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Charquero Welding Services
Pablo and his team did a fantastic custom job fabricating, welding, and installing a custom stair railing to our older home. His pricing is very competitive and the quality of product and customer service from Pablo and Jeimin was above that of the major local competitors. I would hire from here again any time for this type of work. Cannot recommend enough.
- David H....
Charquero Welding Services
Pablo and his Assistant did a first class quality job of metal railing design, fabrication and installation. The project was challenging as it involved a long curved walkway with stairs. This required all metal pipe cutting and welding done on site within a tight time frame. The finished railing looks great and we've already received several compliments.
- Jeff L....
Have used LH Gaither Co. for over 20 years. Has machined everything from simple flat plates to highly complex precision components. I have at times only provided simple sketches, and he has filled in the blanks to save me engineering time and cost. This is a good company.
- John V....
DWT Welding Service
The company came out and inspected the area. They submitted a proposal which I signed and approved. Months have gone by and they keep stating the railing is complete and they will install next week. That has been months ago and now they will not answer their phone.
- Ana G....
Abay Iron & Metal Works LLC
Tilahun was extremely anxious to see that we were pleased with the proposed railings. And we are! He fulfilled all the qualities of professionalism and we have a finely curved set of railings that work beautifully and delight the eye! Working with him was an experience of a job well planned, well executed---and with a very polite craftsman. (A rare experience!)
- Justine R....
After some fruitless searches at the Home Depot and Lowes for pre-fab window well grates, a friend recommended contacting Francis Iron Works. Francis was very friendly on the phone, and came over late afternoon that same day! Knowing that the window grate was for the safety of my 2 year old son (who met Francis and liked him a lot), Francis considered it a rush job. He took measurements of the window well and returned with the grate the very next day. Outstanding work! Highly recommended.
- Daryle M....
Albert A. Karapetyan
Excellent. The workbwas done as quoted and on time. I am very satusfied. Albert is a very personable guy.
- Damon G....
Charquero Welding Services
It went great! I contacted several potential fabricators and Charquero was the most reasonable bid and the quickest turn around. It took some time to schedule the work (mostly due to my availability) but once a date was set, Charquero came, measured and fabricated on site (granted it was a rather straightforward project). I highly recommend! So rare to have a seamless experience.
- Alex K....
Action Machining
I have used them on multiple occasions. It's a one-man operation, and he works hard to supply us with what we have requested. He is customer friendly and does quality work. I would give him an unqualified recommendation.
- Carter R....
They were frighteningly bad. I would tell anybody that ever asked me to run the other way. A two week job took six months. It had to be replaced four times. The owner screamed at me over the telephone. I wouldn't use them again even if my life depended upon it. In the end the job was close enough that I finally threw up my hands and walked away. It was pointless to keep going rounds with them.
- Celia S....
Rick's Iron Works Inc
They came and did a measurement. They fabricated the iron railing in a short amount of time. They were able to do a really good job for us in not a long amount of time. We were very satisfied with the price. We would use them again.
- Olivia P....
Reliable Rails Inc
Very quick response and understanding of the project; prompt delivery and installation of the product.
- J. A....
Reliable Rails Inc
Extremely well. I was also having masonry work done and they were very flexible because they needed to wait for the masonry work to complete. They were on time, They provided an accurate estimate. They communicated very well. They supplied what they promised. They were very friendly. The workmanship in the custom rails was excellent . They put me at ease. I am very pleased.
- Vito C....
Kmn Sheet Metal Inc
They did an outstanding job. The design service, product, price, and value were all outstanding.
- Jc W....
