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Reviews of Bathtub Refinishing Companies Near You

Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
I have an old cast iron bathtub that has begun to rust on the inside. Virginia Bathtub Refinishing stripped the old finish, removed all the rust, and reglazed the entire tub. It looks brand new. The job took about 3 hours to complete. The company was professional and did an excellent job. I paid $390 for the work.
- Jeffrey E....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing did an outstanding job reglazing a tub at a rental property. It saved quite a bit of money compared to ripping out tile, plumbing and reinstalling a new bathtub. Mr Valdez was very prompt and responsive in performing the work in a highly professional manner. I would definitely use them again.
- Bruce B....
Miracle Method of Fairfax
We were very pleased with the job. I compared estimates and refinishing technique with 4 companies and this was the only company that gave a 5 year warranty on their work provided that you care for the tub properly of course. I liked that they had a showroom that you could go to and see their work. The husband and wife owners were very knowledgeable and returned phone calls promptly . I had a concern that it would be difficult to cover the markings on the bottom of the tub that were left there from those old sticky designs people used to put on to prevent slipping. The owner said it would not be a problem but I asked him to come by beforehand to check. I didn't want any surprises with any added costs if it was too difficult to refinish. Even though he had assured me that it would be ok he was nice enough to come over and take a look at the tub ahead of time to make me happy. The man who did the actual refinishing did a wonderful job. There was no splattering of paint and clean up afterwards was great. The tub looks beautiful and we highly recommended this company.
- Tom K....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
This is the second review I have done with this company. At first, I was happy until I walked into the bathroom the next day and the product had dried, and was pooled in the drain and had dripped down into the drainpipe, there is was a scratch in the porcelain and, where it drained down the surface is really thin. . I do not want to touch it as then I will be accused of messing with the work. I cannot use the tub until it is fixed. I had checked initially on Google re: And Va. Bathtub Refinishing seemed to get a good rating. However, whomever did the work was someone else. American Reglazing Services. What is up? Bad job and tub is of no use. What is the next Step. I think Va. Reglazing is responsible...What did they do, job the work out????
- Leslie A....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
Oscar was very responsive via email, reviewing pictures of my job to provide an estimate. Scheduling was easy, with a couple of glitches. When the technicians arrived, they were not prepared to resurface the tile. They called Oscar and they then understood the scope of the job. Unfortunately, the job was not completed in the time allotted on one day, and they said they would have to come back the next day to finish up. This was not on my very tight schedule to have the work completed before a home inspection. However, they promised they'd be back between 8:00-9:00 am the next day. As I am no longer living in the property, I got up early and made my way there to let them in. 8:00 comes and goes. 8:30 comes and goes. 9:00 comes and goes. I placed a call and left a message asking where they were. Oscar called me back and he said someone would be there at 1:00. I told him so would the home inspector, and it was promised between 8:00-9:00. To his credit, once he realized his technicians had made a promise, someone was there within the hour. The work is nice, with very little residue in other places in the bathroom (I've had this done before and expect some collateral spray). It is very white, which is stark against the other what-I-thought-was white tiles in the rest of my bathroom, but I'm not interested in making the entire bathroom match, but this may be a consideration for others and something to talk with Oscar about if it's important to you.
- Jillian M....
Bathroom Magic LLC
It was a really good experience. He came as promised for the estimate and to do the work. Most impressive, he honored his price even though resurfacing the tub took hours longer than anticipated and after we offered to pay more because of the problems he encountered. He also referred us to Eric Applegate for retiling the floor and reinstalling the plumbing. Eric also did terrific work.
- Linda H....
Custom Tub & Tile Resurfacing LLC
We hired Custom Tub & Tile Resurfacing LLC about 4 years ago and thought they did a great job at the time but I wanted to see how the work held up. Here it is, 4 years later and the bathroom still looks great.
- Ed S....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
I was in the middle of a full master bathroom remodel and had to decide between buying and installing a new tub or having the old one refinished. The price of a new basic tub is about the same as an average refinishing job but the work of tearing out the old tub, getting it down a flight of stairs and out of the house, renting a truck and hauling it to the dump then picking up the new tub, getting it into the house up a flight of stairs and into the bathroom through the normal interior door width sealed the deal. The cost of refinishing is by far cheaper and if it matters to you more environmentally sound than the overall cost of the new tub. In particular at the rates Oscar charges which was almost $200 less than the competing quote I received. I started researching bathtub refinishing systems and companies a month prior to staring my work on the master bath. I talked with Oscar twice before hand to make sure of availability, lead time needed and the time needed to do the work. I completed a full tear down and did all the rough in then had Oscar send his guy over before putting up the tile. This ensured there was no worry of overspray and it also made it a lot easier for his guy to get in and do the sanding and prep work. I also removed all the drain pipe connections, though this caused a bit of a snag for cleaning out the tub. Note ? keep the drain cover on but lose so you can have them remove it to spray on the finishes but don?t remove it and toss it before they clean the tub. In the end they did a great job, the 25 year old original tub looks brand new including the area where the 5 chips in the porcelain were repaired. I can not tell by looking where they were. Both Oscar and his refinisher were prompt and responsive to my questions and requests and he showed up on time. The smell is easy to manage if you have a vent in the bathroom, close the door and vent it outside. It will significantly reduce the vapor release through your house. I put a small oscillating fan in the room to keep the air circulating and enough of a gap at the door to allow air to be pulled into the bathroom and out of the ceiling vent. I was able to sleep in the master bedroom with very little odor the same night by handling it this way. All in all ? very good job and the tub looks fantastic.
- Todd V....
Custom Tub & Tile Resurfacing LLC
Although the finished product seems to be satisfactory, there was not much attention to protecting the bathroom from over spray. After the technician left I was left with a rough film coating on the sink, toilet, fixtures and faucets. The adjacent closet was also left with a film on the floor since apparently is was not covered during the process. The caulking around the tub was not refinished as nicely as what I already had around the tub.
- Carey F....
Custom Tub & Tile Resurfacing LLC
