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Nearby Reviews of Koi Pond Installers

Vista Pro Landscape and Design
James, the owner, is one of the most responsive and responsible professionals in the landscaping business. I call Vista Pro Landscaping whenever my koi pond requires service. James installed my pond nearly ten years ago and helps me troubleshoot any problems I'm experiencing over the phone at no charge. He offered me his cellphone number and made me feel at liberty to call anytime I needed help or advice. As it stands, other than a yearly spring cleaning, I think I have needed Vista Pro Landscaping to come over and repair something only twice in the ten years I have had the pond. They cleaned the accumulated gunk out of the bottom of the filter and topped off the filter beads on one occasion and replaced some light fixtures and installed a new valve on another. The pond never worked better or looked cleaner! Vista Pro Landscaping takes professional and personal pride in its work and aims to please. I made the mistake of trying another company when I had a problem and they were unable to resolve it, despite repeated and unannounced visits to my backyard, for which they attempted to charge me every single time. Never again. Vista Pro is the way to go.
- Carmen C....
The Pond Doctor
This is the second time I have used Pond Doctor. The first was in the Spring, when I also had a leak in my Koi Pond (which consists of three separate ponds connected by waterfalls). Mark and his men came out and cleaned all three ponds, and fixed the leak, which was in the lower pond, in one day. Total cost was $1600. This time I had another leak, about 17 gal. per hour, and Mark's men came out, diagnosed the problem being in one of the waterfalls, and fixed that one. Cost for this one was $400. I can't speak to whether the cost was in line with others doing the same type of work, but it was well worth it for me. The work was done quickly, competently, and everything was cleaned up after. And no fish were lost. I strongly recommend Pond Doctor if you're having trouble with your pond, or just for Spring cleaning if that's all you need.
- Gerald M....
Hawkins Landscaping Inc
Arrived on time for the estimate appointment and the work (and clean up) were completed in two days. I wasn't at home but the neighbors commented on how hard the crew worked. And I liked the effect!
- Angelin T....
Xtra Care Landscaping & Design INC
We were having flooding issues and decided to install a French drain. We got estimates from several companies and decided to go with Xtra Care because we liked their ideas and found their prices to be very competitive and reasonable. We liked that we could get waterproofing, drainage, and lawn services all from one company. We also liked Cleber and felt he understands customer service. His crew worked very hard and in less than two weeks waterproofed the foundation along one side of our house, dug a French Drain, built up our window well wall, and re-leveled a patio. We later hired them to do yard clean-up and to dig an area for me to have a vegetable garden. We also had them draw up a plan to add a fountain to our Koi pond. We like the design very much and are saving up for that as a future project. In a project as big as ours, there are bound to be surprises or hiccups-- like when when we discovered a major tree route blocking the planned path of the French drain. Cleber's team was careful to consult with us on a solution that we all agreed on before proceeding ahead. Or when we decided not to do lawn re-seeding but the message failed to get back to the crew and they did it anyway, Cleber did not charge us for the mistake. In short, we feel Cleber runs a professional business and is eager to do a good job. He and his team are very responsive and understand customer service. It's been very easy to work with his team.
- Susan F....
Tillerman Gardens LLC
We had a great experience with Jesse and Tillerman Gardens. We loved the pavers he put in and the choices we had to choose from. Everything was done very quickly and the quality was superb. Almost a year on and everything still looks amazing. It vastly improved both the look and functionality of our yard, which was difficult to get around in/enjoy prior to the landscaping being done. We will probably be having Jesse back in the near future to do a koi pond as well.
- Suzanne W....
Grasshopper Landscaping
We had three projects. It started out with just hard cleanup, but they were so good that we extended the first contract to include tearing down an extension to a stand alone garage. Then they worked on our deck - replacing rotted boards, resurfacing and sealing all three levels. Great job, so we asked them to rebuild a large old greenhouse that was unusuable. Fantastic job!! We just set it up for planting for spring now - first time we've used it in 10 years. That went so well that we asked them to address some foundation waterproofing issues, pour a new cement slab and install a new greenhouse kit that we bought from Home Depot. We're already enjoying it. What I really liked about this company is that they think things through before they start working; when they encounter problems, they discuss them with you; and they don't give up when they hit a snag. Just trying to save money so I can hire them back for more projects in the spring. Their prices are very reasonable for the high quality of work they perform.
