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Reviews of Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Near You

Maid Bright
Wehave been using Maid Bright for at least three years, and they have done a wonderful job. The ladies who come are hard workers, are careful about their cleaning, and do a great job address some tough tasks (i.e., cleaning the stove hood, dusting the liquor bottles, cleaning out the medicine cabinet).
- Tony B....
New World Cleaning did an excellent job cleaning our townhouse. I never had a problem with the cleaning they performed and was often very impressed with small things they cleaned I would never have thought about. However, they were careless regarding breaking things and they never brought anything to our attention that they had broken in the 3+ years they cleaned our place. (We were not usually at the house when they cleaned it.) We began to discover small broken items or chipped furniture, but it was days or weeks later when it was too late to address with them. We overlooked it at first because they did such a great job keeping the house clean, and for a fair price. However, one evening in November 2014 after they cleaned our house on a regularly-scheduled day, we discovered the automatic ventilation hood to our gas cooktop was broken and would no longer go up and down when the button was pushed. They had just cleaned the house that day. We called them immediately the next day to address it. We had a hard time reaching someone in charge that would provide any answers; the two people who regularly answer the phone when we called kept saying the boss would call us back but we never heard from them. Eventually, they told us they don't clean the hood so they could not have broken it, and would not take responsibility. We took them at their word and let it go, and paid to replace the entire ventilation hood system at our expense. Then on April 17, 2015 I was at home sick on their regularly-scheduled visit. I saw them cleaning the hood that they told us they never cleaned and therefore could not have broken. My husband called the office that day. He explained what happened and what I observed. They said they would look into it and call us back. The next day, my husband called them back. The person who answered the phone told my husband she checked with the team and they said that I could not have seen them clean the hood because I was downstairs the whole time (the kitchen is on the second floor). I was downstairs for the first part of their visit, until someone came downstairs to clean, which is when I went upstairs and observed them cleaning the hood on the second floor. We received the same "we'll call you back" every time we called over the next two weeks. On the day of their next regularly scheduled visit, April 30, 2015, my husband called and told them this was the last time he was calling about the issue and the next call would be from our lawyer. Only then did the boss return his call. They said they were not taking responsibility for fixing the vent and they would not clean our house anymore. My husband agreed; they absolutely would not clean our house again, and we have not heard from them since. The reason we hired a cleaning service that is bonded and insured was so if something major broke, they would take care of it. I understand that things get broken, but breaking something, not taking responsibility for it, and then lying about it is completely unacceptable. Though they did a great job cleaning for a fair price, I can't recommend a company I can't trust.
- Kelly S....
The Cleaning Authority - Fairfax
We have used this company for about four years now, and we are happy with their services. We do have them come every other week and they set a specific time. They excel in being flexible with your schedule. If you go away on vacation, or something like that, they are great about working around that. They pretty much keep the same people from visit to visit, so there is not brand new people coming each time. That really helps.
- Fred W....
Real Touch Maids
They missed the first (Thursday) appointment and rescheduled for late on a Friday afternoon. Communication by email was marked by poor grammar and spelling. The kitchen person scrubbed the paint off my range hood. Corners and baseboards were missed. The work was generally satisfactory and I inquired about long term contract terms. The draft contract that I was sent was replete with errors and I terminated discussion with them. Their lack of business professionalism caused me considerable worry because I was never quite comfortable that I was communicating effectively with them.
- Frank M....
M&M Maid Service
M&M Maid Service Has provided house keeping services serveral times. Mrs. Mirna came to my home to provide a free estimate for the areas that required maid service and scheduled a start date. Mrs. Mirna and her team arrived at my home at the scheduled time and divided the areas identified for service. Mrs. Mirna assigned the cleaning areas and approached the service with military like percision. The team member servicing the kitchen paid maticulous attention all areas, including but not limited to, the stove, refidgerator, oven(s), hood, cabinets, and counter tops. Significant grease build-up was removed returning the area like-new. M&M Maid Service members were courteous, professional and the service was resonably priced. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
- David G....
Team Clean
Team Clean cleaned my house on October 5. Rob Jackson was accomodating about the day of service. At first, I asked for a Friday cleaning, but Rob said that Team Clean doesn't service my area on Fridays. A few days after we scheduled the service, he called me back to say they'd be in my area for somthing else and so could send a team to me on a Friday. The team arrived on time and consisted of four people. They were courteous, thorough, and efficient. They did an especially good job on the inside of my refrigerator (which service was only $30 over the regular fee). I recommend Team Clean. teamclean1988@aol.com
- K.j. H....
