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Capital Masonry LLC
The price was a bit high but they did a great job. They worked hard and the results were great. No complaints.
- Warren C....
Seal Right Specialist LLC
Great. They came when they said they would. provided the service agreed upon and were quick to investigate and repair a small problem that popped up
- Naomi S....
H&H Paving Asphalt Specialist, Inc.
I got multiple quotes, including H&H. While H&H was at the top of the list for reviews, and were the most professional, their price was a bit higher as well. When I asked them to work with me on the price because I wanted to use them, they took a look at their schedule to find a day where they'd be doing another job nearby and were able to lower the price so I could use them. Totally happy with their work. Even have had neighbors stop and ask who I used and if I was pleased. They said they have looked at several different businesses and their jobs and that mine looked better than anyone's.
- Niki L....
Stonework by Flavio & Sons LLC
Excellent service - prompt and pleasant. Responded quickly to reaquest for estimate. Work done on time and correctly. Area left neat and clean, repaired walkway, looks like "new."
- Elaine F....
Dominic's Paving
OK Work - main crack-line in center of driveway returned week later. I didn't call for follow-up repair but truly believe these guys would have came out and addressed with no problem.
- Daniel E....
All County Paving LLC
From estimate to the end, it went very well. They were not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but had a good idea about fixing some areas that were beyond the resurface. Our driveway was falling apart and now looks great. We found one small flaw, but they're coming out to fix it. It was $3000 for about 1250sqft, for 2" of resurfacing, widening, and fixing some really bad spots.
- Frank I....
H&H Paving Asphalt Specialist, Inc.
Jerry Holbrook III provided a detailed quote of the original job and a detailed quote for the additional repair job. I went with both quotes and got all the work done at once (which I had to have performed in order to see a little savings in the cost, versus having it done at a later time). I was impressed with Jerry's attentiveness and willingness to work with Gate Logic Security who had to provide a new vehicle sensor for my gate as the driveway was being torn up. Both parties worked well together and I am very happy with the new driveway. I felt H&H was a little expensive, but they were worth the cost in regards to their professionalism and quality of the end product. I know, having used them to replace a section of the driveway that was paved only 2 or 3 years ago, that you get what you pay for. The contractor who engaged the previous asphalt pavers cut corners on costs whenever possible and it shows. My recommendation is to get it done right the first time with H&H. I took pictures of the work performed and will try to have them uploaded in the near future.
- Christopher M....
Collegiate Sealers & Paving
They came to fix the driveway after I had some sewer pipes removed. They noticed that one of the pipes was broke and they fixed it for me before doing the driveway at no extra cost. They left the area clean. They were very polite and professional. It took them about four do the work.
- Mauricio Q....
O.Cooper Paving
Our driveway goes over a small creek and the side of the driveway over the creek was cracking and collapsing into the creek. Cooper Paving knew exactly what to do to rectify the problem and did it in an expert and professional manner. They responded promptly and professionally, fixing the problem and sealing the driveway. A++
- Carol M....
M Taylor Enterprise
Perfect. Best concrete work I've ever seen. The 12' x 12' pad for the shed was absolutely level in all directions after it dried. The driveway is now 2 years old and not a crack or any other problem with it. Matt also repaired a broken support pier under our house, and did other foundation work after the 2011 earthquake. Great guy to work with, and an awesome crew of concrete finishers.
- Martha W....
Bright Construction Group
It went very well. They are very professional. We had a couple of minor issues, they came out and they fixed them. The staff can directly deal with the problem and the job manager would actually call me and resolve the issues. They showed up actually early. I had another quote for another masonry project.
- John R....
Jim Stanley Asphalt
I have a 300 sq.ft. driveway which was sinking in spots and cracking. Stanley Asphalt came out and milled down the sunken and cracked areas and filled them with an asphalt base. They then applied a topping to the whole driveway. They were on time for the appontment to provide an estimate and arriving for the work on the scheduled day. The work was completed in a professional manor and with high quality. They explained what they found and what they would do to fix the issues. In all they were on site for about 2 hours and left it very clean.
- Eric S....
Dominic's Paving
Dominic and his crew did a great job. We were a little skeptical at first because the estimate he gave us was a LOT less than others. However, Dominic?s work is highly rated so it seemed like, and was, a win-win. We?ve waited 3 months to give a rating and there have been no problems; the driveway looks great. Dominic has been in the business a long time, knows what he?s doing, and is a real pleasure to work with. There were some equipment problems which delayed completion of the paving (they started on time but had to add an extra day or two) but it only affected his schedule and did not impact the quality of his work for us.
- Bazil F....
AC Paving Company
We needed repair and complete resurfacing and paving of an existing 80-foot driveway. Multiple cracks, holes, and a big drainage problem needed to be fixed. They gave us a new drain at the foot of the down-draining driveway that will drain the water away from the driveway and house. They did a great job on the pavement - it is substantial, neatly defined at the edges, and the crew deserves great praise for working so hard to make it beautiful. Very pleased with our new driveway!
- Janet C....
NM Seal Bros LLC
Very good! Although they had to come back to fix the repair due to the rain that day but it was redone professionally. Very accessible to reach them on phone or text. Nicks was very professional and kept his words when he can come to do the job. Would not hesitate to use them again. It is a rarity now a day to have such good service company with reasonable cost. Would not hesitate to use them again or refer them to my friends or neighbor.
- Bob T....
Paveco, Inc
Communication was great, price was great, time to deliver was great. End product was not so great. My 2yr old driveway was damaged in certain areas after we had large equipment brought in for a backyard remodeling project. I didn’t go with the original company who put in the driveway due to costs, which I regret now. The length of my driveway has some minor wavyness to it where you can tell they stopped and started the paving machine. It isn’t so bad that it bothers me, so I would consider that part sufficient and am not holding that against them. The problem is/was the pad in front of my garages. My pad used to drain to behind my second garage which backs to the side of my yard, so it was out of sight, out of mind. After their work my pad now drains to my back yard and floods a walkway I have there. You can easily see large various dips throughout the pad, one which creates a 12 ft long puddle in the driveway. I contacted the company and they came out and told me puddling was expected, and they list that in their paperwork, which to their credit they do mention puddling may occur. However I assumed that meant maybe a random 12in puddle, not a large, deep puddle. The owner offered to mill the driveway down to further enable the drainage out of the puddle, or to give me a free sealant application as a resolution. Neither are ideal to me as I paved the whole driveway vs just repairing individual broken sections so the driveway would be uniform and you wouldn’t be able to pick out repaired sections. Sealant wouldn’t fix my problem and the milling would obviously leave remenants of “patch work” being completed which avoiding that was the whole point of redoing the entire driveway. Of course this also wouldn’t resolve my issue of the driveway draining to the wrong area. In addition to this they got tar on my garage doors, side entry doors, a vinyl fence I have, and I have tar boot prints now on a stone walkway I have. I had to repaint and scrub after the job was complete to get off what I could. I didn’t have this type of issue when I originally had the driveway installed by another company, so with more careful action I know this all could of been avoided. They also had access to open and close my garage doors at will which they did. Second opinions from other asphalt companies I currently getting quotes to fix the issue, have confirmed this puddling and dips should not be present. Pictures show the puddle, and then the puddle after being filled with a hose to show were it would drain to if it is filled with a stream of water.
- Joseph F....
American Professional Chimney & Masonry
Let me save you time, don't hire. We hired American to replace our driveway and fix our sidewalk and lay down a new sidewalk. The new sidewalk was put down with stone to "match" our existing sidewalk. It does not match. The sidewalk was put down without consulting us first on stone or cement color. So now nothing matches. And despite repeated attempts and promises to fix the sidewalk nothing has been done for months. So now we are going to have to hire someone different to come out and tear up the work they did and replace the sidewalk correctly. Just save yourself time and hire someone else to do the work.
- Erik O....
Collegiate Sealers & Paving
Collegiate Sealers and Paving was great to work with. We needed to have our old broken driveway replaced and widened. Carlos and his crew arrived early at 7:15 am to begin work. They were able to widen the driveway to the line we marked with great precision and care. Our brick facade and concrete garage threshold were kept clean and untouched by the asphalt. Carlos and his crew worked very well as a team and were fastidious. They were very professional and you could see they took pride in their work. The project was done in 3 hours. We are very pleased with the new driveway and are very impressed by the skill and craftsmanship that were demonstrated.
- Karen R....
JP Companies Inc
The work went well. They arrived when scheduled, responded to concerns, and came back to replace some bricks broken when the railing was installed. The work took a lot longer than originally estimated. The finished product is very attractive. The cost was in line with other estimates.
- Rolland R....
Collegiate Sealers & Paving
The cracks are still there and are even worse than before. We initially told them we would not pay until the work was fixed or corrected. They then said that they would have someone come out to inspect the work and see what needed to be fixed. They came without notification and informed us that everything was fine from their perspective. To avoid dragging the process out, I went ahead and approved payment to the company but they then came after me personally for collection (for money they had already received). I would not use this company or recommend them due to poor workmanship and customer service.
- Myra B....