- Denise B....
Heidelberg Fountains & Ponds
Bjorn Neumann has serviced my koi pond two years in a row. I have used other companies in the area, and he is by far the best! In addition to doing the cleaning, he reworked the water pump positions and piping to improve water circulation and make the pumps easier to access and clean. The parts that he used are much stronger than what I had. Bjorn recommended some pond care products that were new to me. I really like the barley pellets over certain chemicals or mini barley bales. I have learned new things from him on each visit. Other companies do not want to teach you how to care for your pond better. I highly recommend him based on his expertise, quality workmanship and his reasonable prices.
- Ruth A....
Heidelberg Fountains & Ponds
Same-Day Service Saved the Day! Thank goodness for Bjorn Neumann, owner of Heidelberg Fountains and Ponds! The Rotational Ball Output part, a very key part, on my Aquascape pond pump broke the day after I had cleaned it. As such, the pump could no longer send water to the pond filter. I was worried about the impact on my numerous koi before the weekend. I contacted Bjorn this morning and asked if he could work me into his schedule today. He squeezed in this urgent repair and provided same-day service. More importantly, he was familiar with the pump, a good one, and knew the weakness of this particular connection. So, he provided a superior, more durable, replacement part that will allow me easy access to the pond pump for future cleaning. He also checked my waterfall pump’s connection and functioning while he was here. Great service, as always! I will hire him again for pond cleaning and/or repairs. Previous Review (3/6/2019) I highly recommend Heidelberg Fountains and Ponds owned by Bjorn Neumann who worked at Merrifield for 15 years before starting his own small business. I have been using his services for three years after trying many others. Bjorn offers reasonable rates and outstanding customer service. He just finished my pond’s spring cleaning and took good care of my koi and goldfish during the whole process. Most importantly, I always learn something new from him whether it is about my fish, the pond filter, tips on pond care or better aerators. He can be reached by text or phone at (703) 350-6237.
- Ruth A....
Olmo Bros.Landscaping
They did a wonderful job and were equally wonderful to work with. They arrived on time and finished the job in 2.5 days and charged us the exact amount of the estimate. The workmanship on the stone walls installed in the swale area to handle the erosion problem was excellent. The landscape design was perfect for our needs (natural, native plantings). The work was done in the Fall and we are just now seeing the effect of the beautiful sod and new spring flowers. We are already thinking about the next project we can hire them to do.
- Scott R....
These guys did a fantastic job for me. Matt and Noah (the owner's brother and son, respectively, I believe) were incredibly careful and thorough. They got the fish out, patiently mucked out the muck, pressure-washed the stones and sides. They replaced the filtration medium and patiently re-positioned the plants, air-stones, and lights according to my nitpicking instructions. They were beyond patient with me: at one point, I asked if the muck from the pond smelled bad. They said "no", so I said, "good, how about scattering it around the roots of my roses?". And they did. They also erected the pyramid-net that sits over the pond to keep out leaves and herons in the fall in winter. The next day, the pond was crystal clear and the fish were swimming around energetically -- even trying to spawn, I think! I could not be more pleased with the job Matt and Noah did. The cost was a bit pricey, including the $120 for travel time. Because of that, I will probably do the spring start-up myself. But I think Knee Deep will be my go-to guys for fall pond maintenance from now on.
- Allan T....