Elizabeth House Cleaning
They were incredible. Discolored bathroom tile grout brightened, kitchen stove top, range hood and oven were relieved of whatever grime had accumulated over the years, baseboards and windowsills were dusted and wiped down.. really everything shone and was cleaned. I couldn't believe it because no one else (including myself) had much luck previously brightening the grout for instance! Elizabeth said she had her cleaning secrets, that was good enough for me! Plus, they worked HARD! They were exactly what I was looking for, I needed some people to come in and augment whatever cleaning I had done or could do with their elbow grease and efforts, and they did just that. I would highly, highly recommend her. Elizabeth is responsible, professional and very personable. AND in order to fit my job in along with her team's typical weekly jobs, Elizabeth arrived at 5:30a so she could make it to her usual Monday appointments. Thank you Elizabeth! I wish I had discovered you decades ago!
- Ketty C....
Chappell's Cleaning Services, LLC
Where you normally have three weeks or more to clean a newly listed house...we got a cash offer. I had her come by to clean three appliances and a hood on a phone calls notice to beat the inspection company. Tonya and her Team do prenominal work on short notice. We then received a call that the buyer wanted to go to settlement in less than 2 weeks!!! This was a house with which the owner had lived in for roughly 35 years. So you can imagine the size of the accumulated 'Stuff". Once again Tanya to our rescue. Being around the business she referred us to a few good companies she trusted to do the near impossible job at hand. When the house was finally empty we called Tanya and her team to "Broom Clean" all the dust and cobwebs. When they were done she sent pictures that showed the house far cleaner then the cleaning I had requested. I highly recommend this fantastic company
- Deborah M....
Fast Maid Service
The appointment and scheduling was fairly clean and I liked that. Two maids showed up and worked on the house as expected. That's the good part. I went to check the results. The hardwood floor still had many paint marks - I didn't expect spotless clean but would have liked to see some of the obvious ones removed. Carpet was not spot cleaned at some obvious marks which I had brought up to the sales person during our call. The hood vent above the stove looked obviously dirty and still dripping oil, so I had to clean it again myself. The guest bath sink had marks. I had to spend time to fix some of them myself. They came in after 7am and left shortly after 12, and they charged me 5.5 hours. Not outrageous but it's $89 an hour so some overcharge was there. I reported the problems to their email address but nobody responded.
- Ping N....
Sky Maids Inc
We got a Angieslist deal for $99 for a cleaning service. 3 cleaners and a supervisor (may be owner) came. On this day, they were thorough in their cleaning. They cleaned and mopped the kitchen floor, wiped and disinfected the kitchen surfaces, sink and stove top. They also wiped down the cabinet doors and range hood. They vacuumed the floors in the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. They dusted off the dust from the coffee table, side tables and mantle and other surfaces in the living room and bedrooms. They cleaned under the beds and couches. They moved the couch to clean behind them. They vacuumed the rugs, and under the borders where dust and dirt tend to accumulate. They cleaned and disinfected the bathrooms, including the sink and tub/shower. We were pleased with their initial service and decided to hire them again on a bi-weekly basis. The next 4 times, the service went downhill. We started to find hair balls in corners, the rugs were not lifted anymore, the couch was not moved and they only cleaned surfaces that they could reach without lifting or moving chairs or couch. Last week we decided to cancel this service. This time, 2 workers came. One was on the phone for a long time. A third person came a little later, and one of the 2 people left. I should also note that when they clean, they don't take shoes off or put covers on the shoes, so they do bring in dirt (dry or wet depending on the weather). So we are again in search for a cleaning service.
- Rahul M....
Mrs. Green Clean Maid Service LLC
I spoke with representative on phone and asked for deep clean, she suggested move in/out cleaning. The team came and cleaned and completed the basic, with some additions, cleaning on Dec. 6, they did better with some areas than others. They were courteous. I will say it is a between basic cleaning and deep clean, they did clean inside of refrigerator. Example, where more care/attention is needed, when I checked tile backsplash, still had grease stains and those were not removed. That is a basic clean I should not have to address. Also, scaling around bathroom faucet sink handles not removed, I was able to pick off by hand so I know that is cleanable. On other hand the tub appeared to be scrubbed. Again faucet handles were not cleaned. Also, stove top was not cleaned. I used a cooktop cleaner (barkeeper's friend) and cleaned myself, so again I know this can be cleaned. I will say it was an unusual situation that the fire alarm rang, they exited and then power turned off due to prior tenant moving so it made it difficult for them to finish. But they indicated that all they had left was the floor at that point. This limited team's ability to finish sweeping apt and clean floor, but I noted this to team, but understood that w/o light they could not finish. The power came back shortly after they left. Recommend offering deep clean options to menu of your services, beyond basic clean. Deep cleaning including, vacuuming behind refrigerator, cleaning outside edges of appliances, on top of hood of microwave, wiping walls for paint, etc. I think you might find people interested in that service. Payment options should be made clearer upfront as well.