Before starting, let me say that I recognize that my extremely negative experience with John is an outlier compared to every other report he's received on Angie's List, which have been glowing. I’m not sure how to explain it, and can only recount the experience. We hired him based on his record here, and everything I am about to describe seems like it relates to a completely different person. This review is quite long, but I really needed to lay it all out to explain why I was so shocked by my experience. We emailed him on January 13 from Angie's List and got an immediate response. On email he was pleasant and responsive, and we arranged for him to come look at the stairs that weekend. He came out and professionally and pleasantly surveyed the site, explained his thoughts and said he would send a proposal shortly. He sent a proposal and pictures of options on January 18th. We responded, didn't hear anything back, and resent the email on January 30. On Feb 7th, I still hadn't heard back and called him. He was very apologetic and polite and said that he had unexpectedly had to manage the accounting and paperwork for the business and was overwhelmed. I told him I understood completely, and he agreed to send the quote. We heard nothing again for several weeks, so I called him on March 7th. He said he thought I had hired someone else for the job given the delay. I replied that we were waiting for his response and were committed to him due to his Angie's List reputation, but if he preferred to decline the job to just let me know and that it was no problem. He said that he had been hired onto the DC-Dulles Metro extension project and had been absorbed by this new position, but had hired some assistants and could now do other jobs. On March 9th he sent the final proposal. We accepted it on March 10th. On March 12th, he wrote to say he had to order some special parts and would be ready shortly thereafter...and then everything turned bad. He called in the late afternoon of March 20th to say that the specially ordered parts had arrived and he wanted to come out the next morning (21st) to show them to me. I said that I was planning on being out the door at 5:00 am but was available in the afternoon on the 21st or Friday all day. He suddenly became irritable and said he didn't want to drive around in his truck all day and burn diesel and wanted to get started. I replied that I wasn't asking him to, but was just proposing alternate times and was happy to work with him on a time that was best for him. He somewhat angrily replied, and quot;I already told you what works for me.and quot; A bit taken aback I said that I didn't understand why he was being so aggressive and was simply trying to find a time, but calling the evening before and then being upset that I wasn't available at short notice was unreasonable - particularly given the long delays overall. He replied that and quot;this isn't even a large dollar amount project,and quot; to which I responded that he had agreed to take it and that nobody had forced him. We then had a disjointed conversation which ended with him saying, and quot;Yes, yes, all I can say is yes,and quot; in response to my pushing back about his aggressiveness. He then grumpily said he wanted to find an and quot;agreement positionand quot; with me. I replied saying that I was happy to meet with him at a time that worked Wednesday afternoon or Friday, but had to be at work the other times. I was also available the next week or over the weekend. He then again mentioned not wanting to spend his time burning diesel in his truck. I said I wasn't asking him to and didn't understand why he was being so aggressive. He then very strangely responded, and quot;I just need to make my point directly. If I was a soldier in Afghanistan, I would be driving around saying 'I don't want to be shot' to make my point directly.and quot; I ultimately changed my schedule around and agreed to be there on Wednesday morning between 7:00 and 7:30, which is when he said he wanted to come by. From the moment he arrived the next day, he was belligerent and insulting. He was intent on discussing politics almost from the moment he stepped out of his truck. I was so stunned I just mumbled along for most of it. He asked if my next-door neighbor's car (which bore the license of the federal agency he works for) was mine, then sarcastically said that he and quot;protects the neighborhood, eh?and quot; He then sardonically said that my neighbor and I (also a Federal employee) were a and quot;mighty team.and quot; He also started commenting on, and criticizing, how all the cars on the street were parked. He then started talking about a piece he'd heard on the radio about a man arrested for making fun of then VP Cheney several years ago, whose case had hit the courts. Then, as he was reaching into his truck to get the pieces to show me, he said, and quot;with a name like yours I thought you'd be down in the Supreme Court arguing cases.and quot; Having no clue what he was talking about, I asked him what he meant. He replied, and quot;You know exactly what I mean.and quot; I again said that actually, I had no clue. He replied in the same way, then said it's all fun and games until someone says they don't know what you mean then it all goes to ****. At that point I cut him off and turned to the task. We went through the parts he'd brought. I asked him how deep he was going to anchor the posts. He said about a foot. I expressed concern about the shallowness and wondered if they had to be below the frost line. He immediately became very angry and retorted, and quot;I've never heard of anything like that in my entire career, even in Europe. The frost won't eat the cement, it just needs to support the post.and quot; Again, somewhat taken aback, I replied that when I was an Army engineer we always had to bury our fence posts and pickets below the frost line. He then replied, and quot;Well, you all waste money. You just waste money in the Army. What do you know?and quot; He then went on, saying, and quot;You're a strange one, I don't understand you.and quot; All the same, I asked him to bury them below the frost line. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that the long piece of railing he had picked up from his supplier was 4 feet shorter that what he had ordered. He went to get another piece, and I went on the Arlington County website and found code information stating the frost line was 18 inches and that posts should be buried 24 inches. I also checked with our General Contractor who agreed. When John returned I passed that information on to him in as respectful and non-confrontational a manner as I could muster. He again became upset and said, and quot;Those contractors are worse than the government, they'll tell you anything. They don't know what's going on.and quot; I again reiterated my desire to bury them 24 inches deep. I then went off to work and returned in the late afternoon. He had gotten some holes partially drilled but, since he was using a water-cooled drill, was waiting for the plumbers to complete a job inside (which had been scheduled weeks prior) and turn the water back on. I told him that he shouldn't feel he had to wait around and waste his time. If he needed to do another job or had other things to do, he should feel free to finish up another day. Again, out of the blue, and quot;well that's how they do it in America, isn't it? They just send the workers home.and quot; At this point I was beginning to lose patience. I told him that, once again, I didn't know what he was referring to, so he repeated himself, adding, and quot;I am just trying to educate you and inform you about labor practices in other countries.and quot; He then went on to discuss some radio shows he had heard, and political arguments he'd had. I told him to do whatever made sense to him based on his priorities and went inside. He decided to come back the next day and we made arrangements for him to have access to the power and water he needed. He returned the next day to finish the job. The task itself was adequately completed. The join welds are ground down, but still look rough. At one spot, the top part of the railing has unsmoothed gouges from the angle grinder and the bottom decorative element is a little out of alignment, but overall the quality is good. The structure is solid and supports weight well. It doesn’t wobble at all. Since I wasn’t here when the holes were finished and the posts anchored, I can’t know for sure if they are 24 inches down, although he says he placed them at that depth. John had had some of the worst and strangest customer service skills I have ever encountered. There were times when I had to remind myself that I was hiring him for a job, and not the other way around. I can't explain why my experience was so different from everyone else (maybe he was going through a rough patch or maybe I rubbed him the wrong way), but I truly can't recommend him.
