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home sweet home services
My husband and I worked with Sami and Home Sweet Home Services and could not be happier! We have a rental property in Montgomery County but live in the Western US. Working with vendors on repairs can sometimes be touch and go given our location, however Sami was unbelievably flexible and understanding and held our hands through our dryer drama, which happened around a major national holiday. Sami and Home Sweet Home Services came out to troubleshoot a gas dryer that was not functioning properly. The dryer was very old (from the 80s) and the cost to repair the dryer with off market parts was almost the cost to replace the dryer. Sami was helpful through the entire process from troubleshooting to helping us select a dryer from a big box store to installing the new dryer and disconnecting the old dryer and coordinating with our tenant and the dryer delivery service. He responded to texts outside of business hours and even talked me off the ledge after the big box store made a mistake regarding disconnecting the old dryer. The pricing for our services was competitive, slightly cheaper than what the big box stores offer and more thorough. He even cleaned our dryer vent before hooking up the new dryer. 10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up. Amazing service and a wonderful person all around.
- Alex S....
Wooten Appliance
Technician performed service and discovered burnt wiring in dryer. Advised me to not use the dryer as a fire might develop. I could see the wires and concurred. Since they don't sell dryers there was no incentive for them to try to get me to buy a new dryer.
- Julius S....
Smart Appliance Pro
WOW IMPRESSED ! Dryer Vent is " pipe to pipe " due to poor design, and came loose. Techs, LITERALLY dove on top of piggy back dryer, and made repairs hanging UPSIDE DOWN over the back. SO IMPRESSED!"
- Christopher S....
Factor Appliance
on time. professional. was straight forward and told its faster and cheaper to get a new dryer since the dryer may have had an electrical issue that is worth more than a new dryer. adrian even recommended what type of dryers to look out for.
- John D....
I called them to look at my dryer because I thought it was no longer functional. It turned out that everything was running smoothly except for the dryer vent. They cleaned the vent and the dryer has worked perfectly since.
- Jose M....
Thompson Appliance Repair LLC
The dryer is an older Maytag purchased in 1985. It has never had anything go wrong until recently. Because of the age, was not sure it could be repaired. Mr. Thompson identified the problem, ordered the parts, and fixed the dryer. He also told me the dryer was in good condition. Am very pleased with his service.
- Susan G....
All American Appliance Service Inc
Repaired the dryer with the first visit. The technician was friendly and helpful... suggested we have the dryer vent cleaned as well. Fixed it right the first time.
- James R....
Fair Appliance Repair LLC
Azziz inspected the dryer and diagnosed the problem. He returned with the required parts, installed them and cleaned and oiled the dryer internals and put in a new vent hose
- Paul K....
Peaco Appliance Service
Easy. There was no heat in my 15-year-old dryer. I called Peaco who was willing to come out the same day. Pius arrived. He listened to the sound of the dryer, not unlike a dryer-whisperer might do. He diagnosed a defective valve coil kit, replaced it and had it working like new in less than an hour. Pius assured me that I have another 11 good years with this dryer!
- Susan T....
Expert Appliance Services
The dryer problem was diagnosed and fixed with parts that the repair person had in his vehicle. He also cleaned accumulated lint that posed a first hazard (even though I had the dryer cleaned within the last six months). He also discovered that the dryer was not properly sealed at the rear of the machine, causing gas heat to escape into the room. I was very pleased with his thorough evaluation of the dryer. Washer required a part that had to be ordered. He returned the next day with the part an completed the repair work.
- Barbara B....
Expert Appliance Services
The dryer did not have any heat - the technician quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced the heating panel and had the dryer working within minutes. He vacuumed out all the dust that had accumulated inside the dryer and re-attached the dryer hose to the outlet (which was actually NOT within the scope of the service.) The technician also accepted the 10% discount coupon. I would definitely use Expert Appliance Service again.
- Lorna K....
All-Star Appliance Service Inc
Dryer stopped working on June 3rd, 20111. Call was left on the answering machine on 6/ 5/11. Call was returned on 6/6/11. Appointment scheduled for dryer to be looked and evaluated. The fees were discussed when appointment was made. The owner of the company was the person who came out to look at the dryer. He assessed the problem and made recommendations. Parts were ordered and I received a discount. When the parts came in the dryer was repaired. Work is guaranty for two years.
- Rhoda H....
Appliance Services Inc
The call went great. I have taken dryers apart before, however this seemed to big a job for me with all the electronics associated with my dryer. Jim was great. He arrived on time. Was very professional and knowledgable. He took the dryer apart, found the culprit, replaced the part and was on his way. The dryer has worked like new ever since.
- Krista S....
Wooten Appliance
Excellent. Prompt service. Honest estimate for work. Was able to repair the dryer by replacing the motor. The cost was fair and well beneath the replacement value of the dryer Would hire again.
- Christopher M....
Wooten Appliance
Flawlessly. A previous contractor left me high and dry with my dryer disassembled and parts all over the laundry the folks from Wooten came, fixed the dryer and the washer and were out of there in a relatively short period of time.
- Susan A....
Wooten Appliance
Comments above cover the story. However, Wooten also repaired a dryer machine knob that made the cycles out of sync and corrected my dryer for another item.
- Ramona H....
Expert Appliance Services
$69 for visit to see if our dryer could be fixed. It was 12 years old and required a new control panel. The repairman suggested just buying a new dryer and recommended what to buy.
- Julie F....
3 year old LG dryer stopped working. I called Home Depot Protection Plan since I had an extended warranty through HDPP. They sent another company out to attempt repairs. After 5 visits over 5 weeks, that technician was unable to repair my dryer. HDPP refused to replace the dryer without a 2nd opinion from another company. They sent Manassas Appliance Repair to attempt to repair my LG dryer. The next day, Steve came to my house and, within 2 hours, diagnosed the problem and repaired the dryer!! He definitely knew what he was doing and got my dryer operating after being broke for 5 weeks!! He will definitely have my business in the future. He was a pleasure to work with!!!
- Robert P....
WRM Appliance Service,Inc
Once we told him the make of the dryer and the problem, he set a date 2 days in the future, came on time, and fixed the dryer. No hassle. Problem solved.
- Craig B....
Peaco Appliance Service
Good. Peaco came out the day I called. Pius looked at the dryer and identified the problem and came back the next day with the parts and repaired the dryer. I really appreciated his promptness.
- Phyllis S....

