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Oven & Stove Repair Reviews Near You

All American Appliance Service Inc
Oven wouldn't light. They came in the next day and found the problem very quickly. They replaced the automatic starter (gas oven) and the oven worked perfectly after that. They came in, diagnosed the problem, fixed the problem, charged me ONLY for the problem, and left. Couldn't have asked for better service!
- Chris K....
Discount Appliances Repair HVAC
DAR/Adam tested the heating element to make sure it was working correctly. The back was taken off the stove and the wire that was attached to the heating element was replaced. The oven was then tested to make sure that it was working correctly. Everything was put back in the correct place. The oven was put back, the door was reattached, and the pots/pans door was put back in the bottom of the stove.
- Robert B....
Wooten Appliance
It went well. Daryl is very professional and friendly. He explained everything to me and was done promptly. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to repair appliance. If he can't do it, he will let you know. I think he is very trustworthy professional.
- Karen C....
Expert Appliance Services
Our nineteen-year-old double oven was beeping and we couldn't use it. We found (via the internet) that the problem was in the upper oven, and it was a bad circuit board. The only way to stop the beeping was to cut power to the oven. Expert Appliance came out and looked at the oven. He didn't have a circuit board to replace it and said he might not be able to get one. As a stop-gap he disabled the upper oven so that we still had an oven - we could, if we needed to, use the lower oven. In addition, he fixed the igniters on our gas stove-top and replaced the knobs. He said he would try to find a replacement board - the only other alternative was to replace the entire oven! We checked back a few time but he finally admitted defeat - he apologized because he knew how expensive a double-oven would cost. The entire experience was great - he was on-time, courteous, and tried to save us money. What's not to like?
- Maggie G....
Mt Vernon Franconia Appliance Repair & Sales
He is absolutely excellent. If my warranties run out on anything I will definitely use them. He knows everything about everything. I had another company that said I had to replace them and get a whole new oven but he was able to diagnose the problem right away and get it repaired. I have recommended him to 2-3 other people and they have stayed with him. I have been using him for about 10 years now. If it can be fixed he will fix it, and if he says it can't be fixed then it can't be fixed. Their prices are fair for what they do.
- Peggy (....
Expert Appliance Services
Appt scheduled for next morning and arrived within the two hour window. Problem diagnozed and repair completed within 20 minutes. Very professional, pleasant, and clean gentleman who took his shoes off when entering the house. Definitely will use again. All service calls should be so effortless and smooth.
- Michael O....
All American Appliance Service Inc
Wonderful and curteous customer service from the first phone call. Bonnie scheduled the appointment within a couple days of my call. Mark (technician) called be when has was on his was (as Bonnie said he would). He arrived on time was very friendly and professional. I happened to have a bizarre problem with the stove in that some of the ignighter bolts were "siezed" due to rust. Mark went to Home Depot to buy a specialized tool to deal with the problem and provided a temporary fix while awaiting parts to arrive. Bonnie called me back to let me know the parts were in a week or so later. . . .Mark returned, same professional service as above. Great family owned company. . .honesty and integrity all the way! Highly recommended.
- David P....
DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
Ali was great. I have a gas stove where two burners were not lighting and there was a gas smell when the burners were on and when the oven was on. Ali fixed it in 2 hours for $300. I was very happy.
- Gretel C....
Wooten Appliance
After we had the floor replaced in our kitchen, our gas oven was not heating. Darryl came out promptly, diagnosed the problem as a bent fuse (?) on the back of the oven (caused when the workers shoved it back against the wall), and spent considerable time (about 2 hours) taking apart, examining, reassembling, and testing the components of the oven to make sure everything was now working properly. He was careful and thorough, and his prices are very reasonable. We also used Wooten 2 years ago to diagnose a non-working microwave oven. In that case, Darryl lost our first appointment. However, as soon as he realized he forgot us, he rescheduled on a holiday and offered a reduced rate. As it turned out, he found that it was more expensive to repair our microwave than to replace it, and he advised us accordingly. We replaced the microwave ourselves later that day. We have been very pleased with his expertise and service and would contact Darryl first, any time we had an appliance problem.
- Amy A....
All American Appliance Service Inc
They did a good job but they ordered the wrong panel, so they had to reorder the panel. I was without oven use for that 2 weeks.
- Cynthia G....
DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
Ali arrived within the scheduled window, I explained the problem and he promptly disassembled the lower portion of the Viking oven and turned it on. Both igniters and both burners were clearly dysfunctional. Ali promptly provided an estimate, deducted the free service call (since he was going to do the repair) and the $55 coupon. Total for both burners, both igniters and installation was $300. Given the entire stove retails for about $9,000, I thought the price was reasonable given the fact its useless with not functioning oven! This is the second time I have used DMV and both times the experience was as good as one could expect. I will use them again.
- Nada B....
Jim's Appliance Repair Service & Sales
Gentleman showed up on time. He had correctly surmised the problem so had the part with him. Went to the truck, changed the part, oven worked. Very friendly and courteous and professional.
- Mary J....
Factor Appliance
Adrian did an excellent job. He was prompt and diagnosed the problem. He was in and out within an hour. I was extremely happy with his service and price. I would highly recommend his services.
- Leontine C....
All American Appliance Service Inc
I'm shocked that this company has so many good ratings. Our experience was literally one of the most disappointing we've had as homeowners, and customers don't come much nicer than us. The repairman diagnosed and fixed a problem with our stove and oven elements not heating. However, the fix left our oven with a broken clock (display is now not lit up) and our oven heats up only in celsius. We pointed this out to the repairman right away and he did not have any idea why, but suggested they order a part and come back out to fix. That is fine, except the repairman really had no idea why our oven would be broken in a new way. He suggested a new control board as a fix, however our impression was that he just didn't have the expertise to properly diagnose the problem. That is fine too, we don't expect every repairman to know everything. We later followed up with the company and requested a different repairman (we felt a reasonable request given that he didn't know why our oven was still broken, but in a different way). We were told "we did not NEED a different repairman." Seriously? Four months later (no, I'm not kidding), we have not recieved any notification that our "ordered" part has come in. They either forgot about following up to fix a customer's appliance or purposely decided to blow us off (both bad) Bottom line: highly, highly non-recommend All American Appliance Service.
- Bart L....
All American Appliance Service Inc
Repairman called to say he was on his way and arrived promptly. He listened patiently as I explained that when I used the stove or oven that the breaker would trip. He quickly diagnosed and fixed the repair.
- Katika F....
Appliances Pro Inc
It actually went pretty well although he was late for the first appointment, no doubt due to his business and traffic circumstances. He apologized profusely. Mr. Houssain spent about an hour diagnosing the problem, which is better than a guy supposedly related to Sears did. That guy had us buying a new stove and oven and remodeling our kitchen. Mr. Houssain told us the burner switches were out on both the oven and stove top and he would order them. He did and then came over the following week. Since the starters are very fragile, he erroneously broke one but returned the next day. He did install the one for the oven which hadn't been working at all. He also explained why we're having so many problems. He knows his stoves. He worked very diligently and did a good job. We weren't expecting glory here. It's an old old oven and stove and eventually we will replace it when we have time and money. Mr. Houssain was totally competent and professional and I would definitely go with this business again.
- Devon M....
Complete rip off!!!! When initially contacted on phone I explained the symptoms and was told that the service call would be $85 plus whatever part was needed to fix the oven. He showed up took my oven apart and then told me I would need a bake igniter and the repair would cost $429. $164 for the part, $180 for labor, and $85 for service call. He said he had the part in his truck and was prepared to do the job if I agreed to the price. When I asked him why the price was so high he said he would have to access the part from the back of the oven which would require at least 2 hours of labor. He also would not apply the cost of the service call towards the repair. Feeling pressured, I expressed my dissatisfaction, had him put the stove back together, and paid his $85 After he left I looked up the problem and it turned out to be a common problem which could be fixed easily without opening the back of the oven in about 30 mins. The igniter cost $68 and I did the repair myself which took me 30 minutes. I feel that him taking apart my oven and then presenting me with an outrageous estimate was a shakedown. And him needing to take both doors off (double oven) and open the back was for dramatic effect. Also the mark up from $68 to $164 for the part was gouging. He also went back on his initial word to apply the $85 service call towards the repair. Avoid this company!!!
- Henry C....
Service Master
He showed up on time. We talked with him about the problem the stove was experiencing. He was both knoweledgalbe and polite. He disassembled part of the stove and tested the control circuit board, finding it partially not working. The following day, at the cost of the replacement control board, he came back with a new board and installed it. The stove works fine, now. He also gave us important information on our other appliances, He was very, very knowledgeable and explained thing in detail. I definitely trust his recommendations.. with We were very happy with Service Master.
- Paul L....
DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
It went great. I called DMV on Friday but didn´t leave message. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call back five minutes later from Tina even though I didn´t leave a message. Explained that my Digital GE stove and oven went blank completely. She scheduled the appointment for next Tuesday from 11 to 1 pm. The technician, Ali, came on time and called a few minutes earlier to let me know that he was on his way. He came in and resolved the issue in less than 20 minutes. One of the fuse in the circuit breaker was off affecting the stove. He turned it on and also said that a black cable was lose which probably produced the fuse to shut off. He tighten the cable, turned the fuse on again and I got my stove and oven back. Thank you so much!!!
- Adriana A....
AJ Appliance Repair, LLC
They were extremely responsive and professional. When I contacted them because they didn't arrive on time they immediately gave me an updated arrival time and the option to reschedule. I'm glad I didn't reschedule because the technician showed up at the revised time and immediately diagnosed the problem (old thermal fuse) and replaced it. He was also able to clean one of burners which had been giving us problems lighting. The technician explained everything he was doing and gave me lots of information about my stove that I didn't know. I will not hesitate to hire AJ Appliance again in the future.
- Andrew D....

