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Reviews of Lawn Aeration Companies Near You

TBI Lawn Care Professionals Inc
We're happily using them. Our previous provider fertilized for an annual fee and then whenever we were not getting results they said, well you really need to aerate and that would have more of an impact than all this fertilization. With TBI they fertilize and they aerate as part of their service, they don't come back and if you want the aeration you don't have to pay an extra 150 bucks for it. So I felt that made their product much more valuable to me.
- Jeffrey S....
Remy Landscaping LLC
Company showed up on time with good core aeration equipment. Bargained with company to aerate another 3,000 sq ft,which they did for an additional $20. They were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Great experience and I'd use them again without hesitation
- Andrew S....
Lawn Artists
I purchased an Angie's List Deal from Lawn Artist for the aeration of my lawn. They called me back in a very timely manner, set up an appointment and arrived on time. I was not home when they did the aeration but they performed the service requested.
- Debbie A....
Honey Cove Landscaping & Tree Services
Service as advertised on Angie's List promoted a deal for both aeration and over seeding. Job performed was solely the the aeration of lawn. As I checked other reviews I discovered that another member had a similar experience and that the vendor said that the error was on Angie's List. The price should was only for aeration of the lawn. I am not pointing fingers at either party but only grading my review on the service I received and what I thought I paid for.
- Terry R....
Independence Landscape
They are responsive to questions, on time, and do a great job. We paid around $300 for the entire year including aeration and overseeding.
- Rick R....
MA Cleaning & Landscaping Design Inc
Aeration and seeding occurred but the new grass didn't sprout. Probably my fault for not watering it though.
- David H....
Complete Lawn Care Inc
Our yard dramatically improved with removal of weeds and increased grass growth via fertilizer, aeration, and seeding. Outstanding work!
- Mike C....
Independence Landscape
I thought the price was fair. They just come and show up, it’s not like you have to be home, they are out in the yard. I think 2 people was here. For the aeration, it took about a half an hour to 45 minutes. Area is left, where you can’t even tell they were here.
- Susan S....
Things could've gone a little smoother. After specifically asking Envirogrow to refrain from aerating large portions of my yard where fresh sod had just been laid a month prior, they aerated that anyway. When approaching them about it, they said the people on site didn't see any issue with the sod coming up. I asked them if it was their official stance that newly laid sod can be aerated a month after it was laid, they backed off and offered to warranty the sod for a short period of time after. I suppose as the Spring arrives (~5 months after service) we'll see how much the sod will be affected or unaffected by the aeration.
- Jeffrey G....
We recently hired Blue Sky Landscaping to aerate our lawn for autumn and put down a layer of lime & compost. Overall, the project concluded well and we will hire them again. This is especially true because they have proven that the company upholds a high standard of customer satisfaction. We originally used Angie's List to solicit bids from 3-4 highly ranked yard experts. Blue Sky responded within 24 hours with a reasonable quote. I signed the contract and returned via email. Connie replied that Blue Sky would contact me "a few" days before their arrival. A week or so later, my wife called me at work asking why a group men were in front of our house unloading their aeration machines. She was about to start her own workday and didn't have time to monitor the work. I immediately called Connie at the Blue Sky office asking whether her team was at my house, and if so, why didn't I receive any notification? Connie admitted that it was her field team and apologized for not providing proper notification. Later that day, I returned home from work and immediately walked the yard to inspect the aeration. The compost and lime were noticeable and spread evenly. But as I walked the yard, I struggled to find aeration plugs (the cylinder of soil that is pulled out by the aerator). At first, I wondered if the Blue Sky forgot to aerate... but after finding a few plugs in the side yard, I decided that the aeration just didn't work out very well. It may have been that the ground was too wet. I called Kate at the Blue Sky office to discuss the situation and she immediately jumped into action. She rescheduled her team for another aeration attempt on the day & time of my choosing. The field team arrived on schedule and had much better success the 2nd time! The yard looks great and will be healthier for the coming year.
- Tim G....
Complete Lawn Care Inc
I walk through my neighborhood every night and always admired one of my neighbors lawns and they told me they used Complete Lawn Care for the last 20 years. They came for the first time 2 weeks ago and I am amazed already with their seed and the depth of the growth in my lawn.. They say it takes a year or two to get your lawn back - I'm looking forward to seeing how it will look at the end of the year as it looks terrific already. Over the moon already with the results of their work.
- Noreen A....
3 Sticks Lawn Care
Bobby and his team did there usual excellent work.They nevefr leave a mess of dirt all over the driveway and sidewalk
- Nick L....
Remy Landscaping LLC
These folks were great to work with. They advertised their Big Deal, contacted me promptly after I purchased it, and came out within two weeks to do it. I don't think I need to aerate the lawn every year, so I didn't buy the deal this year, but I plan to do so next year.
- Michelle B....
MA Cleaning & Landscaping Design Inc
Excellent service performed by the company. The aeration of the lawn was thoroughly performed by the professional employees. Only issue is the scheduling. I received no response after calling (left message) and e-mailing. I waited three days and received immediate attention after the second call. The employee was professional and provided options for day of the service to be performed. The employees performed the service as scheduled.
- Arthur H....
Hambletons Lawn Care Inc
I recently contracted with Hambleton Lawn and Landscape to aerate and overseed my lawn. The company was aware that I have a sprinkler system, however, due to a miscommunication the yard was aerated and overseed before I could mark the sprinkler system and a line was ruptured in the process. That is the not so good news that is shared with Andrew and the good news is that he was apologetic, professional and responded immediately with corrective some positive actions. Andrew had Ed come out to assess the damage. I was impressed with his dedication, patience and professionalism. He demonstrated a high level of energy, ambition, honesty, integrity, self-confidence, and job knowledge. Ed schedules a return visit to make the repairs and when about an hour before the agreed time, he called to tell me know that he was finishing up on a job that ran over and would about 10 minutes late. Ed arrived and made the repair. He was proficient, skilled and reassuring by his competence. He made sure before leaving that I was comfortable with the overall repair and even took time to recalibrate the sprinkler heads, which he did not have to do. Ed demonstrated a caring attitude about excellent customer service and a high level of dedication and work ethics. while one of the successful outcomes of exceptional customer service might begin at point of sale, it reaches a good or bad place quickly based on the interactions and display of knowledgeable skills, a positive attitude, a relentless work ethic and professionalism on the part of the servicing/maintenance team member(s) for ensuring a job well done. In Ed, I see a Hambleton brand and core values of fairness, honesty, sincerity, accountability, commitment to customers and these attributes impress me. It is quite evident to me that both Andrew and Ed understand the value of creating and maintaining effective customer relationships and that is impressive. I believe in Hambleton Lawn and Landscape because the company exceeded my expectations in a manner that was more than any of my prior lawn service providers and based on this first impression and quality of this experience, I highly recommend Hambleton as a preferred professional in lawn care service.
- Rc G....
Lawn Artists
This is my second big deal with lawn artists Both times the company responded quickly , did work promptly on my schedule Matt was always polite and sociable
- Leilani S....
They're a very good company and they do outstanding work. The one issue I had with punctuality was when we had an appointment and they didn't come on that day but I would use them again!
- Carl S....
Front yard was good. Had to call them back to finish back yard and didn't see any evidence of aerating back yard. Technician was concerned about our dogs even though they were kept in house.
- Daniel E....
Lawn Artists
Although I was very pleased with the company and their work, I am very disappointed that they no longer service my area. I don't feel that they should limit their range when the distance is within 25 miles.
- James L....
Went well, as expected. I signed a contract with Miller's Lawn Service for next year's lawn work.clean-up, mulching, trimming, leaf removal. Mr. Miller is very professional and accommodating. He know his business and tells you truthfully what you need. He's very punctual and accommodating. Any bad reports about him came from residents of the Potomac area, and having dealt with many of them myself, on a small-businees basis, I can tell you that their reports are based on their own arrogance and self- absorbtion. Some of those residents are very nice people, a lot of others think that everyoone exists for their convenience, and treat service providers like indentured servants. My advice is to disregard their reports. Mr. Miller is top quality, as a business man and as a person.
- Harold S....

