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Reviews of Shower Enclosure Projects Near You

Exceptional attention to detail in the measurement and manufacturing. It really makes the bathroom seem larger and lighter.
- Helen N....
showerdoor 2 Go
Leo did a great job communicating what needed to be done and the whole process went very smoothly. The new enclosure is beautiful!
- Christine B....
Shower Door King
I contacted Shower Door King via Angie's List and Al came out and looked at the shower enclosure and what it would take to replace with a frameless shower enclosure. It involved some detailed trimming of portions of the stone that supported the door but it was done professionally by Tom. The enclosure was installed today and it looks beautiful. The installers, Derrick and Nathan, were professional and courteous and wanted to insure we were pleased with the results. All of the employees I dealt with - Al, Tom, Tracey, Derrick and Nathan, were wonderful to work with and I would recommend them highly to anyone who wants to replace their current shower enclosure with a frameless one.
- Patricia W....
It was perfect!!!! The appointments were easy to schedule. The measurer was on time. The price was excellent compared to quotes from other companies that specialize in the enclosures. The installers were right on time. I love the finished product. The company is very professional from the scheduling to the installation and final inspection by their company. I highly recommend them.
- Diane W....
It is easy to get good reviews when you do what you are supposed to - But the real character of service is when something does not go right - and they FAILED!! Work: Shower enclosure We used them once and they did the job, so we used them a second time - it was a disaster! During the installation, they drove a bracket screw through a water pipe, quickly put silicon in the hole and redrilled the screw into the hole. thinking the job was correctly completed, they were paid in full. However, the hole caused an unnoticeable slow leak at first and a few days later increased in intensity and then we noticed it on the ceiling below. We quickly called them to have them come take a look and to repair the damage. We were told it was OUR fault for not telling them the pipe (horizontal to the floor) was there and they would not fix it. They REFUSED to correct their error. They also REFUSED to return the final payment. They were completely non-negotiable. We had to invoke the services of the credit card company to dispute the payment. After a great deal of time, paperwork and stress - the dispute ended up in our favor. We would STRONGLY advise NOT using their services.
- Grace F....
Shower Door King
This company was right on time with experienced staff. They did what they said and when they said they would do it. Their price was competitive (not low) I choose them because of their good references and I made the right choice. I highly recommend this company and will use them again in the future.
- Robert M....
The Grout Medic - Northern VA
The work went well. Mike is delightful. Helpful, clean and careful. My only concern is with the office. The office entered my contact info incorrectly. so I didn't get an estimate in writing. Also, the first appointment needed to be rescheduled which I didn't find out until I called The Grout Medic half an hour after they were due at my house. I do recommend Gout Medic, but suggest you contact them to confirm the appointment and get the estimate in writing.
- Karen O....
Looney's Tile & Grout
Fantastic! I live in a 26-year old home and the floors they re-grouted now look BRAND NEW! I have used Looney's Tile several times over the years and I have always been extremely pleased. Everyone, from the owner, to the person who answers the phone, to the person quoting & doing the work - is incredibly friendly, professional, patient and does excellent work. I can't say enough great things about them!
- Colleen D....
Miracle Method of Fairfax
We originally were thinking about ripping out the whole shower and completely redoing all or most of the master bath, which could have easily cost $10-20k. The shower pan surface and tile grout were discolored, which was our main concern. We were pleasantly surprised to learn of Miracle Method and find we could have a new surface applied to the shower, which we did along with installing a premium shower enclosure. The shower now looks brand new and is great. The service and quality of work is outstanding!
- Ron J....
American Screen & Glass, Inc.
Job went smooth. Fred gave us an estimate, then he came out to do a final measurement once the old shower enclosure had been removed. A couple of weeks later the crew returned to install it. the finished product was beautiful.
- William T....
