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Mednick Construction
Dylan has done an awesome job building our house . He has something going on at our house every day. He has been so efficient and done such a great job. His workmanship is outstanding. We are going to be in our house before the projected date of completion. I recommend him highly. Kathy Owens
- Kathy O....
Lakewood Home Builders Inc
We had a major house fire which ended up being a gut-rebuild and I went general contractor shopping. I saw reviews, interviewed five GCs and ultimately went with Lakewood. I'm so glad I did and I am a big advocate not just of their end product but the process. When you work with a GC, you're in a relationship with them. We had a great experience with Lakewood. Here are some examples why: 1. Tim, one of the partners, was an adjuster in his past and was able to help navigate the insurance world with ease without me having to be in the middle. His knowledge in giving an initial estimate, in negotiating and sharing facts with our insurance company made me feel that I was in good hands. He was an advocate. I would trust them to give me sound advice. 2. I wanted to use Google Sheets to track items I purchased vs. them. They embraced the change and indulged me in my method. This showed a lot of flexibility. 3. Lance manages the heck out of the projects he's on. He's a no BS guy--straight talker and doesn't sugar coat stuff. If it can be done, they'll tell you. If it can't, they aren't wishy washy and tell you as it is. He's at the job at 6am marking and planning for the work that needs to be done that day. He organizes a varied team of contractors that do the various trades (plumbing, electric, etc). 4. They give you the time. Projects get done before they say they will get done. They take on what they're able to manage and they are good guys. For them to be profitable, they need to use several sub contractors for trades efficiently. They make sure to plan who they need effectively. 5. A GC's work product is only as good as the work that they get done through contractors. The contractors that Lakewood uses are kind, they speak English (which was useful for me), do good quality work, and they work hard. I saw them working through weekends, late into the night, and generally seemed happy to be working for Lance. 6. The pace at which they work is great but it was a challenge for me to keep up with. Since our house was a full re-build, I was often the bottleneck in making design or product decisions. You pay for what you get. Lakewood will be competitive in pricing but they will be the higher of the options that you may have in front of you. But keep in mind that the price you pay is not just for a quality end product, but also for your trust (they take great care of your home/ area), for good advice and guidance (peace of mind), and for the experience (it's painless). So go ahead, swipe right. All the best! x-post on Google and Angies
- Anupam K....
Reel Homes
Our experience with them was wonderful. We had a really good experience with them. They were very accommodating to a lot of changes that we made to their existing floor plan. A lot of custom builders were less willing to make the amount of changes that we asked for. These guys finished the house in nine months which was kind of unheard in this area. It was a good deal. Most of their response was through email but they were still very prompt.
- Michael E....
Jenkins Restorations
Jenkins Restoration was amazing, compassionate and professional. I thought it would be a year before I could go home and thankfully the stars aligned and we were back home in 6 months.
- Jennifer C....
- Debra M....
The Home Gurus
The Home Gurus is doing a restoration inside the house for us. So far it's very good, we are very please. We just deal with the owner and they are very responsive, it's a small company. Very skilled, very liked, very clean, very punctual. So far the work is beautiful. Very skilled. The quote is in the ballpark, not too high, not too low, just right. They have been working here for two and a half weeks.
- Norman R....
They were great, and we are more than satisfied with their work. They worked with us and kept us up-to-date about the whole project. They let us know if at all there were going to be any delays, but there was none of that. They bent over backwards to give us the house that we wanted. The quality of their work is incredible, and everyone who has seen the house is amazed at its quality. Sona Custom Homes were high on professionalism and communication too.
- Marci F....
**BEWARE** - **DISHONEST, ARROGANT, UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY** - We signed a contract with Sekas Homes, the contract was actually signed with a shell corporation they use called Apex Developers which is run by the owners son who has minimal home building experience. It wasn't disclosed at the time of purchasing this house, that the son would be building our house, and not the father who has the 40 years of experience. We signed the contract in February 2021 at the Sekas Homes office in Vienna VA. The house was completed 2 months later in late April 2021. Our experience is best summed up by another Google Reviewer of Sekas Homes, "untrustworthy and unprofessional ... company that is more akin to a frat house". That was our entire experience summed up in a few words soon after we signed the contract. Within the first two months of owning the house, we discovered the following issues that were never disclosed to us: 3 different major electrical wiring issues, two of which that were deemed extremely serious, structural issues with the wood framing of the house, the gutters were undersized and downspouts missing, the installation process voided the 10 year warranty of the RevWood floors they installed because they glued them down a floating floor, the back yard flooding and ponding, lumps in the flooring throughout the house due to careless truss framing, sticky paint throughout the house, treating the contract selection list as optional, by not using the paint, stain, or siding that was listed in the contract, the garage man doors not hung to the fire code, and 163 other issues that we found prior to our post-closing 60-day walk through. There is well