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Professional Tree Surgeon
We had an excellent experience with Will and his crew. They arrived on time, completed all the jobs to satisfaction and cleaned the job site up fully afterwards. I would definitely hire the Tree Surgeon again!
- Nicole H....
Andrew M Moore Tree Surgeon
They did a very timely and a reasonably priced job. They did a great job. They even left the wood in a convenient place but not too close to the house, so that I could use the same in the fire place. I spent around $200. Their cleanup was excellent. I will use them again in the future.
- Janet S....
The Pond Doctor
A GREAT EXPERIENCE!! We went on Angie's List and found The Pond Doctor and read the reviews. We contacted Mark King, the owner, and described the work we would like done and sent him pictures of our garden pond. Mark responded right away and explained the steps needed to clean the pond and outlined what his company would do and he then provided us a cost estimate. We felt comfortable with selecting The Pond Doctor and Mark placed us on his work schedule and a few days later Jeremiah, the foreman, and his crew arrived. Everyone on the crew was polite, professional, and experienced and quickly tackled the large job ahead of them. The end result - our pond looks wonderful. After removing all the muck, the pond and waterfall were power washed, vacuumed, and the pond refilled with clean water. The pond looks as good now as it did 20-years ago and we owe it all to The Pond Doctor!! It's easy to see why The Pond Doctor is "A" rated and received Angie's Super Service Award. We feel fortunate to have found The Pond Doctor and to have had the opportunity to work with Mark and Jeremiah and his crew. We highly recommend The Pond Doctor as your "go to solution" for any garden pond projects and needs.
- Graham F....
Ross Tree Service Ltd
Traci reminded me of a caring doctor giving a patient diagnosis on each tree. He was very thorough and emailed a clear and concise proposal.
- Terri S....
A.W. Flay Tree Surgeon LLC
I highly recommend A. W. Flay and his crew at The Tree Surgeon LLC. I had three large oak trees that needed to be removed, Tony and his crew did a brilliant job. They were polite, courteous, prompt, reasonably priced, and highly professional. They took great care to avoid any ancillary damage to the property and completely cleaned up the area before leaving. Tony was interested, engaged, knowledgeable, answered all questions with respect, gave much needed advice, and was extremely easy to work with. I will hire him for future needed services without hesitation. He does charity work for Veterans and coaches boys and girls rugby, what more can you say, a great all around businessman (difficult to find these days). –Dr. Richard Spece
- Richard S....
Campbell Landscaping LLC
After a full year and a dozen calls to Campbell, nothing was ever done. On the other hand, I finally contacted ALpha Landscaping who sub contracted a tree surgeon who removed the tree without any truck, plus several others, all for LESS than Campbell. They were also responsive. They did not however, put the cut pieces of the tree in the woods about 30 feet away, but left big hunks of trunk on the lawn area.
- Susan H....
SavATree - Maryland & Washington DC
Called for inspection of tree trunk damage. Company sent tree doctor. Examined it, said that cherry trees were subject to such bark deterioration and recommended root feeding. Scheduled the truck to come by and perform the service.
- Pierre J....
The Pond Doctor
Aside from arriving several hours after the block of time we expected them to arrive in, everything went great. The two workers spent several hours locating and then fixing the area of our waterfall, stream and pond that had a leak. There were very thorough and kept us informed of what they found throughout the process. Bottom line, they identified the area where the leak was, which had not been found by a previous company who claimed they couldn't find a leak, and took appropriate actions to repair it.
- Keith B....
Hes Company LLC
The HES Co. team members are all very professional and courteous. They were on my property from about 7 am to 12:30 pm and John Quierolo and his skilled team of 4 never stopped working the entire time! The two tree cutters (surgeons really) are extremely skilled and safely removed the trees one section at a time. In addition to cutting down two very large, dead trees, the team also did a lot of trimming of other trees and overgrown shrubs. When the HES team were ready to leave, all the sticks blown on my yards from the winds of March and early April were also picked up and removed, the yards raked and the driveway and yards blown clean. I HIGHLY recommend HES Co. for any tree work needed.
- Ruthanne G....
The Pond Doctor
They do great work. We had another company that gauged us and the pond filters and circulator were always breaking down. Since using Pond Doctor we have no issues. Twice a year maintenance and a beautiful pond that gives us a lot of pleasure.
- Lisa K....
Lawn Doctor
They were very accommodating, working within our schedule. They will follow up, doing aeration and checking on the lawn several times over the year. They are very responsive and come out right away if we have any problems. I know they are not the cheapest, but they do quality work.
- Gary D....
The Pond Doctor
Have consulted with Mark The Pond Doctor several times over a number of years about issues in my pond network. He has come out in good weather and bad, and has provided valuable insights. He and his crew made short work of some plumbing repairs. I get good vibes for his knowledge, professionalism and integrity.
- Tony F....
The Pond Doctor
Everything was done perfectly. Mark responded to my call and quickly got the necessary new pond skimmer. Installation was done very professionally and on a very timely basis. I've been relying on Pond Doctor for several years now and have always had an outstanding experience. I highly recommend them for all pond maintenance needs.
- Bill G....
The Pond Doctor
The whole experience was outstanding from Mark explaining what could be done and providing a great estimate to Curtis and his crew who did an excellent job utmost professionalism. They had to change the original design and added an extra filtration system at no additional cost. Overall I could not have asked for a better experience. I was under a time constraint and Mark and his crew came through. Thank you so much. I highly recommend the Pond Doctor
- Ron L....
Tyson's Tree Companies, Inc.
