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Reviews of Groundhog Removal Near You

Phil came out and talked to us about his services. He got information from us so that he could locate the traps in the best places; when the traps initially failed to catch any groundhogs, he moved the traps based on where I had seen the groundhogs the day before. On the following two days, he trapped a mother and younger groundhog! (Also a squirrel which was released.) There is still one trap left in case there are any more groundhogs under the deck. A.T. and R. is excellent! I recommend them highly! I wanted the groundhogs removed humanely rather than exterminated and this worked really well. It is also refreshing to have services provided by nice and knowledgeable professionals - we couldn't be more pleased with the services provided by A.T. and R.
- Donna M....
Environmental Pest Control
I was so impressed by the attention to detail my service people provided. They answered all of my questions and have taken care of the issues immediately. I would recommend them to anyone looking.
- Kathy B....
Adcocks Trapping Service
After the traps had been set, with 8 hours of setting, the groundhog was captured. However, since it was late at night when I called for someone to pickup the animal, I got no response. There were 2 large dogs in the area that heard the cry from the groundhog and attacked his cage.. I had to fight off the dogs to save the groundhog's life ?? All in all, effective removal of ground hog.. Should have a plane for pick up of pests after hours to avoid same situation again..
- Vincent J....
Environmental Pest Control
Choosing Environmental Pest Control for trapping and removing a groundhog from my property was the worst mistake I've made in a long time. The initial contact came to my home and I showed him 5 places I've seen a groundhog come and go (Both ends of 2 sheds and a wood pile). On my first "Trapping Day" 1 trap was set. I asked why only 1 trap was set when there were 4 or 5 known active entrances/exits. I was told there is only space on the truck for 1 trap. The trapping was to take place over a 3 day period, with someone coming each day to check the trap and re-bait if necessary. After the initial day (Monday) when the trap was setup, no one came until the end of the week (Saturday). The main reason the person came on Saturday was to close the trap for the weekend because no one was working on Sunday. The next day (Monday) another person came to the house to re-open the trap and to put some bait in it. While there, he sprayed something called CB 80 Insecticide Aerosol into each of the 4 entrances/exits under the sheds. I asked what that was for and I was told; groundhogs don't like the smell of it, so it should make them come out. My first thought was if it makes them come out, it will also make them avoid the area, thus avoiding the trap. On Tuesday the person came checked the trap, and saw no need to "refresh" the bait in the trap, so the old bait from the day before was left there. In the end my 3 days of service came and went, and to no surprise of mine, the trapping was unsuccessful. This, in my opinion, was a total waste of $300.00. If I had not known the company was in the business of "Trapping" I would have never guessed. I will never use this company again. I will never refer this company to anyone. I will always discourage everyone from using this company. During the first week, (the week that no one showed up until the end of the week to close the trap), I knew I had just wasted $300.00 and the trapping project would end in failure. The project was destined to fail. There was failure on many levels, I'm more mad at myself for giving this company $300.00 and my trust they would do a good job, than I am at the company for the projects complete failure. I wrote and asked what I'm supposed to do next, since the trapping was unsuccessful. The response I received was "Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do in a situation like this unless we were to attempt to trap for an extended period of time. Our trap was on the property for more than 3 days to try and catch the groundhog, but unfortunately we can’t control wildlife and trapping isn’t always successful." In my opinion, had there been 4 or 5 traps set, not 1 (for the 4 or 5 active entrances/exits) and had someone come every day to put fresh bait in the trap(s), and had someone not sprayed CB 80 Insecticide Aerosol into all 4 of the active entrances/exits the trapping project may have had a better chance at success. Unfortunately, none of these things happened during the duration of my project, and the project ended in failure.
- Joe F....