The Pond Doctor
I have worked with Mark, the Pond Doctor, for the last four years. He is truly the best in service for pond maintenance. He knows what he is doing and has great experience. Mark can troubleshoot any pond problem - leaks, algae, etc. - and correct them efficiently. His life's work is pond related and he has his own pond (and banana tree), so he can recommend to you improvements that he has tried on his own pond. His men are swift, efficient, professional and they take great care with your fish. I have never lost any of my fish (Koi and goldfish) due to their cleaning operations. They are careful to re-use as much of your pond water as possible so that the fish are not impacted. This year, they added a Copper Ion Generator that has eliminated all of the string algae that plagued my pond every year. It truly works! So now with a UV light (for suspended alge) and the Ion Generator (for string algae), the pond remains clear constantly! this is just another example of technology that Mark has tried on his own pond and recommended to me. It is worth every penny. I would whole-heartedly recommend the Pond Doctor to anyone who wants to make their pond the best it can be. MC Hamilton, VA
- Michael C....
Simpson & Company Landscape Design Inc
We have had a lot of work done on our house since we moved in this past July. Simpson Company was by far the best of all the workers and contractors that we have used. Steve Simpson came by with his border collies to give me an estimate on replacing an existing flagstone terrace and removing a Koi pond. He also addressed some drainage issues and gave me some ideas on how to beautify a dirt side yard that had previously been a dog run. Steve was very prompt in emailing the proposals to me. (Don't let his laid-back demeanor fool you!) They are busy and were not able to begin the work for a few weeks after we accepted their proposal, but Steve Simpson kept me informed of the status via email and phone. Due to rainy weather the agreed upon start date was delayed for a few days, but I was informed and agreed to the new start date. Once the crew arrived, they worked hard and fast to create a beautiful terrace with buried drain pipes and proper grade to drain water away from my house. One thing that was especially nice is that they cleaned up and stored their tools at the end of each day. The plan for the terrace sort of evolved during the process and my input was considered in the design but in the end Simpson's "experts" created a very pleasant terrace with curved edges and a small curved planting bed. My neighbors keep stopping by to admire it. The only problem we had was when a separate fence company (Simpson Co. does not install fences) did not arrive at the agreed upon date to install the fence. By the time they finally showed up, the landscaping had been completed and the fence guys made a mess of the yard during the fence installation. The good guys from Simpson company came back out as soon as I called, cut some of the pavers to fit around the fence and tidied up the area. I highly recommend Simpson Company.
- Melissa F....
Pondscapes Inc
My pond pump stopped working just 2 days before the worst heat wave of the year. I called lots of folks to come out to replace it -- and never got any return calls. Finally I resorted to calling my neighbors for recommendations. One suggested Pond Scapes (which I may not have considered given how far away they are located). I called and left a voice mail message -- and they returned the call that very evening. We scheduled to have someone come out to work on the pond in two days around noon. When I got to my house at noon on that day, Garrett was there already. The live fish and plants had been moved to a holding tank, the water had been removed, dead fish taken out (did I mention the worst heat of the year?) and he was on his knees mucking out. I'm not sure when he arrived but my guess is that he was there at least an hour or more before I got there. When he left at 4:00, the pond sparkled, the light shone up on a buddha located pondside, the plants were all trimmed back to reasonable sizes for the pond, the fish were returned and the pond looks better than it has ever looked. Even when I moved in and the pond was new it didn't look this good!! I will say I did finally get one return cal from one of the folks called frantically days before. They had a higher price and couldn't come out anywhere as soon. And, since I'd used them in the past, I also know that the work they do isn't nearly as nice as Pond Scape. I heartily endorse Pond Scape for anyone with a koi pond or landscape pond.
- Barbara E....
Aquarium Services Group
It is really refreshing to receive services from a provider who takes real pride in the quality of parts and services as Aquarium Services Group does. I will NEVER utilize anyone else for this service, even if they are cheaper.
- David S....
