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Reviews of Foundation Drain Install Projects Near You

Exterior Waterproofing Experts
Chris was attentive and thoughtful in planning the job. He was the only vendor who asked me what I wanted, and answered all of our questions. His crew was punctual and professional, and they completed the job a day early! 10/10
- William M....
Basement Innovations Waterproofing
I contacted Basement Technologies on April 2nd and spoke to Brian and explied my delima. Jay came out and did an estimate a week later. I felt comfortable that Basement Technologies were confident in diagnosing the cause of the water infiltration in my foundation wall. Jay explained everything to me and provided me options. I hired them to do the work on April 19th. Jay and his crew arrived on time and went to work right away. They were professioanl, courteous and got the job done the same day. It was a challenge to access the areas behind the stairs, bathroom and in the utility room, but they were able to get the job done without causing any damage to the existing walls. Jay even offered suggestions regarding the step crack in my foundation wall and suggested I seek the advise of a structural engineer first to confirm his finidngs. I am very pleased with the work that Basment Technologies performed. I have to apologize for taking so long to write this review, but I will say that my basement is totally dry and their system works. Thank you for a job well done!!!
- Gail W....
M Taylor Enterprise
All the other companies wanted to tear up my basement floor and install pipes and pumps. Mr. Taylors price was less than other contractors that were proposing doing much less work. I called this company when I got them off my list server at work, he came out at a time I wanted. They were on time, on budget, fast and clean. These guys know their stuff! I have nothing but good things to say about M Taylor Enterprise.
- Mattie L....
VM Drainage & Erosion Solution LLC
After careful review of all of the estimates we found that VM Drainage & Erosion Solutions’ proposal, completed by Mr. Jose Montalvo was the best at addressing and fixing the underlying problem at the source on the outside of the house, the most cost effective, and provided the most value added. Jose’s proposal was well written and by far the most detailed and comprehensive when compared to all of the other submissions. Broken down into stand-alone work elements with associated costs, Jose’s proposal was also broad in scope covering the electrical and HVAC sub-tasks associated with the project as well as landscaping and hardscaping options not covered or addressed in other proposals. VM Drainage & Erosion Solutions started the project on schedule with site prep, equipment and materials staging. The construction crew would arrive on time, conduct themselves in a professional manner, were well organized, and respectful of the neighborhood. The site (yard) was kept clean, well-organized, and materials, refuse, and equipment would be delivered/removed in a timely fashion. Daily crew size would vary depending on the task at hand. Large crews during major site work to minimize unavoidable disruptions during large excavation work and smaller crews during finish work. Excellent balance of crew size and requisite site work. It was obvious that this team, under Jose’s leadership has worked together many years based on the well-choreographed and seamless manner with which they worked. I was impressed at how focused the team was on delivering a quality product. In addition to ensuring that all construction activities were conducted in accordance with standard industry practice, minor details would receive as much attention as the major construction activities. The entire team obviously takes pride in their craft and are focused on providing superior quality service. It should be noted that during the excavation of the perimeter of the house breeches in the existing water proofing were clearly visible when the exterior walls were exposed and the foundation drain was found to be 100 percent blocked. These conditions were entirely consistent with Jose’s assessment made during his initial survey and a testament to his knowledge and understanding of foundation and water management issues. Having experience in overseeing and managing numerous construction projects and working with large and small construction contractors throughout the course of my career I have found VM Drainage & Erosion Solutions to be a truly exceptional contractor. Being a family-owned business, I found them to be extremely responsive and agile while also having the wherewithal and capacity to bring the requisite resources to manage and execute a large project. I cannot express how pleased we are with the quality and breadth of their work and plan on using their services to install a new concrete/flagstone driveway. It was truly a delight to have had the opportunity to work with Jose and his team and look forward to working with him again this spring.
- Robert P....
