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Manny & Son's Lawn
I hired Manny & Son to mow my lawn, they did a great job. The company I used last year just mowed the lawn and that was it. Scottie not only mows the lawn but edges it and blows the grass. He did such a fantastic job I hired him to cut the grass for the rest of the season. Great Customer Service.
- Terra B....
Grasshopper Landscaping, LLC
Grandparents needed a lawn mowing every 2 weeks. Asked to have the grass cut short, gave them two chances to do a good job. Trimming was not done right, backyard was cut sloppy. It took less than 5 minutes to cut front and backyard, it's apparently a race for them, since they are cutting other properties at the same time.
- Zhanna M....
Blake's Landscape & Lawn
Blake and his team are very friendly! We were very happy with the job they did as well. We normally cut our own grass but for the times we are too busy or aren't up to it Blake is happy to help as needed. We pay as we go so we didn't have to lock into so many cuts like most companies force you to do. Overall we were very happy with Blake and will continue to use him as needed.
- Helen I....
Eagle & Extra Hands Lawn Care & Other Services LLC
It went poorly. I purchase a deal for 25 lawn mowing appointment over the course of the year. They showed up 6 times and mowed my lawn poorly, and cancelled the rest of the services, stating that they had gone out of business.
- Keith S....
Grass Tactics LLC
This was a wonderful experience for it to be my first with Angie's List. Mr. Sharlow was respectful and punctual. He maintained contact prior to the job and followed up after it. I would recommend Grass Tactics to anyone looking for services in the area. I look forward to a continued partnership in the future. Sincere thanks to Grass Tactics.
- Emanuel B....
Custom Care Lawn & Property Services Inc
I was in a pinch, needing someone to mow the lawn after surgery. Custom Care came out within the week and cut our lawn for 2 weeks. Then came out again for an emergency cut when my husband hurt his back and couldn't cut the grass. We also used them to aerate since they were so reliable with the mowing.
- Joana G....
First Cut Lawn Care
First Cut responded to me on the next business day after my request for lawn mowing service appeared on the Angie's List website. Mr. Jonathan Mintz was courteous and professional, and agreed to inspect my lot that evening and give me a cost estimate for his services; moreover, he indeed called me promptly at our prearranged time that evening, and told me that my lot did not need mowing at that time. Given this experience, when my lot does require mowing service in the future, First Cut Lawn Care is definitely the business I will call!
- William E....
NGT Lawn Care
They did a good job. It was a nice, clean cut. They didn't leave any grass residue that I had to rake up. They didn't over mulch. They cut in different directions when they come, which is good.
- Jessica M....
Steve's Mowing
I have used Steve's Mowing for 15 years to cut my grass.  They always show up every week, clean up, and charge a fair price.
- Susan K....
KCJ Lawncare
KCJ Lawncare has been cutting my grass for years. My yard is about a half to an acre. No fuss. No frills. The way I want it. They will be back this summer.
- Mickey M....
Green Hill Landscaping
They started work in March with the winter clean up, cutting back the decorative grasses, weeding and mowing. So far work is excellent.
- Sarah C....
A Cut Above
We received excellent, reliable and affordable service from A Cut Above.  We would still use them but we now live outside of their service area.
- Jeremy B....
Ideal Landscaping
Great job. I'm very happy with the services performed, he cleaned the sidewalk after cutting and wasted no time completing the job.
- Diane T....
Diamond Cutters
Mowing began on front yard only but back yard remained uncut. I called to remind them to cut the back yard but their response was that they had cut the back yard. I watched the back yard continue to grow and asked them to stop cutting the grass. My wife also asked them to stop cutting. They billed us for four cuttings for the entire yard and added a fuel surcharge dated the first day of the month. I paid them for 2/3 of the work reducing their payment for failing to cut the back yard. They have referred the account to collections and I am filing with the Better Business Bureau.
- Anthony &....
Great. Lawn Masters has cut my yard for over 5years. I have no complaints. Always friendly and very professional.
- Patricia W....
Craig's Lawn Care
I have been happy with their service and feel like they do a good job. They come out once a week and do lawn cutting and are very reasonable price wise.
- Elizabeth G....
Steve's Mowing
Over time there were problems. We used Steve's Mowing for a couple of years, but had to cut them loose after they cut our grass after the growing season ended multiple times in October and then in November in 2016, which they had not done in previous years. We felt like this was running up the bill when lawn mowing services should have stopped for the season. Despite requests to cut the grass taller, the grass was usually shorn. In many instances, Steve's mowers cut areas where that I had sodded and was trying to let grow and had gone to the trouble of clearly marking. Once they used a weed trimmer in a raised bed where I had planted blue berry bushes. On more than on occasion, they showed up on a Saturday.
- Jeff M....
RT Turf
There aren't many companies who will come in and do the lawn mowing in a town home. This guy does it at a reasonable price, and he's reliable. Responsive, dependable.
- Sara F....
Craig's Lawn Care
I have used Craig's for a year now and they are always punctual and quick.  They mow and trim and then blow all the debris from my driveway, walkway and deck!
- Christina S....
Viana Lawn Care does a very good job with our grass cutting and edging. They don't cut corners like other providers that we have hired in the past. It's a very small company, so rainy weather can really throw off their schedules. Other than the weather interfering, they do an awesome job.
- Martha F....

