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Storm Damage Repair Reviews Near You

Omar's General Contracting
My basement got flooded during hurricane sandy and Omar's General Contracting was the only company that was willing to do the job without charging me a ridiculous price. I cannot thank them enough for the job that they did. Do not hesitate about this company!! You wont regret it!
- Maria S....
All American inspected our roof after rain from Hurricane Hannah had ruined two ceilings in our home. They identified a hole in the roof which caused the majority of the damage and made immediate repairs to keep the damage from getting worse. They also noticed hail damage from a previous storm and gave us a bid to take care of that as well. Then they patiently waited until we could file and close two insurance claims for storm damage. When we were ready, they came out immediately and finished fixing the roof and caulking around bay windows and transom windows.
- Barbara C....
ServiClean Inc
I called at 930 in the morning the day after a rain storm caused some flooding in my basement. A technician was at my house by 11, despite the fact there were numerous calls about flooding. The technician tested various spots in my basement drywall for moisture. Several spots were wet - he told me it is best to wait on remediation and to first resolve the drainage issues around my house. He removed the carpet pad and helped me set up my fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the rug. He didn’t charge me a dime and didn’t try to sell me on something that wasn’t needed or that wouldn’t be needed until later - after I resolved the drainage issues. This is an incredibly honest and professional business that I will use after I resolve the drainage issues.
- Deirdre B....
Jenkins Restorations
Joe Edwards from Jenkins Restoration was the overall coordinator for our insurance claim for sewer backup into downstairs family room which partially flooded a finished family room damaging walls, baseboards and flooring. Joe was very helpful and friendly as he quickly coordinated the estimate for the insurance company and arranged for the repair work to begin ASAP. The followup could have been better, but giving some slack for the timing--our problem happened a week prior to Hurricane Sandy, and Joe was heading from our house visit to get home to his house prior to storm's arrival. I would certainly use Jenkins again and would request Joe Edwards to be the rep. Highly recommended.
- John C....
My Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Service
Rich first helped us out when our basement flooded in Hurricane Sandy. He came within 24 hours and stayed until almost midnight getting the first part of the job done. He was punctual, professional, and easy to work with. He even helped us deal with our insurance company (successfully!). It was a big job, but he helped us coordinate with contractors to put our basement back together and get a sump pump installed. I was pregnant and had a toddler, and he was very responsive to my concerns about chemicals. I would recommend Rich to anybody. Then, about a year and a half later, our sump pump failed and there was water in our basement again. Luckily, this time it stayed in the unfinished part of the basement, and the carpets were fine. We called Rich to come by and make sure there was no water damage. Not only did he not charge us for the visit, but he lent us two big drying machines for free!
- Neal F....
All Aspects Waterproofing
At the time it all went very well. They showed up on time and did a great job of sealing in their work area as to not flood my house with dust. The building inspector came twice and both times passed the work with flying colors. It took me a year to write a review because I had never actually seen the sump pump work in a real storm. Over a year ago my basement flooded after an entire day of down pouring rain. This past weekend it down poured all day. I could hear the water flowing into the sump system from my window wells. I went outside in the storm and saw the end of the sump pump exhaust pumping water into my lawn. My basement stayed dry. I am very happy with the work done and I can say my house is in better shape for it.
- Cooper J....
ServiClean Inc
First, getting a company was really difficult after Hurricane Sandy and they kept us informed during that day. Arrived at 10p.m., worked until 2a.m. - got the job done under awful conditions, our basement was a disaster and they did what we couldn't have done ourselves.
- Steven T....
Servpro Industries Inc
I discovered standing water in my father's basement 24 hours after the deluge from Tropical Storm Hanna. I put in a call to ServPro on a Sunday and was able to get a definite appointment for Tuesday. The team arrived later than scheduled, which was understandable given the number of wet basements in the area. Two guys worked from 7-9pm clearing wet items out of the basement, setting up fans, and disinfecting the floor. They came back the next morning and cleared out more wet items, cleaned and disinfected floor. There was lots of paperwork to sign, but the workers were courtesy and good humored throughout the ordeal, which helped us get through it as well. Would use them again. It would have taken me weeks to do what they did in hours.
- Rosemary C....
Ultimate Water Damage Restoration
I found Ultimate Cleaning & Restorations and made the call. They were here in about an hour and got started. They were able to move all the furniture and get the equipment set up to extract the water and then set up fans or blowers to dry the area out. After a couple days everything was dried out which was great. I was shocked when they offered complementary carpet cleaning for the affected area. Again the service was completed in a timely manner and turned out great. I’m so thankful I called this was a great service.
- Andrew P....
Natura Care
Bill Martin who is the owner of Natura Care came out personally, helped us take care of everything, helped us work with the insurance company and was there from the beginning to the end and he did an excellent job. We wanted to get our carpets cleaned a year later and we hired them to do the work and they did a great job. The company has always been very professional, very competitively priced, they've done a great job. Bill helped us deal with the insurance process, he very much understood it and making sure that we receive what we were suppose to receive from the insurance and making sure that he was providing the insurance company what they needed in order to help facilitate the claims process. He saved our basement from a lot more damage. We would use them again in the future.
- Andrew V....
Rainbow International - Frederick & Loudoun
We had water damage in a rental property from Hurricane Sandy. The insurance company gave us Rainbow International as a preferred company. We contacted them early the morning after the storm and asked that they come out. We had already gotten a generator and started pumping out the water from the basement. They estimated on the phone that the cost to tear out the 1 room of carpet and drywall in the partially finished basement would be approx. $2500. They came out and tore out the drywall, insulation and trim - 2' up on the walls. They set up fans and a dehumidifier and checked the humidity levels in the wood and left. The office manager told us we would have a written estimate by the following day. We had to keep calling into the office and asking Zane the guy in charge of the project where the estimate was. They kept putting us off saying they had several customers and they would get to it as soon as they could. Friday they came to pick up the fans and clean up - supposedly. They had taken all of the trash put and piled it on the grass between our house and the neighbors. The boss said that they couldn't take it like they were supposed to because he had equipment on his trailer and he didn't like unloading it - that they would be back sometime the following week to get it. Still no estimate on how much all of this is costing....they said we'd have it over the weekend....that didn't happen. Monday they came back to check the levels again and we told them to clean up and get the dehumidifier out of there and send us the estimate. It finally was emailed 11/6- 1 week after the work was done. I wish I could post pictures of their "clean up". They have made such a mess of the house, we have spent many hours up there just pulling nails, staples, vacuuming the little chunks of drywall up, picking up trim and tack strips . There is a trail of,drywall dust from the basement up the stairs to the front door and all the way out to the curb. I asked the owner about cleaning and he said he would be happy to hire a contractor to come in and clean it for me and bill it to the insurance! He said that they didn't clean it thoroughly because we were going to have someone come in and hang drywall anyway and they figured they could clean it when they were done. There is ground in drywall chunks into the tile in every room and on the cement where there wasn't any tile. Now for the estimate.....the bill came in at $3275....measurements on the rooms were way over inflated compared to the actual size...they had removal of insulation on there that never existed....more doors than ever we had to go line for line thru the estimate and correct the sq. footage to make it what it should actually be and it lowered the bill about $475.00. I emailed this back to rainbow and the insurance company and asked that they revise it to reflect the correct measurements. They sent a note back telling us they had "met with everyone involved in the work at our house and they have decided that they will not be revising the estimate any further". I called the insurance and told them this is not right. They are overcharging us. The insurance said they would take a look at it. Two days later, we get a revision with some of the room sizes changed, but they have now added more line items in for different things so the bottom line is still $3270. Talk about fraud...not sure how they can just change the bill like that and expect payment. It is very frustrating and hopefully this will never happen again - but if it does, I can guarantee you I won't be calling them!
- Keith L....
Water Damage Pro
I contacted Water Damage Pro for a quote to repair water damage to our basement carpeting/flooring after a huge storm left many basements in the area flooded. The rep was kind enough to walk me through how to repair it myself since repairs were at a premium (given the high demand) and even answered a repair question I had over text message. If we ever have water damage again, I'm going right to Water Damage Pro for help. Highly recommend.
- Suzanne L....