Xpert Foundations Inc
Contracted XPert Foundations {Class A-BLD #2705070510} in June 2014; 50% down payment on 16 June 2014; was told by Mr. Luis M. Sanchez {and as agreed to in writing per our contract} that work would begin July 22 2014. I waited months, never received feedback from either Mr. Sanchez or from an XPert rep as to what was causing the delay. My patience ran thin; contacted XPert again and in October 2014 directly at their 866-726-5582 number; spoke to a woman by the name of Marie, who proclaimed to be an administrative assistant, who handled the scheduling. More than 3 months had elapsed and no one contacted me. I told her that I want to have my 50% (close to $15K) returned. She said that was not possible as the material is on its way and most of it was ordered and that I would be in breach of contract. Ridiculous! More than 13 weeks later (on 4 Nov. 2014), XPert Foundations arrived. They excavated 3 feet wide and 7 feet deep to the footer. They cleaned and dried the exterior foundation wall, and used hydraulic cement interior and exterior, coated the entire exterior house with a water sealant membrane to the footer, placed a poly sheet and added a drain board around the home. They installed the corrugated slit socked pipe around the house, added an external basin, and sump pump. The waterproofing took close to 3 weeks. In the interim, I sought to have an amendment to the contract and asked Mr. Sanchez to frame the front stairwell because I had two independent guys improperly frame it. Mr. Sanchez agreed. He also framed the carport area way stairs and landing (walk out) from the basement. He supplied the drain for the area way landing. Everything appeared to have been completed by mid-December, or so I thought! In mid May 2015, I realized XPert made a critical error. The waterproofing around my home was done very well, and to this day I have had no issues except he had to replace the sump pump, which failed in the coming months. The heart of my problem lies with the area way drain. {For those of you who do not know, but by county code at least in Fairfax County, Virginia, any landing (the area you step foot on prior to entering a door that?s below grade) must have a proper drain installed. Mr. Sanchez did not install the proper drain and has left me scrambling, and in a mess. In May, I noticed that close to 4 inches of water was ponding in the landing and would drain very slowly. I tried contacting him immediately, but was unsuccessful. He responded by telling me that this was my responsibility for having an area way. He said, ?it?s regular maintenance, and you have to keep the drain clean.? He mentioned this to me several times in May and early June. In the succeeding weeks, when it rained, I noticed water pooling in the landing. I called him again several times and he did not answer; I texted him and told him that something was seriously wrong with the drain. When he finally answered, he told me that he has no time messing with this because he?s working 6 hours away and doesn?t have a crew to fix this ?minor? issue. He started getting annoyed as was I, and I was more than upset. He told me to keep it clean. I told him that it?s completely clean. He said that he?ll get to it whenever he has time. I told him he has to get here ASAP!! On 20 June 2015, my fears became a reality. Upon returning from work in the evening, I noticed water gushing through the side of the basement door. I ran outside and noticed 3 feet of water sitting in the entrance landing leading to my basement. I contacted Mr. Sanchez numerous times via text and left messages on Sunday. He eventually returned my phone call on 22 June 2015, and told me, ?why the h*** are you bothering me. I turn my phone on and see you called me so many times and text me. You are aggravating the f@#k out of me.? I told him that the drain was not draining. I was upset that his stubbornness and sheer avoidance of the problem would not allow him to see that he made a critical error. I told him he needed to arrive immediately. He said he wouldn?t because he has work elsewhere. I couldn?t believe it. I contract this company, gave him a substantial amount of money {and by this time XPert Foundations had been paid in in full}, and he doesn?t have the professional decency to show up to remedy the situation?! It took him more than 6 weeks to arrive since mid-May. When he arrived on 24 June 2015, I told him that I opened the basin/pit and ran a garden hose to see if the sump pump would expel the water that was beyond 11 inches. He told me that I should feel lucky that he arrived. He said he drove more than 6 hours from down south to come here. I told him that I didn?t care how long it took him or where he came from. I was visibly upset and told him he needed to honor the contract as I did by paying him, and fix the issue. Where is your lifetime warranty, I asked? He was livid and said,? I never had a pump fail.? Yeah, right, I thought! I told him that it?s not only a pump failure but the