Miracle Method Surface Refinishing
In the spring of 2016 we inquired about the “Miracle Method” refinishing technique and its cost for refinishing a standard small shower. At the time we were also considering replacing the existing fiberglass enclosure with a tiled one. We were given a price for the work over the phone, but I asked for a representative to come out to look at and estimate the actual job because I wanted to personally talk to someone familiar with the procedure so I could get insight on what to expect during the treatment and what the quality of the refinished shower would look like. Early in May, a representative arrived at the appointed hour and we discussed the job. Long ago in another house we had two porcelain bathtubs refinished using the “Porcelite” method. This process proved entirely satisfactory with the exception that it eventually peeled along the junction of the recessed fixed tub drain and the old porcelain surface. The finish, though less durable, itself closely simulated the original surface and did not look obviously “refinished.” The representative assured me that “Miracle Method” would produce a surface similar to “Porcelite” and would look like the original fiberglass finish. He also said that it would not result in peeling at the drain. It would, in short, “look and feel like new,” as Miracle Method's advertising literature states. He also explained to me the steps involved and the color choices available. He did caution me that that leaving water standing, or worse, soapy water, on the surface would eroded the surface, and that the new surface needed to be cleaned and maintained in a prescribed manner to maintain its look. After receiving these assurances, I contracted to have the shower refinished. The technician arrived promptly at 8 AM to do the work on May 9. I checked in with him periodically during the procedure to see how he was progressing, and to ask questions, but I avoided the area as much as possible because the smell of the products being applied was absolutely obnoxious and certainly hazardous when applied in an area with inadequate ventilation. The bathroom being refinished has no window and the ceiling exhaust couldn't clear the fumes. Even the exhaust fan he set up and vented to a distant door did little to mitigate the stench which spread to the entire house. The technician finished his work about 2 PM. At that time I examined the work visually, as it could not be touched, and noted that it looked very grainy and that its reflectivity varied considerably. I asked him about this then and there, and he said that when it cured it would even out. After the minimum prescribed curing time, I examined the finish again. I found that it still looked exactly the way it did when it had been just finished. It was grainy, dull in some places, glossy in others. To the touch it was rough in the dull areas; nothing like the feel or look of the original fiberglass finish. I left a message with Miracle Method's representative to call me in regard to the job. When he called, I stated my concerns about the appearance of the job and asked him to come out and have a look at it to see if it had been applied correctly. The material continued to smell strongly day after day and could not be abated by the ceiling fan vent. It was cold and rainy for days, and there was no practical way to vent it to the outside, causing a restriction in the use of the adjoining rooms. When the representative arrived to look at the work, I let him do so without comment. He volunteered that something must have been wrong with the spray gun and then he pointed out an area on the outer edge of the enclosure that was very glossy as an example of what the finish should look like. I also pointed out a number of small “bumps” on the floor, one “drip” where the material sagged before drying and the general inconsistency, roughness of feel and graininess of the surface. He agreed to have a technician return to buff down the first application and recoat it. He said he would call to schedule the work to be done, but when he didn't for several days, I called and left a message that either May 24 or 26 would be best. We had to go on a short trip and could not work it in earlier. I also suggested in the left message that because the first technician had only been doing this work for three months, perhaps he should assign someone more experienced to do the follow up work. Eventually, the office called and scheduled the work for May 24. When we arrived back home on May 22, the treated area still smelled of the noxious chemical treatment, and I wasn't looking forward to renewing it. However, a second technician arrived on May 24 at about 7:45 AM. Before he began, I pointed out the “bumps” on the floor of the shower and what I considered other defects of the finish and asked him to make an effort to get off some of the coating spray that had accidentally landed on the ceramic tile floor during the first treatment while he was at it. Unlike the representative or the first technician, this technician said that it was normal for the finish to be “grainy” looking, even though I pointed out the place the representative said was what it should look like. At about 8:45 he called upstairs to say he was finished and, unlike the first technician, he said that the finish would look just the same as it did at that moment as when it cured. I did not watch what he did, but he apparently rubbed the old finish down with some sort of solvent and reapplied more of the finish coat. I don't believe he “buffed” anything, as I was told to expect. In the process, although the new coating somewhat improved the appearance and feel of the first attempt, none of the problems noted by me and verified by the inspection of Miracle Method's representative after the initial procedure as not standard were completely rectified. There are still a number of small inclusions on the floor of the shower, an uneven reflective surface and grainy look and feel to parts of the finish, and the overspray on the tile floor is still there. Additionally, the second coating noticeably sagged in places where too much of it was applied, something you would never see on an original fiberglass or acrylic finish. I had to run a window fan to vent the area, but the noxious smell of the chemicals used was still very evident more than a two weeks later. Therefore, I personally consider this result as unsatisfactory. From an aesthetic point of view, except for the small chips and a hairline crack that were repaired before refinishing, the shower looks worse than before treatment. Although the finish applied must certainly be more durable, it looks as if it were spray painted from a can. It certainly does not meet the promise of looking and feeling new. From this one experience I have to conclude that either Miracle Method's claims for their product are inaccurate or that their technicians are not competent to apply it in the manner that would make them accurate. As a result, I am faced with either living with it as is, or ripping out the entire enclosure and replacing it with a new shower, something Miracle Method's literature touts its process as saving the homeowner the trouble and expense of doing. We recently had an identical shower removed and replaced with a tiled one, so we can make a comparison of the two results. Although far more expensive, the removal of the shower proved a less messy and inconvenient job than Miracle Method's attempted refinishing, and it didn't leave an obnoxious odor that promises to linger until I have the treated one removed from the premises. Additionally, I won't have to “baby” the surface of the new shower the way Miracle Method's representative instructed it must be treated to maintain it, and the tiled shower has probably added something to the resale value of the house. The “Miracle Method” added nothing but the added expense of the refinishing to the amount I will eventually have to pay if I decide to replace its unsatisfactory work. I want you to know I would not recommend “Miracle Method” to anyone. As practiced by their Frederick, MD franchise, it is not worth the inconvenience nor the expense, as the result, and no matter its alleged extension of the usefulness of the fixtures, it looks like an amateur spray paint job. Just on the basis of the toxic chemicals used, I could not recommend it to anyone who still has intact sense of smell, alone.
