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American Pest
- Ingeborg K....
PestNow LLC
They did a termite inspection and, of course, found termites. They treated the townhouse right away in time for the sale settlement.
- Eileen B....
Erlich Pest Control
They seem to be very thorough and keep the termites away. They come monthly to check the termite bait traps, and yearly to check inside the house for termites. I think they give an excellent service.
- Carol W....
Erlich Pest Control
ProTech is the best company I have used in a long time. My house had termites, so I used them to get rid of the termites as well as for pest control. I pay $160 a month for both termite and pest control. The technicians are outstanding, always on time, will explain everything. Absolutely perfect!
- Angela V....
Termite activity was detected and it was concluded that the previous termite treatment (if any) had lost its effect. The house was completely treated, and then the technician scheduled to visit again in November to check on the level of termite activity again. One payment covers follow-up visit in November and provides a 2-year guarantee.
- Ali A....
Envirotreat performed a complete termite inspection, treatment for termites, and additional treatment for other insects. Envirotreat was outstanding! They were on-time, communicated well, educated us on termites and termite damage, were considerate of our home, and performed all work efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend Envirotreat for pest control and will use them again in the future.
- Frances B....
My Pest Pros
The technician was friendly and professional but misdiagnosed the problem. He noted that I had damage from flying termites but not subterranean termites. I showed him the odd spot with the mud tracks. He said that it was just dirt. It turned out that those were termite tracks. He left me with a termite bait trap for the exterior, which was helpful. However, the big issue was missed--the subterranean termites. He only address the issue of bait. However, my home needed and I would have wanted the spot treatment since my home had termites.
- Konyka D....
Affordable Pest LLC
The workman treated the living room and other areas where there were traces of termite entry. He was professional and informative about the treatment and termites. I have used them before and am pleased with their service.
- Faith J....
PestNow LLC
I called several companies. I had a list of questions for the companies because I was trying to educate myself as to treatment of termites. The company took the time to answer all of my questions. It had been years since my last inspection and treatment and I thought that I might have termites. I have been living in my house for 30+ years. At one time, before I moved in, the house had termites. Superior let me know that I did not have termites and that I did not need to treat for something that was not there. I also learned that some of the sytems availabe to find termites are not always reliable. I was not charged for this service. I appreciate the integrity of this company. If I need pest extermination in the future, Superior is on my list.
- Paulette T....
Able Termite & Pest Control
There was evidence of old termite activity but Able Termite verified that there was no new activity and nothing further needed to be done. I appreciated their honesty.
- Irene D....
Terminix - Alexandria -Termite & Pest Control
Its a recognized company and has provided termite and inset control for us over several years. They make sure that we don't have any insect or termites in or near our home.
- Rufus D....
My Pest Pros
It went well. The tech was polite, punctual, and didn't flinch about getting into our crawl space to inspect for termite activity. No termite activity found. Would hire again.
- Steve M....
PestNow LLC
The provider sprayed our house to control any bugs/pests. We had a bee problem and the bees were coming into the house. They came approximately 3 times, but they finally died. We also contracted afterwards for termites as we had termites in a tree nearby. someone came out here and inspected to tell us the type of pest it was and confirmed it was termites. They have been very responsive and we were pleased.
- Jen A....
Environmental Pest Control
Estimator Patrick was very thorough. He found termite trails in the basement that other company's estimator had missed. The service was very quick. It's impossible to judge effectiveness at this point as the service was injecting Termidor into the ground around house. One area to work on would be to call ahead when coming, and to be there during time window. For our main service and a quick followup those things did not happen.
- Mitchell T....
PestNow LLC
This company did a treatment for the house in the fall of 2007 when we moved in as a preventive measure. In the spring of 2009, we had indications of termites outside the house and wanted a treatment done to be on the safe side. The inspection of the house was better than one other company, but not as good as another. The company stated that a treatment was necessary, even though no termite infestation was noted in the house, but could not explain what would be different than the last time to eliminate the termites outside the house.
- David E....
PestNow LLC
We had a year from purchasing our condo to get the termite inspection done. The condo is practically a new-build so no termite infestation found and the technician told us that the wood used nowadays are pre-treated to prevent this issue from cropping up.
- Helen N....
Miche Pest Control
We needed someone fast, and Miche Pest Control came through. The Tech was very professional, thoroughly investigated every room, and out side. Very much appreciated, worth every bit of the cost. Many thanks...
- Lin C....
Raven Termite & Pest Control
I had a termite problem last year and contacted Raven Termite and Pest Control for the treatment. They came out and treated the problem area and around the house. A year later, I asked them to come out for an annual inspection and there was no sign of termite. However, there were quite some ants spotted in a few areas of the house. Mr. Joe told me about it and treated it without charging me. He is very friendly and professional - knows what he's doing. I'll ask him for annual termite inspection again next year.
- Young C....
Senate Termite & Pest Control of MD
AMAZING best work I’ve had since, punctual and setting up for someone to come out was amazing. Very helpful anything else I need done I’m definitely coming back
- Mikaela D....
Formerly Connor's an Ehrlich Company
Connor's performed a pest inspection on a three-level row house on Capitol Hill that I was in the process of purchasing. I was not present for the inspection. Via my real estate agent, I was provided a report from Connor indicating that the pest inspection had been completed and there was no evidence of termite damage. I purchased the house, moved in, and within two months found termite swarms (hundreds of termites) near the doors and windows on two floors of the house. I engaged another company, Superior Pest and Termite, to inspect the house. They saw the termites and evidence of tubing on some of the interior front window frames and woodwork. They have treated the house for termites, costing me about $500, something I wouldn't have had to pay if the first inspection report had detected the presence of termites. Needless to say, I found Connor's inspection to be somewhat lacking.
- Teresa D....

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