over $100,000 of work and damage to the property caused my careless workmanship, and we haven't even started talking about the warranty items yet, which there are many more that weren't discovered prior to the 60-day walk-through. Since we closed on the house they have fixed the easy issues, however the other ones they claim are _done_ are half done, half assed, or made worse. The last one is most evident by **the hole drilled in the side of my house straight through the exterior siding** by one of their contractors during the 60-day work. When you ask them to address these issues your pleas go unanswered or you get back an arrogant response blaming everything but their own poor planning. The latest excuse is COVID is causing a material shortage and forced them to hire unqualified people, however in the time between our 60-day walkthrough and now, they were able to build 2 other full houses, so I know that materials and labor wasn't an issue in completing the outstanding work on our property. I understand people make mistakes, and I don't judge them for making mistakes. I judge them for how they respond to the mistakes they made. With Sekas Homes you will get arrogant responses, no timeline for fixing issues, and a careless attitude that tries to bully you into giving up. For example when we explained the sticky paint issue to one of their representatives, his response was "that happens in my house". In a way that somehow justifies poor quality of everything they do. We have no timeline for fixing our house at this point, and they won't let us speak to the contractors that will be working on **OUR** house to make sure they understand what needs to be completed. Many of you won't take my advise, and it is easy to brush this off as just another negative review. I brushed off the negative reviews in February, and I wish I didn't. My best advise to those who see this posting is to proceed with extreme caution; anything you talk about, you need to demand in writing, and be prepared to babysit the entire house building project with multiple trips per week to the house to make sure no corners are being cut. If you decide not to run for the hills, like my family should have, spend the money on an extremely through construction inspector. Contact me for more details, more photos at: [*** Link removed ***]
- Nick B....
- Michael B....
We researched that. I guess good. We were looking to buy one of their homes. We just drove into the community as far as I know. We went quite expensively looking at their houses. We were ready to buy. We are looking to buy. We didn't jut go to just look, we went in there with the serious intent to buy. They offered ability to make changes up and above the floor plans that comes with the house. In other words, if I didn't like the layout of the house that we wanted, they would change it to what we preferred. Not necessarily at an additional cost, but they would offer than layout for us. It was quite satisfactory to be correct. We ended up not buying a house because of we need to send our son to a very specialized area, expensive school, so our ability to afford two didn't happen, but as to answer your question, they were very knowledgeable about the house that we were looking at. The floor plan that we were looking at, they were extremely knowledgeable about what, what ever questions they didn't know which were far and few between, they researched on their company computer because the one that designed the house makes the floor plan layout and had answers for us within moments. It was free.
- Ronilda M....
Lakewood Home Builders Inc
Excellent. My wife and I are extremely happy with the house LakeWood built for us. They did high quality work at a quick pace and everyone we worked with was a complete professional. Thanks so much guys, love our new home.
- David W....
- Mollie B....
ART Design Build
Our neighbors have complimented the exterior design and how well the addition blends into the existing house. The redesigned interior is a gracious and welcoming space. The design is functional and we love the sense of light and space. It makes us very happy every time we walk into the new rooms. We greatly appreciated our project manager's attention to detail, high standards for execution, and overall great "wrangling" skills. He was great at talking us through projected workflow, discussing options, and troubleshooting. He earned our trust through his honesty about what was possible and what was not, his diligence, and overall superior work. We also want to acknowledge and appreciate Art Design's overall commitment to high-quality materials in the construction. We have great confidence in the integrity of the renovation due to both the materials and the craftsmanship exercised in construction.
- Anne M....
Bella Home Design, LLC
If I had to sum up Bella Homes in just a few words, it would be this: Our family dream home. Bella Home Design is comprised of the perfect team absolutely dedicated to making your dream home become a reality. As busy as they were managing multiple home projects, Marco and his team were truly dedicated in attending to our desires and genuinely GENUINELY cared. They didn't nickel and dime us, but from the beginning I always got the vibe that their greatest satisfaction was seeing their customer absolutely LOVE their home. And we ABSOLUTELY LOVE our home. 150%! When we first came across the house we bought it was about 50% complete. It had the foundation, framing, and roof completed. Initially, we thought the house was a bit too big for what we were going for, but the architectural design and layout of the home honestly made the house a perfect fit for us. We came in at just the right time where we were able to make some design tweaks (i.e. remove elevator design, modify master bedroom closet, modify formal living room for an office, modify a wine room into a storage space, etc). Additionally, we were able to make selections for all the bathrooms, accents walls, mud rooms, wet bar, coffee bar, butler pantry, and much more. As a Naval Officer, I take a lot of pride in being a man of integrity. Therefore, I want to be completely honest. Was there bumps along the way? For sure. But when you're building your dream home, and its not an actual custom home build - there will