How Much Will It Cost to Add Porcelain Pavers to My Outdoor Space?

Mariel Loveland
Written by Mariel Loveland
Updated February 22, 2022
Backyard patio with porcelain pavers and outdoor furniture
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  • Porcelain paving tiles cost $3 to $35 per square foot

  • A 144-square-foot porcelain paver patio costs $1,000 to $8,496

  • The complexity and square footage of your space determines price

  • Labor to lay porcelain paving tiles costs $4 to $25 per square foot

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Looking to upgrade your home’s hardscaping? Porcelain pavers can completely transform your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a driveway, walkway, or patio, these outdoor tiles are anything but average. They’re remarkably durable, low-maintenance, and versatile compared to other popular paver materials like concrete and natural stone.

Though porcelain paving tiles are not the most budget-friendly option, many homeowners find them worth the splurge. Here’s how much you can expect to spend.

How Much Do Porcelain Pavers Cost Per Square Foot?

Porcelain pavers are porcelain tiles that are specifically created for outdoor use. That means they’re thicker and stronger than your average porcelain floor or wall tile because they need to withstand extreme weather.

The average cost of porcelain tile when installed outdoors is $3 to $35 per square foot. The overall price varies based on quality and design, but it usually is more than the cost of brick pavers, concrete pavers, or natural stone pavers.

How Much Do Porcelain Pavers Cost by Style?

The main draw of porcelain is that it can mimic any type of flooring, but it’s usually more durable. There are options that imitate different types of flooring choices. You can even find an option that looks like wood. Overall, glazed tiles typically cost the most, though you’ll pay more for intricate patterns. Typical costs are:

Type of PorcelainCost per Square Foot
Unglazed Porcelain tile$3 to $15
Glazed Porcelain tile$3 to $35
Polished Porcelain tile$5 to $35

Porcelain Pavers Cost Breakdown

Sure, you can buy porcelain pavers at your local hardware store—but you’re using them in a project that has other costs. Regardless of the project, here’s the cost breakdown.


Porcelain pavers can cost anywhere from $3 to $35 per square foot. For the average 300-square-foot patio, you’re looking at an upfront cost of $900 to $10,500 for the pavers alone.


Worker laying porcelain pavers in the backyard
Photo: Adam Webb / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

The cost of labor to install outdoor porcelain tile is anywhere from $4 to $25 per square foot. Some professionals charge per hour, at an average hourly rate of $30 to $120.


You may need a permit to install porcelain pavers in your yard. Most permits for outdoor projects cost around $250 to $2,000. Local laws vary between cities and states, but your contractor should know if you need one.


If your contractor has to tear out an old patio or seating area to lay your outdoor porcelain tiles, it can add $2,000 to $10,000 or more to the final cost of your hardscaping project.

Cost to DIY vs. Hiring a Paver Contractor

Labor is a significant portion of the total cost of tile flooring. A 300-square-foot paver patio will take around 35 to 40 hours to finish. On the high end, you’re looking at a labor cost of $4,800.

So you could save thousands if you DIY porcelain pavers, but it isn’t an easy job. Unless you’re dealing with rectified tile, which is already pre-cut, outdoor porcelain is challenging to cut without the right equipment. For example, drilling through porcelain tile requires a special drill bit.

Though porcelain pavers are extremely durable, they are prone to cracking and shattering before and during installation. If you’re taking on a large project (like designing your own outdoor kitchen) that includes gas lines or electricity, it can be particularly complex. You can save yourself time and energy by hiring a local patio paver to do the job for you.

Porcelain Pavers Questions and Answers

Is outdoor ceramic tile more expensive than porcelain pavers?

Ceramic tile can be slightly less expensive than porcelain pavers. You can find outdoor ceramic tile for as little as $1 per square foot, but high-end options tend to cost the same as porcelain.

What is the cost of natural stone pavers vs. porcelain pavers?

The cost depends on the type of natural stone. High-end stones can cost as much as porcelain, but it depends on the specific material. For example, the cost of flagstone pavers is typically $2 to $6 per square foot, which is much more budget-friendly than porcelain. Outdoor slate tile can cost as much as $35 per square foot, which is about the same as porcelain.

What are some budget-friendly options for a paver patio?

Porcelain pavers come at a premium. If you want to save some cash, choose concrete pavers. Concrete pavers can cost as little as $0.50 per square foot.

Where can I find a paver contractor?

Installing porcelain pavers is a complicated process best left to a professional. You can search online for top-rated paver installation companies near you, read reviews, and reach out to at least three different pros for a quote.

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