Wildwood Landscape LLC
Jason is a very creative landscape designer. I would recommend to only use him as your designer and not actually for the implementation because there is a disconnect from what Jason designs and what is communicated about the job to his crew. There were many problems with the install which included prices going up because the Jason did not factor all parts of the project in his estimate and because parts of the job had to redone because of poor communication between designer and crew. Luckily, one of us was home most days and we could catch most things that weren't being done according to the plan. The Wildwood crew was always punctual and worked extremely hard. I was extremely impressed with the crew. My issue was not with them it was with Jason and his staff. The first problem was when the walkway was being created. It was suppose to be a meadering walkway from the garage to the patio and it would pass the waterfall and koi pond. There was no meandering walk, it ended up being a staircase of about 8 steps. We asked what happened and were told that the woman who came out to survey for Jason made a mistake. Her mistake was a big one because now we had a staircase that if someone tripped, s/he could take a header into the boulders and or into the pond. We were adamant that a railing had to go in. Jason did not want to do that because it would take away from his design. ( We couldn't believe this reaction by him.) We explained that his design changed when this staircase was put in instead of the walkway. We were emphatic that a railing had to be added for the safety of our children, our aging parents, and friends who may come over and have a drink or two. Finally, Jason conceded to the railing, but there was an extra expense for us. The next problem for the crew was that no one communicated effectively to them about the trenches that had to be dug for both electrical and gas. This crew dug one trench for electrical, but it ended up being only for 2 of the 3 things that needed electrical. Unfortunately, the patio was placed on top of the trench when the mistake was caught. Because of this oops the poor crew had to build an additional trench that went all the way to the front of our house. I hated that these guys who did all the grunt work had to do extra because of miscommunication from the bosses. Our fire pit was also a problem. It was built too low. It was only one level high of stone. We had to have them add a second course of stone to prevent children and adults from possibly tripping into it and getting burned. The retaining wall and front walk went in smoothly for the most part. There were some issue with the electrical outlets that were suppose to be installed on the wall which ended up costing us more money. I had also planned for another landscaper to landscape the front, but Jason whined about having someone else finishing his work. We gave in. Shame on us. The biggest problem with the entire project was the landscaping and part of it was because the crew didn't know what to do because of lack of supervision/communication; another was the plant selection itself; and the final was how plants were planted. We had 2 large trees that were to be moved and replanted. Both had to be moved again upon our return from vacation because they were planted in the wrong place. Much of what was planted was not part of the original design. Since it was August, I think pickings were slim from Wildwood's supplier and we got whatever was available at the time. There is still one tree that was planted in the front that not one landscaper can tell me its name. Many of the shrubs and perennials did not survive the first 8 months because of how and when they were planted. We had asked Jason to wait until September when it was cooler to plant and transplant. Jason told us no because he likes to finish a job before going on to the next one, so everything was planted in August while we were on vacation. I think if he had waited, the plants would have had a better chance of survival since the plants were planted with many of the root balls exposed and got baked. Also, some of the plants that were planted were planted in the wrong exposure. One example are the coral bells that were planted in the front which gets full afternoon sun. They like shade. I questioned this and was told they were a new variety that would do fine in the sun. These poor plants struggled. It wasn't until I moved them to the back where it is shaded that they thrived. The following Spring, I had Jason come out and ask him what he was going to do about the dead landscaping which included trees, shrubs, and perennials. He told me he could not afford to replace everything, so I had him replace trees and shrubs. I was stuck with replacing the perennials. It was then that I discovered what led to the death of many plants under our deck. They were all planted on top of weed block that was left over from when the builder had done some landscaping in the same area. The roots of the plants had no where to grow. I did point this out to Jason. There was no compensation. Shortly after the project was done, Jason asked to come back to take pictures of our backyard to add to his portfolio. We agreed. He staged the patio which included a huge fire in our fire pit. The fire was so big that sparks were shooting out of it and landing on our brand new patio furniture melting the cushions and leaving holes in them. Jason did finally agree to replace the cushions, but that is just one more example of bad judgment and just not thinking. The final complaint that I have is with the office staff. As different parts of the job were completed, we always paid the the installment that was due quite promptly. When the job was complete in WIldwood's eyes, but not in ours, I get a very nasty phone call from Polly. She demanded the final payment and I had to expalin to her that the final payment would be given when all parts of the project were completed to our satisfaction. I knew once I paid for everything I would have no further leverage with WIldwood which proved true when I tried to get them to replace plants that they planted incorrectly and died.
- Susan R....

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