be some bumps. I would take these bumps every single time as opposed to going through the pains of a new construction custom build that comes with a lot of risks. With that said, every bump was able to be communicated and worked out. When I say Marco has a team truly dedicated to attending to our desires - he has a great team. Tony, their CFO, was not too busy to get his hands dirty and took the time to work on some requests and/or discrepancies. He is a man that takes a lot of pride in punctuality and timelines, but he is also a man that prides on delivery a quality product to his customers. Darren, one of their designers, was so responsive and upbeat - he was an absolute pleasure to work with and provided timely responses. In a time where supply chain issues are present, Bella Homes did a remarkable job in planning ahead and delivering a quality product to its customers. What made this experience even better was the fact that they valued my input and often sought my input. What an amazing feeling it was to walk into a home that you felt like was a custom build, and not having to feel like you have to hire a bunch of contractors after closing to do a bunch of remodeling. For those in the military and are familiar with performance reviews, as a senior Lieutenant Commander in the Navy with 16 years of service I would give Bella Homes my absolute HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION for building you your next home. From the quality workmanship to the communication and genuine desire to perfect (as reasonable as possible) our dream home, we will forever be grateful for the home they delivered to us. Thank you Marco, Tony, and the remarkable Bella Home Design crew. You truly built us our dream home!
- Mark O....
Everything is going well so far. They have been a great help in getting us through the home building process.
- Christian H....
Sunshine Contracting Corporation
All work was started and finished on time. I have a large home and the prices were outstanding. the areas where the work was done were cleaned up daily excellent workmanship and customer service throughout the process.
- Mark J....
Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia Inc
Although there were a hiccups with getting the full amount approved MAC completed the work replacing all of our siding and other damaged accessories on our home. MAC did an outstanding job on replacing the siding and the house is better than new again. I would recommend MAC for home improvement/repair projects, no question.
- Lee P....
After the warranty had expired, I had to replace the metal roofing over one part of the house as well as the french doors and transon units, which needed to be replaced far too early. It was obviously a poor installation job, and ended up costing me about $30,000.
- Dale T....
- Frances M....
Phoenix Home Services Inc
Our family decided to build an addition for our house that would replace our large deck with a two-story sunroom, dining room, and large second-story balcony. We also remodeled our foyer and sitting room at the same time; this was a large and complex project. At the advice of our architect, we met with Phoenix Home Services to scope the project. Steve Bowes, one of the owners, was the project lead, and he stayed closely involved the entire time. Scoping went pretty quickly, as our wonderful architect had detailed plans - we met a few times at the house to confirm elements of the plan, and high-level choices for materials, and even met at the Pella window showroom to select windows together. This was our first time doing a project like this, and it was very reassuring to have so much involvement from Phoenix during this phase of the project. When it came time to sign the contract, Steve reviewed all the terms, in-scope work and materials, and anything that would be considered out-of-scope. This was in the middle of the pandemic, and despite supply chain issues and other uncertainties, I felt we came to a very fair agreement and were given an estimate for when the project would begin, which was several months out. This wasn't a surprise, and actually fit our own schedule very nicely. The payment schedule was also extremely fair, with a portion due up front as a deposit, and then scheduled milestone payments throughout the project - it gave me some reassurance that there was clear motivation to finish construction on time and showed that Phoenix had some skin in the game as well. As we approached the start date for the project, we had several touchpoints with Steve, and we were well prepared once things got underway. This is when we were first introduced to Les, who led the exterior crew - they built a fortress of an addition. I was concerned that these new rooms would feel less sturdy that the rooms they attach to, but it is incredibly well built and is as solid as any original portion of this house. As the exterior work progressed, we also got to meet Bob, the master carpenter, who led the interior crew. Bob is incredibly skilled at what he does, and we appreciated how patient he was with us as we changed our minds several times about the design of our interior work and the finishes and details. His work was incredible, and as funny as it sounds, we miss having him around every day! No project is without issues, though, and we ran into unforeseen problems with the design that resulted in a major change- we were faced with the prospect of having to remodel our primary bathroom unexpectedly. Steve handled this situation as well as could possibly be expected - he was able to get a bathroom remodeling crew assigned quickly, gave us a generous price for the labor, and put forth every effort to turn this change into a positive. The silver lining is that we got to work with Martin, who did an exquisite job on our bathroom - the attention to detail he had on our tile work was outstanding, and we're thrilled with outcome. As the project wrapped up, the team was great about managing our mutual punch-list for touch ups, fixes, and miscellaneous items. They finished on time, and the end result looks amazing; we couldn't be happier. We're not calling anyone else for the next project we do - Phoenix proved that they do great work, care about their customers, and delivered on their promise.
- David M....

