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Independence Landscape
Curt Greene came over to give an estimate for sod in my back yard. This work was done expertly. 2 months later, I went on vacation for 2 weeks and the yard didn't get watered while we were gone. About half of the sod died. I called Curt to ask if there was any way to revive that part of my yard. He sadly shook his head no. And then proceeded to replace the affected sod with new for FREE! This is a company that truly cares about customer service. Wow!!
- Stacey A....
Independence Landscape
Mark and his team laid the sod in July. Despite watering and care it was just too hot and parts of the sod didn't survive. Mark promised to return in October and replace any sod that didn't put down roots. He was absolutely true to his word. He replaced all the unproductive sod and aerated and over seeded the rest. My lawn looks great and the drainage is so much better. Best of all Mark is an upfront, honest, and ethical professional. I plan on using Independence for all my lawn care from now on.
- Lynn H....
Stewart Lawn & Landscaping
This is a follow-up on my experience having Stewart L & L install some sod. After my initial review, I emailed them pictures of the sod rolls prior to being installed - 78 rolls (780 sq feet) as stated in the contract. Only 650 sq feet of sod was installed - they took 13 rolls with them at the end of the install. The owner said they had purchased 13 extra rolls - just in cast they were needed. Was informed that he did care what the pictures showed or what the how many rolls were installed sod were counted. I had counted the pieces of installed sod. I rounded that up to 650 sq feet as I may have misjudged a couple of partial rolls during the count. Add that to the 13 rolls (130 sq feet) returned, you get the 780 sq feet as called out in the contract - no extra rolls of sod…. Not sure where that extra 13 rolls of sod went, but it was never brought on to my property, nor was I reimbursed for the 130 sq feet of sod and the labor to install it. Wish I had the installers do a sod roll count and both installers sign a written inventory…. Problem: The quality of materials and workmanship was poor at best. The “top soil” brought to the job site was junk fill dirt. It contained rocks, sand, branches and other debris. I informed the lead installer that it was unacceptable and to stop unloading it from the truck. The lead installer had called someone for instructions as what should be done. He informed me that he would have to go to a local nursery to get new top soil as instructed by his boss. Problem: The installers did not have a sod roller or sod tamper. I provided my tamper for the installers to use to ensure that the sod is solidly in contact with the soil surface and removes small bumps and air pockets as recommended by sod companies. Problem: Sod laid near the lawn surface drain created a barrier between the drain and the existing lawn. I had to pull half of this sod back, scraped off the top soil, and dig out a couple of inches of dirt to restore the drainage slope. Problem: Many gaps are visible between the pieces of sod - some are big. Some of the sod, the lower cut edge is visible above the old grass lawn. Problem: Many areas where the new sod meets the existing lawn, the new sod is above the existing lawn - the underside edge of the new sod is visible. Including most of the flat edging along the retaining wall. I did not expect that I would have to fill in so many gaps between pieces of sod, nor have to redo so much of the edging where new sod meets the existing lawn- just so bring the new sod level where it is not so far above the existing grass that it drys out and starts to die. Not sure what Stewart L & L did with all the sod that I can not find in my yard, but I know that I paid for it and the labor that would have installed it.... They have chosen to keep that as extra profit. I have no idea what what kind of experience you will have if you use them for sod work, but I know what my experience I had. Hope you have netter luck than I had...
- Gregg B....
E T General Contractor INC
The company did a very good job of preparing the ground and installing the new sod. All of the company employees were very professional and worked hard to be sure that the sod was correctly installed.
- Sherwood P....
Ryan's Landscaping Inc
Ryan and his crew were professional and completed the work very quickly. On day one, they graded and prepared the ground where the sod would be laid. After removing all the debris, they put down a good layer of topsoil. On the 2nd day, they laid the sod and laid down grub pesticide because they noticed that I had a large amount of grub activity, which wouldn't be good for the new sod. Everything looks great, and I would use them again.
- Derrick H....
Ballard Enterprises - Lawn, Landscaping, Tree Services
Tim and Dan were easy to work with and provided tremendous value for the money. We were preparing to see our house and needed the entire yard sodded and mulched. They worked with us on timing, gave us a great price, and the work was fantastic. We highly recommend.
- Jeff H....
EG Landscaping and Site Work LLC
Very well. EG is very responsive. Work was excellent. Would and have recommended to neighbors.
- Virginia H....
Meadows Farms Landscaping
On Saturday, July 26, my husband bought 6 rolls of sod (called perennials on the receipt) from Meadow Farms. He came home, unloaded the sod and found the grass was dead. We immediately called Meadow Farms and asked them to replace the sod and pick up the dead rolls of sod. They said they would not take responsibility for the viability of the sod we bought that same morning or drive out to pick them up. They did say if my disabled husband would roll up the sod and return it they would refund the money. I explained that he wasn't physically able to do that because of his age and moving the sod up a steep hill. It was decided by the manager that since they did not consider themselves liable they could do nothing. The receipt very clearly states that "Perennials are guaranteed until November 1 of purchase year". If they considered the sod as perennials then they should replace it. We had to agree to disagree.
- Carol R....
Potomac Outdoor Innovations
Chris did an excellent job, and was incredibly easy to work with. After an inital call and a few emails, we had a professional contract laying out the terms of the project signed and the work completed in a matter of days. Despite my project being less than 800 sq. ft., the price was very reasonable. Two weeks later, the new sod looks great with regular watering. I would unequivocally recommend his company to anyone looking to complete landscaping work.