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Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Some times when they have mowed the lawn there have been tire gouges in the lawn.  The lawn must have been wet when they mowed.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: We are very pleased with the work done by Vista Tree Service. Some of the shrubs in our front yard are extremely old and needed to be cut back and thinned out.  Wiley and his 3 man crew worked with me to understand what I wanted done, and were very responsive to my requests.  Included in this job was large scale pruning of a holly that had grown above the one- story roof line, and thinning a tall crepe myrtle, removing, shaping or thinning the older azaleas in front beds; in the back yard many small shrubs and "volunteers" were removed as well as a large dead photinia.  Two sickly dogwood were removed from the side yard.  They mowed the front yard and mulched the beds in front.  All in all, in 4 hours, they did quite a lot of work that I either was unequipped to tackle or would have taken me weeks to complete. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.  And in fact, I'm planning to have them back again to do some serious pruning of several tulip poplars which have large dead branches.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Outstanding work with great security for each other know what they are doing also and fast


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: He did a excellent job. It started to rain and he said he would come back the next day and finish. I suggested he wait until the next cut since he lived quite a distant from me. Overall I was pleased with his work. C. Vaughan


Recent Review: They visit every Tuesday from around April till the end of October, it takes them less than 15 minutes. They provide all the services you could want but we just signed up for  Mowing and a their 'Lawn Care' service (an additional 37.50 6 times a year).


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: They arrive on time, they are very professional. The grass looks great every time they cut. The also did tree trimming, and took down a few trees for us. They have very competitive pricing well below other competitors. He is very accessible and great to work with.


Recent Review: They do a great job cutting the grass.


angi certified
Award 2020Super Service Award
offers coupon
Recent Review: We have a 1/2 acre lot and contacted Blue Sky for an estimate to cut the lawn.   I was shocked when I heard they would only charge $35 for cutting and edging - and had to clarify if that included both the front and back since the price was so low.   When they confirmed it was for the whole lot, I didn't bother with a second estimate.     They came on a weekly basis during the late summer and fall (when we moved here) and did all the work that I asked.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: I asked them to do 2 big jobs, 2 small jobs. The small was branch removal and stump grinding. The larger were the removal and regrading of a former bamboo grove which had been cut down. It went perfectly, and they gave me grass as well. The second was the reworking of a steep front bank with dying trees and stones. They totally reworked it into terraces as I asked, and then also rebuilt the stones around the fire hydrant in front. I am VERY happy with their work. I may ask them for more.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: MA Landscaping did a great job. They were on time, and did exactly what I asked. I would definitely use them again. Thanks!

What services do lawn mowing companies near me perform?

  • Planting species of grass best adapted to your climate.
  • Soil care to ensure the grass being planted can grow healthy.
  • Watering outdoor vegetation and water irrigation.
  • Correcting drainage issues with ditches and french drains.

Why should I hire a lawn mowing company?

Do you have the time? How big and time-consuming is your lawn? Regularly cutting grass to appropriate heights (often 2-4 inches) prevents weed growth and keeps moisture levels under control. Can you keep up with a weekly schedule?

How much does lawn mowing near me cost?

  • Having the lawn mowed can cost between $30 to $80 for every grass-cutting session.
  • If you need the service on a biweekly basis, expect to incur an average of $140 a month.
  • On average, lawn mowing and other maintenance services included costs of $200 to $320 a month. This cost will cover cutting, pesticide application, weed control, and irrigation services.
  • If you wish to have the lawn edged or fresh grass grown, be prepared to incur an additional $100 to $200.

Homeowners who need additional services should also be prepared to incur higher costs. Remember that costs may vary depending on the square footage of your outdoor space as well as the time of year.

Mowing is important for the healthy growth of grass, but it can be time consuming. An excellent solution is hiring a pro. Lawn mowing involves more than simply cutting grass - consider the following a service will help with: