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Reviews of Storm Drain Contractors Near You

John C. Flood - DC & Maryland
I received same day service. 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the technician, the company sent me a text saying they were on their way and they texted me a picture of the technician. The technician had over 20 years of experience and he was friendly, knowledgable and professional.
- Darrin G....
I used Alpha's service (second opinion) to hopefully avoid an expensive project. Initially, I used another plumber to fix my unclogged storm drain which was unsuccessful. This plumber cannot run his snake through and mentioned it must be a collapsed pipe therefore I need to install an outside sump pump which would have been an expensive project. I was discussing this with a neighbor who highly recommended Alpha. I thought a second opinion wouldn't hurt so I called Jimmy and he answered me right away even though he was on vacation. He sent one of his crew to my house the next day and he was just there for about 10 minutes. Alpha was able to put the snake through and successfully unclogged my storm drain!! Thanks for helping me save $$$!!
- Amalia H....
Fry Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
We noticed our sump-pump discharge was backing-up from an outdoor storm-drain, and were afraid it might begin to back-up into our basement if we didn't get the problem fixed quickly. We called Fry Plumbing and were relieved when they told us they could come over first-thing the following morning. The plumber showed up right on-time and soon snaked-out a large root ball from the drain. We were very happy with the service and price, and we recommend them to anyone in need of plumbing help.
- Matthew F....
Chandler's Plumbing and Heating Co Inc
So far so good, and I have been impressed. I first called Chandler's after the Thanksgiving weekend when I noticed water coming into my basement due to a stopped up storm drain after that weekend's torrential downpour. The woman who answered the phone was courteous, up-front about their pricing, and set an appointment for the same day. The plumber (Cary?) arrived on schedule and snaked the drain efficiently and checked it. Since there was time remaining on my initial service call period, I asked him to look at the utility sink faucet that was leaking from the hot/cold water handles. He made a couple of adjustments which actually made the faucet itself leak fairly noticeably over a couple of days. I called them back within the week and the plumber came back and ultimately replaced the old faucet (it was probably due), and they charged me the time at a less expensive rate as a continuation of the previous service call, rather than a completely new one.
- Edward L....
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup
Initially, the service started out extremely unsatisfactory because I was told I needed a $4,000 excavation which turned out to be false after it was done. It was determined that the excavation was actually not needed after digging up my pipes and finding the true cause of the problem. The only reason I am happy with the result is because of Ray. His professional attitude and true concern for our happiness made sure that we received the best of a bad situation and we were ultimately not charged for the unnecessary work. Normally, in a situation like this, I would not be a repeat customer but Ray is the only reason I am willing to be a repeat customer.
- Greg M....
JPG Plumbing Services, Inc.
JGP PLUMBING arrived on site as promised on time very professional .They found the problem right away and fixed it.Other Plumbers gave me excuses and attitude about fixing the problem.I will definitely use their services again.
- Kevin C....
HEMAX Construction Services & Landscaping LLC
This project had a very tight building area in an high security/ high tech office building courtyard which required that they (Hemax)move all of heavy equipment and material (bobcats, steel, concrete pipes, excavated soil and concrete) through a finish hallway. The tolerance for accuracy in the pad construction was very small and they had to do it in extremely cold weather. Hemax performed flawlessly and on time. Hemax is not the least expensive option but they are very detail oriented, well organized, specific in their estimates and paperwork, maintain clean worksites do their jobs right and above all are nice people!
- Rob L....
Michael & Son Svc Inc
The gentleman called to tell me he was on his way, and arrived promptly, on the early side of the time window I was given. He was very courteous, covering his shoes and using outside entrances wherever possible. He found that the storm drain was indeed working, and didn't try to sell or push anything else. He used other water sources to attempt to press the system into failure to make sure that the initial diagnosis was correct. He also checked in the ceiling and under the fish tank to assure that these weren't a problem either. He cleaned up after himself, and left everything as it was before.
- Sue L....
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup
The tech was knowledgeable and polite and appears to have cleared the issue. He diagnosed the problem as roots and suggested I use root killer as a follow up. Service was fairly expensive and the estimate seemed to be sort of negotiated, rather than a standard price. I was able to us an RR online coupon. The tech arrived hours after the scheduled window. Clean up was solid and complete.
- Aleksandar J....
Saia Plumbing & Heating Company Inc
This was a LOT of work in small row house spaces and the technician was very nice and pleasant and professional, not rushed, and he took the time to show me the individual causes of the problems and explain why they were causing the problems and what probably caused it in the first place. The work was extremely thorough and I have not had any problems since. I highly recommend this company.
- Cynthia T....
