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Zeinoun Kitchen & Bath Renovation
Very well, had a small hiccup with a newly installed bathtub leak, that was repaired immediately. All bathrooms look beautiful and it is a delight to work with Tony, a true professional that know what he is doing, always on site handling things himself.
- Angela M....
First, the bathroom is complete and we are happy with the bathroom. The problem is we have never had a new bathroom install and we didn't understand the process completely. Our original quote was modified because of 'changes'. When the installers began, they found the floor would have to be jack-hammered to access the floor drain. Also, the tile we chose were not their 'standard' size. So, between the two, we were charged an additional $2400. Ok, fine Once the job was nearly complete (but I had a punch-list of items to fix), Ken expected full payment. When I held back approx $2000, Ken because very obnoxious and threatening. Another issue is TPT wanted an extra 3% because I was paying via credit card. This was not explained up-front. And, be prepared to pay for each trash bag, screw, etc. Definitely a poorly ran and managed business-buyer beware! Finally, if TPT attempts to counter, I have all of this documented via phone conversations and email correspondence. Yes, the phone conversations can be construed as he-said, he-said, the email is non-disputable.
- Richard R....
JW Home Improvement
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment on the services performed yesterday by Mr. Demont Cook of JW Home Improvements. Mr. Cook was right on time, even though my house is difficult to locate. He introduced himself and asked if he could see the projects I had for him to do. His demeanor was both professional and engaging. We toured the house; I prioritized my list for him and Mr. Cook began work immediately. Throughout the day, he paused and asked me questions about my preferences if there was more than one way of doing a job. At the end of the day, all but one of the jobs was finished and that was because of a missing part. Mr. Cook cleaned up after each job before moving to another part of the house and even gave me a tip on how to clean up some old paint spills. The door installations and the plumbing fix were perfect! I had a friend over today to show him how nice everything looked. Mr. Cook has what every employer looks for: knowledge of the task at hand, a well-honed skill set and the people skills necessary to interact successfully with the public. Based on this experience I would definitely recommend JW Home Improvement to my friends and family. Yours, Deborah Miller
- Deborah M....
Mistival LLC
Mistival completely remodeled 2 bathrooms in our home including plumbing, electrical, tile, shower and bathtub installation. Harvey and his team were outstanding throughout the entire process including planning the jobs, installation and ensuring we were satisfied with the results. The Mistival crew worked diligently over a period of about 2 months, and the attention to detail was superb. Harvey was a hands-on manager and frequently checked on the jobs to ensure all was going well. We are extremely pleased with the results and would not hesitate to hire Mistival again.
- Ryan W....
Roger's Tile LLC
Roger and his workers did and excellent job refinishing our second floor bathroom. He did not haggle over small details nor nit pick on the price. He would see extra items that needed to be done and just did them but did not add onto the price as he just wanted it to be perfect. His crew's work is excellent and they cleaned up every day when they were done. Always showed up on time and Roger is a great communicator letting us know the steps and progress daily. I highly recommend Roger's Tile for anyone who want excellent tile work done plus any remodeling that goes along with that.
- Mary M....
DMV Kitchen & Bath Inc
We had an excellent experience with DMV. From the estimate and design phase, they were courteous and responsive. Construction proceeded according to a work plan, and it was on budget. They worked with us to purchase materials. They worked hard (8am-6pm six days a week), which resulted in the project done basically within two weeks. The only hiccup was the ordering of a medicine cabinet - they forgot to do it, and when it arrived, it didn't have the mounting kit, so we had to wait two extra weeks after the bathroom was finished to install. But other than that, it was a pleasure working with them. Even when there was an unforeseen electrical issue, they handled it right away and made sure we knew what the problem was, plus options for solutions. They responded day and night to emails, texts, and phone calls. The project manager was on top of everything. We absolutely would use them again.
- Sree C....
Tile Center
They were very efficient and came on time. The only problem we had was waiting on some of the materials, which was fine. The project was completed over the course of a month. They were very clean and cleaned up after themselves everyday. They also put down covering so they didn't dirty the carpet or other areas of the home.