- Steven M....
MA Cleaning & Landscaping Design Inc
Wonderful. Great communication, précise work, and they cleaned up after they finished—even swept our hall because they had to walk through it. I’d definitely use them again.
- Charles B....
Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping
They delivered promptly (the next day) and included instructions for keeping the sod alive. They placed it where I requested they leave it. Sod was healthy and green. I didn't even have to go to the nursery, we did everything by phone!
- Tracy J....
We used their landscaping division (Aurora Landscapes) to have new sod installed in our front yard. We were told by the estimator that they use their own sod instead of store bought therefore sod will be fresh cut and in better condition. Installer came as planned finished removing existing lawn and weeds, titled the soil, covered with top soil and installed sod within a few hours. A half of the sod strip looked a bit discolored compared to the other half. We received detailed watering instruction and followed it strictly. Within a few days, those sod that looked discolored continue to brown while other section looking healthier. We contacted the company with photo to seek advice. They thought the recent rain caused overwatering. They offered to come by to blow it all up (not sure what that mean) and apply ph enhancer to green it up. Within a few days, a half of sod continue to brown and within a week, they were dead completely. We end up with spot of green sod that survived right next to the dead one all over our front yard.
- Miho K....
The Ground Fathers Landscaping
Amazing. They came on a holiday to do the estimate which was great for me since I was off. Came by on the scheduled day and took care of the work pretty quick. Will definitely hire again.
- Raymond B....
This was a positive experience beginning with my first contact with Bridget. She came to our house and gave us an estimate for preparing the soil and laying the sod. While other companies tried to convince us to also sod our side yard, Bridget advised us not to waste our money since the side yard is too shaded and sod would not grow well. Instead, she suggested we turn that area into a shade garden. She also drew a diagram showing the sodded area and the shade garden, which was something that no one else had done. We found Bridget to be professional and very responsive. I had additional questions about where Rivas gets the sod, which she quickly answered. Bridget set the date for the sodding to fit our schedule. Closer to the time she confirmed the date with me. The sod crew arrived about 7:30 am and were very conscientious in preparing the ground and laying the sod. The sod was of high quality--very thick and green. When I compare Rivas with the two other companies that gave us estimates: Rivas' price was the most reasonable; they completed the job before the weather got too hot (the other companies were booked up several months ahead); Bridget was the only one who looked at the whole yard and offered additional suggestions. I plan to call Rivas again when I do the shade garden.
- Sharon C....
Independence Landscape
I searched Angie’s List for a lawn care company to maintain my lawn. Independence Landscape and Lawn Care had very good reviews so I gave them a call for an estimate to provide fertilizing and weed control. When Mark Haller called I explained the condition of my lawn and he scheduled a visit for the same day. I also asked him to provide a price to completely re-sod my lawn along with some minor grading work. I received the estimate the next day and was pleased that the price to redo the entire lawn was quite reasonable. I reviewed a few details with Mark and agreed to have the work done. Due to the weather conditions, my job was scheduled for 6 weeks out but it was worth the wait. The crew did a fantastic job and I am extremely pleased with the results. I look forward to my lawn being cared for on a regular basis and I recommend them without reservation.
- Joe G....
Edwin Lawn and Landscape
Edwin and his workers did an incredible job! They transformed our tiny, messy front yard which had a large tree recently removed into a beautiful yard. He was great with communication and did the work quickly and efficiently.
- Bailey K....
Meadows Farms Landscaping
They came and sodded, although they did not level out the back yard as there was a lot of mulch. They never called or came back to do the deck even after repeated calls and emails. Its been TWO months! Then I get an invoice just for the disappointed...
- Andrew M....
Merrifield Garden Center - Merrifield
Excellent advice and Merrifield always makes it easy for a customer purchasing large amounts of sod, mulch etc.
- Michael I....
J & J Landscape Management Inc
The price was a little more than what I received from other companies. I have had issues with my grass so I made it very clear when I hired them that I wanted detailed instructions on how to care for the grass. I had to pull teeth to get it once the grass was planted. And what I got I could have easily gotten on the email and with more detail The grass did not do well and I asked that they come back to take a look at it. a guy came and their response in an email was something to the effect of "am i missing something?" no help . The sod did not do well and I had to reseed the entire lawn. Nothing at all special about this company you can do much better
- Nicholas S....
J & G Landscape Design Inc
J&G did excellent work throughout the project. Their concept of how to redesign our stairway entrance and how to place new plantings was very helpful and we took virtually all of their suggestions. On the other hand, we had some ideas of our own that were not part of their original design. and J&G willingly embraced our modifications and made the whole Plan come together beautifully. Their men are a pleasure to work with; very helpful and very friendly. The work was done on time and on budget. We ran into a serious problem that was not J&G's fault. At the time the sod was installed, we hit a very rainy and hot and humid stretch of weather. That afflicted the new sod with fungus that destroyed approximately half the sod. J&G accepted responsibility and completely replaced the sod.
- Cynthia S....