This was a very positive experience. From scheduling the work (Larkin was extremely responsive and pleasant) to the completed refinishing, it could not have been a smoother process. We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and thoroughness of Jose, who was the service technician. The bathtub looks excellent and I'm very pleased with the skid-resistant surface (which is an improvement from the original bathtub). The odor generated from the resurfacing process was minimal and dissipated within 24 hours. I can understand why Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing receives such high customer reviews. I would recommend the company without hesitation -- and thank Angie's List for such an excellent deal.
- Leslie R....
Miracle Method Surface Refinishing
My experience with Miracle Method Surface Refinishing went perfectly. I'm very, very happy with them. I thought I'd need a new tub, but he said he could resurface it at about half the price and it looks beautiful. It looks like new. I'd use them in the future, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
- Ted V....
Bathroom Magic LLC
Jeff and Kevin arrived on time and went right to work after taking a look at our tub and shower and explaining how the process would work and how they would vent the house. We had recently bought the house and the tub, especially, was in bad shape. Apparently, it had once been unprofessionally reglazed and had begun to peel horribly. So, Kevin had the added work of removing the existing bad glaze before preparing the surface and reglazing. Jeff worked on the shower stall for about 1/2 day, while Kevin worked the whole day on the tub, vanity and new faucet. Wow, what miraculous results! We could not be more pleased and the whole thing was done in a day and just around $1000. We did a lot of research online on whether to reglaze, do a liner or replace our 1950's era original tub. We are so glad we went with the reglazing: low fuss for us, cost effective and amazing results. When looking at our price, keep in mind that we had multiple jobs (shower stall, tub, vanity/faucet), not one, and the added work of removing an old, badly accomplished glaze. Jeff was great about providing an estimate in advance and it was spot on. Thanks, Jeff and Kevin!
- Christina S....
Custom Tub & Tile Resurfacing LLC
Excellent from start to finish. Constant communications from the time I made the request here until work was complete. Questions answered immediately. Work was done to perfection. Tech showed on early in time window, after contacting to let me know he was coming. Job done in 2.5 hours.
- Carl K....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
"Virginia Bathtub Refinishing" refinished two bath tubs for us on 11/12/15. While the tubs look beautiful, there was a fine gritty 'paint' sprayed on many other surfaces in the bathroom, several of which were brand new installed the day before- and not adequately covered/protected. This included toilet tanks, seat and bowl, new tile, water control valve and shower head, towel rods, door knobs, toilet paper holder, baseboard and tile floor. When they sent an employee to correct the situation, he had limited English and attempted unsuccessfully to clean it with rubbing alcohol. Communication has largely been by text message at their request. When the unsatisfactory corrective measures were brought to the attention of Oscar (the principal) it felt like he was accusing us, making broad generalizations about all the great work they'd done at upscale homes who were happy with them. perhaps he sent new trainees to our house! Furthermore, the written warranty doesn't provide for transfer to new property owners, even though they had assured us over the phone in advance that it would. And, the warranty needs to state the name on the contact on Angie's list and the legal name of the company (it currently states 'American Reglazing'). We are still waiting for a response from the principal to visit, review, and make the situation right, i.e. clean up the spray outside the tub and replace parts which cannot be cleaned.
- Mary L....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
After hearing my description, he told me he didn't think it needed to be done but a heavily used bathtub should be reglazed every decade or so. I appreciated his honesty and will certainly call him back when it's time to reglaze! Thanks Oscar!
- Brittany B....
Bathroom Magic LLC
Jeff arrived on time and first removed the surface that had been done about 12 years before. He and his assistant, Don, then taped the areas not to be glazed and applied the new glaze. The whole process took about 6 hours. They were polite, extremely neat and did a first class job. It is much better finished product than our previous job.
- Gayle M....
When I first contacted Porcelain Tub Restorations, I was impressed by the level of knowledge of Ramona, their customer care representative. I made the appointment for Friday, June 4 for stripping and refinishing of our only bath tub. In order to ensure a longer life of my tub finish, I opted for the additional service of hardware removal and reinstallation. When I made my appointment, I made sure that someone would be available to reinstall the hardware on Saturday as this is our only tub and it was forecasted to be a scorcher over the weekend; in a house without air conditioning, showers are important. I was assured that there was no problem with completing the hardware reinstallation and someone would be able to come by on Saturday. Their technician, Willie came by on Friday to strip and refinish the tub. The tub looked beautiful, although a few things did stand out. First, he left little bits of paint all over our hallway. And second, at one point he stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down for me to get him a glass of water. I have no problem providing water, it was however an odd interaction, and not particularly professional. Before he left, I reconfirmed that he or another technician would be by to reinstall the hardware. No one showed up to reinstall the hardware on Saturday or Sunday. We were without a functioning tub in 90 degree heat. I called on Saturday afternoon and left a message on the answering service explaining who I was, the situation, and requesting a return call. Hoping that they would live up to their highly-rated customer service, I did not call first thing on Monday. I waited until mid-morning and I was told that they thought they could probably send someone out that evening, but that they would have to call me back to confirm. They explained that their technician had an emergency to take care of, which is why he missed the appointment on Saturday. After not hearing from anyone all day, I called at 4 pm, 30 minutes before they close and was told that someone would come by. A technician did come by, the reinstallation took approximately 30 minutes. More than anything, I was disappointed by the customer service. I completely understand that emergencies happen, but I do expect that someone would have called to notify me of the cancellation. I also expected that the customer service representative I spoke with on Monday would have called back as promised. In short, I expected more proactive customer service from a company that has received high ratings here on Angie's List.
- Noah E....
Tub Solutions Inc
The experience was great with Brian, he was very professional and got the job done quickly and without any problems. I would highly recommend Brian in the future for anyone that needs this type of service.
- Abraham N....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
Oscar stayed in constant communication with me. He sent Miguel to do the work and he was extremely attentive and did an absolutely AMAZING job! Would highly recommend to anyone needing work. Pur tub looks BRAND NEW!
- Emily O....
Virginia Bathtub Refinishing
Miguel was super friendly, hard-working, and did a fantastic job. In just two hours, my tub looked better than new. Oscar was very responsive and professional too.
- Timothy N....