- Mausami D....
Reliable Cleaning Co
They were scheduled to come at 8am and I didn't receive a call from them until about 8:45am. They then had a terribly hard time finding the house even though I was on the phone guiding them. All in all, they didn't make it to my house until 9:15am. My house had no furniture and they did not need to clean any appliances so I thought it would all go fairly quickly with a thorough clean. They seemed to be cleaning thoroughly but since they ran so late, I needed to leave for another engagement as soon as they finished and did not have time to fully inspect. When I came back though, all my light fixtures were dusty, the bahtroom upstairs still had mildew on the wall that was easily removed, the laundry room had not been touched (dirt on the floor, cobwebs), there was grease on the oven hood and there was dust hanging from under the cabinet that's above the fridge. Not to mention after telling the main cleaner no less than 5 times that I was going to keep a set of plastic plates and cups and not to throw them away and she threw them away anyway. It was trash day so by the time I returned the trash had already been picked up. For the amount of money I paid, it was as if nothing was done at all. With all those things wrong in a relatively small home(3 bed, 2.5 bath townhome) and a crew of four cleaners, I would not expect them to have missed so many things. I will definitely never hire them again.
- Aaron D....
Smart Choice Cleaning Inc
The housecleaners were great. They did move-out clean on a 2 story, 4 bedroom house, and for the most part did a fine job. It was certainly clean enough for average situations. However, they did not clean the inside of the range hood, and our rental agency was very unhappy about that, so I hope it doesnt end up costing me some of my rental deposit - I'll find out. Also, the wood floors were lightly mopped, but I could see it was done really fast and it wasnt clean enough for me personally. However, again, it was not a knit-picky situation, and overall I am satisfied with the cleaning. The carpet cleaners did all of upstairs, the stairs, and a small livingroom carpet downstairs. The upstairs looked fine (when wet) and it looked like several small pet spots came out nicely. However, downstairs there was a stain from the lounge chair leg that looked like furniture dye. The carpet guy told me that it would cost me additional $20 for him to work on that stain, as it would take extra time. I thought this was tacky, since I had asked the owner on the phone if they were good at getting out stains. He had assured me they were, but never said there were extra charges for working on them. Anyway, I told the carpet cleaner I'd pay the extra $20 if he got the stain out, but not if he didn't. He agreed, but spent only a few minutes trying, then gave up. I felt he may have just wanted to go on to the next job or something. So, I may end up paying for a new carpet. I felt Smart Choice guys didnt really want to try getting it out. I felt like it was just "rush in, rush out" and with all the other carpet cleaners out there, I would try others in the future instead of using Smart Choice again. They didn NOT go the extra mile, or even half mile, in my opinion.
- Cory H....
Ash Maids inc
I bought the Angie's List deal cleaning deal. The deal was $75 for three hours of housecleaning. They sent two maids who worked an hour and a half each. The appointment was scheduled for early in the morning, so my wife was still in bed when they arrived. The maids barged inside without speaking to me and charged right up to the bedroom, which was embarrassing for everyone. My townhouse has three bedrooms, one full bath, one three-fourths bath, and two half baths. My wife didn't want her office cleaned, so the maids didn't have to even run a vacuum through there like they did in my office. I can't remember what they did beyond cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming. Not sure if the bookshelves were dusted or not. I believe the tops of the door frames were not dusted. They didn't clean the hood over the stove or the surface of either the washer or dryer (those surfaces needed cleaning, too), but did make the bed (once my wife was up) and they washed the few odd dishes in the sink. I wish the maids had asked me about the house when they arrived. I think they made an assumption about the size and worked at looking busy thinking they had more time to fill than they'd planned. When their time was close to finished, the second maid discovered the last bathroom in the lower level. The first maid was on the main floor and they were in a huge panic and screaming at each other in Spanish about how big the last bathroom was. They would have known about the bathroom in the basement had they asked upon arrival. I don't think the lower-level was well cleaned, either. The dust bunnies under the low table where our wii and stuff is by the tv down there weren't touched. Between charging into my house without talking to me and going straight up to the bedroom where my wife was still getting up and screaming at each other as they scrambled to finish at the end, I can't give high marks for professionalism. When they left, the house reeked of bleach. It was hard to breathe. We had to open the windows (in January!) for a few hours. I would appreciate people understanding that being clean doesn't mean stinking of cleaning products.
