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Ash Maids inc
They were the cheapest out of all the companies I researched. The price they quoted was what I paid and they did not try to sell me any unnecessary add ons like many carpet cleaning companies do. Technician was professional. Overall job was great. Would use them again.
- Florence B....
Merry Maids of Alexandria
I've used Merry Maids for well more than a decade and am generally pleased with the work they do. General cleaning is well done, but sometimes the details aren't quite as I would hope. Cleaning around the baseboards and dusting hidden surfaces could sometimes be more thorough. They seldom wipe down the kitchen cabinets or the refirgerator handles or clean the smudges on the doors. They also have a difficult time making the bed well (pulling the fitted sheet down over the mattress), although in their defense it's a king-sized very heavy mattress. That said, I continue to use them as I believe they are a good value and it's wonderful to come home to such a clean house on the days they have been there. They are scupulously honest and trustworthy; the cleaning teams are always friendly. The office personnel are always pleasant and helpful.
- Patricia A....
Jiffy Maids
The crew of two women arrived within the time scheduled, but were inflexible in where to begin in the house. We needed a little time in the house to move some things around to allow them to begin cleaning upstairs. They did not move anything to clean i.e. suction baskets in the bathtub, leaving scum in the corners, did not dust several pieces of furniture, did not empty several small trashcan. The crew was obviously in a hurry because they told us they had two more houses to clean before the day was over. The one helper put the fitted sheet on the wrong way i.e. short side on the long side of the mattress thus only fitting it into the pillow top part of the mattress. Just skimmed over our furniture. Did not do the baseboards as promised, did not dust the ceiling fans, did not use a product specifically for hardwood floors thus leaving milky streaks on the floors. After the job was "done" we were pressured to fill out a comment card.
- Loretta T....
Maid to Clean
I hired them to do a thorough job of dusting and vacuuming my apartment. Instead, they did a very superficial job. Even after I showed them that there was dust on some of the book shelves and they claimed to go over those areas again, I found dust there. In fact, while they were still here, I got up on a ladder and dusted the shelves with a swiffer and was able to show them how much dirt it had picked up. After they left, I found dirt on one of the window sills and cat hair on a dining room chair. Additionally, there were several request that I made that they completely ignored. For example, I asked them not to make up the bed as I wanted them to help me turn the mattress over. They said OK, but 5 minutes later, I found that they had made up the bed so I had to take the linens off and again ask them to help me turn the mattress over. Shortly after they left, I called the office and complained about the poor quality of the work and the fact that they had had to re do some of the work. The person in the office offered to reduce my bill by 15 minutes. Later in the afternoon, after I had discofered even more problems, I again called the office to complain and told them that I would not pay their bill, and they said they understood.
- Ellen S....
Maid Bright
Overall, we are very pleased with the service we receive. Two cleaners come to our house every other week and spend approximately two hours (i.e. four total person hours) cleaning the upstairs and main floor. This includes stripping and making the beds (as long as we leave out clean sheets), rotating the mattress, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the carpets and rugs, mopping the hardwood floors, cleaning the kitchen, dusting the shelves and furniture, and perhaps some other things that I cannot think of right now. The cleaners are professional, they get right work, and they are honest and trustworthy (in three years, we have not had an issue with any broken or missing items). The main office is always helpful and responsive if we need to reschedule a cleaning and they typically call the day before to confirm they are coming and at what time. I recommend them.
- Tom B....
