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Reviews that Mention Electrolux & Vacuum Repair Near You

SOS Appliance Repair and Service LLC
Fantastic! They did the job no one else could/would do and were fast and friendly. Highly recommend!
- J J....
Berger's Sewing Machine and Vacuum Center
They knew right away what was wrong. They did fine. It took about a week to complete the work. I'm glad to have found them in the event that I may need them in the future.
- David J....
- Debra M....
Appliance Fix-It Inc
They did a terrific job,fixing it right the first time, and had our vacuum cleaner back to us in just a few days.
- David B....
After 6 months of the same story, I am now told it will cost $200+ more to fix it and it would be worth me buying a new vacuum instead. They are way too busy there and are not courteous and at the end of the day, my vacuum is still broken.
- Elizabeth S....
They found the damage to vacuum was worse than they had calculated, and couldn't be repaired. For the same price of the quote for the repair, they gave me a brand new machine! I was happily shocked, and pleased with the level of their service and determination to give me a functioning vacuum at the price they quoted. Highly recommend!
- Kathleen S....
Appliance Fix-It Inc
Our Miehle cannister vacuum suddenly stopped working and my husband, who is handy with most machines, was unable to determine the problem. We dropped it it off at Appliance Fix-It and they had it fixed and ready to go the next day. It has worked perfectly for the three months since. We thought the price was a little high, but we don't have any basis for comparison and the results were excellent. We'd definitely go back.
- Pamela F....
Appliance Fix-It Inc
I was having a problem with my vacuum cleaner's belt slipping off of the brush head after only a few minutes of vacuuming. The belt was brand new and fit snugly so I could not figure out why I was continuing to have this issue. Having to stop every five minutes to open the cleaning head and reset the belt and brush was very frustrating. I researched the problem and found almost nothing. I then called the manufacturer who recommended a vacuum repair specialist. After checking reviews and learning that the factory recommended repair shop received terrible reviews, I checked Angie's List. I saw that Appliance Fix-It had excellent reviews so I called and asked if they would honor the warranty which was still in effect. They said they would but they told me that warranty work typically takes several weeks. I did have to pay the diagnostic fee. I didn't mind so long as they could identify the problem. They checked the vacuum over and did not find anything wrong in their checks or when they tested it. They called me about 36 hours later and told me what they found. I asked them to test it again for a longer period of time and they still found nothing and had no problem with the belt slipping. However, they did replace the belt and replaced the vacuum bag at no extra charge to me. I thought the staff was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. They offered me some vacuuming tips that the said may be causing the slippage. I brought the vacuum home and have had no problems since. I would definitely use them again.
- Neal B....
Sun Sew Vac
We decided to go with a new Miele vacuum. Robert was extremely helpful in helping us select a model to suit our needs, and beyond patient in explaining all of the settings. Thanks, Robert!
- Lorraine M....
Appliance Fix-It Inc
They are very honest and have been able to fix everything I have taken to them. I also think their pricing is very reasonable.
- Nancy H....
Wooten Appliance
My fridge stopped dispensing water and my appliances had never been checked in 5 years so I thought I'd get the repairs assessed and the other appliances checked out all at the same time. The technician could not diagnose the issue with the refrigerator water dispenser as he could not locate the fridge's water supply. I still have a non-functioning water dispenser with no suggestions of what to do next. He did vacuum behind the refrigerator with my vacuum cleaner. My dishwasher was not properly secured to the wall and he fixed that. Cleaning my dishwasher consisted of running it through a cycle with my vinegar in it. This was not my expectation as the coupon stated "cleaning out the food catch & drain line; running cycle of commercial cleaning agent through the machine to remove hard water stains, minerals, and calcium build-up". I clean my dishwasher with vinegar already so I didn't see the value here. The technician turned the garbage disposal on and off and told me to run a couple of cups of ice through it once a month. The coupon stated that "thoroughly cleaning the disposal to eliminate and food build-up and unpleasant odors" was included. I did not feel like a service was provided here. In the laundry room, the technician checked my washer and dryer but did not vacuum out the lint. He did tell me that my dryer vent didn't seem to be working and recommended I call someone else. All in all, I did not feel like this was a valuable service. I would likely call someone else for repairs in the future.
- Nikki J....
Appliance Fix-It Inc
I took a sewing machine in for repair because the thread from the bobbin bunched up. The motor worked and the bobbin was in the machine when I left it with them. They charged me a deposit of $20 on an anticipated $79.95 service charge. They charged me an additional $2.25 to get it back. When I got the machine back, they told me the motor seized up and it was unrepairable, no good. I thought that was very strange so I took it to another shop who said only the bobbin was missing; the machine / motor was fine. I wrote Appliance Fix-it and asked them to reimburse me for the $22.25 and the cost of a $15.00 cost of a new bobbin and they did not respond. This the second such bad experience I have had with them. The first was with a vacuum. I will never EVER go to them again. They are dishonest. ($37.50)
- Deborah Y....
Tolson Appliance Center
I was so impressed that Tolsons didn't try to tell me it was a more expensive fix or try to sell me a new one. I would absolutely use them again.
- Jenifer L....
DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
Ali (or Ani?) came out to check on our gas stove after we called to request service from DMV Appliance Repair Service. On the first visit, Ani came to diagnose the stove and this afternoon he came to install the replacement part. Both times he was punctual. He gave me a call 30 minutes before he arrived, and today, even when he couldn't reach me because my iPhone was being updated, he still managed to show up on time. I very much appreciate his consideration when he took off his shoes as he saw that I didn't wear shoes in the house. He seems very knowledgeable and like in other reviews, know how to fix almost everything and trying to help us saving some money if he can. He is professional, after installing the part, he vacuumed the floor to finish up the work, even under the stove/oven. As for the dispatcher, she is also responsive and professional. She picks up the phone fast, promptly figures the cost estimate with the technician on the phone and she is able to fit us in their schedule as soon as they can. If I could offer one constructive criticism, it would be that she speak a bit slower. English is not my native language and it was a little difficult to understand her, though she was friendly. It was pleasant working DMV and we will definitely give them a call again if we need more things done in the future.
- Brandon M....

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