- Pamela B....
They were terrible, never finished the job, messed up my tile job, never came back to finish, I had to find and hire another company to come back and complete the work. A little late, but after researching the company I found them involved in over 30 law suits, they spend more time in court than on your job I believe. I would not recommend or use again, they act like they are part of the Sterling Mirror Company! Trust me, they are not!
- Steve P....
JW Home Improvement
Cesar is a professional and did a very nice job. We discussed alternative methods and materials first thing in the morning when he arrived (punctually), and I went along with his recommendations. He we very efficient and completed the work in 4.5 hours even though I had booked him for between 6 and 8 hours. Unfortunately, he finished the shower stall while I was at a lunch meeting, so I didn't have the chance to re-program him to work on the grout in the floor tiles. which I had generally mentioned that morning and would have asked him to do if I were there. I had discussed the floor grout with Anthony, the estimator, which is why I agreed to the 6 to 8 hours estimate. Just the same, Cesar is going to come back for another couple of hours to finish them off.. I give JW all "A's" because they seem to be very interested in customer satisfaction and are very flexible. I will retain them for other jobs in my house.
- Robert S....
Custom Euro Glass
Custom Euro Glass installed a frameless glass shower enclosure at my house. I worked with Tim, who provided a quick quote and had good communication throughout the project. They did an excellent job and were very courteous and professional. This was one of the smoothest and quickest house projects I have ever had done. After the install, Tim said to give him a call if there were any problems. I don't foresee any problems but appreciated that I could contact them if there were any issues. They also had the lowest bid of any place I contacted. I would definitely hire them again and would highly recommend them to anyone needing glasswork done.
- Brad G....
It went well. When they came to measure they clearly explained options. Later they consulted me when an issue came up regarding hardware, and they were able to solve the problem. Work was done very well and looks beautiful. I did not do a price comparison because ABC was subcontracted by my bathroom contractor, but I am very satisfied with the results.
- Christopher M....
I had a brass-framed shower enclosure that I wanted to replace with a chrome surround. I had a tile company remove the old shower and re-grout the tile. So when the estimator from ABC glass came to measure, there was no shower surround. The estimator came on time, measured and left. I received a written estimate promptly. I accepted the quote as written and the installers came and did the installation. I allowed two days after the installation, before using the shower. Immediately, it leaked. I called the company and arranged for someone to repair the problem, as soon as was convenient for the company and for me. They were very pleasant. They arrived at the arranged time and corrected the problem in short order. One of the panels had apparently been installed incorrectly. Since then, it appears to not be leaking. My major disappointment with this installation it that the new surround was not installed in the same position as the old surround. The bad results of this are 1) The holes in the tile from the previous installation are not covered by the new installation. This is unsightly and there is no way to correct it now (since we have another set of holes in the tile that the installers drilled for the new installation). 2) The panels are not flush with the shower pan, causing water to pool on the lip of the shower pan.
- Kathleen O....
Shower Door King
- Herman M....
Optima Kitchen & Bath
The bathroom is well designed, functional and looks beautiful. I love it!! My small bathroom looks much larger with this open concept. I was concerned about the lack of shower enclosure walls but there have been no problems with water drainage.
- Jo-ann A....
All Glass
Technicians came and made the necessary measurement. The company informed us of when they would return to install the new shower. They returned on the day that they had specified and did an excellent job installing the shower enclosure (glass). The new shower was created to the highest quality standards and looks fantastic.
- Robert B....
He explained that leak was coming thru the shower enclosure and/or tile grout just outside the shower on the floor. However he did not find the major break in the PVC drain pipe which ended up being the real source of all the ceiling and wall damage.
- Albert T....

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