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Reviews of GE Microwave Repair Services Near You

Expert Appliance Services
Got an appointment in 1 day. On time, took care in his work. Well done!
- Nancy B....
Appliance Repair Leaders LLC
The service was good. We called and he came that night around seven. We discussed the issue and found it would be cheaper for me to order the parts from a different vendor. He recommended who to use and later came to install the parts.
- Ashford C....
Expert Appliance Services
Very well. Appointment set up quickly. Tech (Sam) showed up as scheduled, diagnosed the problems quickly and made the repairs with 1.5 hours. Courteous, Reasonable price. I will use again for any large appliance problems.
- Michael S....
Expert Appliance Services
I believe it is better to repair old appliances than buy new. As they say, "they just don't make 'em like they used ta!" My GE microwave and SubZero fridge date from 1991 and have served me very well. I did not want to replace them. I emailed THIS morning thru Angie's list and got a call immediately. The repairman came THIS afternoon and fixed both appliances. The fridge had a bad drain hose and the microwave had a bad door latch. He had the parts he required on his truck. He was pleasant and professional in every way. The cost was less than I expected, and far less than replacing them. This company gets straight A's from me!
- Nell B....
Alco Appliance Inc
We have used ALCO several times in the past and always had great experiences. As usual, this time they came out on time and handled several small but annoying problems with my appliances. The water line made of plastic tubing that connects to the ice maker in our GE refrigerator burst in the middle of the night several weeks ago. At the time, I wasn't sure why water was flowing out of the back of the fridge, but John from ALCO found the problem quickly and used some of the existing excess tubing to replace the broken water line. He recommended copper or perhaps a more heavy-duty plastic line as something to consider in the future to prevent a recurrence of the problem. He also stayed to make sure that the ice-maker was working properly, which was good, because it turned out he hadn't opened the valve at the water supply enough to get the ice maker working initially. The oven door handle came loose several months ago as well on our stainless steel GE profile dual-fuel range. Luckily I found the screw that came loose and fell on the floor and kept it. John took the oven door apart, returned the screw to its proper place and made sure the rest of the screws were tightened so they wouldn't fall out and put it all back together. He also gave me a few tips about cleaning the oven properly (when he saw that there was oven cleaner on the fan blades of the convection oven blower--not good since oven cleaner isn't necessary on this self-cleaning oven). Finally, our microwave oven had been incorrectly installed by another company several years ago when it was first purchased. I called that company when I discovered the problem several months ago. The microwave is mounted under a cabinet above the oven. and it is supposed to recirculate when you turn on the vent hood. When it was installed it was set up as if there was venting through ductwork to the outside of the house, but there is no duct work so it was just blowing hot greasey air into the space between the top of the microwave and the bottom of the cabinetry above. When I called the company that installed it, they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about or how it could possibly be fixed. After I downloaded the installation instructions from the GE website and called them back to tell them exactly how to fix it, they still played dumb so I just gave up on them and called ALCO. John fixed the problem in about 5 minutes. In short, he fixed 3 appliances with no parts. I just paid for his time (gladly).
- Christopher A....
Ace Appliance Installers
I called Ted to compare prices with an appliance place in Sterling who quoted me on a closeout GE microwave and oven combo wall unit. Ted had me contact Appliance Distributers Unlimited in Chantilly who know him by name. They got me the same unit for $355 less and didn't use sales pressure tactics like the other place. So I ordered from them and 4 days later Ted delivered it and installed it with the help of another guy. He was prompt, courteous and took the time to install it right, cutting some shims in his truck at no charge (he did tell me that if he had to cut the opening his fee was $25 a cut) and placing them so the oven was level and the edge of the hole didn't show. Once it was installed he made sure that everything was working correctly before leaving. He charged me $220 for delivery and install and $20 to haul away the old unit. This felt a tad high to me because it was more than the other place would charge and I'm always thinking in terms of Home Depot / Lowe's free delivery, install and haul away specials which you probably can't get on this sort of appliance anyway. I can't complain considering if I didn't call him I would have paid $355 more for the same oven! So I'm very happy with the service I received and will definitely use Ted's services again. I have a tiled in dishwasher that I need to replace and he has the skills to cut it out with a reciprocal saw and remove it without destroying my floor. I highly recommend Ace Appliance Installers!
- Brian V....
Sterling Appliance
I originally bought a new microwave at Home Depot. When the installers arrived at my house, they found that the space I had for the installation was 1 inch too short for the microwave I had purchased, so they said could not install the oven. I returned it (and as of today, am still waiting for my payment to be refunded, a week later). The problem is that the area behind my stove is tiled so the OTR microwave had to fit exactly into the space I have. When I explained that to the salesperson at Home Depot when I returned there to buy a replacement oven, he said he had never heard of tile being installed behind a range before. Huh? After exhaustive internet research and consultation with friends to figure out how to get the right sized microwave, I knew I’d have to go to real professionals. I found Sterling Appliance here on Angie’s List, and they’re right down the road from where I live. When I walked into the store and told the salesman that I had to fit the oven into a very precise space, his first comment was “Oh, you must have tile behind your range.” Bingo, I knew I was in the right place. Not only was I able to buy a high quality GE microwave that was a and frac12; inch too big for my space (instead of the low quality Sharp oven which was the only make/model available in the exact size I needed), but Sterling also said they would do a custom-install, at no additional cost, using a shim to fit the oven into the space I had available for it. Double bingo. The installation crew showed up exactly on time. The oven they brought with them was damaged; the door was broken. Back to the warehouse for a new one, and a couple of hours later, I had the new microwave installed above my range. And for reference, what I found is that there is little variation from store to store on the price of the ovens themselves (yes, there’ some, but I found it to be a non-factor in deciding). What really varies from place to place are the installation costs. So for the benefit of other Angie's List aficionados, here’s what I found: Home Depot: $80 installation fee Lowes: $130 installation fee Sears: $180 installation fee And Sterling Appliance? $120 installation fee. Great deal, highly recommend this place!
- Jerry T....
Apple Appliance Repair - Fairfax
It is amazing that Apple Appliance Repair is still in business, as it is just a firm set up around cell phones that was unable to complete the most basic tasks of scheduling service appointments, ordering parts, picking up parts from the local store that they use as their supplier, and installing parts, in a GE microwave oven. Apple Appliance Repair sent out a technician in response to a service request in 2011, through our home warranty company, to fix a microwave oven that was not working. He determined that the magnetron needed to be replaced, and said that he would have the part ordered. After waiting for over a week with no word from them, I called Apple Appliance Repair to check the status. The person who answered their phone was on a cell phone, and could not provide any update. She said that she would have the man who ordered parts call us. More waiting. He never called. Meanwhile, we had resorted to borrowing a counter-top microwave from a friend, as this was dragging on and on. I had to call Apple Appliance Repair again, and eventually I was advised that the part had not been ordered, but they were going to order it, and they would call me when it came in. More waiting. Nobody called. I called them yet again and learned that the part had come in, but nobody had gone to get the part from the local store that they use as their supplier, and nobody had called us to set up an appointment to install the part. The person who answers their phones said that somebody would call us after they picked up the part and set up an appointment to install it. I had to be walk her through the logic that since the part had arrived at their local supplier, they should be able to set up the installation appointment a few days in the future, allowing time to go get the part in the interim. After that discussion, we set up the installation appointment a few days out, and we hoped that would be the end of the issues. But having noted that they were unable to perform even the most basic of functions related to procuring parts and scheduling appointments, we were concerned. The technicians arrived with the part on the appointed day and took the microwave out of the wall. They argued with each other as they worked, and we had the impression that one or both of them seemed to be somewhat inexperienced with the work they were doing. They installed the new part, forced the microwave back into the wall with some difficulty, put a cup of water in it and ran it for a few seconds, collected the $$ deductible on our home warranty coverage, and left. We immediately put something into the microwave to heat it, the unit overheated, and shut itself off. Within five minutes of their departure from our home, we called the technicians on one of their cell phones, and advised them that the microwave was not working, and had shut itself off. Even though they were obviously still very near our home, the technician insisted that they had fixed the microwave, refused to come back, and hung up on us. After that, they would not answer their cell phone. When I called their main number, I was told that someone would call me back to set up another appointment. Nobody called, and at that point we thought it best to give up on them, as we had zero confidence that they could complete the repair successfully. We had to call our home warranty company and tell them what had happened. In addition to overheating and shutting itself off, we noted that after the reinstallation, the microwave was sticking out of the wall a little bit more on one side than on the other side. Our home warranty company had Sears send out a technician to address the problems. The Sears technician said that when the magnetron was replaced and the microwave was reinstalled, one of the wires had not been reconnected, and as a result the microwave fan had not worked. (The fact that the fan was not working should have been readily apparent to the Apple Appliance Repair technicians.) Since the nonoperational fan had caused the microwave to overheat and shut itself off, Sears would not touch it. The overheating process had potentially damaged other parts, and at that point there was too much liability involved in working on it. Since Sears would not work on the microwave, the entire microwave and oven combo (a major appliance) had to be replaced by our home warranty company. We had to go through the whole process of selecting a new microwave / oven combo appliance that would fit into our custom cabinetry. That was difficult, as these appliances change size over time. The list price was about $2,300. Beyond our deductible, the cost was covered by our home warranty company (we are certain that they get a good discount on appliances). But the inconvenience of numerous appointments in this long process, and all the stress involved in this fiasco were problematic for us, and we did not like wasting a good appliance. Once it was successfully installed, the new unit left three screw holes in the wood cabinetry exposed at the top. Addressing that issue was yet another project for us. Apple Appliance Repair at (703) 485-3380 performed a routine repair so badly that it became a major appliance replacement. We would not recommend this company under any circumstances. Before writing this review I confirmed with my home warranty company that the Apple Appliance Repair that they sent to repair our microwave, which ultimately necessitated the replacement of our microwave / oven combo, has the phone number (703) 485-3380. We were not a members of Angie's List in 2011 and this experience was one of the factors that led to our joining Angie's List.
- Lee W....

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