drain installed is inadequate and does not conform to code and is way too small. As he was replacing the sump pump, I took pictures of the old pump and told him that while the pump failed, it?s the drain that is not sized adequately to handle larger amounts of sudden water. He was furious. He began to give me his story that the pump didn?t ?actually? fail, that it was something on the pump that wouldn?t start the pump to expel the water. He took the old pump out and put a new one in. I said to him if the old pump didn?t fail, why are you putting in a new one? He just looked at me and mumbled something. As we proceeded to walk toward the area way, I took pictures of the pump and the landing his crew was sawing out. He stepped toward me, about six inches away, said if you don?t stop with that f@#k%%ng picture taking, I will f#$ck you up. At this point, I was shaken and stunned, and reluctant to approach him. I told him the bottom line is that I expect this matter to be fully repaired as you have been fully paid. My neighbor overheard this and saw how he approached. He started bickering and talking how much he has performed, and the amount of work he has completed, etc. etc. I couldn?t believe this? Before I stepped toward the carport, I told him very clearly that the only way to resolve this issue was to excavate the rear area to the footer, remove his installed 1 ½ inch drain and replace it with a 4 inch PVC Schedule 40 and add a trough in the landing with a commercial grade heavy duty plastic grate and attach/run it to the pump. He began to drill into the side of the retaining wall and said that a weeping hole will divert any water to the foundation drain tile {corrugated pipe} and send it to the basin and expel it. I told him that logic made no sense as it would send more water toward the drain in the landing from any rainfall. I thought the weeping hole would help prior to him starting, but after further research, a weeping hole in this area was counterproductive. I couldn't believe what this guy was doing! In the meantime, the drill bit he used would not allow him to drill through the side of the retaining wall, and he left several drill holes and simply left the property. He said he?d return at some point but wouldn?t specify when! It took more than one week for him to return, while in the meantime, water was pooling in the landing of the area way. On 2 July, 2015, he appeared and finished the weeping hole into the east side retaining wall. I told him this will only exacerbate the problem. He was livid. The drain in the area way, I told him is a 1 ½ inch drain, not equipped for an external pipe drain. About a half an hour later, he said he would complete the job, but I would have to pay for the material. He said he would provide me a list of material I would need. Initially, I told him no, but prior to leaving I told him I would do it, but that he would have to pick up the PVC pipe, trough and grate. He told me he?d provide me the list by 3 July 2015. Before he left, I asked him to provide me his insurance information. He told me to go screw myself and I should look it up on the internet. I stood by his door and he told me to get the h*** out of his way, and if I didn?t, said ?don?t make me get out of this truck and remove you.? I never received the list. I explained to him via e-mail that I wish to resolve this amicably and professionally, and expect him to comply according to his contract as held me to what I had signed. I had 3 rd parties inspect the area and have it in writing. It would take 2, maybe 3 days to fix, but Mr. Sanchez refuses to do so. XPert has been paid in full worth a 2nd mortgage. Several days later, I notified the police department about the threats he made. A summons has been issued against him as a Class Misdemeanor for Disorderly conduct. I believe that Mr. Sanchez and XPert Foundations must repair this and I am trying everything in my power legally for him to rectify this matter. I am awaiting an estimated cost from an additional contractor to repair this mess; it is believed to range $7-$9K. I also found out from the county of Fairfax, Virginia that XPert Foundations never had a permit issued for the sump pump, but charged me more than $1,500 for the waterproofing permits and sump pump permit. County inspector visited me today: said wrong drain and no permit. And I know permits do not cost that much when they are requested by a homeowner. I want to share my experiences with potential customers (particularly single women, or elderly people, who do not want to be bullied from any person). It has been a horrible experience. The true sad part is that this matter can be resolved within 2-3 days. All XPert Foundations needs to do is redo their critical error, install the correct size PVC drain, concrete the landing, add a trough with a commercial grate and move one. But Mr. Sanchez refuses to remedy his own mistake. It?s unconscionable! Folks bewate!
- Patrick B....

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