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Exterior Medics
Excellent service from time salesman came to visit us to install. They had to return to fix the interior of the window by using plaster to seal open space created by the different sizes of the skylights.
- Susan F....
RIBA Construction LLC
HB from Riba Construction did an excellent job fixing my large skylight that was leaking. He took pictures for me showing where all the problem areas were and then fixed it over 2 days.
- Algis B....
Central Exteriors
Everyone was very professional. Resolved all my questions with the estimate. The only issue, had to do with finding a good repair date, given that I took a Christmas holiday, and given the bad weather. The repair took a day. They replaced 2 pieces of plywood at no material cost! Great job.
- Richard G....
Brax Roofing
I had Brax Roofing working on two projects on my roof and I was more than happy with the work they provided! Even in the busy season, they were able to come earlier on my request and fix my roof. They were very professional and the problem was fixed very quickly.
- Dariusz G....
MG Roofing LLC
I met with Marvin at a property I manage in DC to get an estimate for a skylight repair. He was quite nice, took measurements, explained the work that was needed, and told me he would send me the estimate by early to middle of the next week. When I did not hear from him, I called him to ask where the estimate was. He didn't seem to remember meeting with me the week before, but he assured me he would follow up as soon as he got back to the office. I also followed up by email. Never heard back from him. I *REALLY* do not appreciate taking time off work to meet with a vendor to have them not follow through. That is a half day of my life I will never get back. VERY unprofessional!
- Jacquelyn J....
MG Roofing LLC
The crew was punctual and very good at the work. The roof leak seems to be fixed and the new skylights look good. We agreed to pay an estimated price, but in the end we thought it was rather high for the time it took to fix the roof leak. We paid it but in future recommend an hourly rate would be fairer to everyone.
- Karen S....
They fixed it the first time. Wish I called them a year ago. Set up date. They fixed it in two hours. I had several heavy rains. No leak. If your repairing or replacing call them first. Note you get 5 year Guarantee !
- Robert B....
Unicorp Home Energy Services
We had a few minor scheduling issues, but really appreciate that JR inspected and fixed our skylight free of charge and even advised against replacing it. We trust Unicorp with our business and hope to use them for future window/door replacements and repairs.
- Miles C....
JW Home Improvement
The work was good but the price was outrageous, the estimate was not clear, and the workers over billed for their hours. Be very careful when you get an estimate from JW to understand the full costs. The quote on the work said: "If it takes 2 two men 4.5 days, the cost will be $6,784." It did not say plus materials. It does say that the costs will be 106 per Man Hour plus materials and I could have worked backwards, but they should be clearer on larger projects about what the total cost will be. Despite estimating that the project should take 3.5 to 4 days, they went over the top end and billed me for almost five days. This surprised me since we reduced the scope of the work and did not have a series of benches along the deck rebuilt. The estimator warned me that it could take longer if they needed to replace any of the support structure but they did not end up doing that. I did not monitor their hours closely but one of the workers told me he would be leaving early one day to take his children to a dentist appointment. His supervisor later apologized. I did not bother me at all (we all have family obligations) but it bothers me now that I got billed for the time. This was a very simple project. It was straight forward and uncomplicated. I think JW should have stuck to their estimate or at least explained why they went over it. They also did not include the Angie's list discount or credit me for returned materials until I asked.
- Robert K....
G & G Roofing
George is, by far, the most responsive home repair person I have ever dealt with. He is always super-responsive to my calls, and he has changed two skylights and repaired part of the roof for me. I always come back to him because he's honest and fair, and I appreciate that he and his family are always the ones to come by and check it out.
- Xavier S....
Aguilar Home Improvement LLC
Fredi has repaired a couple of our skylights and is always very prompt and efficient - often he will fix the issue without us being home. When not covered by our warrantee, his prices have been very fair.
- Megan &....
American Home Contractors Inc
My appointment with Will Moore went great! He was very professional and really takes pride in his work. I was only expecting him to repair the leak I had but instead he reviewed the entire roof and fixed a few more issues as well. He gave me a comprehensive review after he was done and showed me the various issues he found through pictures. I would definitely hire American Home Contractors of Virginia, LLC again - thank you!
- Michael R....
R M Banning Roofing
Banning principal and crews responded quickly with estimates. Beat three contracts for roof, gutters, and skylights repair and replacement. Always completed on time. Pleasant to work with. Fixed minor defect at no extra cost. Excellent company. I'm fully satisfied!
- Stephen C....
Keith Roofing
I originally called Keith Roofing the week of Thanksgiving, but they weren't able to come out until the first week in December. I was very happy with my experience with the company. They arrived on time to look at my problem, took several pictures, gave me an estimate and were able to complete the repairs on the same day. They also left pictures when they were done so that I could see the work that was accomplished. I also received a quote from another company and while Keith Roofing was more expensive, I felt that they completed a more thorough assessment of why my leak was leaking and therefore would provide me with a more complete/long-term repair.
- Lauren B....
American Home Contractors Inc
Howard Shires and crew shoed up for a skylight tune-up and roof check. All repairs were completed thoroughly and promptly. He pointed out other potential problem spots for the roof as well as detailing the fixes. I would definitely use AHC for another roof job.
- John B....
Roofing & More Inc
I had this company install a sun tunnel in my roof two years ago. This May it started leaking. They came out right away and found a problem with the flashing and a couple of shingles. They fixed it for free. They also went up into my attic, at my request, to make sure the insulation was OK. While they were on the roof, I asked them to fix some problems that i knew had occurred during the huge snow storms this winter (drip edge disconnected, gutter sagging, etc.) I had intended to pay for this part, but they threw it in for free also.
- Darrill A....
K&R RoofMasters, Inc.
I was very impressed by this company. The initial inquiry was handled by Keri who answered the phone the first time I called. She was very pleasant and professional in setting up my consultation. She also sent a followup email to confirm the appointment. I was told that Robert would call 30 minutes or so before arrival, and he did, arriving right on time. Upon inspection of the broken window, he did some trouble shooting and worked on the window enough to get it closed again and then offered a solution that I could do that would be longer lasting. I was not comfortable working on such a large window, and he brought in tools and proceeded to fix it right then. My entire interaction with Robert showed his professionalism and pride in his company. Honestly, I can't remember being this impressed with a company in a very long time and will most assuredly be contacting them for any future roof or skylight work.
- Mark H....
The wrong size of skylight was delivered. It was corrected on the same day. No problems after that. The owner, Matt Sullivan, knew what he was doing.
- Samuel M....
Shanco Companies Inc
We thought we might need a new roof (ours is a flat one) and asked Shanco for an estimate. Phil came out and spent a lot of time looking at the leaks and checking the roof, etc. He diagnosed that the primary issue was with how our second floor deck had been installed--it was pushing water into the ceiling and down the walls. In addition, they would need to repair the entire base of the 3rd floor deck which meant pulling it all up. Two skylights needed to be replaced. Lastly, there were spots on the roof, most frequently around windows, woodwork where water was coming into our third floor. Bottom line: we needed repairs and not a new roof. Shanco completed the work in 3 days. They did beautiful work repairing the areas damaged by water and replacing the drywall. We had one small issue with the drywall not drying properly and they returned immediately to fix it. Their work was completed 3 months ago and we have had monsoon level rains. No leaks. Anywhere. We are pleased with the expertise that allowed them to correctly diagnose the problem. Some folks told us we needed a roof.
- Stacey A....
Sycamore Design Build Inc
He was referred to me by a relative. It was very easy to set up an appointment and came out right away. We had two estimates and his quoted price was substantially lower than the other. He received the parts and everything in under a week. This company was very responsive and gave us a great service in an efficient manner and time. This company offers great quality, price, and service.
- Judith U....

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