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Reviews of GE Washer Repair Jobs Near You

Alco Appliance Inc
Just as I was getting ready to leave on vacation, my 21-year-old General Electric washing machine stopped dead in the middle of a load. I absolutely did not have time that week to research, shop for, and arrange delivery of a new unit; I just wanted my old one up and running quickly. I needed clean clothes for vacation! I called my fabulous regular appliance guy; he couldn't fit me into his schedule that week, but he recommended that I call Alco. I sure am glad I did--everything about Alco was terrific. They responded to my call immediately and scheduled a service appointment for the very next day. They provided a 2-hour appointment window, and the technician, Jason, showed up right on time. Jason was terrific--friendly, courteous, careful, thorough, and very very knowledgeable. He immediately diagnosed the problem and set about solving it. He did not try to pressure me into buying a new machine, despite the age of my machine and despite the fact that Alco does sell new appliances. Alco is clearly a company that understands the value of keeping good appliances running as long as possible. Jason was straightforward and generous about sharing information; he described the condition of the machine's other components, explained how I would know when it really was time to replace the unit, and provided helpful suggestions about what to consider when I do buy a new washer. The icing on the cake: the entire visit was only $135. When I went back through my records, I saw that I'd had the exact same job (replacing water pump) done by a different company eight years ago--for $165! No wonder Washington Consumer Checkbook gives Alco its check rating for both quality and value. I am very happy with my experience with this company and will definitely call them again--and will probably buy my next washing machine from them when the time finally comes.
- Ellen F....
Service Master
My 9 year old GE stackable washing machine was making a grinding noise during the spin cycle. I called Service Master based on their rating in Angie's list and they responded within hours right before the 4th of July holiday. I told them this could wait until later in the week and they came out a few days later. They called promptly when they thought they might be late and worked with me to reschedule for a later time during the day. They diagnosed the problem and while we chose not to do the full repair/replacement for the transmission ($500.00 on a $900.00 unit) they tightened everything up and with any luck we can get another few years out of the machines - albeit with a little noise.
- Mark J....
Service Master
The technician came on time for both visits (assessment and repair), performed the requested repair and was done in about an hour on each visit. Very professional.
- William W....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
My washing machine wasn't bringing any water to wash the clothes. The hoses were clear, and the water was working. The repairman scheduled time between 9 and 12 any morning for DC. He had to come twice, and each time, he came within that time and finished within that time. Nevertheless ,they didn't charge me for two service calls. After checking all of the traditional reasons that the water wouldn't be running, he concluded it was the control board. He ordered it and installed it within three business days of the first visit, and it works great.
- Jared P....
Visit and repair went fine. We didn't want to buy a new washer if not necessary- don't want the new bells and whistles and complicated electronic panels that seem to fail all the time. We were glad to have found someone who would diagnose the problem for a reasonable cost and recommend what to fix and whether to give up and buy a new one. This was the first time in 17 years that we had a problem with the washer. While inspecting the washer, Mr. Gaitley identified an almost-clogged small pressure hose which needed cleaning and, he said, could eventually fail and cause water to leak. Because we had some concern about the spin cycle not functioning properly, he replaced the belt which was an inexpensive part ($10) and, after 17 years, he suggested it wasn't a bad idea to replace it. While there, he also installed 2 mesh hoses we had already purchased ourselves to replace the older rubber hose supply lines we had been using. Maybe we'll get another 17 years out of our washer! They don't make 'em like they used to.
- Kathryn Z....
Wooten Appliance
Wooten demonstrated patience and persistence in fixing my washing machine. Wooten came three times. The first time, they diagnosed control board issues before the internal diagnostics would tell us what was wrong. The second time, we replaced the control board on the second visit, and the diagnostics informed us that a third part was broken. The third time, Wooten replaced that last faulty part, and the washing machine worked like brand new. Wooten only charged me for two visits because they guaranteed they would fix it on the second visit. I certainly needed their help in repairing my machine, and it took all of their skills to to obtain the parts and to fix the machine. Wooten acted diligently and professionally.
- Jared P....
Mike's Appliance Service
Our two-year-old GE washing machine abruptly stopped working--it would fill and would drain but wouldn't agitate. We found Mike's Appliance Service through Angie's List. Paul arrived promptly, took the time to evaluate the machine's problem carefully, and concluded that it needed a new motor and a new ECB. Parts and labor would cost between $320 and $470, he estimated, suggesting that buying a new machine might make more sense. We thanked him, sighed heavily, did our homework, and called Bray & Scarff to order a new washing machine, explaining the whole, sad story. The salesman there, rather than selling us another washing machine, urged us to call GE to tell them what had happened. Amazingly, it turned out that GE had found a problem with the motor and therefore would give us a new one. Paul came to install the new motor and ECB--but the washing machine still didn't work! He went away, did research, came back and worked on the machine again, and voila! Success at last. Throughout, Paul was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and patient.