I have a large tree on my property that appeared to have a diseased spot at the base. I took photos of the tree and the damage to a large, reputable garden center where I was told that I needed a tree surgeon. I then sent an email to Tyson's with photos of the tree, my address and phone number, and a request that they look at the tree and tell me what needed to be done. A few days later I received a call from one of their representatives saying he was in my driveway. The gentleman told me that as much as he would like to sell me services, the tree was healing itself and should be fine. All I needed to do was spray the affected area with a product I could get at the local home center. He also asked how concerned I was about the tree. He said if I was losing sleep worrying that it was going to fall on the house, then I should consider having it removed. Otherwise, there was really no reason to. I really appreciated his honesty.
- Hillary C....
The Pond Doctor
This is the second time I have used Pond Doctor. The first was in the Spring, when I also had a leak in my Koi Pond (which consists of three separate ponds connected by waterfalls). Mark and his men came out and cleaned all three ponds, and fixed the leak, which was in the lower pond, in one day. Total cost was $1600. This time I had another leak, about 17 gal. per hour, and Mark's men came out, diagnosed the problem being in one of the waterfalls, and fixed that one. Cost for this one was $400. I can't speak to whether the cost was in line with others doing the same type of work, but it was well worth it for me. The work was done quickly, competently, and everything was cleaned up after. And no fish were lost. I strongly recommend Pond Doctor if you're having trouble with your pond, or just for Spring cleaning if that's all you need.
- Gerald M....
The Pond Doctor
I have worked with Mark, the Pond Doctor, for the last four years. He is truly the best in service for pond maintenance. He knows what he is doing and has great experience. Mark can troubleshoot any pond problem - leaks, algae, etc. - and correct them efficiently. His life's work is pond related and he has his own pond (and banana tree), so he can recommend to you improvements that he has tried on his own pond. His men are swift, efficient, professional and they take great care with your fish. I have never lost any of my fish (Koi and goldfish) due to their cleaning operations. They are careful to re-use as much of your pond water as possible so that the fish are not impacted. This year, they added a Copper Ion Generator that has eliminated all of the string algae that plagued my pond every year. It truly works! So now with a UV light (for suspended alge) and the Ion Generator (for string algae), the pond remains clear constantly! this is just another example of technology that Mark has tried on his own pond and recommended to me. It is worth every penny. I would whole-heartedly recommend the Pond Doctor to anyone who wants to make their pond the best it can be. MC Hamilton, VA
- Michael C....
Big Steve's Tree Care
Scheduled appointment for 9:00 AM on 11/06/2012, to remove a very dead 100 ft + oak tree, and to trim one side of maple leaning over the home. Biggest concern was the dead oak tree that was less than 40 ft from my home, and was leaning toward a neighbors home 60 ft away. The four man crew arrived within 15 min. of the appointed time and prompty set to work. One worker climbed the oak and systematically cut and dropped parts of the oak like a surgeon, missing all but a few limbs of adjacent trees and shrubs on both properties. All the cut pieces were taken to the shredder and all the debris was cleared up promptly. We were so glad to be rid of the oak that had haunted us for years. Steve's workers were friendly, prompt, extremely efficient, and took every precaution to ensure minimal impact to both our property, and to our neighbors property. Steve's price was the lowest by several hundred dollars. In fact, when I mention having obtained an estimate from Steve's to another bidder, his response was that his price was a good bit higher then Steve's because he thought customers wanted 'BMW' type of service rather than the 'used Ford' type of service provided by Steve's. At the end of the day, Steve's was the best choice for this job. Steve's will likely be our one-stop-shop for all our future tree work. r house
- Linda B....
We are a military family and as such, have moved a lot and come in contact with a LOT of contractors through the years. Every so often, we are happy for the opportunity to meet someone who is truly dedicated to their job. Frank is such a person, and if stump grinding was painting, he'd be Leonardo da Vinci. Frank assesses each stump as a doctor would evaluate a patient. He observes its postion, neighboring plants, direction it is leaning, etc. and develops a plan as to how to remove it in the most efficient and clean way. We trusted Frank to take a stump out next to a very old, very special tree; and he also removed a stump that was pushed up against the foundation without touching the house. Like a mad scientist, Frank has created his own special tools to enable him to remove stumps others cannot. Frank's prices are reasonable, too! If you need stumps removed, call Frank.
- Deirdre O....
Mulheron Tree Experts
Overall, the job was superb and they did all the work in 4 1/2 hours. Three crewmen arrived at 7:30am as promised, They cut a15 ft tree down in the blink of any eye. They cut a 60 ft tree down like medical surgeons in a most efficient manner. Using a "cherry picker" enabled truck, one man in the Bucket maneuvered it so that he was able to 1) tire off each limb, thus allowing it to be lowered to the ground in a controlled manner, 2) cut the limb at it base, and 3) two men, controlling the ropes, lower it to the ground. Without any further trimming, the 2 men feed each limb into a large industrial srength shredder, even limbs that you wouldn't think would fit. When the tree was trimmed down to a tall standing trunk, the man in the Bucket cut it in 1 to 2 ft lengths, let it fall to the ground, and the 2 ground men picked up each piece and loaded it into the bed of the truck. All limbs were shredded as soon as they either hit or were lowered to the ground. Because of it's height, 60 ft, the tree to be topped was more challenging. The 3 men threw guide ropes over specific limbs, then 1 man climbed the tree adding more ropes for his safety. When he reached a height of some 45 ft, he strung more ropes over limbs and tired them to the limbs to be cut. As he cut each limb, the 2 ground men lower it to the ground and shredded it. Before the man in the topped tree climbed down, one of the other men came and got me so I could look at the finished work. At my request, he had one more much smaller limb cut as well - most cooperative. When all the cutting and shredding was done, they cleaned each and every twig off the ground and a close-by driveway, and left no trace that all of this cutting had ever occurred. These are professional men who have the tree cutting and shredding process down to a science.
- Kenneth W....