- Mark B....
Virginia Kitchen & Bath
It was excellent. Everyone, especially Yunus was very professional and responsive. They worked with us on every step. Every accommodation was made. Choosing everything from tiles to lights to vanity was painless. The allowances were generous. I never felt nickeled and dimed nor did were there any surprises. Everything was agreed up front and the numbers were solid. I paid exactly was I agreed to before we started. Everyone was very helpful. When there was a mixup with the lights I ordered, Yunus jumped on it and straightened everything out with the vendor. We ended up having to travel and they worked with your schedule. I am so happy with the result. They listened to all my concerns and took care of everything in real time. I'm very pleased with the whole experience and very happy with the value.
- Gail H....
KBR Kitchen & Bath
I want to begin by saying that this was the first renovation that I?ve done. I did not know what to expect or how the process would go. I was delighted that I chose KBR to do my bathroom renovation! They explained the process to me, answered all of my questions ? even the ridiculously basic ones ? replied to my emails when I had concerns, and were professional, courteous and considerate. The technicians did a beautiful job of painting the bathroom, replacing the tile around the shower and bathtub, installing the new tub and toilet. The work is first-rate. My bathroom looks exactly how I envisioned it! I cannot say enough about how outstanding KBR is. I look forward to calling them in to renovate my kitchen in the future.
- Wallis A....
Ultimate Remodel LLC
Excellent counsel was provided to assist me in the selection and placement of all materials, fixtures, paint etc.. Tunc was extremely patient with me as we worked together to make final selections. What I ended up with was entirely different than what I thought I wanted. I couldn't be happier with what I got. Tunc visited my home daily to check on progress and quality of work. When I had questions, I emailed Tunc. He responded almost immediately. I was told the job, excluding installation of granite countertops and glass shower door, would take two weeks. It was completed in less time. I was told prior to the commencement of the job that measurements for the granite countertops and shower door would not be taken until everything else had been completed. This was to be certain that the fit would be exactly right (which it was). Workers were on time every morning and worked 10 to 12 hours each day. Workers cleaned thoroughly each night and made sure plastic sheets were firmly in place each morning to protect surrounding rooms and closets from construction dust. The quality of the work was exceptional. No touch up was required.
- Lauri I....
Professional Home Solutions LLC
Brandon and his team were extremely professional and great to work with. When we called Brandon for an estimate, he was able to come to our home and provide a written, detailed estimate very quickly. Juan and Israel performed the work described above. They worked efficiently, but without cutting corners, and they completed the job quickly and left the work area looking great. Brandon and Juan were very responsive to any questions that we had throughout the renovation process. Everyone was extraordinarily detail-oriented and good-natured. Would definitely recommend Professional Home Solutions!
- Nelson W....
S & S Ceramic Tile
Ali was wonderful to work with. We had a previous bathroom redone by a large company and had the unfortunate experience of having to go through so many hoops when problems came up. Working with Ali means you are working with one person who listens to you, is responsive, communicative, is a problem solver, is highly skilled, fair, and conscientious. He also followed all health and safety protocols. We had an original 1960s full hall bathroom fully re-done with new tile floor, new tile bath alcove and some wall tile around replaced vanity. He also coordinated work with a plumber for bathtub installation etc. it’s absolutely beautiful.
- Christine B....
Potts Brothers LLC
Exceptional. Potts Brothers is the best contractor I've ever used in Fairfax, VA. They were honest, committed, reliable, speedy and quality of workmanship was superb. They offered genuinely honest and caring approach to services. Very personalized. They met me at the store to select products, provided advice and counsel on design....they felt like family. I totally and completely recommend them!!! Extremely trustworthy.
- Kathleen P....
