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James A Wheat & Sons Inc
Wheat had to find the pump, as it was not a stock item--in fact the exact pump was long out of manufacturer but luckily the manufacturer still existed and had a replacement pump. Once located, they got it shipped and installed. The installer was excellent. The only quibble that I have is that since the pump was not a stock item, they overpaid for it, which then meant that I overpaid for it. Internet quotes for the pump were my benchmark. Understanding that I needed it quickly and that there were shipping and handling charges added in, it is a small detail, and I don't know if trying to get the boiler pump elsewhere would have been worth the delayed installation (it was cold). I will definitely use them again,.
- W T....
John Nugent & Sons Inc
Very good and fast. The estimate was done quickly. The water pump was installed without cost because they new that the old one was looking aged. Even installed a catch to cutoff the ac if the pump fails.
- Joseph R....
John Nugent & Sons Inc
We purchased a heat pump from John Nugent about 2 years back. The heat pump had issues with the compressor and it was still under warranty. They replaced it as soon as the parts arrived.
- Kenneth M....
Cool Breeze Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
Overpriced service The $59 AC service became a over $300 repair. Technician suggested to change a water pump (he provided the pump at around $165 + installation extra). After the service, later I checked the pump price at home depot and it was exactly the same for $41
- Juan P....
Snell Heating & Air Conditioning
Service agent came out and diagnosed the problem. The line had a hole in it in a place where it could not be reached for repair. He went over our options and we selected to purchase a new sear 14 heat pump. He pumped in some Freon to keep us comfortable until the new heat pump could be installed. The installation was ordered for the following Tuesday. The installers were punctual, polite, neat and completed the job in one day. Our old heat pump was eleven years old and our neighbor down the street had their heat pump replace the previous year. So I suppose it needed to be replaced. I guess the price was right.
- Lynn B....
well except they forgot to start and check a pump that takes the overflow from the humidifier. Not a problem as I rerouted the hose to the sump pump
- James B....
John Nugent & Sons Inc
Unfortunately, the news was not good after Michael evaluated the heat pump. It turned out the compressor had burned out. He provided me options of replacing the compressor or the heat pump. Due to the age of the heat pump, I chose complete replacement. Amazingly, despite many jobs on the books, they were able to get a new heat pump installed within 48 hours. My sincere appreciation for their extra efforts to help every customer in record heat when it must be weeks for their technicians to suffer in extreme heat that take them into crawl spaces and attics in order to ensure comfort for their customers.
- William G....
Edwards Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
Our heat pump was actually covered by our home warranty and the price reflects our deductible. Edwards said the heat pump and installation would have cost around $3000 if not covered by insurance. The heat pump works wonderful!
- Suzanne S....
Sila Heating, Cooling and Plumbing
Billy showed up right on time!..He was very polite...I showed him where the heat pump was located, and he went right to work...he explained everything I needed to know, and went the extra mile to clean my filter and the heat pump...he even turned on my cut off valve, which is difficult to reach... hooked up my hose to clean off the heat pump...I will be using Silas and recommending them to my neighbors....Thanks, Billy for a job well done!
- Nicole D....
Indoor Air Quality Medics
He cleaned gunk out of the pump and made sure it was functional. Gave me an estimate in case the pump needs replacing later. He arrived within the promised time window and finished the work quickly.
- Suzanne N....
John Nugent & Sons Inc
In addition to the condensation pump replacement, I also started a service contract with them for the oil furnace and A/C unit. The service price and annual maintenance price were reasonable. The tech gave me advice on the type of filter to use with my dehumidifier and also explained how to clean the condensate pump X2 year to prevent calcification and bio matter accumulation in the pump chamber. He took the time to answer all my questions.
- Leslie H....
R & B Inc
Remove 2 interior heat pumps and replace with single new heat pump, remove all existing duct work and install new duct work.
- Peter F....
Brennan's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
Tech arrived on time and did a thorough job inspecting our two Carrier heat pumps, prepping them for winter use. Had to replace one of the pumps that pushes water out (reasonable cost). We did have the heat pumps installed by Brennan's and have never had bad service in the six years we have used them. We actually have a service contract for bi annual inspection.
- William A....
McKenzie & Sons
My heat pump began tripping the breaker during the winter. This usually means a compressor is failing, from my experience with 1 failed central a/c and 2 failed heat pumps in the same house for 25 years. In about 1988 we replaced our central air conditioner with a Trane heat pump dual system paired with our existing Bryant furnace. This included a then high tech switching mechanism from Trane. The Trane heat pump failed within 4 years and it was replaced with a Janitrol heat pump using the same control mechanism from Trane. The Trane heat pump blew the compressor within 4 years, 1 year after the three year warranty and due to low funds at the time it was replaced with a Janitrol heat pump, now going under the Goodman name and the cheapest at the time. This is the heat pump that failed after 17 years of service. Go figure. Now Trane is considered high quality and reliable, but I will buy a Goodman before a Trane any day after my real world experience. Anyway, the Janitrol lasted a long time and in the interim a Carrier oil furnace replaced the Bryant oil furnace using the same Trane control box (Trane made good dual fuel control boxes anyway). I asked for estimates when the heat pump began tripping the breaker but every one wanted to replace everything and since everything worked fine except the heat punp condenser (outside unit) I called Tom and he gave me an estimate for a modification and a complete change of the whole system. I told him they were both too expensive (3K and 4K) and over the phone he agreed that changing the heat pump out for $1,600 was doable and my least expensive option. He (and two sons) came by this afternoon and installed the heat pump by labelling the wires he removed from the old heat pump and the system was up and running within 4 hours. $1,600 with a heat pump that goes for about $1,100 on the internet.
- Alfred F....
Davis & Davis Air Conditioning & Heating Inc
Very satisfied. I knew that a pump was not working properly and had to be replaced. I expected them to schedule another visit to replace the pump, but they had the part in the truck and replaced it during the initial visit.
- John G....
F.H. Furr Plumbing Heating AC & Electrical
Patrick C. came out and performed the annual heating and A/C check on my heat pump unit. He checked the performance of the outside heat pump unit, tightened some screws that came loose, checked the heating unit in the attic, made sure the filters were clean and replaced recently and made a suggestion for a air filter/cleaning system.
- James H....
Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Our old heat pump died, and we needed it removed and replaced. Mr. Smock made certain we were happy with the installation and location of the new heat pump.
- Diane G....
F.H. Furr Plumbing Heating AC & Electrical
Yea. Our heater started blowing cold air. I called FURR At 7pm and they send out a service man who arrived at 10pm as scheduled. They charged a $100 emergency service fee. The repair man carefully diagnosed the problem. A faulty pump and was able to make a temporary fix, He put in an order for a replacement pump. He clearly knew the workings of our heating system,
- James T....
Snell Heating & Air Conditioning
Turns out the sound wasn't coming from my heat pump afterall - but he fixed the offending piece of equipment anyway (it was a timer attached to the wall next to the heat pump that was controlling my hot water heater). He did a full inspection of the heat pump, cleaned my filter and gave me a quote on the air duct cleaning. I was so impressed with the service that I signed up for their 'club' for regular service/maintenance calls. Definitely a good company.
- Emily D....
4 Service Pros
Chris provided a prompt, hassle-free and competitive quote. The installation crew (Eddie, Chea and Juan) did a great job. On the inside, they built new ductwork to ensure we could take advantage of a quieter and more efficient air handler. They also installed a new exterior condenser on a new pad. They pressurized and tested the new equipment and gave us a thorough walkthrough of everything. Everyone we dealt with was professional, courteous and friendly.
- Anthony G....

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