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What is a tree surgeon?

Tree surgeons are specialists in handling the removal of large or cumbersome tree branches. Their primary mission is to allow healthy growth.

Do you have a really old (and most likely large) tree? While many people may attempt to handle large trees by themselves, it can be dangerous if you make a critical mistake. We mean dangerous to both your body and health, and dangerous for the prolonged health of the tree. Therefore, such jobs are best left to professionals.

What are the benefits of hiring tree surgeons?

Tree surgeons prune and manage trees in a professional manner. They can control trees that threaten foundations and trim dangerous branches that are threatening nearby power lines or surrounding roads. They also chop up felled limbs into usable firewood and handle emergency removal requests.

How much do tree surgeons near me charge?

Removing a tree is expensive. Most homeowners spend an average of $1,264 for tree removal. Prices can vary between $1,050-$1,450.

Why hire a surgeon to save a tree?

Removing a tree is the most costly service you will incur with regards to tree management. Most charge according to the height of the tree. The cost varies per foot, with taller trees incurring around $15 per foot to remove. Smaller trees often cost about $9 per foot to remove.

If your tree is located near power lines or in an area that is difficult to access, the removal cost may be higher. In such cases, you may be able to save on expenses by having the tree pruned instead.

Pruning with a surgeon however (at an average cost of $450) can remove dangerous branches and reduce the risk a tree may pose.

Also remember tree disposal costs. For example, homeowners often pay an extra $50 to have leftovers such as branches and tree trunks removed from the property.

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