Lawn Aeration Near You

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However, we may have pros in another category that can help with your project.

Most homeowners are also lawn owners. Whether expansive spaces or neat little buffers between sidewalk and porch, grass needs to breathe. Lawn aeration accomplishes that and more.  

What is Lawn Aeration?

A professional lawn aeration service pierces a lawn with thousands of small holes to allow vital ingredients deep into the lawn's soil:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nutrients

Soil compaction over time forces together all the particles of dirt, ground up rock, and organic waste so neither air nor water can properly circulate to feed grass roots. Lawn aeration opens up the soil so grass roots receive proper nutrients to thrive. 

What does Lawn Aeration Cost?

The national average for professional lawn aeration is $124. The price ranges widely, though, from a typical low of $74 to a high end of the price range of $190. 

Factors affecting price include local market pressures (not enough lawn professionals, too many poorly aerated lawns), geographic location, seasonal variations like the amount of rainfall, and how large your lawns are. 

Investing in lawn aeration, dethatching and fertilizing equipment costs far more than the annual cost of lawn aeration; many homeowners try the job themselves once and then seek out professional lawn aeration services. 

How Do I Hire A Lawn Aeration Service?

Some homeowners prefer to try doing lawn aeration themselves, using either plug or spike aerators. While both DIY methods can be effective, they are labor intensive, often resulting in sore muscles and lost weekends. Most homeowners trust local lawn and landscaping services to do the job quickly and efficiently. 

Look for a landscaper with experience in more than just cutting grass and clipping tree limbs. A quality lawn aeration job can incorporate other valuable lawn treatments:

  • Dethatching — This removes dead grass that forms a nearly impenetrable mat at ground level
  • Fertilizing — This feeds the newly aerated root systems
  • Weed control — A careful application of the right pesticide can allow healthy grass while discouraging water-hogging weeds like dandelion, crabgrass, and white clover

When you contact a lawn aeration service near you be sure to get three bids on your project. Look beyond price alone, to ensure complete satisfaction with the job. Give the nod to a contractor with a local presence, proper licensing and insurance, and a willingness to provide customer testimonials. 

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