DMV Kitchen & Bath Inc
It went very well. This was the first bathroom overhaul for this house and was much needed, being a standard Pulte home built in 1980. The original shower tile was in such bad shape it was cracked and pulling away from the wall. The crew showed up on time everyday. They pulled out that old tile and wall board and we found considerable mold and very messy situation with the fiberglass insulation. Although not part of the original plan I asked if they could replace the insulation and without any hesitation they dispatched someone to Lowes to buy a fresh roll and in it went.. Another anomaly that occurred was there was a miscommunication on the height where to put the shower control-nozzle. It was installed very low, and they'd already done all the plumbing work and put in the wall to cover the pipes. Again, a call was made to the DMV project manager who came out and without any big deal they pulled out the new wall, cut and refit all the copper piping and placed the shower control-nozzle at the appropriate height. They also found a creative way to put in the wall-notch for holding the shampoos and so forth. Because of the way the building wall studs had been run it didn't look like it was going to work, but the guys found a way and it came out great. The crew was hardworking and one could tell they have considerable experience. When I thought about doing much of this myself "to save money," I realize what a big mistake that would have been. There's a reason why one should hire a contractor for jobs like this. Whatever the end result, you need to live with it for a long, long, time. And that being the case I now know I'm going to be happy with this decision for a long, long time. The plan is to turn attention to the master bath, which is also overdue for a renovation and I know it will cost more than this one did. But, at least I know who I am going to hire for the task when the time comes.
- Bruce D....
Master Bathrooms LLC
To start the project, I put a deposit down, paid for materials, and also paid for demo of the old tiring work that was already there. They didn't show up on the correct day they were scheduled to do the job. They showed up a day late, and were supposed to work through the next weekend, and did not. They had brought in a whole bunch of supplies to my home, and just left them on my front porch. I was not home a day or two when the work was being completed, and it was clear the work was not being done. Once they started the work, they ended up not cleaning up after they were done, and dumped stuff from the project in my yard. They also hired a subcontractor to do the tiling work in my shower, and it was not done correctly at all. It seems as though the cuts were not even on the tile, and the grout lines were all over the place. After I started looking into the tiler more closely, I found out that he did not have the correct licensing to do the work. When I approached Mr. Messenger about my concern with the work that the tiler was doing, I was the told that he worked for Master Bath LLC. I informed him that the tiler was no longer working for me. I then asked the tiler to leave, and he walked out my front door, and then tried to barge his way back into my house. Mr. Messenger did come back to my home, after the confrontation with the tiler. During the time that had passed, our electricity had gone out. He still continued to try and fix the work, but I eventually told him to leave as we did not have electricity. He then came back and asked about the tools, and I let him know that the worker took everything. He also came back later that day, with a policeman. He brought the policeman to my home because he thought I still had his tools, which in reality everything that already been taken. He has since sent me another bill for trash bags and 'extra' work he said he did. At this time, the bathroom is still not finished. I have been able to have a new toilet installed, and have had to hire a new contractor and electrician to pick up the mess that was left behind. I would not recommend Master Bath to anyone looking for a bathroom remodel, as he caused me so much frustration.
- Joy R....
Home Breakthrough LLC
We are getting ready to sell our condo, and our real estate agent had advised us on re-doing the kitchen and bath prior to the sale. We got estimates from a number of companies. Home Breakthrough had a great price, and also came highly recommended by 3 different neighbors in the condo building. I know and trust my neighbors, and could see the work that they had done. I also knew that because Home Breakthrough had worked in my condo building, they understood the management company's requirements, the plumbing system, the small unit size, and the strange wall angles that are found in most units, making new cabinet construction a challenge. Although everything was delayed due to the huge snowstorm, Home Breakthrough began the work as soon as they safely could (a few days late), but worked overtime to finish as close to the estimated end date as possible. They also took care of and took responsibility for any problems, such as when one wrong-sized cabinet showed up. They ordered the new one and only charged me for the cabinet used, not for both. They lived up to their contract, even when it cost them money. Francisco, the designer, was very helpful and extremely accessible by e-mail and phone, since I was choosing the design, cabinets, countertop colors, and tile from afar - my home in Charlottesville. He was a wealth of information about quality, colors, and various options for accessories. He told me when something was necessary, in his opinion, and what items were not worth the money. Antonio supervised the work and made sure everything went as planned. Anna was timely and informative in her responses to my e-mails about pricing and quotes - the cabinet price quote even went down after I made my final selection! Because of the snow and the resulting lack of outdoor sidewalk space, the prep work (sawing, sanding, mixing, etc.) had to be done in the condo itself, creating a lot of dust. However, they sent a great cleaning staff to the condo after most work was done. They went above and beyond, washing each dish, utensil, and cup in the bathroom sink by hand since the kitchen sink wasn't hooked up yet. After hearing other people's horror stories, I can't believe the renovation went so smoothly. From actual start to finish, the whole process took only 2 weeks! One week was spent partially kitchenless while waiting for the granite counters to be cut and installed, but the unit had a completed bath, plus fridge, microwave, and stove during that time. The bathroom transformation is incredible - the tile work and painting is beautiful. The kitchen is also incredible - the cabinets look great, and provide more storage than I had before. They also moved a light fixture to accommodate a new cabinet door when we discovered that the door didn't fully open. I can't recommend Home Breakthrough more highly.