Dryer Repair Near You

The lowly home clothes dryer performs its work day in and day out without much thanks. Until it breaks down, and you need to tackle dryer repair.

Common Problems Leading to Dryer Repair

The #1 problem for most dryer issues is a clogged dryer vent.

Be sure to clean the lint trap with every load, vacuum out the lint area inside the dryer, and annually disconnect the dryer vent pipe to clean it out. 

Other common problems:

  • Faulty timer
  • Malfunctioning terminal block
  • Balky motor
  • Broken drum belt
  • Worn-out roller
  • Bad temperature switch
  • Broken thermostat
  • Bad start switch

If you read that list and have no idea what part is what, use this list of dryer repair services near you to contact a top pro. On the other hand, most dryer parts are available through the internet, so you may be able to handle repairs yourself. That brings up an important question:

Do It Myself or Hire a Pro Near Me?

Get professional repair help if in doubt. Most of us cannot handle DIY dryer repairs.

But if you are handy, you can attempt to handle some dryer repairs yourself. Remember most people end up doing more damage to their appliance when they attempt DIY repairs. Here are a few tips:

  • Always remember to turn off circuit breakers or disconnect fuses before poking around.
  • For many repair problems, a multi-meter, screwdrivers, nut drivers or an adjustable wrench may get your appliance up and drying again. 
  • Parts diagrams and owner's manuals are available online.
  • Many forums offer tips on parts replacement.
  • Of course, know your dryer brand and specific model numbers before ordering parts online, as many are not returnable. 
  • Start with the easiest, least intrusive repairs before disassembling your machine.

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