- Jonathan S....
Best Quality Cleaners Services
Very disappointing. We hired this company twice. The first time, in November, they came late in the afternoon and seemed very hurried. They took about 2 hours and when they were supposedly finished I found they had barely touched cleaning part of the kitchen. I asked them to redo it and they did so. One cleaner broke a decorative dish that she carelessly knocked off of a shelf. After they left I found they had also done a poor job cleaning one bathroom (we have two) missing some obvious soap scum under the soap dish and didn't clean some areas around the sinks. They also missed a lot of areas while dusting. Lots of thing son the shelves seemed tossed about, as if they had grabbed it, dusted it quickly, then threw them back onto a shelf. We thought maybe they should have another chance as we knew our house was dirty and they had been hurried. The second time they arrived two hours early. I wasn?t ready for them yet and had to rush around trying to finish picking up and putting my dogs in a safe place. They took about 90 minutes and after they left I again found they had done a sloppy job in some areas. They didn?t seem to have swept one bathroom floor at all. They didn?t completely clean the kitchen again, leaving the stove hood dirty. Finally, they broke a bulb in one bathroom light and left it screwed into the fixture (it was physically broken, not just burnt out). It?s just a small light bulb but I was bothered that they 1) didn?t tell me and 2) managed to break two things in two trips. I will not hire them again. Some things they did do well: the wood floor in our dining room/entryway is clean, and our stairwell carpet was thoroughly swept. But that doesn?t make up for their carelessness or for the things they missed.
- Mark B....
Sky Maids Inc
M y sinks, tubs, counter tops, and microwave are sparkling!!! The rest is pretty good, too. Our initial package was for "deep cleaning" that was to take place over the course of several bi-weekly visits. They did a very good job during this time; now that we have signed a monthly contract, I feel like the quality of their work has dropped off a bit (starting out, I would have given them an A, now its closer to B-), so they are still doing a good job, just not as good as they once were (even though we are paying more for the monthly contract than we were for the initial deal we got through Angie's List). To give you an example of the kinds of things that are starting to slide, today they came, supposedly mopped the floors, but somehow missed a large sticky spot on the kitchen floor where my toddler had spilled juice. It was right in the middle of the floor and way too big for a reasonable person to have missed (about the size of a grown man's hand). The baseboards are dusty in some places (and by the looks of it, have't been wiped in some time). Also, lately, they have been moving throw rugs and small furniture to vacuum, but not replacing them before they leave, which I recognize is not that big of a deal, but demonstrates a lack of attention to detail. I will say that every time I have mentioned something to them that I wanted them to do a better job on, they fix it right away. They are very good in this regard, which is good because you will have to ask them if you want anything beyond the basics. For example, I noticed that there was a layer of dust and grime on the ventilation hood above my stove. I figured they would surely clean this eventually, and that they were just focused on other more immediate cleaning needs. After several weeks, when they were on their last "deep cleaning" day of our initial package, I finally pointed it out to them and asked them to fix it. They were very apologetic and did it right away, but it is an example of how you will have to communicate what you want. They will ask you to supply paper towels and garbage bags. This means that you will be giving them at least 2 (sometimes 3) rolls of paper towels every time they come. This is the first cleaning service I have ever used, so i don't know if this is standard practice. They do a pretty good job, but I know there is no way they are using this many paper towels when they clean my home. They supply all other cleaning products, so I guess the paper towels are a wash. They do not talk a lot while they work ( to you or to each other), which I love since I work from home and am typically very busy when they arrive. Usually a crew of 3 people comes, but sometimes it is 4. It is not always the same crew. This is fine with me, but may be an issue for you. Overall, they are friendly and fast and do a better job than I was doing as a full time working mother with kids!
- John D....
