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Reviews of Pool Tile Companies Near You

We had a bunch of tile that heaved over the winter (water must have accumulated under it). The JW crew came out and fixed it right up with no mess at all. They removed the existing tile and replaced it with an exact match and everything looks good as new again.
- Patrick M....
Winkler was very good about coming out and giving me an estimate. They had to charge me a minimum fee of $500 but the repair service was excellent and they were willing to do the service while other vendors shied away from even giving me an estimate. 15 years ago, a similar repair had cost me about $350 so I figured $500 was probably about right for the current time frame.
- Douglass G....
Oak Hill Pool & Spa LLC
The new tile looks great. Crew of two removed the old tile, repaired problems in surface areas, and installed new tile in 100 degree weather. The owner, Elias, accepted the challenge of a tight deadline in having the job completed before visiting family arrived. Success achieved and with quality work.
- Raymond B....
Perfect Pools
The Service for the last year has been terrible. I used them in the past about 18 months ago and the service was decent so I signed a contract for a discount for the to do the opening and closing over a two year perios. The last opening and closing have been a nightmare. Communication is terrible and it is hard to get a return call or a return e-mail. My house is rented and my renter was also having extreme difficulty getting a hold of them and scheduling the closing last fall then again openeing this spring. Further when they did come out the opening this spring went terribly. There were several issues with the opening. The closing last fall should have included a 1 hour cleaning which wasn't done and the pool was closed dirty. Then in the spring not only did they not clean the pool but there were several other issues with the opening. One issue if my renter didn't catch would have resulted sever damage to the pump system in the pool as the valves weren't set right and the spa almost drained completely which would have resulted in air getting in the pump system. On top of that they didn't remove all the plugs didn't install the pressure valve and they broke the cap to the sand Filter. After pointing this out we didn't get a response for over a week. We then finally got a hold of someone at the office and they at least did send someone out to remedy the issues. They did clean the pool finally saying they spent three hours cleaning the pool although it still wasn't vary clean but again they still didn't put on the pressure guage. Also when they put the repaired new lid on the sand Filter they didn't verify it sealed properly or use plumbers tape. Thus about 1.5 weeks after the opening the pump started having issues. We then had another company come out through our home warranty and after the 100 deductible they informed us the cap on the sand filter wasn't installed properly so the suction in the pump system wasn't working right. Their service is definitely far from perfect. There has been continous problems with the contact and quality of service from perfect pools. My current renter was moving out and since we don't know the new renters we are going to have a company service the pool. Does anyone know a better service company as it seems like Perfect Pools quality of service is going down the tubes.
- Bryan D....
Watermark Swimming Pool Services Inc
The work went extremely well. Nick is a real pleasure to deal with. He's honest, professional, courteous, extremely knowledgeable, and always timely. He gave me an estimate for the work July 2008. I contacted him in May 2009 to get him under contract. He updated his original proposal to reflect changes in some prices, and he cautioned me that he noticed a crack in the pool that he would need to get a better look at before he would continue. His folks drained the pool and inspected it. They found some structural damages near and around the pool seat. Nick called me and scheduled a meeting so he could share with me what he found. He met me at the pool at the appointed time and took his time to explain the situation and to pose several alternatives to address it. We selected to have him repair the structural damage, and then continue with the new tile and the re-plastering work as prescribed in our contract. Nick gave me a verbal estimate of the change in price to repair the structural damage, and upon my concurrence, he proceeded with the work. The work was frequently interrupted by the rain we had in the Washington area during mid-June 2009. Nevertheless, Nick finished the work in a timely manner and went beyond the contracted scope to arrange for delivery of pool water, and to schedule my normal pool service provide, Potomac Aquatics, to open the pool the afternoon of the day the pool water was delivered. The invoice Nick sent me was clear, self-explanatory, and met the price he verbally quoted me. It was a real pleasure doing business with Nick and his folks. They were diligent when working and always cleaned-up after their day of work. I HIGHLY recommend Watermark Swimming Pool Services for anyone looking for an honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and professional pool repair contractor. When you hire Nick and his folks you know you will be in good hands.