- Diane K....
All American Appliance Service Inc
Our GE washer suddenly stopped working on a Sunday: the rinse water wouldn't drain out. I called All American on Monday morning, and they scheduled a service call for the next day. The technician, Pete, quickly diagnosed the problem as a wad of plastic that was blocking the drain line. He removed it, replaced the hose, checked for leaks, and ran the washer to make sure it was working properly, all within 30 minutes. We will definitely call All American again if we need another appliance repair.
- Richard E....
Arva Appliance Service
The owner was friendly and responsive, and he was able to come the next day and showed up on time. But I was very disappointed in his service. On the day he came, the machine did agitate, but despite my detailed explanations and mentioning that this has happened several times before, he implied that I did not know how to use the machine and that the non-agitation was actually a soak cycle. When I asked him if he could just replace the part that was causing the problem (knowing that I was not going to be able to convince him), he said it would probably be cost-prohibitive. He told me just to buy a new machine. I also asked if he could replace the broken knob on the temperature adjuster and this also seemed like a big deal and he said it'd be way too expensive: The part would be $113, labor $50. Definitely cheaper than buying a new machine. Two days later the machine stopped agitating again, but we will be calling a different service technician this time.
- Diana L....
DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
I had a fantastic experience with DMV Appliance! I called on a Saturday at 4pm and was hoping to get service within a week or so. I was very apologetically told that same day was unavailable but was immediately offered service for the next day (a Sunday). Due to my schedule, I instead opted for the following Tuesday and was given a 9a -12p slot. Shan arrived prompted at 10:15 and was very cordial, even took time to affectionately greet my dog and give him a tummy rub. Within 10 minutes he was able to diagnose and fix the problem and then spent another 15 minutes making sure that the spin cycle worked well with each washer cycle. He gave me the Angie's List discount without me even having to ask/remind about it. All in all, a great experience without complaints.
- Dina G....
WRM Appliance Service,Inc
The owner, Mr. Bill Mason, was professional, friendly, arrived when he said he would, explained things in a manner that was understandable, and charged me a more than fair price for the service call and repair. It was so refreshing to have a service person of this caliber come to my home. I will DEFINITELY recommend WRM Appliance Service to anyone who needs an appliance repair.
- Kathleen M....
Bray & Scarff
The Bray & Scarff service department is THE WORST EVER! I feel like picketing outside their Rockville store, to warn customers what they'll be in for. My washer (with a 5-year warranty) broke after just four years. I had bought it from the Rockville store. I had to wait two weeks for a Bray & Scarff serviceman to come and diagnose why the washer wasn't working. The B &S serviceman came on April 14, 2014. He said it was a problem with the outer tub and the pressure switch. The B & S serviceman told me that the company that's responsible for the warranty (NSI) would decide whether to repair the machine or replace it. He said it would probably take about a week. Well, I had to wait 26 days to get the washer. B & S finally delivered it today, May 10th. During that long 26-day wait, I called the Bray & Scarff Service service number (301) 470-750 at least twice a week, to ask them when the washer would be delivered. What I was usually told was: "We'll get back to you tomorrow." Bray & Scarff's explanation was that they had to wait for NSI to approve the washing machine replacement. There was also a mention of an email between NSI and Bray & Scarff getting lost. Communication between the two companies seems to be extremely poor. After more than two frustrating weeks of calling Bray & Scarff, I finally got a competent and helpful person named Madison who promised (and kept her promise) to call me everyday at noon until the washer delivery was scheduled. After Bray & Scarff finally got the OK from NSI, then things moved swiftly. Gary from the Rockville store called me to schedule the delivery. They delivery men came today - at the scheduled time. So finally, I have a washing machine. But I will NEVER AGAIN buy anything from Bray & Scarff again, because dealing with their service department is a nightmare!
- Mary B....
Peaco Appliance Service
This company is running a scam (see Yelp reports). The owner shows up, barely looks at the appliance. All he did was listen to it run for 2 seconds. Immediately tells me it can't be repaired and that I should buy a new washing machine for $1,350! He couldn't identity the model but said it would be GE. Plus, since he doesn't take credit cards, I had to pay him in advance by check. If I didn't "act now" I would have to mail a check and he wouldn't install the appliance until the check cleared. He almost won me over, until I got on my computer and started researching the cost of GE washing machines and saw that they were in the $600-$800 range. Then I called Bray & Scarf and asked them how much a GE washer would be with delivery, , installation and removal of the old one...a total of $700! I should add that, I don't even know if my appliance needs to be replaced since this guy never even opened up the machine. He had no intention of repairing it - he just wanted to sell me a new one. There are other complaints about this same scheme on Yelp. Shame on Angie's List for recommending Peaco Appliances. I refused to pay his $95 charge for showing up at my house and wasting my time.
