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Reviews of Main Drain Camera Projects Near You

4 Service Pros
Edgardo and Erik were very thorough and helpful in answering all of our questions. We were able to see via the video what caused our problem and they located the area in our front yard. We will be hiring 4 Service Pros again. Note: if you do get a plumbing diagnostic using a camera, be sure to have a flash drive so you get a copy of the video. We did not have one on hand, but went to a drugstore to purchase one. There was a coupon on Angie's List that provided 5% off.
- Cherie A....
DB's Plumbing & Drain
DB Plumbing did a very thorough job investigating our sewer line issues via camera, explaining what they (and we) were seeing on the camera and providing a video so we could evaluate solutions and provide images to our insurance company. Dave and his team were very competent and knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions in great detail. They even took the time to figure out the unusual path in which our sewer line is lying under the house to the street using a satellite-linked camera and locator device (not sure how to describe it but it is pretty cool). They gave a clear diagnosis and recommendations, along with specific and clear pricing. We would trust DB Plumbing for future projects. We would recommend them to family and friends (and have).
- David G....
Long's Corporation
They were very professional and did a great job. I asked the plumber if he thought it was worthwhile to snake and scope the rest of our lines for possible leaks before we redid the floors, but he honestly told me that since we weren't having any problems, he didn't think it was worth the money.
- Amy J....
Sparkle Drain Cleaning
I called Sparkle Drain at 11:30 am and the woman told me she would have Larry call me, probably within the next hour. Larry and his assistant Anthony called at 12:20 pm the same day and told me that they would be at my house in 5 minutes to survey the job. Fortunately, I was already at home. They scoped the drain line from my home's clean-out to the street sewer line. They identified a small problem, which I will have to have fixed by another firm because they do not do pipe repair work, they only do drain clean out, like a roto rooter or camera scope services. I found Sparkle Drain Cleaning to be very honest, i.e., they told me the shortcomings of being able to fix anything themselves prior to the work being performed, but that they could recommend a company or two that could perform the fix. There were no other costs, like $40 just to come and look at the situation, like many other plumbing firms charge. I highly recommend Sparkle Drain Cleaning if you want your drain scoped, and I assume they would do a good job if you need a drain clean-out with a roto rooter type device.
- Christopher M....
Everready Plumbing & Well Service
Cleaning out my barn, I found a drainpipe in the floor and wanted to determine if it was connected to septic system. I figured that it would take one of those drain snakes with a video camera on the end which I knew would be expensive. After waiting for a call back from another provider for a week, I called Everready. Norman was out here within 2 hours and determined within 20 minutes that the drainpipe was not connected without having to use a video camera.
- Rand E....
Jiffy Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Competent, thoughtful analyst who did not try to over-sell the accuracy of the results but was able to interpret them intelligently. Work performed as scheduled, cleanup done well, all of our questions answered, good information. We were able to put together a reasonably complete map of sub-slab drains that had never been blueprinted, and the work left us well prepared for designing new planned construction.
- Ken O....
The Plumbing Dr
The camera scoping was done quite professionally and the techician marked where the root blockage was. It was right at the street and he said a fix could cost over $20,000 if the break happened to be under the street but they did not do that type of work. Given the very high cost for the fix I called another company for a second opinion. That company ran a camera and determined the break was not by the street but instead under the basement floor about 70 feet from the street. The second company fixed the break for $2000 and ran the camera back through the line to show all was clear. Given the wrong information from The Plumbling Dr. I request a full refund and they obliged.
- Jo-lynn W....
A-1 Trenchless Services LLC
Jerry and his assistant came and performed the work quickly and professionally. They answered all my questioned, made recommendations to prevent future root growth in the line, and cleaned up everything. Great job.
- Philip B....
I have now learned that having a clogged main sewer line is a job that separates the "handyman" plumber from a real professional like Jim's.
- Dennis S....