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When should you lay sod?

It's best to lay sod in early spring or early fall, when it's cool outside.

How Much Does Sod Cost?

Rolls cost about 28 to 45 cents a square foot - for a 2,000-square-foot-lawn, that's between $560 and $900.

How Much Do Pros Charge to Install?

$1 to $2 a square foot, or $2,000 to $4,000 for 2,000 square feet.

Laying sod is the best way to quickly turn a dirt lot into a lush, green paradise, but tackling this project on your own can be hard.

To ensure that you end up working with the best sod installation services, follow these simple sod installation hiring tips:

1. Learn About Grass Types

Knowing a little bit about the types of grass can make it easier when negotiating with sod layers, and the type of sod that's best for a lawn depends on your region. If you're in New England or the Midwest, Kentucky bluegrass might be right, but zoysia or centipede grass might be better if you're in the American Southwest. Compare and contrast the different types of sod before you call in the pros.

2. Check the Regulations

Laying sod doesn't require a license, but your town, county, or homeowner's association may have regulations regarding the laying of sod in your area. Learn about any extant regulations by contacting your local government or quiz any sod installation services you're planning to work with.

3. Look into Their History

Laying sod perfectly isn't easy, and if the company you want to work with has a history of making mistakes, you should find out. Ask for referrals from previous customers when you talk to a company you might want to work with, and don't forget to check out the local customer reviews.

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