- Elizabeth S....
Horrible My week and half job stretched into three weeks and it still isn't done - Jerry routinely showed up at noon, later or not at all I think he was in over his head on replacing the bathtub (installing the tub without the drain was my first clue) He showed absolutely no respect for me or my property He was paid for several hundred dollars worth of work that was never completed He just left the job one day and I had to track down someone to find out what happened and get my key back. I finally got someone else to install the bathtub, tile and toilet, but it cost me an extra $500 and I still have to paint the bathroom. He lost receipts for materials yet expected to be reimbursed, even for tools that he kept. I do not believe he presently is capable of committing to a job or completing work correctly and safely.
- Kelly W....
Four-Square Construction LLC
Chad restored and renovated a 5 BR 3 BA home and did a BEAUTIFUL job! His attention to detail and concious consideration for restoring the home to its original luster and beauty was awe inspiring. He did all this while holding true to the era the home was built in. I was blown away watching the transformation of this dilapidated, sad home being brought back to life, literally restored to its original condition (while still introducing the comforts, energy efficiency and convenience of todays appliances and utilty systems). If you don't useChad to restore, refurbish or renovate your home then I don't think you'll ever know or appreciate your homes full beauty and that would be a shame.
- Maura S....
Craft Kitchen & Bath
I was really lucky to have found Craft Kitchen and Bath, in particular Fuat. I knew I wanted high quality contemporary bathrooms, Fuat worked with me in creating the plans and measurements...figuring out what would fit and what didn't. I used mostly their tiles but for another bathroom I wanted tiles from a different vendor which they had no problems ordering for me. I absolutely love the results! The projects took about 3 weeks. There were some unforseen problems along the way, but I have to say they were all taken care of. I never heard a no from them. I had a huge free standing bathtub installed and used it for the first time this October when it started to get cold. Unfortunately when we turned on the water, we never had any hot water as the settings of the faucet were slightly off when installed. I called the owner and within a day they sent a crew to take a look at it and fix the issue or any other issues I had. This was four months after I had already paid and signed the contract. My favorite thing about this company is that they actually communicate with you. Fuat was excellent in providing updates and communicating promptly answering any questions I had. This was such a different experience from any other company i've worked with. As a result I will definitely be using them again to renovate my third bathroom as soon as I save up again.
- Susan S....
Monova Contractors
The job went very well overall. The contractor performed the work in about 1 week, often working 12+ hour days, including Christmas Eve. The contractor was extremely polite and respectful and consulted with me frequently as the work progressed. One of the deciding factors in choosing this contractor was the ability to get a quote for labor only: I wanted to be able to select the materials and this contractor was very accommodating. He accompanied me to Home Depot to buy the materials on several occassions and when he bought materials himself, he presented receipts to be reimbursed. I felt like I had a lot of control over the job, especially the cost since I did not want to spend a lot of money on a seldom used bathroom, but? I also wanted a quality job done. The contractor paid a lot of attention to detail and was exceptionally hardworking. After the project was done, he left the work area clean. I felt like I got high quality and good value from this contractor.
- Patricia H....

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