Jim's Inc
I have now learned that having a clogged main sewer line is a job that separates the "handyman" plumber from a real professional like Jim's. Owner, HP was lifesaver that I wish I had called first as he was the third plumber in two weeks. Jim's Inc., is who you want to call when you want your issue solved the first time and not suffer through repeated visits to solve the same problem without finding the root cause. In my case, HP didn't just snake the line and give me a bill but videoed the sewer line determined this was an issue that WSSC needed to be called in on (and gave me a DVD for insurance purposes).
- Dennis S....
Cardinal Plumbing Heating & Air Inc
Technician was right on time, came in and set up and did the survey. I would have liked a copy of the video, but the device did not support it. But, I had a good look at the sewage line, we found out where roots were coming in, then he pinpointed where in the yard the line was and where roots were coming in. Very good, would do it again!
- Glenn R....
John C. Flood - Virginia
I hired them to fix the sewer backup. Given the urgency, the sales project manager convinced me to (i) do a thorough camera inspection to identify the problem (they would provide me with the video footage); (ii)then snake to clear the clog; (iii) replace the the pip if needed (identified by the camera inspection.)The technicians cleared the clogs. Two days later, the toilets and showers got clogged again. I reached back to them. The attitude of the person in charge of the case was extremely poor. They said they did not have the video footage and kept on changing the story that are factually incorrect.
- Michelle Z....
McCarthy Services
The plumber did everything requested and explained things as he went along. All repairs seem very well-done. He was also very respectful of my house and took precautions to avoid damaging or dirtying anything. I received a written report of the plumbing inspection and anything to keep an eye on for the future. My only disappointment was that the pumber did not have the video camera with him to perform the video inspection that was part of the Big Deal.
- Sherry C....
Len The Plumber, LLC.
Even though the service was not performed the day I called, the very next day they came and fixed the problem The technician was very thorough and continued by the procedure even ~20 feet after the problem was fixed. In the next days another technician came to take a video camera inspection of the sewer line confirming that there is no other problem (like infiltrating roots).The cost of the camera procedure was included in the price paid.
- Gerald S....
4 Service Pros
UPDATE (10/20/2015): After reading my review (below), the 4 Service Pros manager called. We discussed my criticism of the service. I assured him that it was my decision, after being informed that a charge would be added to my bill, to have the serviceman reset the toilet and fix the leaking valve; my only complaint in that area was the amount charged. The manager said he would credit my account for the overcharge on the toilet pull and reset and send me a check. I did subsequently receive a check for $165.00 which more than compensates for the $65.00 overcharge (as compared to the price quoted in the "Deal") for pulling and resetting the toilet. I also received a new invoice/receipt with the credit noted (the extra $100.00 is listed as a "courtesy credit" for which I am very grateful; Thank you 4 Service Pros). The comment on the original invoice (recommended "hydro jetting" because the line "showed build up of waste and needs service") was changed to read, "Sewer line is clear. May need to clean in the future." Since the first sentence accurately reflects what I saw on the camera monitor, and because all drains "may need" to be cleaned in the "future," this is not an unreasonable resolution of my complaint. That said, should I ever order another camera inspection, I will insist that a DVD recording be provided (something that any of you who might use 4 Service Pros should consider). When you look at my ratings, be informed that I raised my "quality" rating from "D" to "C" and my "professionalism" ratings from "D" to "B". I raised my "overall" rating from "C" to "B" because of the manager's followup and corrective action. I changed the "approximate cost of service" to $393.00 from what I originally paid, i.e., $558.00) to reflect the credit given by the manager. This is not an unreasonable amount to pay any plumber for the services actually rendered. I contracted with 4 Service Pros because my regular plumber does not have a snake that will clean a 4" main line and he does not have video camera capability. He suggested a video inspection after cleaning a blockage in my laundry room drain. The 4 Service Pros serviceman arrived promptly. The access point was too small for both their snake and the video camera (I had asked about