- Ciro P....
Mclean Pool & Spa Service
Had a former pool company who was not reliable. I would call and ask for repair, etc and they would not call back, or get the date wrong so I decided to give McLean Pool and Spa a shot. We had some tile flagstone in our pool that needed repaired and also needed to have the pool checked out and cleaned while we were on vacation 10 days. McLean Pool ant Spa did the work while we were gone. We did not know what to expect when we returned from vacation given our past experience with the other company. Upon return, the tile repair looked great and the water was crystal clear and the kids were able to jump right in! Really appreciated their professionalism and follow through. Tough to find this with many of the pool outfits out there today.
- Phil N....
Watermark Swimming Pool Services Inc
In the Fall we noticed a few areas of loose tiles in our swimming pool and we called out a local pool company to assess the situation and they determined that both the tile and the coping needed to be replaced and provided a quote. We decided to sit on it until the Spring and now we?re revisiting the issue. Now that Spring is here we called the 1st Company for a revised quote and pointed out a few missing items on the contract like water and caulking. They came back with a second quote that was $3,000 higher than the quote they had provided in the Fall. We also called Watermark and another company to provide a quote. Nick from Watermark was very responsive, we had no problems contacting them and he came out within a week to assess our pool issues. He was on time and considering the traffic in our region I wouldn't have cared if he was a little late. Nick thoroughly evaluated the condition of the tile and coping and said that we shouldn't do anything at this time. He said that there is some degradation in the coping, but we?re not going to lose any bricks anytime soon and it is not an immediate problem. He made a similar assessment about the tile. There are lose tiles but retiling the entire pool would be overkill at this point. He suggested that we could make some minor tile repairs ourselves if we?re concerned about the aesthetics, otherwise wait. This is good news for us, we have a kid getting ready for college and we do not need major pool renovation at this time. We?re very glad we talked with Nick and would highly recommend consulting Watermark for any pool repair or renovation work.
- Amy B....
Millennium Pool Service
Our 17 year old 35,000 gallon pool was losing tiles and the area around the spa was showing "degradation". Millenium helped us rejuvenate the pool in a VERY timely manner. They helped us decide on our new coping and tile. They drained the pool, removed the old coping and tile, repaired damaged areas, re-coped and tiled, acid-washed the pool, and re-caulked between coping and concrete pads. They replaced all the drain guards and plugs. They also arranged for the re-filling of the pool. They showed up when they said they were going to show up. They ALWAYS got back us quickly when we were discussing coping and tile costs and design details. We were concerned that we may need to re-plaster, but their expert came and inspected and told us that our pool was in great shape and re-plastering was not necessary. The acid-wash procedure cleaned the pool up great. They were extremely professional and polite. It seems everything on our home has decided it needed updating and so we have had to deal with quite a few contractors lately. We cannot say enough about what a great job Millennium did on our pool and how happy we are with them. We do our own openings, but we will be using them for our closings in the future. We will also use them again when we do eventually re-plaster. We are so very impressed with them. Highly recommend.
- Jobyna A....
Aquaman Pool Service Inc
We worked directly with Doug Rico in both instances. The 2015 service went well. When we engaged him this year, not so much. After the initial consultation, Doug was near impossible to pin down on work dates and never returned calls or emails in a timely manner. The work was conducted entirely by subcontractors with ZERO oversight from Aquaman. Once the work was complete, Doug gave the okay to fill the pool sight unseen. Apparently one of the plugs was left out of the bottom of the pool and at least 1/3 of the water ran out. When Doug did arrive, my first question to him was, "did you inspect the work prior to authorizing the pool to be filled." Doug's response was, "he did not and that he relied on the subcontractor to do that." Doug did get in the pool, replace the plug, and schedule additional fills. Since completion of the work, we have requested Doug to perform a final inspection before paying the final bill. We have several issues where spots of the coping are lacking sealant, we have additional hardware that was not put back in place when the work was completed, and we have a skimmer line that appears to be plugged with broken tiles fragments. Doug was supposed to do the inspection last week, but was a no show and has not returned calls or emails to date. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY for anything beyond minor weekly pool maintenance.