Kesterson Plumbing & Heating Inc
We were having problems with our sewer backing up into the basement. Earlier this year, Kesterson scoped the line and determined the line was probably original (100 years old!) and needed to be replaced because the pipe sections had moved out of alignment and severely restricted the flow. When the sewer started backing up again, we decided to bite the bullet and get the work done. The crew did their best to minimize disruption to our ability to live in the house, though we did unexpectedly have to find a hotel the first night. I also wish the crew hadn't buried my front flowerbed under a pile of dirt, but they were careful with their backhoe around our cherry tree and even managed to save some mature trees they initially thought would need to be cut down. Even though there were some headaches, I am happy with the work overall. In particular, I am pleased with Kesterson's efforts to do the job right, even fixing a few things not included in the original estimate. I'm also pleased that Kesterson found a way to minimize disruption to our neighbor (our line ran through their yard) by rerouting our line rather than digging up their entire front yard.
- Christopher B....
J Reynolds Landscaping
The regrading in the backyard went fine, however the new intake drain does not do what it's supposed to do. Water flows right over the drain during heavy rainfalls. Jason said he'd take care of it, but it has not been redone as yet. Also, there was another larger project that was slated to be done, but it never got done either. After asking about it a couple times, we decided to tackle it ourselves. All in all, Jason's very nice, but I think our projects were too small for him.
- Kathleen O....
Drainage & Erosion, LLC
Downspout drains worked fine as far as I can tell. Sump pump works satisfactorily, French drains all failed to drain properly. Areas that I expected to improve with the french drains are now constantly wet. The insulation in the crawl space is falling down because it was poorly installed. D&E would come and fix them If I paid them another $3000. They would even give me another useless warranty. After this experience, I would look elsewhere for drainage services. I would not use them again. They were expensive, the workmanship was poor, and the warranty was useless. I would give them a "C" if I thought the job was anywhere near satisfactory!
- Harris B....
Payless Plumbing & Heating
After dealing with a disappointing general contractor, I turned to Angie's List to find a real professional to complete HVAC and plumbing work at a fixer upper that I recently purchased. Shortly after I called Payless Plumbing, Zivko and his associate arrived and to provide an estimate. I told them that I needed them to repair the furnace, AC and water heater. They inspected these items and clearly explained which items could be repaired and which required replacement. They also discovered an unsafe condition with my AC that my home inspector had overlooked. When they learned that I was a new home owner, they also took the time to explain the operation of each system and offered suggestions as to how to operate them most efficiently. Subsequently, they promptly returned and completed the work in one day. They arrived on time and were professional during the entire project. I was so pleased that I hired them again for additional work, which they also completed skillfully. If you have HVAC or plumbing work that needs to be done, and you want to hire professionals that will complete the work in a skillful and economical manner, call Payless Plumbing. I am so glad that I did.
- Erica F....
Metro Drainage Pros LLP
This job was to address the fact that water, during significant rain storms, would flow from the neighboring yards with higher elevations in the back of our residence to the existing catch basin in such amounts that it would overwhelm the drainage system which tied into the county's main storm water pipe. When this occurred it could result in flooding of the garage level of our home. The solution was to replace the small 50 year old catch basin with a larger and deeper one, and installation of a much larger (6") high end storm pipe to replace the 3" terra cotta pipe and tie it in to the county's large storm drain pipe system. Jim, Mike, and their crew performed this work with impeccable care. If you want a drainage company that pays attention to the details and doesn't just do a quick and dirty job, this is the company for you. This is truly the "A-Team" for drainage solutions. This job required navigating very carefully my neighbor's property line, my existing driveway, and the county's right of way during the trench work, without doing damage to the concrete apron of my driveway, a neighbor's nearby tree, while ensuring that the new pipe was sloped correctly to ensure that the water would drain at an appropriate angle downward to the tie-in with the county's main storm drain pipe. And the actual tie-in of the new pipe to the county's storm drain pipe was done with extra care so that no damage was done to that pipe--which was over 50 years old. This sounds easier than it was. But because of the care the Jim, Mike, and their team took in doing all of this it was completed without a hitch. Indeed, the Montgomery County inspector specifically told me that it was very evident that these guys were "PROS" in how they were going about their job. Once the job was finished, the county inspector signed off on the clearance form immediately. Because of the quality and professionalism of the Metro Drainage Pros their outstanding reputation proceeds them. So if you wish to have them assist you with your drainage problem, contact them as early as you can. Their schedule can fill up rather quickly. I had several companies estimate for my job, and it was soon clear to me that most did this work as "side jobs"--it really wasn't their specialty. When Jim came by to give his estimate, it was apparent that he really knew what needed to be done, and was very helpful in working me in to a very full schedule. I was willing to work with him on the start time because I concluded his company was the best, by far, to do my job. I could not be more pleased with the result.
- Richard G....
