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Reviews of Stump Grinding Nearby

STUMP REMOVAL ONLY did an excellent job of removing two small stumps from our backyard. The stumps were removed manually since they were unable to get their automated stump grinder into my backyard due to the terrain. The stumps were removed and the area cleaned. STUMP REMOVAL ONLY was able to give me an estimate immediate after reviewing the job. Work was completed the same day as the estimate.
- Thomas M....
My home had 6 stumps located in various locations of various sizes in my front and back yard. I called "A Stump Removal Co." to do just that, remove my stumps. (SMILE) I had 3 stumps in the front of my house at the foundation and 3 scattered in my back yard. Frank DeBaldo and his assistant arrived within the timeframe that we discussed and we toured the stumps on my property together. Frank is very knowledgeable, personable and explained the process he would use to remove the stumps and examined each stump to see how the removal could be handled. I'm not an expert on stump removal, but I will say that it is hard to even tell that any stumps were in the front of my home. Frank DeBaldo left my the work area clear and his pricing was perfect for me. If I ever need any more stumps removed I AM DEFINITELY calling Frank DeBaldo at A Stump Removal Only Co.
- Denora R....
Tyson's Tree Companies, Inc.
After advising Tyson's that we accepted their estimate, Tyson's scheduled the tree removals and trimming. The crew arrived on schedule and did an excellent job of removal and trimming, including cleaning the area before their departure. Following their making arrangements to identify gas and water/sewer line locations, Tyson's called to schedule the stump grinding which was about a week after the tree removals. The stump grinding person advised us that because of the proximity of the gas line to the maple tree stump, he would not be able to grind the stump as deep underground as would be normally done. He did an excellent job of grinding the stumps and leaving stump grindings in the hole areas and of carefully cleaning the yard area before he departed. Payment of the tree removals and trimming was not required until that work was done; payment of the stump grinding was not required until that work was done.
- Walter P....
After trying to remove a rather large stump with a shovel, chainsaw and huge pry bar, I called Mr. Stumpy who made my troublesome stump go away in a flash. No reason to call anyone else for stump grinding.
- Joseph B....
Ross Tree Service Ltd
Removal of weeping willow tree and stump, do to the derecho storm, the top tree branches collapsed into the tree, and the tree was weak. Wished they had collected the tree material after the stump was removed. But overall was satisfied.
- Joyce L....
RW Stump Grinding
Great! Reg was very professional, on time, and took care of the tree and the stump in no time. He dropped the remaining tree, then per my request, he cut the 20' stump into log-sized pieces so I can split it later for fire wood. Then he brought out a monster of a stump grinder, which ate the remaining stump (about 3' diameter) in a matter of minutes. Everything was cleaned up as requested, and the results were great. Couldn't be happier with the service!
- Deanna H....
The Naughty Stump Remover
Glenn responded to a message left Saturday evening within a few minutes of my leaving it, and scheduled my work for four days later. He then called back within the hour to indicate he would potentially be able to make it the following day. He was at my house by noon on the next day, Sunday, and finished grinding the two 8-inch diameter stumps and root systems within 20 minutes of his arrival. He also offered to use the stump grinder to till the soil surrounding the stumps, at no charge, as I had indicated I was planning to plant a garden in the area. He was courteous, friendly, and gave me a very reasonable price - far less than it would have cost me to rent a stump grinder myself. I will happily go with the Naughty Stump Remover for any future stump grinding needs.
- Kenneth C....
Richard's Tree Service
I called Richards to receive a quote to grind down a tree stump in my front yard. Fortunately, the stump was in my front yard, so they were able to visit without me being at home. They left a quote on the front door. The next day, I scheduled the removal. They called Miss Utility to verify it was ok to grind the stump. One day I arrived home from work and the stump was gone. Just a small, neat pile of dirt and wood chips. Great company, service, and communication.
- Daniel H....
ADM Tree Service & Landscaping LLC
Robert Thompson employees arrived on time and completed the job. Tree stump was sawed off to the ground then the tree stump was extracted and the remaining roots were ground to mulch.
- Roger C....
Green Vista Tree Care
Green Vista Tree did a great job removing my tree and the tree stump. They came back second time to finish up the missing stump. Wiley was great he gave me good price and he is very responsive. Thank you!
- Zeeshan A....
Mac & Son Tree Expert Inc
A large old oak blew down, along our property-line, and before I could get a proposal for removal, my neighbor had the tree removed, leaving maybe 6 ft of the 3'ft diameter stump. I had called Mac because he had done excellent work for me before and I trusted him and his crew. The stump was in a corner, roots under and lifting 3 fences, with a 6-ft diameter, 2-ft hole on the back side. Some rusty old farm-fence was embedded in the stump. "Yes" his crew could take care of it, he said. We tentatively planned for next Monday. I coordinated with all of my neighbors, and contacted another Handyman friend, to remove the old chain link fences, and replace them once the stump was cleared. Proposals were reasonable, and due to forecast rain we rescheduled everybody ahead, for the coming Saturday. My handyman removed most of the fences the day before, leaving one (dog-yard) fence over-night. On Saturday everybody was there early. The last fence was removed as Mac's crew was clearing and chipping the brush. They chainsawed the trunk down to the root base (avoiding the embedded old farm-fence). Then the "Stump Grinder" (an awesome machine) began "eating" the stump. It took a lot of work to grind the stump into chips. The primary operator was very skilled with both the Grinder and a Bobcat front-bucket loader. He worked around the stump, "sawing" deep into the soil to cut deeper roots. Finally the stump core broke free and was out. Using the Bobcat, the root hole was filled and the entire area very carefully graded smooth. They also grubbed-out some Brush roots under one of the removed old fence-lines. While the crew raked the area, another previously left stump was ground out and it's area leveled. After Mac's crew left my Fence guy began replacing the fences. Overall a tough stump removal and clean-up went very well.