Veteran Pest & Wildlife Services
They were outstanding from the start. We discussed what was going on over the phone, and after coming out to look the situation over, we decided it was probably a groundhog (possibly a fox as I had seen some recently). A trap was set and the catching began! We (they) got a skunk, a opossum, another skunk, and finally a groundhog. I let the opossum go as they're not relocated (euthanized), but the rest were relocated. FYI, groundhogs are pretty friendly - I fed him while we were waiting for his pickup (it was the weekend). I was not charged extra for the skunks, even though they do cost more if that's thought to be your issue (understandably). I really want to express this - a real friendly HONEST bunch. Helped renew my faith in people.
- Richard H....
ABC All Wildlife Removal
They are doing quite well. They have gotten rid of my pests. They have handled some big things for me. I had a groundhog and raccoon.
- Allison K....
Critter Control of Northern Virginia
Complete failure. After 10 days no groundhog was caught, and that was the limit of the service we had paid for (also, they don't leave the trap on the weekends). So after ten days of just leaving a trap in our yard and sending one guy to look at it every day, we had to pay $275 for NO RESULTS AT ALL.
- Maria D....
The Master Trapper Inc
We never did catch it. Perhaps I gave up too soon. The critter wasn't taking the bait, and may just have been a chipmunk. It's still there, but not creating a problem. So, at least it's not a fox, skunk, groundhog, or other real pest.
- John J....
Fanatic Pest Control
Fanatic Pest Control came out and set a trap where the hole was under our gazebo to catch the gopher or groundhog and all we managed to catch were squirrels. They came back and set another trap on the opposite side of the gazebo so now we had two of them. We purchaed apple after apple as bait and still all we caught were squirrels. One time we caught a skunk and we had to hire another company to come and get it because Fanatic would not do it. It's been over a year and we still have one of their traps in our backyard as well as the gopher or groundhog.
- Linda C....
Formerly Connor's an Ehrlich Company
They came out three times on three separate days to inspect, set traps, spray pest deterrent, and check the traps. It was raining the first day they came out, so they came out again on the next dry day to get into the crawl space and do more extensive checking. They were very helpful and thorough and were a pleasure to work with from the first phone call on.
- Melissa F....
Adcocks Trapping Service
All staff were very helpful and responsive. The trapper left door notes every day with the status ("empty, changed location," and so forth). Everything was smooth and very clear. They told me up front there is no guarantee they will catch the animal, but that they have a 90% of so success rate. I was skeptical that our groundhog would fall for this but he did. It seems to me the trapper was very thoughtful in where and how he set the traps and I think that led to the success.
- Valerie G....
Montgomery Pest Control
We have been using Montgomery Pest Control for many years now and I continue to be amazed by their quality of service, ease of communication and professionalism - not to mention that everyone who works there is super nice. They never try to up sell you on any treatments and are very upfront and honest about what service is best suited for your particular situation. Just today we had their wildlife specialist, Lance out to give us recommendations on a groundhog issue and after assessing the situation he recommended a few DIY tips rather than paying through the nose and he even helped me set up my trap properly. So impressed - I really can't recommend them highly enough!
- Jessica L....
Environmental Pest Control
Initially communication was good, Megan was very good to call and schedule the technician to come out and set the trap. But after my wife called early (0830) the next day to report a possum had been captured, the person taking the call was very dismissive and told my wife " Well we are scheduled to come out there sometime today, so we'll pick up the trap then" Originally we were told to call if anything was in the trap and they would come and remove it as soon as possible. When the technician finally arrived after 2:00pm, he had no idea that the trap was occupied. So, if said Gound Hog was around then there was no trap available for almost 6 hours. Then the trap with the possum was dragged across my driveway leaving a nice scratch from the metal cage when it would have been very easy to drag the cage across the grass right up to the truck. Just think a little more communication and professionalism could be provided and my wife should not feel that she is being dismissed when spoken to when all we are trying to do is cooperate. It's not like we are asking for "VIP" status but just would like to feel important enough that they appreciate the business. Since word of mouth referrals are what brings in more business. Updated 8/26/2019: All original discrepencies were addressed and Chris came out to investigate previous concerns. Everything was addressed and taken care of and my wife is very happy to have our GroundHog re-located. Thank you.
- Susan S....

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