- David B....
Reliable Rails Inc
My parents who live in Arlington, VA, needed someone to recommend and install a railing for their exterior concrete steps. I looked on Angie's List and found that Reliable Rails had all very positive comments and was highly recommended by my fellow Angie's List users. Therefore I recommended Reliable Rails to my parents. They called and right away Lawrence Giles came out and recommended a railing and gave them an estimate. They liked him from the start. He was very nice, friendly, and professional in demeanor. After thinking it over a bit they decided to go with Reliable Rails. Lawrence Giles came out on the day he said he would, December 12, 2011, and proceeded to do a superb job in installing the railing. My parents love the quality of the workmanship on how their double rail was constructed, and they are extremely happy with how it looks in their yard. The railing is very sturdy because it has a third post. Most other wrought iron railings just have the end posts and not a post in the middle. Lawrence Giles was very efficient, very detailed oriented, and very neat. My parents are very pleased with how smooth and efficient the whole process was from the initial call to the end results. They would highly recommend Lawrence Giles and Reliable Rails to others.
- Janice M....
Reliable Rails Inc
Working with Reliable Rails was a pleasure! I received a quote and follow up call from Bina within hours of having someone out to measure and discuss railing options. While turnaround time is usually about 2 -3 weeks, we experienced some installation delays due to the ridiculous winter weather. I felt comfortable with the RR team and have no doubt that if it had not been snowing in late-March they would have installed earlier. Once the snow finally cleared, Lawrence called immediately to schedule install for the next business day. Install was done beautifully and we are in love with our new railings. It was a pleasure working with Lawrence and Bina and I highly recommend them.
- Natalie K....
Cost was about $100 higher than other companies that gave estimates, but all the other companies said their product would rust over time. Flaherty's uses the same carbon steele that will eventually rust(only wrought iron doesn't rust and, according to Mr. Flaherty, no one makes wrought iron any more). However, Flaherty's treats the iron with this special product that's supposed to prevent and protect the iron from rusting. We felt that the special product would be worth the additional cost. I typically had to leave messages on the voice mail and Mr. Flaherty would return the call in the evenings after 7 PM. He always called back. Eventually he gave me his cell number and I was able to reach him right away. They were able to give me a finished product in one week. The end product in terms of size, shape, etc. is exactly like the original. However, the protective coating is disappointing. The coating is black but dries with a dull mottled finish. There were chips in the protective coating when I picked it up, but they gave me some of the coating to patch the chips. It took several coatings to fill the chips and in the course of a week as I alternately spot painted and let it dry I noticed other rust scratches showing through-this occurred before I even started using the grate. I contacted Mr. Flaherty about the rusting grate, and he retreated it but used a primer this time. So far, after a few months, it still looks good.
- Charlotte L....
Baltimore Wrought Fence & Rail
Neale is a pleasure to work with. Not only is he obviously knowledgeable about and experienced in ironwork, he is a creative artisan who came up with ingenious solutions to the small but tricky design problems that come with working on a 110 year old house. He is diligent about answering phone calls and e-mails and easy to contact. After the installation of the trapdoor and door I noticed a few things that needed adjustment or changees (most unrelated to his quality), and he came out and fixed things within days. He is very articulate and could pass for a college professor (maybe he used to be one). My one quibble is that some of the steel fittings used to attach the doors were painted on site, causing some black paint splatters on adjacent painted brickwork.
- Yusuk C....
Performed all criteria from rating excellently. Experience in responsiveness and punctuality far exceeded what I would expect from others. Quality and professionalism exceeded or was as good as I would expect from others. Price was fine, I thought of haggling to bring it down a bit, but had such a good feeling that I felt he would earn the full price. My gut feeling was right.
- John C....

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