- Stephen E....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
The guy who came in to diagnose the issue seemingly performed it in a mechanical and superficial way. He was too hasty in arriving at the conclusion, based on what we just told him could have been an issue. He merely reiterated what we thought (or rather speculated with our minimal knowhow) of the appliance. He just said that the washer's pump has to be replaced and it would cost $200 to fix it. On the said date when the actual guy who came with the replacement pump, tried to re-start the washer after replacing the 'said non-functional pump' it would still not work. He then re-diagnosed the root-cause and informed us it was the base magnets that rotated the GE washer's tub. And the cost of replacing it would be around $670!!!! It would be cheaper to just buy a new one, instead. However, thereafter we're still using the washer with occasional hiccups.
- Ruchita T....
Expert Appliance Services
I was exceptionally pleased with the service provided by technician, Sunny, from Expert Appliance Services. The company was able to give me a "same day" timeframe (1-3 pm) for assessing the problem with the failed spin cycle on my clothes washer, and the technician called earlier than expected and said he could be here in 30-40 minutes. He arrived exactly as he stated (shortly after 11 am), was professional and courteous, and very quickly analyzed the problem to be the control board/motor assembly. He did get a quote for the part but advised that it was not easily available. He gave me the estimate to repair which included the part and labor; the cost of repair would not be worthwhile for the washer which is about 5 1/2 years old. He advised that this is a common problem with the GE washers and also described another problem that often occurs about the same time. I decided not to have the repair done. Sunny quickly wrote up the bill for the service call, and we talked briefly about replacement brands with good reliability based on his experience. I couldn't have been happier with the service and will call this company again when a need arises.
- Linda C....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
Overall it was very good experience with this company and their technician. They do charge for a fee for service call even thought there is no repair at the end. But I think that is the norm every company will charge you. Also their fee for Home Service Call is $65 which is already at the lower end comparing to other companies.
- Tai H....
Bray & Scarff
Things went badly. We had terrible problems communicating with them. We had rearranged our schedules to be able to be home for the repair. They had promised to call the day before to say when they would arrive. When we failed to get a call the day before, I got nervous. We tried to call, but their phone system did not respond after 5. We did not reach them until the next morning. We then had to cancel the repair and find someone else. My F rating is not for our miscommunication as to the date. I have no firm information on whose fault that was. But their phone system was impossible! When they are not there to answer -- either off hours or when they are busy -- it simply puts you on hold playing some very strange sounds very weakly (maybe it could be music -- if so it was too soft to tell) and does not give you the opportunity to leave a message. When I called again and listened through the message fully, it gave me the opportunity to seek and operator. Requesting that put you back at the beginning of the original message -- an infinite loop. In this day and age there is no excuse for having a phone system that does not give the working hours and does not give you the opportunity to leave a message. When I called in the morning and finally reached them, the person answering said she would check if there was a cancellation and get back to me in less than 10 minutes. Forty minutes later I called again as I would need to find someone else if they weren't going to be able to come that day. She said they had no availability and would show up the next day. Fortunately I was able to find someone else to do the repair and cancelled the B&S repair.
- Edward R....
Bray & Scarff, Inc. in Laurel, MD sold us a GE Washer model GTWN495 in May 2012. On March 1, 2014, the washer stopped working. All electronics and water fill worked fine, but no movement inside the washer -- the motor was burnt out. We had not bought an extended warranty, so the 22-month old appliance would need to be repaired at full price. Bray & Scarff said their earliest appointment was on March 10 -- 9 days later. When the repairman came on March 10, he charged us $90 to tell us the motor was burnt out and we would need to have it replaced. He said the part would be ordered, and took a $50 deposit for the part. He told my husband that B&S would call us later in the week to schedule the repair. Unfortunately, the B&S repairman gave my husband an inaccurate service order number, so that when we called B&S two weeks later to check on whether the new motor had arrived, we were told yes, and the repair was already scheduled for Thursday, March 20 -- hadn't we gotten their message? My husband stayed home from work for the repair that never happened, because of course, it was the wrong service order number. We called B&S Repair again on March 24, to be told that they had made an error and the part had never been ordered. But they were going to order it right away! It should be in within the week. On March 31, we called B&S again -- we were told that the supervisor wanted to speak with us, she would call within 20 minutes. No one called. On April 4, my husband called B&S Repair again and asked to speak to the supervisor. She wasn't available, but did call him back in the late afternoon. There was no new motor for our washer. Unfortunately, she said, that part was on national backorder, and B&S did not expect to get the part in before April 30th. My husband asked for a refund of our deposit and the "repair" charge from March 10. She refused to refund the repair charge, but did refund the $50 part deposit. We have now been without a washing machine for 36 days, and have had to visit the laundromat a total of 6 times. During this ordeal, at every turn, Bray & Scarff has not provided accurate or timely information. They have completely failed in customer service or in the very basic test of adequately performing their jobs. I will, of course, NEVER purchase anything from Bray & Scarff in the future, and would advise others to avoid this company as well.
- Sergei T....

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