as hiring tips, cost and other information and articles | Protect Your Move - Where to officially file a complaint if you have problems | Protect Your Move - How to handle a problem with a moving company