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For many aspiring homeowners, building a home will be one of their biggest investments. Here are a few questions to ask:

How much do home builders near me cost?

Most homeowners spend an average of $289,142 building a new house of about 2,000 square feet. The actual cost will depend on specific preferences - you could end up paying between $150,177 to $428,107. Fully customized homes often range between $350,000 to upwards of $1 million. Prefabricated homes are more convenient and affordable options, costing between $50,000 and $300,000.

What factors will affect the price of my new home?

  • Material costs: influenced by size and shape.
  • Labor: an hourly cost of contractors, architects, land surveyors and more.
  • Location: the area of the country, accessibility, transportation costs and more.

What is a modular home?

Modular homes are prefabricated in sections or modules at a production site. After production these "modular" pieces are then transported to the building site.

What exact services do home builders provide?

Home builders are more than general contractors who are responsible for coordinating home construction. As a general contractor they play an important role in working with subcontractors in order to bring a final project to life.

What else do builders near me do?

Builders may also work on specific areas of the home, such as the floors, roofs, or outer frames. The home builder you work with will play a role in determining the final cost of many different parts of the project. Some home builders also offer land surveying, land development, home decor/design and even home loans.

What questions should I ask a home builder?

  • What type of homes do you build?
  • Can you give me a detailed estimate of the entire project?
  • Which appliances and features can you include?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Do you belong to the National Association of Home Builders?

Make sure your home builder is aware of your specific design preferences, maximum budget and the type of home you desire. A custom home allows specific features that you desire. However, keeping track of the costs associated with building a home can easily become overwhelming. It’s important to take a step-by-step approach when building a home in order to understand the builders’ cost and other associated expenses.