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Our first piece of advice: do not attempt common oven repair work yourself.

Stoves are marvels of time-saving efficiency. When a stove breaks, your family suddenly has to rely on cold sandwiches and the kindness of strange eateries. Seek prompt, professional oven repair and say goodbye to expensive take-out meals. 

Common Oven and Stove Problems

Most household ovens and stoves work off of 220-volt outlets, not the type most appliances use (120-volt). The increased voltage makes a stove a more electrically robust challenge for parts failure and repair.

Three common problems:

  • Your electric stove will not heat — When calling a stove repair service, be specific: is only one burner not working, or do all of them refuse to heat? 
  • Your electric oven will not change heat — This is a control problem, in which an infinite switch that regulates electrical power levels is malfunctioning
  • Your gas stove will not light — No click? Defective ignition switch; click and a smell of natural gas? The pilot light is out; no flame and no smell of gas? You may have a clogged valve

Which Parts Fail?

The control panel of a stove sleekly hides a myriad of wires, switches, relays and other parts, any one of which could go bad while the rest of the control board still works. 

Besides the previously discussed ignition switch, infinite switch, and clogged gas valve, these parts are also prone to fail:

  • Oven sensor — Your oven reliably baked cakes, but now the centers are gooey; your sensor is probably broken
  • Oven no longer self-cleans — Your oven control board is faulty; bake/broil circuits are starved of voltage
  • Spark modules, spark wires, spark electrodes — When your gas stove's burners will not light, these components are no longer working together

Costs of Oven Repair

Electricians and appliance repair services charge between $45 to $120 per hour for stove or ove repair (or similar kitchen appliances)

In addition, expect a site service charge (what you pay to have someone drive out) of $150 to $200 per visit. 

This means a typical oven repair or stove troubleshooting job could cost from $1,000 to $1,200. Some homeowners may be tempted to tackle oven repair themselves, but Angie's List advises against this, since the risk of shock or a short in a 220-volt circuit is too great.

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