Professional Heavy Duty Cleaning Service Inc
They did a very deep cleaning of my home. They were excellent. Nery Rodas is the owner. They do everything you would ever want. It’s much deeper than a regular maid service. The maid service will kind of do a surface cleaning. I have used them for many years. They also do move-in cleaning before you move into a house. If you want a home thoroughly cleaned before you move into it, then they will thoroughly clean it before you move in. If you move out and if you want it to be in a certain condition, they will clean that as well. I probably started using them around 99 at my old house and this is the first time I used them at this house. The price really depends on the size of your home. My current home is over $2000 square feet, both first and second floor. So, it cost me about $3000 and it used to cost me about $1500 for my old home. The price also depends on the amount of detailed cleaning you want them to do. There is now nothing but just cleanliness. If you want them to clean your refrigerator, they will do that. The guy who does the job will clean the floors, but it really depends on the level of deep cleaning you want. He has a crew that he uses for that. They also do small repairs. His father is a carpenter and that is helpful too. They can do a lot of different things, but I use them for the cleaning. He is fantastic. He is very hard working, honest and ethical. He has always done an excellent job. That’s why I call him every couple of years. I don’t have to call him every year unless I am really paranoid. If you have window blinds, he will take the blinds down, clean them and put them back up. You know when he is done and you can smell the freshness. What I usually do is that I have the ducts cleaned and then call him. Everything is really clean between the ducts and the house being cleaned. I like it to be clean during the pollen season since my son has asthma. I am also going to use him to do some repair work. We have wooden stair railings outside that are rotting. So, they are going to help us repair, replace what needs to be replaced, paint it and kind of spruce up the outside as well. I trust them completely. So, I would let them into my house when they would get here in the morning. I can tell them to lock up behind themselves and I can leave. There will be nothing out of place or nothing missing. I have known them for a while through this business. So, I wouldn’t even think twice about it and that is another good thing. They are good. The price is expensive, but it is thoroughly done. In fact, he came early. My grandmother who recently passed away was very clean and she liked things to be clean. Every couple of years, I used to have him go and do a deep cleaning of her home. She always thought that he did an excellent job. In fact, last month, she asked me to give him a call to come and do a deep cleaning of her house. I will definitely have him clean her house when we finally sell it. She was very picky and he met her standards. He is meticulous. He sees things that an average person probably can’t even see. I have recommended him to others and I would use his services in the future too.
- Sherri S....
Swept Away LLC
I purchased a voucher through LivingSocial. Could not get an appointment during the timeframe I preferred, at the beginning of the week, so rearranged my schedule to accommodate a Thursday 7:00 a.m. appointment. Two cleaners arrived at approximately 7:15. I spoke with them prior to anything being done and felt that I had been understood.I explained that I knew the house was a mess and that I had specific priorities, as time allowed: 1) Deep cleaning of 2 bathrooms and the kitchen; 2) overall cleaning of basement rec room; 3) cleaning of woodwork in the common areas. Furthermore, I specifically said that nothing needed to be done in the living room, my office, the 3 bedrooms, the laundry room, or the furnace room. I also said that they didn't need to bother with the vacuum, as I had carpet cleaning scheduled.Apparently, Dominique showed up at some point and entered my home. I was here the entire time, staying out of the way in the bedroom keeping my 14-year-old blind dog calm. The other 2 dogs were safely outside in the back yard. She did not bother to let me know she was on the premises. What she did do was tell the cleaning crew NOT to clean the downstairs bathroom, which was an area I specifically asked be done. This bathroom was left a complete mess. Out of the entire house, I only expected 3 rooms to be taken care of, possibly 4. The following are basic cleaning services that were not performed: 1) The toilet bowls were not scrubbed. 2) The base of the toilet was not completely cleaned.3) Toothpaste splatter was left on the faucet of the upstairs bathroom. 4) No dusting was done in the upstairs bathroom.5) The kitchen floor was not completely swept.6) The kitchen floor was not mopped.7) The range hood was not cleaned.8) The top of the refrigerator was not cleaned. 9) Fingerprints were not cleaned from the handles of the refrigerator.10) Nothing whatsoever was done in the rec room downstairs. 11) As above, the cleaners were instructed not to clean the downstairs bathroom. 12) None of the woodwork was cleaned. I have photo documentation of all of the items mentioned above. A complete waste of my time and my $65 for the voucher. The two cleaners were here for 2 hours. They didn't do what I wanted them to, and also spent their time doing things I specifically indicated were not necessary, such as vacuuming. Yes, my house was dirty--that's why I paid for a cleaning service. I did not expect them to do the entire house, just two small bathrooms and a small kitchen, possibly the rec room, possibly some woodwork if time allowed. They might as well not have even been here. This is a service that does not respect the wishes of the client and would rather show up at an already clean home to do a little light work and be done.
- Jenny M....

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