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DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
The technician came out and needed my husband to help him move the washing machine so that he could repair it. Though the company told me that they would give us an estimate for the repair before they left, they said that it was the hall sensor and left. I called DMV a few days later and they told me that we needed a new motor and that it would cost $429 to repair. When I questioned them (because Samsung headquarters told me that was not the repair for the error code with had), the woman who answered the phone told me that "you are not the technician so you don't know." She was both rude and aggressive. We are trying to make an educated decision about whether to repair or replace our washer, and she was not helpful. Further, when I asked to speak directly to the technician, she told me that he would call. He has not and it has been over a week.
- Tiffany M....
Expert Appliance Services
On Wednesday (1 May), my washing machine began to leak water onto the utility room floor, causing a huge flood. I cleaned it up, checked in back of the machine to determine if one of the hoses had come off and then looked under the machine to see if there was anything out of place -- all hoses were connected and everything seemed to be okay under the machine. I started the washer again and the same thing happened, so I turned the machine off. I searched Angie's list for an appliance repair service and was impressed with the member reviews as well as the grades on price, responsiveness, quality, etc. for Expert Appliance Services. I called the owner, Pankaj Pant, and scheduled an appointment for the following day between 12:00 - 2:00 PM. At 1:15 PM on Thursday, Mr. Pant called to say he would be late as he was stuck in traffic on I-95, but he hoped to be at my residence by 2:30 PM. He arrived at 2:05 PM. I was extremely pleased that he contacted me to say he would be detained instead of me having to call him to get an estimated time of arrival. By following up with me on something as routine as a phone call concerning his whereabouts, Mr. Pant was already on the way to acquiring me as a loyal customer. Mr. Pant quickly established that the problem was a bad drain pump. I have a Samsung washing machine and Mr. Pant advised that Samsung parts were not available locally, adding that he would have to order the part. He went on to say that it may take a day or two to get the part. If he could get the part on Friday, he would be there that day to fix the machine. Mr. Pant said if I did not hear from him on Friday, then it would be Saturday before the machine could be fixed. I was fine with that and told him order the part. On Saturday (4 May), Mr. Pant advised that the new drain pump had not arrived and apologized for not being able to fix the machine until the following Monday. He promised to be in touch. Literally, five minutes later, he called to say the part had arrived and he was on the way to my home to repair the machine. Mr. Pant arrived within 30 minutes and completed the repair within an hour. He asked me to come to the utility room and he turned on the washing machine. It started right away and ran through its cycles without leaking a single drop of water. I was absolutely delighted to once again have a functioning washing machine. There is no question that Mr. Pant understands the meaning of superb customer service. He met my needs as quickly as possible and delivered quality results. He made an excellent first impression by introducing himself and beginning our conversation with a smile. By something as simple as a smile, Mr. Pant made his service call a personalized experience for me rather than making me feel like a number. Mr. Pant is kind, courteous, and demonstrates that he is focused on solving your problem. That in itself will keep me coming back to him. Mr. Pant exceeded my expectations by his professionalism, timeliness, knowledge of Samsung washing machines, reliability, and going above and beyond what I expected to make his service call a memorable experience. I plan to use Expert Appliance Services again in the future and highly recommend the company and Mr. Pant to everyone. On his initial visit of 2 May, Mr. Pant estimated the repair would be $298.20. The total job cost was $329.00. My coupon as an Angie's List member was for $45.00 off any job over $300.00, which brought the price down to $284.00 plus $14.20 tax = $298.20. He accepts MasterCard, Visa, and personal checks as payment options.
- Judith B....
DMV Appliance Repair Services LLC
Ali was great, very nice and fixed the problem right away. I called on Monday and they were able to come on Tuesday.
- Kathryn W....