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Driveways of paved asphalt, Belgian block or poured concrete all need driveway repair. Understand the process, the costs, and find a trustworthy professional contractor. 

What is Driveway Repair?

Driveways of concrete or asphalt withstand a lot of abuse, but whether you opt to have yours cleaned, patched, resurfaced or replaced, the costs of good maintenance can be high. Freeze-thaw cycles and heavy vehicular traffic can cause cracks and potholes to appear. If these are not repaired and sealed, the wear cycle accelerates. Age of your driveway can drive the decision, with driveways 20 years and older often requiring full replacement. Driveway repair costs less than resurfacing, and resurfacing costs less than full replacement. 

What Does Driveway Repair Cost?

Repair work on an asphalt driveway will cost around $10 to $13 a square foot - the national range is between $850 to $3,100.

  • Concrete repair work will run between $300 to $3,500
  • Belgian block (cobblestone) — $650 to $2,000
  • Brick — $700 to $2,000

Each driveway repair project is uniquely affected by the amount of damage to be repaired, the age of the driveway, and local climate. Some homeowners find repairing a Belgian block or brick driveway a fairly easy weekend task, if they can find matching materials. If the repair work is extensive for any type of surface, though, you are better off turning to professionals. 

Hiring a Driveway Repair Company Tips

  • The same companies that pour and pave driveways typically also repair them.
  • Do your homework to find a reputable contractor to handle your driveway repair job. 
  • Collect three on-site estimates (never a telephone price quote) from local contractors.
  • Ignore unsolicited offers to cut you a price break by “using up” leftover material from another job.
  • Get the estimates in writing.
  • Ensure the contractors have taken into account drainage and slope.
  • Look for a licensed paving company (in either asphalt or concrete).
  • Ask for proof of insurance and workers compensation coverage. 
  • For asphalt, avoid contractors who offer to provide less than a two-inch resurfacing job; it will not adhere well or last long.
  • Use the list here of local concrete companies near you to find pros with good grades.
  • Ask local builders for companies they recommend in either asphalt or concrete. 

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