this issue specifically before finalizing the deal and their failure to respond suggested it would be sufficient). We gained access by pulling a toilet, which I could have done but the serviceman said he would pull it at no charge. Video inspection showed no need for snake (i.e., no obstruction in the main line at all). The house was built in 1963 but the 4" pipe was, in my view, fully open all the way from the house to the city sewer connection. The serviceman insisted that there was a lot of "buildup" on the pipe and suggested a special service was available to clean the buildup from the pipes (something along the line of $550 for first hour plus $200 for each additional hour and a two-hour minimum, and no guarantee that the pipe would not be damaged). On the invoice, he said "Line showed build up of waste and needs service." I did not order the service since what I saw on his video monitor clearly required no additional service. I did pay extra: Since the toilet had been removed for access, it had to be reset. I can reset a toilet but because the cutoff valve was leaking, I decided to have him fix the valve and reset the toilet. I was charged $290 for removing and resetting the toilet (the "Deal" price for this extra service was $225 (I did not catch the discrepancy until I pulled the paperwork in preparation for writing this review). I was separately charged $80 to replace the cutoff valve which took the serviceman about 10 minutes. $80 is what I would have paid my regular plumber for a full service call; in other words, I got no discount for already having paid for the video service call and the toilet removal/reset. Altogether, I paid $558 for this "deal." I just sent a message to 4 Service Pros, noting that the check I gave them on September 18 had not yet cleared my bank and suggesting that an adjustment to the bill was in order.
- David R....
Emerald Plumbing Co.
They came out and did an estimate. I have called starting in December to have the work done and have had no return call. I have called 3 times today and am still not able to get anyone to answer the phone. I would only use them again because I have already paid $500 to them for the scope.
- Aracely V....
Michael & Son Svc Inc
Work went fairly well with the following significant details: 1. Primary video camera failed when trying to record possible sewer line issues and had use small less effective unit. 2. Had difficulty providing copy of video recording 3. Toilet was already removed to allow access to sewer when they M&S's arrived. They placed the toilet for me but mistakenly fail to tighten water line. This resulted in a slow leak not discovered for approx 24hrs causing damage to tile floors. Note: M&S's did promptly respond and documented incident. I I plan to contact my homeowners for repair soon 4. Estimate was not totally inaccurate just high and included work the follow-up company did not find necessary. I opinion is that M&S's was more focused on max corrective actions they could take as a result of the type problem I had as apposed to what was absolutely necessary. Went with: Aspen Hill Plumbing LLC -- With great results 2238 Distribution Circle Silver Spring, MD 20910 301 933-0801
- Daniel E....
Dwyer Plumbing, Heating & Air
1. Promised to show, never did, finally called said tech was ill. 2. Showed on a holiday weekend, cost us a bloody fortune. 3. Recommended $1,200.00 water jetting, Provided no DVD or Video of camera procedure. Asked for it, never got it. Overall: Not good and very costly.
- John B....
Dwyer Plumbing, Heating & Air
After initially responding to a backup in our main sewer line (on a Saturday) Dwyer snaked it out and found many roots in the line. Days later they sent a guy with a camera to look inside the pipe and found that it needed to be replaced. They inspected the site and contacted the city about digging. It took 2.5 days of work to dig down in our yard and a in a corner of the basement to replace the pipe. They did a masterful job of leaving intact a brick landscaping wall and our beautiful crepe myrtle tree.
- Glenn K....
Caffi Services
Jovanne arrived within the appointment window. He was very friendly and professional. He explained in detail how he would proceed. He removed the toilet and had the camera up and running in no time. As he snaked the camera through the system he would take me out to the yard and show me where the camera was located. When he reached the street, I had seen with my own eyes that the sewer line was neither obstructed nor broken. He cleaned up quickly and left no mess. He even provided me with a video on a dvd of the camera's journey through the sewer line. I've used Caffi Plumbing over the years and have never been disappointed. Yes, you may pay a little more for their service, but Caffi's professionalism and competence is well worth it.
- James L....

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