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Ross Tree Service Ltd
Removed tree quickly and cleanly, loading entire tree into his truck and cleaning up all evidence of removal.
- Roy B....
R & R Tree Expert Inc
Crew showed up on time and removed the tree stumps quickly and effectively. Debris was removed and area cleaned carefully to remove all leaves and twigs. The provider even re-planted a small rosebush for me--the rose had to be removed to complete the stump removal. Great service and very good cost!
- Diane K....
Green Vista Tree Care
Excellent work from start to finish. Nico the Estimator came when he promised, made a good bid, and was a bit flexible when other possible contractors came in a bit lower. The tree removal itself was done with great professionalism. That crew also came when promised and managed to remove a 60-feet tall tree without damaging the yard or letting any of the dead branches fall on the neighbors' property. Everything was then removed and cleaned and hauled away. Again, an excellent job.
- Mark H....
Titan Tree Care
Tree removal crews were careful and expedient in removal of tree near house. Immediately chipped branches and cleared away all debris. Stump removal on following work day.
- Douglas T....
Absolute Tree Inc
Simple. The crew arrived on time to remove two trees on each date. these were easy removals and clean-up was excellent.
- Ted M....
Santa Elena Tree Services LLC
Santa Elena did a great job removing 3 large trees, grinding the stumps and removing all material. One of these trees was between 2 houses that are only 20 feet apart. They carefully removed everything with no damage to either place. Reasonable price, attentive service. Highly recommended.
- Michael B....
STUMP REMOVAL ONLY did an excellent job of removing two small stumps from our backyard. The stumps were removed manually since they were unable to get their automated stump grinder into my backyard due to the terrain. The stumps were removed and the area cleaned. STUMP REMOVAL ONLY was able to give me an estimate immediate after reviewing the job. Work was completed the same day as the estimate.
- Thomas M....
Takoma Tree Experts came out quickly to remove the limb. They did a clean cut on the tree and removed all the debris.
- Beverly P....
JL Tree Service Inc
JL was actually recommended to us by another tree removal company, and we are very happy we went with them. The estimate guy came out quickly, the scheduling team was very responsive, and the team was professional and removed our 110ft+ tree on schedule. (They also had let us know we could get a discount if we waited til December, but we were very eager to have it removed before the next thunderstorm-tornado pairing rolls through.)
- Lindsay D....
Beautiful Country Landscape LLC
The tree was trimmed very well with the worker getting to the very top and removing all the branches that needed to be removed while still keeping the tree symmetrical.
- Sally F....
Richard's Tree Service
This was an excellent experience. He needed to remove the neighbors fence in order to remove the stumps. He was able to get the job done in about 3-4 hours and replaced the fence when he was complete. Another company gave me an estimate of 2-3 days with a smaller machine. Scheduling with him was very easy. He drilled deep into the yard to make sure the whole stump and roots were removed completely. They did a very neat job and you cannot even tell the fence was removed.
- Janis L....
Ross Tree Service Ltd
Removal of weeping willow tree and stump, do to the derecho storm, the top tree branches collapsed into the tree, and the tree was weak. Wished they had collected the tree material after the stump was removed. But overall was satisfied.
- Joyce L....
Alfaro's Tree Expert
I was amazed at how they removed the tree in such an orderly fashion, and how quickly they were able to remove it and clean up.
- Bill A....
R&R Tree Service LLC
The tree team arrived on time and was thorough in removal of both trees. They took care to avoid my shed and fence and cleaned up and removed all debris.
- Gretchen R....
Ross Tree Service Ltd
Company was able to perform job within a very short time of requesting appointment for removal. Tree and stump were removed. Flying debris from the stump and root removal broke a kitchen window. Company has been unresponsive to request for repair/resolution.
- E B....
The Davey Tree Expert Company
The removal went well but it was a slow response time for them to come remove the trees after we requested it . It was a couple weeks.
- Mary K....
Axcobar Tree Experts
Workers conducted careful and methodical removal of large branch by cutting and lowering pieces by rope. Good cleanup and waste removal.
- Douglas T....
Grasshopper Landscaping
They removed a small dead tree and large woody weed in our backyard. Timely service from getting the quote to removing the debris. As a courtesy, they even removed a pile of dead branches in our yard we'd been meaning to get rid of.
- Allison P....
Green Vista Tree Care
the service checked out our tree while we were not there which was fine. This is the second dead tree in our back yard and we had learned from the first that it would not be an easy removal. They agreed that the tree could not be removed by a crane or any simple inexpensive method yet their estimate for removal was a quarter of what several tree services has quoted for the first tree. We decided that the removal was not an emergency and so have put it off for 6 months to a year but we will certainly contact them when we decided to take action
- Charlotte G....
Green Vista Tree Care
Came out quickly for the consultation, gave a good estimate and advice on what trees and branches to remove. Called ahead and let us know when they would be out (can't set a day based on summer rain!) About 4 guys came out and climbed right up the trees,. They worked fast! The main guy checked with me constantly on what was being removed, if they should remove more or stop- which was greatly appreciated. I thought the price was excellent for the amount of branches removed and how high up they were. They cleaned everything up. I would certainly use them again.
- Maureen Q....

Tree Removal Near You

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How much does it cost to remove a tree near me?

It will cost anywhere between $50 to $1,500 to remove a tree. Contact at least three tree removal experts near you to gauge your area's price points.

How much does it cost to remove a fallen tree near my house?

Expect to pay between $50 to $200. This should be easy to price out.

How much does it cost to cut down a massive tree?

Budget for more than $1,600. Large tree removal is a significant project - the price will increase if the tree is close to your house.

What services do tree removal services offer?

  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree healthcare (diseases, etc.)
  • Tree cabling
  • Tree pruning
  • Wood chip/mulch delivery
  • Tree spraying

If removing a tree, how can I find a new one?

If the service pro you hire cannot help, consider checking out the Arbor Day Foundation's Trees Section for affordable options and tree giveaways.

Before I pick the right company near me to remove my tree, what other questions or factors should I consider?

  1. If no online reviews, ask them for referrals. If a tree removal company is reputable, you won't be their first client. It's perfectly acceptable to ask for references on your initial call, and if a removal company won't provide referrals, it's time to move on.
  2. Find out what equipment they use. Some types of tree removal equipment are better than others, and a removal company might need special tools to get your particular job done. On your first conversation with a prospective removal company, make sure that you clearly express the nature of the job you want accomplished, and receive assurances that the tools that the company has at their disposal will cut it. For instance, if a removal company doesn't have a crane, their reach is significantly limited.
  3. Consider all of the costs. Always ask for an estimate up-front. Even if a company provides you with an estimate without hesitation, make sure that there aren't any hidden costs.

While the trees in your backyard are good for the environment and look beautiful, they could present a danger to your home under the wrong circumstances. If you live in an area where fires are common or a rotted out tree is threatening to fall over, you'll need to have one or more trees removed, and this task is beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner.

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