First Priority Cleaning & Restoration LLC
After moving into my new hom, I had several incidents of sewage back-up within the first 6 weeks of move-in. I contacted First Priority for assistance. David was extremely responsive and provided me with exceptional advice with regards to insurance documentation. He was extremely busy due to recent storms and flooding and always prioritized my call based on the sanitation concerns. I have reffered him repeatedly to friends and colleagues who need emergency and regular carpet cleaning services.
- Shannan S....
Serv Pro Of Rockville-Olney
I called the office and they were very nice and responsive. I was very panicked because the water was rising outside of our walk down basement due to a huge storm in are our area. They were very calming and told me Michael, the team leader, would be there in 20 minutes with another sump pump. Michael and a crew of men came to our rescue in the nick of time. They placed the sump in the water that was quickly rising and we were able to drain the water away from the house and prevent it from entering our finished basement. They saved all of our belongings and they saved us a costly clean-up. I am so grateful to the folks at ServPro. Thank you for your prompt and professional service!
- Kim F....
Apex Waterproofing
The storm, and leak, arrived just 2 days before a scheduled home inspection on my house that was under contract to be sold. I called my insurance company the day after the storm and opted for a service where they try to pair users with a local service. While waiting I unsuccessfully called around to a bunch of other companies who said they could do the work for days or weeks. During this process Lou from Apex called back. When hearing about my timing situation he said he could fit me in as he had a crew that will be in the area. They arrived on time and immediately headed to the roof and identified the problem. The conditions were very dangerous as the roof was slick and it as getting dark. But they stayed up they took the time to double up on the protective sealing in order to address the issue properly. I really appreciate the quick and professional job under emergency conditions.
- Kathleen H....
Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling
Long, Long list of problems...What possessions that never made it back from their storage facility were destroyed. Filthy...they ate their lunch while sitting on my bed..I found sandwich wrappers, crumbs, empty soda cups and bottles. Used every square of toilet paper, napkin and paper towel in the house. They packed all the extra I had in the closet. I had to go up to the store after coming home from work late. The on site supervisor lied, didn't show up for appointments, arrogant. Job took WEEKS longer than we estimated. Spent HOURS on the phone with my insurance company and the high ups at Paul Davis Two years later, I am still dealing with the mess. I did get some financial restitution, but in now way did it cover the cost of many irreplaceable possessions. All I can say is this was one of the worse experiences I have ever had with a company that claims to be professional. BEWARE
- Mary S....
Top To Bottom Renovation, INC.
Mr. Johnson was the first contractor to visit my home immediately after my home was impacted by major flooding on all three levels. I was immediately impressed by his honesty and guarantee of fast and reliable service. Mr. Johnson and his team delivered professional service and went above and beyond at times to provide additional support outside of my allotted budget. I highly recommend this company.
- Sarita Y....
Jenkins Restorations
My insurance company sent Jenkins Restorations to assess the initial damage and provide temporary structural support to the house in the aftermath of the extensive damage inflicted by the tree and the rain. Given their prompt and helpful response, I selected this company to do the reconstruction of the house. It was a good choice and, once work began, the process went smoothly until completion. The Project Managers were attentive and always responsive. Phone calls were promptly returned and the various groups who worked on the house under their supervision did a thorough job. Any time I went by the house I was treated with consideration. Any changes I requested were handled quickly and good attention was given to detail. After I moved back in on 7/30/2013, details I called about was handled at once. Extensive storm damage is not something one would wish on anyone. It is traumatic to say the least. But Jenkins Restorations made the work of reconstruction go well, lifting my spirits and ultimately giving me my home back.
- John B....
Tri State Restorations, LLC
Great! They were very helpful and supportive. When we discovered our home flooded , someone was there within a couple of hours. My house looks better than it did before the flood!
- Stephen I....
SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown
I felt that ServPro took advantage of us after a sever rain storm flooded our basement. They charged me, in there words at least $4000 extra, so that we could get the job done right away. I believe the job they did was not worth $12000( it was probably worth $6000 to $7000). The quality of their work was good but they significantly over charged. I would not recommend this SERVPRO company to any customer or insurance company
- Gary O....

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