- Thomas B....
Other Angie’s List customers cite problems and unsatisfactory performance and service with C&A replastering ability and service. Unfortunately, we also experienced this. -- Nowhere were we completely satisfied with C&A's work. -- Nowhere was C&A's work a complete success. -- At no time were we pleased with how C&A respected our feelings or schedules, or when they: --Delayed work on our pool so they could go on vacation --Delayed work on our pool so they could service other clients --Ignoring us after admitting their work wasn’t adequate --After months of discussion, saying "All it needed was a phone call." While John is the main technical person; it appears his wife either owns the business or controls the business decisions; hers was the last communication we received from C&A. She definitely wears the pants in their family. Here’s the story, and you can see responses from other people at Trouble Free (a great site for pool owners): [*** Link removed ***] We had contracted with C&A Pools in mid-April to replaster our pool. Without question, we accepted the fee they offered. They started April 26th with an estimated work time of about a week. This surprised us since we pointed out to C&A that there were about 20 areas with eggshell cracking and delaminating plaster. When they finally realized there was more plaster to remove than they initially thought, they emphatically said they’d have our pool open in time for Memorial Day. (At this point, readers should think, “uh-oh”) They finished the replastering in mid-May. In the process, their crews left plaster in numerous places on our patio, on our driveway, and a mound of plaster IN our lawn. We had to call them many times to remove the plaster, but removal efforts of their plaster subcontractor, were half-hearted, and not responsive. Throughout the work, we also had to put up with all of the crews arriving unannounced (and as late as 9pm), or not showing up when stated, and leaving gates to our rear yard/pool area open to wildlife. The replastered surface looked terrible. It had streaks and splotches everywhere, uneven color, lines, splash marks, and other irregularities not found in quality work, but indicative of improper finish technique. John, the main person of C&A, admitted the problem and tried an acid bath for two weeks. He used a non-circulatory method which, according to a company we hired later, is not the industry standard; the standard method is to use pumps to circulate the acid bath in the pool. After the treatment, the plaster looked about the same: terrible. John’s next solution was an acid wash. However, the sub-contracted company he used performed spot treatments and didn’t treat the entire pool surface; meanwhile, they provided NO protection for their workers who were handling the acid with their hands. Afterwards, the surface remained an embarrassment. At one point, we considered legal action, and researhed industry standards. Reading IAF 2005 Workmanship Guidelines and Practices for Residential Inground Swimming Pools and Spas, it is our opinion C&A workmanship did not meet performance standards for: -- Scaling/precipitation. “Plaster shall not be rough or discolored” We cite this because of excess calcium deposits caused scaling discoloration across the entire surface of our pool. -- Stains/discoloration in plaster. We cite this because of excess mottling, streaking, and discoloration across the entire surface of the pool, some cracking. John’s next recommendation to fix the problem was to add another layer of plaster, but after his main pool service season was over in October!! In other words, we and our guests would have to live with the embarrassment throughout the summer. According to another local professional, not only did he agree that the finish wasn’t correct, he also said adding a fourth layer of plaster very well could have adhesion problems. Furthermore, replastering just before winter might pose curing problems for the plaster. Since their work met neither industry standard nor our satisfaction, we asked for a partial refund of $3,200 of the $8,200 we paid. The only response we ever heard from C&A was that they’d have to check with Silva Pools (even though we hadn’t contracted with Silva Pools). They then STOPPED COMMUNICATING with us. Another Angie’s List customer put in question Johns knowledge. He does appear knowledgeable. Unfortunately, in our opinion, he and his wife don’t have the integrity to hire skilled subcontractors, nor the integrity to take responsibility for fixing shoddy performance. In summary: Meeting their stated deadline the pool would be ready by Memorial Day: F Replastering surface quality to meet customer expectation: F+ Replastering surface quality per industry standard: F+ Acid bath/wash: F Water line tile repair (lots of remnant plaster left on tile, recracking) C Respecting customer requests D- Repairing damage to customer property: D- Stress to customer F Overall performance F+
- A J....

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