English Farms Complete Property Maintenance
A terrific crew of 10 came bright and early to get the job done before the next storm descended. They carefully scraped and cleared decades of debris to salvage the original brick pavers (1930's), regraded approx. 1000 sq. ft area adjacent to the house to restore positive drainage, installed state-of-the-art storm drain system. They took special care to avoid any damage to the roots of an enormous 80+year old spruce tree . The original brick patio was reset on a new bed of compacted gravel & sand. Ricardo and his team worked quickly and efficiently throughout. Many of the original brick pavers were deteriorated, but they devised a beautiful layout pattern and strategy so no additional new pavers needed to be brought in. We are absolutely thrilled with the results and would recommend this company without reservations. The quality of work and service is outstanding. Every member of the crew is top-notch!
- Meda L....
Basement Masters Waterproofing
Very well. We've used Basement Masters many times for our waterproofing needs- I am a GC that finishes basements and in need of waterproofing several times each year before we start the finishing.
- Tom B....
Drainage and Erosion Solutions
I contacted Drainage and Erosion Solutions via email, asking for an estimate for some work prior to installing a fence in our backyard. Within a day or so, David Arias contacted me and was able to come out shortly thereafter. We walked around the property together, discussed a few options, and then he spent some time outside taking pictures and measurements. After about 30 minutes, he knocked on the front door and provided a written estimate. He then showed my wife and myself some pictures of previous jobs, basically identifying potential options that we might want to consider. Although his estimate seemed very price competitive, we were waiting for another estimate to come in, so we thanked him and told him we'd get back to him. In the intervening period, David took the initiative to email me with a reference for a fence company as I had mentioned in passing that we were still searching for a fencing company within our budget. After receiving other estimates which were 20-30 percent higher than this one, we contacted David on a Friday to let him know that we were ready to proceed. I asked about deposit payment, etc, but he advised that as mine was a small job, I could just pay after the work was complete. At first he was not able to give us a definite start date, but after some back and forth ultimately contacted me a week later, saying that his crew would be there on Monday. The day of the job, David showed up just before 8 am with eight workers (two crews). Not all of them were there the entire day, but there was always someone present who was clearly in charge and was able to communicate with me to tell me what was going on, what steps were completed and which remained, etc. David left after explaining the job to the crews (with me present), but returned in the early afternoon to check on his workers. With the exception of one phone call that I made to him to double check on how he was going to dispose of the leftover soil, there were no issues with the work. The workers worked consistently, were careful in how they dug, and I eventually left them in the afternoon to finish the job without my constant hovering. My wife returned home around 530 pm to find them just finishing up; they knocked on the door to tell her they were done. Later that evening I walked the property and noticed that in addition to the contracted work, the work crew had added mulch to some of my front flower beds -- which I appreciated. So did my neighbors -- they saw me outside and immediately commented on how nice of a job the workers had done. As agreed beforehand, David returned the following day so that we could walk through all of the work and ensure it was done to my satisfaction. David's boss, Mark Lane, was also present at the final walkthrough and it seemed like he often checks up on the projects to make sure the customers are satisfied. We again walked around the property before I handed them a check. All in all, this was a very smooth job. David had good ideas, they were price competitive (in fact, the cheapest of the bids I got), and their work was of high quality. I plan to hire them again for the front yard.
- Noah R....
IAM Services, Corp
Patriot is a professional organization with a skilled staff. They're also very responsive to plumbing emergencies. One morning I woke up to find my basement of our new house flooded with sewage (probably three or four gallons on the floor, and steadily trickling in from outside) that was coming in through the outside/basement stair storm drain. There was apparently an obstruction somewhere in the sewer line. Emily Counts was very helpful and got a crew out to me in no time. Despite the difficulty of my particular situation (the obstruction was the size of a basketball, the sewer line blocked by a t-shirt, rags and LOTS of roots) they did a fantastic job. Since then I have used them a few times now for a variety of issues, and each time they came on very short notice, got the job done quickly and the price has always been fair. The crews are very professional and experienced. They were referred to me by a friend, and now that I have used their service I won't bother looking for any other plumbers. These guys are great. We're in the middle of a house remodel, so we will be calling them again over the course of the next several months.
- Jeremy W....
Newborg Drainage & Landscaping Company
The estimator spent a long, long time listening to me about this problem. I had a 'quick and dirty' solution in mind of simply detaching my back door drain from the main underground drain, but his solution addressed the fact that I have a very high volume of water running through the main pipe from the rest of my house, which could still cause the gutters to slow. In the actual installation, my standard underground pipe 4'' was replaced by a 6'' pipe, which was sunk deeper to allow better slope, and was run into the back of the city storm drain. My previous pipe had ended in the yard, and was subject to poor flow and blockage from leaves, etc. The installers did a remarkable job, including skirting my neighbors new landscaping, which bumps into my yard. They preserved the sod over the main trench, and replaced it so expertly you would never know it had been dug up. They seeded and mulched elsewhere, and expertly cleaned up, including the concrete debris from drilling.
- Jill B....

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