- Jim F....
Ross Tree Service Ltd
Company was able to perform job within a very short time of requesting appointment for removal. Tree and stump were removed. Flying debris from the stump and root removal broke a kitchen window. Company has been unresponsive to request for repair/resolution.
- E B....
Strictly Stumps Inc
This is the second time Strickly Stumps has performed work for us and both times we have been very pleased. Even though their name mentions stumps, they do complete tree service. They worked carefully and quickly removing the tree, hauling away all debris and grinding out the stump. The tree was next to the house and air conditioning unit, but they never let any branches fall on either. They even covered the air conditioning unit and window when they were grinding out the stump. When they were finished, we needed only to add some fill dirt and plant grass.
- Penny H....
We bought our house about a year ago and there was a huge rotting stump in the backyard. It went on the bottom of the priority list until we realized that alley rats were using it as a home! It rocketed to the TOP of the priority list and that's where Frank came in. I explained the problem to him over the phone and he told me he had plenty of experience with "rat stumps." Frank explained to me the removal process, and he removed the offending stump for a fair price. Highly recommend Frank for anyone else with an embarassing "rat stump" problem!
- Alexandra S....
This guy cares a lot about his work. He removed parts of the "stump" that I didn't even realize were part of the same tree - namely, a big root that ran about 20 feet from the stump. He was a little more expensive than some other stump removers, but I have absolutely no regrets. The last thing I want is to have to do is hire another person to come and remove the same stump. I am confident that won't happen, and am very, very pleased with the service. Thanks!
- Aaron C....
We tried for months to find a company willing to grind the stump of a large elm tree in our front yard. It's a small yard, elevated and fenced, and laced with utility lines; the stump sat directly over a gas line. Multiple companies refused to do the work. Finally we found Frank, and he fully deserves his reputation for removing stumps others won't touch. He had a smaller grinder that fit through the front gate of our yard, and he was willing to determine the depth of the utility lines and to grind the stump to a safe depth. The work was done well and the price was fair. Highly recommended.
- Binyamin A....
Mr Stumpy was very prompt and friendly when he came out to look at the stumps I wanted ground. He remembered me from other times that he had been out to our neighborhood to grind stumps. He took care of all the ones that I wanted done and cleaned up the area afterwards. Not only did he get the stumps, but the bigger root systems too. I forgot to ask him to do one small stump. Trying to dig it up myself has made me appreciate what he does even more. I will call him again when I need my stumps ground.
- Susan B....
Frank and his son did a great job removing a maple stump that we had in our back yard. Before coming out to the site, Frank contacted the utility folks and had them mark the area where the stump was for any utility lines that might be there. I did not think that was necessary, as the stump seemed to be in an area where I wouldn’t expect utility lines to be, but the utility survey showed that there were power and cable TV lines right adjacent to the stump. Despite the fact that they had to come all the way out to Virginia to do the job, Frank was very conscientious in scheduling the work, and they arrived on time. When Frank and his son got to the site, they carefully dug holes to find out how deep the cables were and they adjusted the depth to which they worked along one edge of the site accordingly. They were very careful and thorough in completely grinding and removing the stump and the price was very reasonable. Their experience and professionalism paid off -- we got rid of the stump and there was no damage to any utility lines. I highly recommend Frank and his son for any stump removal job.
- Chris B....
I had previous experience with other stump removal companies but they never ground the stump deep enough, and usually left a pile of dirt and wood chips that took many hours of my time to clean up. I had a large maple tree strump to be removed and Frank and his son did a great job grinding down very deep and even cutting out the major surface roots spreading out many feet beyond the stump. The cleanup was top notch and left a smooth mound of dirt that was ready to plant grass seed. I liked the job they did so well I had them remove an even larger stump about a month later. They did such a good job removing the stump that I can plant a new tree the exact same spot right now.
- Rick C....
Absolute Tree Inc
Both the estimator and the crew who performed the tree removal were incredibly professional. The cleaned up and removed all of the debris per the contract. It was not possible to grind one of the stumps due to the location of the stump, the layout of the yard, and the size of the equipment. The estimator was very upfront about it. When the crew came out to do the work, they did not balk when I asked them to trim the stump a bit closer to the ground when the initial attempt was not low enough.
- Deborah B....

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The stump removal process many times come after chopping down a tree. Sometimes removing tree stumps is done to prepare land for landscaping or developing/selling the property. The removal of stumps can be done as a do-it-yourself project, but professionals are experienced and can safely perform the task much faster.

What is a stump removal service?

Stump removal services near you offer professionals to remove tree stumps for a fee. It's standard procedure to uproot the tree stump during the removal task. The stump can be chipped down to smaller pieces in case it's too broad.

What does stump removal cost?

The average price of removal per stump ranges from $60 to $350.

The total cost of eliminating a tree stump depends on the size of the tree, the location of the tree remains and other factors. Cost considerations:

  • The cost per diameter is roughly $2 to $3.
  • The fee for clearing tree stumps on a parcel of land can be negotiated per hour or by the total number of stumps.
  • The average price per hour is $150 per hour.
  • The cost per stump starts from $100 for the first stump - the price goes up for every subsequent tree stump.

What is the hiring process?

The first step to hiring a professional is finding references for reputable handyman or company. Get various quotations for the tree stumps you want to eliminate. Find a professional who is certified and has the experience that is necessary to perform an adequate job.

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