Bathtub Refinishing Near You

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We were unable to find pros for your Bathtub Refinishing project in Ashburn, VA

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Some things are too good to scrap.

If you enjoy a nice hot soak in your bathtub, but its surface is nicked, faded, or an out-of-fashion color, bathtub refinishing is a good, economical solution. Save your tub and some money with a tub refinishing job done by a professional. 

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Whether done by an ambitious amateur as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project or by a bathtub refinishing professional, the steps of rejuvenating and recoloring a bathtub are about the same:

  1. Select a color and finish
  2. Prepare the area and the tub
  3. Remove the old finish to the greatest extent possible (this can be very hard work for amateurs)
  4. Repair dents, dings and damage (if the old tub is cracked, do not refinish; replace)
  5. Apply the new finish
  6. Let it cure before use 

A qualified tub refinishing service can help you avoid the harmful, unpleasant fumes of refinishing products, save you the hard labor of sanding off the old finish, give you a beautiful, completely professional finished product, offer far more color choices than a DIY kit, and produce a tough, long-lasting finish. 

Most DIY kits produce finishes good for only a year or two; professional tub refinishing can be warranted for at least five years. 

How Much Does Refinishing a Bathtub Cost?

It's a national average of around $460 - the cost of refinishing a bathtub can be as much as $900.

A brand new tub may cost as little as $300. Do not overlook the hidden costs of that new tub: 

  • Demolition and removal: another $70 to $150
  • Hiring a plumber to connect the new tub: another $299
  • Installing the new tub could go as high as $2,896

Those hidden costs loom large when you consider the bathtub refinishing national average. Even if you went got the finest possible bathtub refinishing at $900, that final cost is still lower than all costs of a new tub. 

How Do I Hire a Bathtub Refinisher Near Me?

Most homeowners will prefer to leave tub refinishing in the hands of trained professional but do not know where to start. This list near your location has some of the best bathtub refinishing services. When hiring, ask for references of recent jobs and evidence of liability insurance. Read reviews near you before getting three on-site estimates to ensure a competitive price.

You can also rely on Angie's List to find a local bathtub refinishing deal - many times the best offers near your location are listed on this page.

Make the appointment, choose a finish, let them in, and leave the rest to the technicians.

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