A-Nova Appliance Factory Authorized Service
My Samsung washer lock broke out of warranty. Finding people to repair Samsung's is difficult. A-Nova came out, found the problem, ordered the part and came back to fix the washer about two weeks later. The repair was quick and inexpensive. The technician was friendly, responsive and showed me the exact nature of the problem.
- Elise L....
Mr. Appliance of Northern Virginia
Gene Meier, was my technician. He was excellent. He called when he was on his way to the appointment. He was very personable, honest, knowledgeable and precise. He had to order a part which he expertly installed. The company is very informative and keeps in touch with you by sending confirmation emails, texts and name and picture of the technician. The costs were given to you before service is performed so there are no surprises. I found that their prices are comparable, fair and the service cannot be beat. I highly recommend this company without hesitation and I will be using them for all of my appliance repairs. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!!!
- Diane F....
WRM Appliance Service,Inc
He inspected our Samsung washer and told us it appeared that it might be a major problem. He was very honest and straightforward by recommending that we contact Samsung even though it was out of warranty. He could have ordered parts and guessed about how it might best be repaired but I really respected how he let us know what he felt was the best and most economical path for our family to take. Very honest and professional. He also diagnosed a residual gas smell problem with our oven, repaired the problem and it has been working like a champ ever since!
- Steven B....
Appliance Geek Inc
Excellent. Highly recommended. Asif was prompt with his follow-up and appointment. In all three instances, he made a quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem. In two of the repairs, he had to order parts and was prompt in scheduling the appointment once the part arrived. He was courteous, pleasant, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him to anyone. I know how hard it is to find a dependable and reliable contractor, but Appliance Geek was spot on and will get our business for appliance repairs and recommendations to neighbors!
- Ann K....
Superior Appliance Services LLC
Ben Farhatt of Superior Appliance Services, LLC ("Superior") scheduled the repair for two days after I called, with a 9 to noon window. The repair man, Zouhaier, called a half hour before he arrived, in the early part of the window. Despite an accent, his communication skills were excellent. He asked what had happened, checked that the drum wouldn't move, pulled the dryer out, removed the top and some of the front, and exposed the problem - a sock and dryer sheet clogging the blower fan. I was curious and wanted to watch, and he was fine with that. There was some lint inside the dryer, so I got my hand vac and we worked together to vacuum out the lint. He put everything back and tidied up. I asked him to check the dryer vent while he was here, and he did. While he was working, he answered my questions and gave me the benefit of his experience. He said that with my Samsung dryer, I should avoid large, heavy loads and dry medium loads instead. He pointed out the area that might break with lots of heavy loads. Although he works on Samsung dryers, he usually does not work on Samsung washers, because they have two computer boards. Diagnosis of problems involving the boards requires special software, proprietary to Samsung. He went to work immediately, worked continuously, answered my questions, and offered relevant information at the same time. He was polite and quick, but didn't rush. His professionalism was impressive. While writing this review, I was reminded that a 10% discount was available, that I forgot to mention to Zouhaier. I called Mr. Farhatt and he will send me a check for the difference. Great business. Note for anyone who owns a Samsung washer or dryer: I called a few Angie's List ("AL") providers, but they didn't service Samsung washers and dryers, indicated that Samsung certified only a few repairmen, and suggested I contact Samsung directly. My experience in similar situations was frustrating. Instead, I called the store where we bought the dryer and they gave me the names of four providers who are certified to repair Samsung washers and dryers. Of those, I called the two with 703 area codes. Those two had mostly negative reviiews from Yelp; so unfavorable that I'm not sure I checked them on AL. AL listed several other highly-rated large appliance repair services, and I called the closest one, Superior.
- Lynn D....
Factor Appliance
Adrian answered his phone quickly on a Saturday and took the time to help more than once as I tried to navigate the other provider's site to get to the service agreement information I needed. Again, he was incredibly professional and helpful, especially for someone who knew he was sending work elsewhere as a result. If I need any out of warranty appliance repairs, he's definitely the first person I'm going to call.
- Jarret C....

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