Maid to Clean
The ladies worked very hard but not very thoughtfully; they roughly moved lots of things (including furniture) to clean but never put them back where they came from. Several pictures ended up hanging by the frames etc all out of kilter and parts were pulled out of some things and just left sitting on the counter. They broke a slat off one of the blinds (after I told them not to clean the blinds at all because they're so fragile), they PARTIALLY pulled cables out of the computer and electric cords from the wall in several rooms --meaning first I thought that they were broken and then had to crawl around to replug things in after they they left, and they made marks on the wall. Both beds had bedskirts which they completely tucked up under the mattress. When I pointed it out to the supervisor she helped me pull out part of one bedskirt and said that she would tell the ladies to fix it--after they left I found that no one had touched them. The other half of the bed she and I had worked on still had half the bedskirt tucked under the mattress and the second bed had the whole bedskirt tucked under the mattress (wrinkling them badly). They used some new material on the stainless steel refrigerator that left horrible stains that I cannot get out. And I thought that their vacuuming was very superficial. I speak Spanish and had no trouble communicating with the ladies or the supervisor (with whom I spoke in English). BUT I would have tolerated all of that, and had them come back regularly to clean (because I thought all these issues could be addressed and nobody is perfect) had they not the office staff acted so badly. I called and talked to Adrianne, explained that I wanted bi-weekly service and hoped they could work out the problems that I had experienced. She seemed very concerned, set up a appointment for two weeks in the future, and said she wanted to send out a supervisor before that. Then I heard nothing. When I called the day before the appointment nobody in the office knew what I was talking about and said they would have Adrianne call me when she came in--nothing. Finally I called them yet again and got Adrianne; she apologized for not sending out the promised supervisor or calling me back because they were short-staffed. But she also said that they don't clean in my area on the day she had promised but she could send someone the next week. Since I had guests coming in 48 hours that wasn't very helpful. None of this is a tragedy but given the great reviews I expected better. Nobody dies of a dirty house but I have no time to clean and now I have guests coming--arrgh. So I won't be dealing with these folks again.
- Sandra R....
Majestic Maid Services
Rosalina is a gem. I have had several other cleaning services over the years, some long term, some for only a year, that could not seem to handle all the dusting required in the house. Granted we do have LOTS of items on shelves, etc. but all of the others accepted that prior to hiring, but just could not keep up. In addition, we have pets and she is very accommodating; there are two very heavy mattresses in our home that require linen changing that she also does without complaint. Our house looks and smells clean after she leaves and is a pleasure to come home to. If something goes wrong, she let's me know. When I have to miss a week or change a day, she is very flexible and easy to work with. If something is not done, I just let her know by leaving her a message and it's taken care of. I have been using her now for a few months and am more than pleased. I hope that it continues and I highly recommend giving her a try. She is thorough, honest and pleasant to deal with.
- Jean W....
The Cleaning Authority - Frederick
I have cleaning done every other week. They do probably as well as any franchise cleaning service. Some teams pay more attention to detail than others. I do like that they have quality control people and if something isn't done right either the team returns to fix it or someone else comes back. Their weakest area is changing the bed linens. Much of the time it is obvious that a rush job was done because often the pockets of the fitted sheets aren't snugly on the corners of the mattress and often the flat sheet, blanket, and/or the bedspread is on lop sided with one side hanging down the side of the bed noticeably longer that the other. It would be my preference to have the same team every week and the same time slot, but when I requested a particular team I was told in order for that to happen the time slot couldn't be guaranteed. I gave them a C for punctuality because generally they arrive in the ballpark of 9:45 - 10:15 but there are occasions when they don't show up until much later.
- Sarah K....
Real Touch Maids
The cleaners stared upstairs. They did a nice job on the obvious, eye-level parts of the house. Surfaces were wiped off and dusted but the details were skipped. The back of a round lamp was left dusty. The base of the TV was not dusted. Only the large surfaces of furniture or counters were cleaned, not any items sitting on them. Every sink in the house has a soap dispenser. None of them were wiped off. Knick knacks that had to be moved, were carelessly left to one side of tables. In one bedroom, when the sheets were changed, the mattress pad must have partially come off. It was not put back on. The sheet was just put on top of it. The Big Deal included cleaning the inside of the refrigerator. They did not know this and I had to mention it to have it done. It also included cleaning base boards. None of them were done. The cleaners were polite and pleasant. They asked me if there was anything else before they left. As I mentioned, they eye-level areas were cleaned. They left vacuum marks on the back of the couch. But once they left, it was easy to tell that they just did enough to get by. I purchased a deep cleaning and that is not what they did.
- Grace R....
Real Touch Maids
Hired them to do what they described as a deep clean. Showed them around, pointing out specific issues. Asked that blankets all be tucked under ends of mattresses. All were left loose. Asked that laundry room deep sink be scrubbed. Had to call them back in to do. Ceiling fans were not done. Asked them to come back to do them. Still not done. Lightweight beanbag chair in daughters room - I found clothes behind it after they left, so they didn't pick up anything to vacuum. Soap dispensers in bathrooms still sticky and not wiped down. Couch still had crumbs on it. Yellow residue from a soak I used in my bathtub still there. My house is really never that dirty, but I recently had surgery and didn't have energy for it. And it is only about 3300 sq ft, so I was hoping for things to truly be cleaned well. Totally disappointed.
- Alison P....

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